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1 BHK A, B 52.68 567.042 33.28 Lakhs*
2 BHK A, B 68.78 740.341 44.06 Lakhs*
2 BHK A, B 73.06 786.411 47.64 Lakhs*
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1, 2 BHK Apartments

Rs. 33.28 Lakhs*-Rs. 47.64 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Feb, 2022
Ajmera Exotica
1, 2 BHK Apartments
Rs. 33.28 Lakhs*-Rs. 47.64 Lakhs*
Possession - Feb, 2022

Ajmera Group

Discover the Ajmera Group: A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

The Ajmera Group's six-decade history has made it a notorious image of greatness in the land business. Each undertaking in Ajmera is carefully wanted to work on individuals' lives, giving sanctuary as well as places of refuge where wonderful recollections might be shaped. Ajmera's set of experiences is set apart by a consistent spotlight on quality, morals, and client bliss.

Each house delivered by Ajmera mirrors the organization's devotion to advancement, craftsmanship, and immortal polish. By focusing on the best offices and client assistance, Ajmera ensures that each mortgage holder's course to acquiring their ideal home is straightforward and charming. Ajmera Group Pune, a notable name in the business, is focused on making settings that reflect power, solace, and long haul esteem.


History and Founding Principles

Since its establishing in 1968, the developer, persuaded by an objective to empower advancement and give top tier homes, has been a land area and the groundwork of greatness. Established by the late Shri. Chhotalal S. Ajmera, the organization has flourished under the authority of Mr. Manoj Ajmera, overseeing chief, and Mr. Rajnikant Ajmera, director.

The Ajmera Group's development from an unobtrusive beginning up to a worldwide company with a worldwide impact has been driven by a promise to morals and great craftsmanship. Mr. Shashikant Ajmera, Mr. Bandish Ajmera, Mr. Sanjay Ajmera, Mr. Ashwin Ajmera, Mr. Atul Ajmera, Mr. Nimish Ajmera, Mr. Dhaval Ajmera, Mr. Yash Ajmera, Mr. Jigar Ajmera, and Mr. Adarsh Ajmera, Mr. Mayur Ajmera, and Mr. Mumukshu Ajmera, alongside the organization's administration group, keep on working towards long haul achievement.

Ajmera Group Pune focuses on ideation, development, and execution as center objectives, spurred by a powerful urge to develop its rich history. By making buys and moving to another country, the organization has painstakingly developed its line of business consistently, laying out its situation as a reliable brand nearby.


Diversified Portfolio

Ajmera Group focuses on considerations, development, and execution as its significant objectives, propelled by a powerful urge to develop its set of experiences. By making acquisitions and moving to another country, the organization has painstakingly developed its line of business over time, laying out its situation as a reliable brand nearby. The builder's set of experiences is recognized by a steady obligation to offering excellent land arrangements, a persevering quest for greatness, and an energy to embrace new innovation. All the developer stays faithful to its essential convictions as it develops and changes, guaranteeing that its endeavors maintain the guidelines of value, genuineness, and consumer loyalty laid out by its propelled organizer.

The Ajmera Group Pune has made extraordinary emergency clinics and clinical offices, making significant commitments to the medical care business. These clinical foundations meet the local area's different medical services needs by putting areas of strength for an on understanding consideration and quality.

Since entering the instruction area, the firm has laid out schools and other instructive offices that offer understudies exhaustive learning conditions. These foundations give an accentuation on character improvement, scholarly greatness, and imaginative instructing strategies.

The organization has fostered a situation in the friendliness business with its top of the line lodgings and resorts, which give unrivaled tastefulness and neighborliness administrations. These offices offer phenomenal conveniences and encounters for the two workers and recreation visitors.

Ajmera Group's Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Driving the land business, Ajmera Group goes above or more with its Corporate Social Obligation (CSR) tasks to have an enduring impression. With an accentuation on complete development, the association effectively participates in an extensive variety of social government assistance drives pointed toward further developing networks and individuals' lives.

Empowerment through Education:The builder has made various instructive establishments around the country, featuring the meaning of comprehensive training. Guaranteeing impartial chance for every one of, these schools award grants to meriting understudies as well as give great instruction.

Accessible Healthcare: The builder has made various instructive establishments around the country, featuring the meaning of comprehensive training. Guaranteeing impartial chance for every one of, these schools award grants to meriting understudies as well as give great instruction. Disaster Relief Efforts:The builder gives help to affected populaces during regular calamities like floods or dry spells. The association offers help and backing to those deprived by giving essential necessities like food, apparel, and clinical help through programs like the Smt. Samjuben Shamalji Ajmera Trust.

Initiatives for Rural Development:The Ajmera Group Pune is committed to advancing provincial advancement in lined up with metropolitan extension. The objective of drives like the Watershed Development Program is to further develop livelihoods and water assets in country regions to restore them. Environmental Sustainability: The constructor advances sustainable power sources, including sunlight based power, with an emphasis on ecological protection. The group adds to environmental change the board and advances a manageable future by bridling sun based energy and decreasing dependence on assets that are not sustainable.

Empowering youngsters: Through participation with associations like DBM India, the manufacturer gives expertise preparing projects to engage youths from oppressed foundations. These projects assist youngsters with getting what it takes they need for the labor force and entryways to a more promising time to come by helping them in tracking down work.

Nutrition and Healthcare: The builders Malnutrition Control Programme targets key wellbeing concerns, for example, hunger in devastated places like Melghat. By offering medical care administrations and dietary help, the association desires to upgrade wellbeing results and work on the personal satisfaction for individuals out of luck.


Ajmera Group's Accolades and Awards

Ajmera Group has established itself as a pioneer in the real estate sector by winning multiple honors and awards throughout the years. The group won important awards including the Desi Homes Realty Icon Awards for Integrated Township of the Year and Residential Real Estate Developer of the Year only in 2023. The builder also received recognition at the Conclave & Excellence Awards and was admitted into the Hall of Fame of Construction Week.

In 2019 and 2020, the business was recognized for its dedication to excellence in a variety of fields, receiving accolades such as the Developer of the Year Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Marketing Maverick Award, and Iconic Achievers Award. The Grohe Hurun Report and the Indian Green Construction Council (IGBC) honored the builder's efforts in 2018 and 2019, with the Golden Brick Award, Lifetime Achievement Awards, and recognition for its involvement in green construction projects. Delivering high-end real estate projects has been further validated by the group's 2017–2018 THE RF Realty Fact Awards Luxury Developer of the Year Award. Ajmera Group Pune shows its ongoing commitment to architectural innovation and excellence by receiving prizes from the CNBC Awaaz Real Estate prizes in 2012 and the Excellence in Design Developer Award in 2007.  


Commitment to Sustainability

The Ajmera Group's obligation to supportability is a vital part of its organization culture, showing a cautious way to deal with social obligation and ecological administration. The association targets lessening its ecological impression while working on its positive social impact by utilizing supportable practices all through its tasks.

With regards to land improvement, the manufacturer utilizes sustainable power sources and green development procedures to make energy-productive and harmless to the ecosystem structures. Each task is created in view of supportability, from energy-proficient innovation to eco-accommodating structure materials.

The association effectively partakes in local area based maintainability programs that advance asset streamlining, squander the executives, and natural safeguarding. The constructor works with NGOs and nearby networks to advance reasonable turn of events, naturally cognizant living, and biodiversity improvement.

Ajmera Group Pune advocates supportability since it assists with safeguarding normal assets and cultivates solid, flourishing networks that will persevere for people in the future. This commitment embodies the organization's extensive way to deal with business, in which social obligation and protection of the climate are basic parts of its wide vision for a reasonable future.


Innovation and Technology

In the housing market, Ajmera Group sets the norm for development and innovation reception, utilizing imaginative strategies to increment project productivity, supportability, and client delight. By embracing new leap forwards in plan innovation, building cycles, and shrewd home arrangements, the group endeavours to push the business' limits and surpass clients' assumptions.

Ajmera Group Pune adjusts the plan and arranging phases of its ventures by utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Reality  (VR) innovation, which permits partners to picture and speak with arranged structures before development starts. This increments project exactness and proficiency while smoothing out dynamic techniques.

By integrating energy-productive innovations and supportable structure techniques into its undertakings, the gathering advances eco-cognizant living and reduces its impact on the climate and working costs.

To further develop client fulfillment and commitment, the manufacturer likewise puts a high need on computerized advancement. The organization furnishes purchasers with simple admittance to project subtleties, individualized administrations, and advanced help channels through intuitive client entrances and web based booking stages.


Global Presence and Impact

Ajmera Group has turned into a vital participant in the worldwide economy by effectively growing its impact past India, leaving an enduring impact on global housing markets. The association's unfamiliar drives in the US, Canada, and the Assembled Bedouin Emirates show its obligation to quality and creativity.

The developer has sent off signature drives in different changed regions that are reliable with its core values of greatness, supportability, and client joy. Each venture, whether they are blended use, extravagance private, or business edifices, works on the nearby economies and scenes.

The overall reach of Ajmera Group Pune advances intercultural discourse and participation, improving neighborhood networks and advancing monetary development through the improvement of foundation and occupations. By keeping worldwide accepted procedures and guidelines, the gathering increases present expectations for land greatness and lays out new standards for the area all over.

The builder keeps on maintaining a legacy of advancement, genuineness, and splendor through its global undertakings and huge commitments, meanwhile showing India's solidarity and abilities on the worldwide scene.

Future Outlook and Growth Strategies

Ajmera Group's future desires are directed by a brilliant arrangement that stresses land initiative, development, and predictable development. Due to its ground breaking technique, the group is ready to snatch new possibilities and conquer boundaries to arrive at its drawn out targets.

The builder's extension system puts areas of strength for an on broadening, both in project sorts and geological reach. To enhance its resources and decline openness to showcase instability, the organization is developing into medical services, schooling, and cordiality, as well as entering new business sectors.

The builder is committed to utilizing practical strategies and state of the art advances to work on functional execution while limiting ecological effect. The firm advances development and manageability across its tasks, from green development principles to shrewd structure arrangements.

Key associations and joint efforts altogether impact Ajmera Group Pune's development direction since they give admittance to new business sectors, information, and assets. By shaping collusions with significant firms and similar associations, the gathering gains a benefit in contest and advances its development.


Ajmera Group - Residential Project in Mumbai

1.    Ajmera Eden - Ghatkopar, Mumbai
2.    Ajmera Prive - Juhu, Mumbai
3.    Ajmera Manhattan - Wadala,Mumbai
4.    Ajmera Greenfinity - Wadala (E), Mumbai
5.    Ajmera Regalia -Borivali (West), Mumbai
6.    Shastri Nagar - Andheri(west), Mumbai
7.    Vijay Nagar - Andheri(East), Mumbai
8.    Summit - Kalina Mumbai
9.    Yogi Hills - Mulund Mumbai
10.    Manish Nagar - Andheri(west),Mumbai
11.    Shanti Nagar -Mira road East, Mumbai
12.    Yogi Dham Phase 1 - Kalyan,Mumbai
13.    Royal Classic -Andheri(west), Mumbai
14.    Yogi Nagar -Borivali, Mumbai
15.    Citi Mall -Andheri West, Mumbai
16.    Ajmera Stone Park - Wadala (East), Mumbai
17.    Ajmera Pristine -Borivali (West), Mumbai
18.    Ajmera Bhakti Park -Wadala (East), Mumbai


Ajmera Group - Residential Project in Pune

1.    Yogi Park - Koregoan park, Pune
2.    Ajmera Housing Complex -Pimpri, Pune
3.     Ajmera Exotica - Wagholi, Pune


Ajmera Group - Residential Project in Ahmedabad

1.    Shastri Nagar - SG Road, Ahmedabad


Ajmera Group - Residential Project in Ahmedabad

1.    Pramukh Palace -Gujarat


Ajmera Group - Residential Project in Bangalore

1.    Green Acres - Bannerghat, Bangalore
2.    Arista - Bhanswadi, Bangalore
3.    Ajmera Villows - Electronics City, Bangalore
4.    Ajmera Infinity -Electronics City, Bangalore


Ajmera Group - Commercial Project in Mumbai

1.    Ajmera Summit - Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai


In conclusion, the sixty years that Ajmera Group has spent in the land area address a tradition of social obligation, development, and greatness. From its very starting points to its different portfolio and overall come to, the gathering has consistently kept up with its devotion to quality, trustworthiness, and client fulfillment.

Ajmera Group Pune keeps on setting the norm for specialized advancement, local area strengthening, and practical improvement by taking a ground breaking position. The gathering is focused on making flourishing networks, completely changing people, and utilizing unfaltering vision and energy to shape the fate of land as it starts the following section of its excursion.


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

1. What sectors does Ajmera Group operate in, apart from real estate?

Ajmera Group takes part in different ventures outside land, including medical care, schooling, and neighborliness. The organization plans to utilize vital improvement to all the more likely utilize its assets and experience, permitting it to fundamentally affect a large number of areas.


2. How does Ajmera Group contribute to sustainability?

Ajmera Group projects advance maintainability by utilizing sustainable power sources, green structure methods, and harmless to the ecosystem building materials. Notwithstanding people group focused maintainability endeavors, the club energizes eco-accommodating living and natural protection.

3. What sets Ajmera Group apart from other real estate developers?

The Ajmera Group invests wholeheartedly in its continuous devotion to quality, advancement, and client support. The gathering's accentuation on quality, morals, and social obligation lays out it as an industry chief. It has an extended history north of sixty years.