New Project

Akshay House,

Sadashiv Peth

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
1 BHK 1 29.54 318 56.93 Lakhs*
2 BHK 1 43.76 471 87.46 Lakhs*
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1 & 2 BHK

Rs. 56.93 Lakhs*-Rs. 87.46 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Dec, 2025
Akshay House
Sadashiv Peth
1 & 2 BHK
Rs. 56.93 Lakhs*-Rs. 87.46 Lakhs*
Possession - Dec, 2025

Akshay Samruddhi,

Narayan Peth

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
1 BHK 1 32.89 354 74 Lakhs*
2 BHK 1 55.74 600 1.2 Cr*
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1 BHK & 2 BHK

Rs. 74 Lakhs*-Rs. 1.2 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2027
Akshay Samruddhi
Narayan Peth
1 BHK & 2 BHK
Rs. 74 Lakhs*-Rs. 1.2 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2027

Akshay Shrushti,

Sadashiv Peth

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 1 68.01 732 1.19 Cr*
1 BHK 1 48.22 519 80.19 Lakhs*
1 BHK 1 47.29 509 79.35 Lakhs*
2 BHK 1 66.43 715 1.16 Cr*
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1 & 2 BHK Apartment

Rs. 79.35 Lakhs*-Rs. 1.2 Cr*
Possession Date - Mar, 2028
Updated On : Apr, 2024
Akshay Shrushti
Sadashiv Peth
1 & 2 BHK Apartment
Rs. 79.35 Lakhs*-Rs. 1.2 Cr*
Possession - Mar, 2028 Updated On : Apr, 2024

Akshay Group


Explore the Success Story of Akshay Group: A Journey of Innovation and Excellence



The Akshay Group story unfolds in the bustling city of Pune, India, with the enthusiasm of a youthful business visionary's craving. Established on the reason of improving lives and empowering joy in networks, the association has seen exceptional turn of events and achievement. North of thirty years, the developer has set up a good foundation for itself as a light of trust and quality in the land improvement industry.

What recognizes the builder isn't just its astounding arrangement of accomplishments, yet in addition its determined devotion to moral methods and moral trustworthiness. Every movement performed by the organization is in accordance with these fundamental goals, bringing about the improvement of spots that cross past straightforward structure and mortar to motivate a feeling of having a place and satisfaction in its tenants.

Today, the Akshay Group Pune remains as a recognition for the force of vision and assurance. Its heritage lives on in the hearts of endless families who have found solace and delight in the houses it has developed. As the firm keeps on finding a new area and reclassifying norms of greatness, its process goes about as a motivation to youthful business people and a wellspring of pride for Pune.



Origins and History of Akshay Group

The Akshay Group, framed in 1988 by visionary business person Mr. Mangilal G. Bafna, started with a solitary mission: to give pleasure and happiness to families by giving remarkable living spaces. With a solid obligation to moral principles and faithful uprightness, the business immediately acquired a standing for greatness in the land business.

Throughout the course of recent many years, Akshay Group Pune has developed to become one of Pune's most perceived and known land engineers. The gathering has become fundamentally a large number of years, drove by a steady obligation to its essential standards of value, straightforwardness, and client satisfaction.

All through its celebrated history, the manufacturer obviously affects the Pune climate, with an expansive portfolio that incorporates private, business, and modern turns of events. From reasonable lodging programs pointed toward further developing networks to wonderful column houses that reclassify present day residing, each undertaking delivered by the firm shows thorough scrupulousness and a commitment to quality.

With north of 60 finished activities and in excess of 14 lakh square feet of room provided, the developer has made structures as well as laid out long haul associations with more than 4000 fulfilled families. This rich record of involvement and achievement exhibits the association's enduring mission and steady obligation to make scenes that move and improve individuals' lives.




Diverse Portfolio of Companies

The Akshay Group's prosperity originates from its different arrangement of organizations, every one of which adds to the gathering's situation as a development industry pioneer. With more than 50 finished private and business improvements, the business has laid down a good foundation for itself as the forerunner in Pune's housing market.

One of the basic underpinnings of the manufacturer's prosperity is its capacity to meet a different arrangement of requests and inclinations through its various auxiliaries and tries. The builder's portfolio exhibits a careful consciousness of market elements and client tastes, with modest lodging endeavors pointed toward giving lovely living spaces to the majority and upmarket private edifices that reclassify extravagance living.

Notwithstanding private turns of events, Akshay Group Pune has accomplished gigantic advancement in the business area, with a portfolio that incorporates high-perceivability business spaces customized to the requests of current endeavors. The gathering's business projects range from office edifices and stores to modern parks and data innovation center points, and they are recognized by inventive plan, high development quality, and vital position.



Commitment to Innovation

The Akshay Group's way of life is based on a consistent obligation to development, which fills the organization's quest for greatness and differentiation in the cutthroat land industry. With a rich history crossing thirty years, the business has consistently focused on development as a foundation of its tasks, bringing about notable undertakings that set new principles for plan, development, and maintainability.

The builder supports advancement in all parts of its improvement cycle, starting with the beginning of each venture. This devotion starts with broad review and examination, as the gathering is continually searching for arising patterns, advances, and best practices to impact project arranging and execution. By being on the ball, the developer ensures that its advancements stay at the forefront of industry enhancements, giving occupants and tenants the most cutting-edge offices and administrations.

Akshay Group Pune upholds a culture of development and collaboration among its laborers, pushing them to consider some fresh possibilities and look for strange answers for intense issues. This culture of advancement reaches out past the structure stage to incorporate points like manageable plan, energy productivity, and local area interest, permitting the firm to create projects that satisfy the present requirements as well as expect future assumptions.

The builder continually seeks after associations with chief innovation organizations, research establishments, and industry experts to exploit and integrate state of the art thoughts into its drives. Whether it's embracing savvy building innovation, applying green development techniques, or exploring different avenues regarding new materials and development processes, the gathering is at the cutting edge of advancement, making great change and characterizing the eventual fate of land improvement in Pune and then some.



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

Akshay Group Pune's obligation to Corporate Social Obligation (CSR) stretches out a long ways past land improvement, addressing the organization's fundamental upsides of local area commitment, maintainability, and moral strategic policies. With a deep faith needing rewarding society, the organization has made various tasks pointed toward further developing the regions it serves.

One of the manufacturer's CSR points of support is its emphasis on instruction and ability advancement. Perceiving training as an integral asset for social improvement, the association has sent off various tasks to ensure that those in need get quality schooling. These drives incorporate the foundation of schools, grants for meriting understudies, and professional preparation programs that outfit youngsters with fundamental work abilities.

Notwithstanding training, the builder centers around natural maintainability and preservation. The association is focused on reducing its natural impact through green structure rehearsals, energy-proficient plans, and waste-decrease drives. Akshay Group Pune additionally consistently takes part in tree planting, tidy-up projects, and other natural and environmental change-related drives.

The builder is focused on supporting medical services programs that benefit networks. This includes guaranteeing weak networks approach medical care administrations, directing wellbeing camps and mindfulness crusades, and adding to clinical framework advancement drives.



Leadership and Management Philosophy

Akshay Group is driven by an assortment of noteworthy individuals whose aggregate skill, ability, and energy have impelled the organization to exceptional levels of progress. The initiative group, drove by Administrator Mangilalji Bafna and Chiefs Hasmukh Bafna and Mahavir Bafna, shows trustworthiness, advancement, and a relentless craving for significance.

Director Mangilalji Bafna, a land industry veteran, sets the developer's vision and key course. With many years of skill and a careful consciousness of market elements, he drives the gathering's development designs immovably, directing it toward additional opportunities and difficulties.

Chief Hasmukh Bafna gives broad involvement with project the board and tasks. His active disposition and fastidious scrupulousness ensure that ventures run as expected beginning to end. Under his direction, the developer has gained notoriety for finishing projects on time and with the best norms.

Chief Mahavir Bafna is liable for driving the gathering's development methodology. With a sharp eye for future patterns and innovation, he is ceaselessly searching for better approaches to work on the group's administrations and separate its undertakings in the commercial center. His ground breaking approach has laid out the Akshay Group Pune as a forerunner in maintainable plan and green development techniques.

The builder's initiative group energizes a culture of collaboration, transparency, and obligation, empowering individuals to accomplish and foster in their callings. Their active commitment to all parts of the organization keeps the association adaptable, delicate, and versatile to changing business sector conditions. With their initiative in charge, the builder is prepared to expand on its effective record and lay out new principles for land greatness.




Future Outlook and Growth Prospects

As Akshay Group plans ahead, it is ready for significantly better progress because of a characterized vision, key objectives, and a consistent obligation to development. With a three-decade history of progress, the business can profit by new open doors while dealing with a consistently changing housing market.

Long term development and enhancement are key parts of the manufacturer's tentative arrangement. The organization understands the need of adjusting to changing business sector patterns and client inclinations, and it is ceaselessly looking for new strategies to create across areas and nations. The developer plans to become its giving reach and increment its presence in both the private and business fragments by utilizing its insight and assets.

Akshay Group Pune takes on innovation as a driver of improvement and development. From complex development cycles to savvy building arrangements, the firm is utilizing innovation to expand effectiveness, efficiency, and task quality. By staying on the bleeding edge of specialized developments, the manufacturer positions itself as a trailblazer in the computerized transformation of the housing market.

The developer stays devoted to its essential standards of morals, transparency, and client fulfillment. All by focusing on these qualities in its activities, the organization desires to lay out long haul associations with shoppers, partners, and networks, making dedication and trust.



Akshay Group - Ongoing Projects in Pune

1.    AKSHAY - Dhayari, Pune
2.    AKSHAY FORTUNA - Dhayari, Pune
3.    FLORIA - Sinhagad Road, Pune
4.    AKSHAY NIRMAL - Katraj, Pune
5.    AKSHAY SRUSHTI - Sadashiv Peth, Pune
6.    AKSHAY SAMRUDDHI - Narayan Peth, Pune
7.    AKSHAY HOUSE - Sadashiv Peth, Pune
8.    AKSHAY LANDMARK - Sinhagad Road, Pune



Akshay Group - Completed Projects in Pune

1.    AKSHAY CENTRE - Tilak Road, Pune
2.    AKSHAY GANADHISH - Subhashnagar Colony
3.    AKSHAY VILLA - Sinhagad Road, Pune
4.    AKSHAY PARADISE- Sinhagad Road, Pune
5.    DREAM CITY A - Sinhagad Road, Pune
6.    KRUSHNAGEET- Guruwar Peth, Pune
7.    FORTUNA VILLAS - Dhayari, Pune
8.    DREAM HOME - Dhayari, Pune
1.    SILVER DREAMS - Dhayari, Pune
2.    DREAM HOME A - Dhayari, Pune
3.    AKSHAY - Dhayari, Pune
4.    BUSINESS SQUARE - Dhayari, Pune
5.    AKSHAY COUNTY- Baner, Pune
6.    DREAM CITY C - Ambegaon,Pune
7.    DREAM CITY Ambegaon,Pune



Akshay Group - Upcoming Projects in Pune

1.    FLORIA - 3 - Sinhagad Road, Pune
2.    AKSHAY - Tilak Road, Pune
3.    AKSHAY ASTER - Sinhagad Road, Pune






In conclusion, the Akshay Group's process shows the force of excitement, development, and uprightness in changing the land scene of Pune and then some. With north of 30 years of skill, the organization has reshaped horizons as well as improved individuals' lives, leaving an enduring effect on networks and partners.

As it develops and changes, Akshay Group Pune stays gave to giving top notch projects, empowering maintainability, and contributing emphatically to society. With visionary initiative and a commitment to quality, the developer's future is brilliant, promising further development, development, and achievement.




Frequently Asked Questions And Answers


1. How long has Akshay Group been in operation?

Akshay Group was established in 1988, in this manner it has been doing business for very nearly thirty years. With north of 30 years of involvement, the organization has secured itself as one of Pune's most trusted and notable land designers.

2. What sets Akshay Group apart from other real estate developers?

Akshay Group distinguishes itself from competitors by its consistent obligation to advancement, quality, and consumer loyalty. The gathering's devotion to moral principles, maintainable track record, and open correspondence distinguish it from competitors.


3. What kind of projects does Akshay Group undertake?

Akshay Group deals with a large number of ventures, including private edifices, for example, financed lodging, upscale line houses, and tall structure lofts, as well as business undertakings, for example, places of business, retail spaces, and assembling parks.