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Search a home you love!
Home, is one of those few decisions in life that impact largely on HOW we live than WHERE we live. Searching your new home can be as thrilling as an adventure. Let know what matter to you the most, search for you through thousands of New Projects, and find that perfect dream home for you, which meets your demand. We promise to find you the best new project for your dream home as well as the dream location. Glance through new properties, Snap a picture, Get all those details of surrounding,take the right step and make that perfect decision!


Seeing is Believing!
At Buy India Homes we arrange a hustle-free property visit for you. The most exciting part of the home-buying process is site visit, but it’s also a big responsibility! That’s why it’s important to understand all that needs to be checked for. Our Buy India Homes experts are there to help you in the process. Their years of expertise can help you scan the property without any pressure. And their client centric approach will guide you through a ready checklist. Perfectly match the property with your requirement list!


You must Buy Smart! Real estate investments have the potential to offer high returns. Whether you are a first time property investor or a seasoned one, searching for investment properties is a biggest challenge. Complicated legalities, questionable quality and lengthy process are a few to name. Why go solo? Join hands with Buy India Homes. We are all equipped to ease your search process. You are the one who will hold the key of your real estate investment; we will just drive you faster! Find the best discounted properties and buy smart with the real estate experts. We are here to accelerate your success and maximise your profit!


Beyond just finding a property! Have you done with the selection process? No more weekend driving through the city, no more online research, no more property inspections. However, that’s not over yet. You still are one-step away from your dream property that is the actual booking process! At Buy India Homes we have legal personals who can look after all the tedious legal procedures for you. Our end-to-end property service will help you till possession. Right from drafting an agreement, sale deed, registration formalities until transferring the property on your name, we will sail you through the process of legalities in a smooth manner. Get your interiors done while we look after the voluminous paperwork!


Empower your bookings through real sharing!
We believe in a win-win situation and are here to create it for our clients. For developers liquidating their inventory is the core aim and for buyers getting maximum discount is the ultimate goal. Buy India Homes is that perfect mediator who can bring both of you together to get your best interests served. Register your specifications along with preferred location to become part of a buyer cluster, join hands with buyers of same interest. Harness the power of group to buy your property at a substantial price discount. We are expert negotiators. Developers can enjoy enhanced brand identity along with spill over goodwill and Buyers can enjoy discounted rate.


Balance your budget! Our loan experts will help you find and secure the best home loan options in India. Getting into loan calculations is one of the most daunting stages of a home-buying process. We understand the hustle. Buy India Homes has dedicated home loan advisors to ensure that you get the best loan option and your interests are protected at all the times. The process starts with understanding client needs. We keenly look into the proper documentation and bank interactions till you secure the loan. We don’t stop at this point, continuous support and advice even after settlement is our style.


We will help you in finding best investment deals through prelease properties!
Do you want to invest with best returns? India Homes pre-lease services can assist you on identifying the best option for you. As a first step, we will study your core requirements and compare them with our huge database. This is our way of ensuring 100% client satisfaction. Our huge database and connects allows our clients to compare each individual property before taking any decision. Our comprehensive range of Pre lease services offers customisation so that you can have the best possible choices that suits your requirement. From locating a pre lease property to taking over the possession, our services include client requirement analysis, available properties scanning, Listing best matching properties, and property visits. Enjoy regular income with appreciation and great returns on your investment, by using our pre lease property services.


We put your home in reach of the Best Desired Buyers!
Do you want to Re-Sale your property? Buy India Homes has the perfect solution for you. When your property is listed with us, you are assured to be in the proficient hands of an agency having thorough local market knowledge that is vital in today’s real estate bazaar. Our intense marketing program will help millions of potential buyers to view your advertisement. We also assist you to find out what your house is worth off. We can get your home on the selling platform in no time and promise you that right buyers will reach your home at right time and at right price. Resale you home at topmost price and save time!


We find your perfect rental. Make Simplified Relocation!
Buy India Homes is a new rental home platform, which makes it easier for you to find a new home at a nominal charge. When it comes to searching a rental home or giving your house on rent, we believe that with the location and comfort of the rental house, it is equally important to know the neighbourhood as well. That's why from our sourcing insights of the locals, we go beyond the typical listings and offer neighbourhood map details also.Get privileged with our end-to-end support from finding a rental home, getting a Rental Agreement till choosing the right Packers too!


Looking for foreclosure or distressed property?
Buying a foreclosures or investing in distress real estate is the opportunity to save lot of money and help the owner avoid foreclosure. Want to experience this win-win! You are at the right place. We at Buy India Homes, help you with all well-searched latest and authentic pre-foreclosures and all related notices of defaults available for sale near you. We aid you to have secured findings of such bank properties/distressed properties. Buy India Homes maintains the most up to date list for your convenience and provides you the most suitable options with ease. Let’s talk together to have the best deal, invest smartly and get most appropriate advantage.


In today's market every builder is looking for way-out where the sales can be done faster but it's quite difficult to find a company which can really help the builders with committed number of inventory sale. This program is specially designed for builders who look forward for a company which can sell their project inventories within a specific timeline along with committed numbers hence we call it a EXCLUSIVE MARKETING AND SALES CAMPAIGN. The role of Buy India Homes Digital Private Limited is to understand the requirement of the builder and do the market analysis. After the market analysis design a contract in a way where the numbers can be practically achieved in a estimated timeline. As a company we strictly do not believe in over commitment hence take up the job which can be mutually beneficial for both parties along with customers too. Under this program we also discuss on existing marketing strategies of concern builder and accordingly do the exclusive marketing planning for the project. We believe is commitment and try our best to deliver the best possible numbers in estimated timeline where the builder also need to come forward for every possible cooperation.


Through SOLE SELLING, we wish to work in a manner which will keep the cost of sales lower while reducing the effort and involvement to the lowest level thus enabling developer to focus on their core activity or any other more rewarding business and thus keeping developer absolutely free from this crucial work. We provide a dedicated and experienced sales staff at project site on (Our Payroll) to take care of all enquires and follow ups.The sale does not end here for us, we are there for clients to hand hold them for their after sales regular queries and thus develop a strong bond between you and your buyers.