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Jaswanti Jewel,

Kandivali West

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 1 67.63 728 2.35 Cr*
3 BHK 1 93.46 1006 3.21 Cr*
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2 & 3 BHK Apartment

Rs. 2.35 Cr*-Rs. 3.21 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2027
Jaswanti Jewel
Kandivali West
2 & 3 BHK Apartment
Rs. 2.35 Cr*-Rs. 3.21 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2027

Ashray Group

Ashray Group - A Premier Builder in Real Estate

Why Choose Ashray Group?

Established in 1994, the Ashray Group has arisen as a foundation in the land scene, prestigious for its obligation to greatness and development. With a background marked by more than twenty years, the gathering has reliably conveyed uncommon ventures that rethink metropolitan living across different geologies. Established with a dream to change the structural texture of networks, the builder has developed into a confided-in name inseparable from the quality craftsmanship, feasible plan, and unrivalled consumer loyalty.

The builder's portfolio mirrors a consistent mix of tasteful allure and utilitarian splendour, from private territories to business buildings. Each task is fastidiously created to orchestrate its environmental elements while focusing on eco-accommodating practices and innovative progressions. With an emphasis on gathering the developing requirements of current living, the gathering consistently spearheads creative arrangements, setting new benchmarks in the business. Driven by an energy for greatness and a persistent quest for client centricity, Ashray Group Mumbai remains as a reference point of unwavering quality and reliability in the serious housing market. As we dig further into its inheritance and achievements, we unwind the narrative of a main developer builds structures yet additionally shapes the actual embodiment of metropolitan scenes, improving lives and networks en route.


Overview of Ashray Group

Ashray Group, a robust in the land space for almost twenty years, has made a permanent imprint on the scene of rural Mumbai. Focused on widening points of view and improving ways of life, the gathering has some expertise in creating lands and redeveloping ghettos and social orders, cultivating a culture of development and economical living. In charge of issues are chiefs Mr. Rashmin Rughani, Mr. Kalpesh Rughani, and Mr. Bharat Rughani, visionaries who have controlled the organization to phenomenal achievement. Under their leadership, the builder has become inseparable from greatness, flaunting a portfolio that traverses north of 1,400,000 square feet and a fulfilled customers of in excess of 1,600 people and families. The main impetus behind the organization's tasks is its resolute obligation to amazing skill, advancement, and straightforwardness, esteems that pervade each part of its activities. At Ashray Group Mumbai, the vision is clear: to make a-list land ideas that wed accuracy quality with client support and social obligation. With a mission to surpass partners' assumptions through honesty, responsibility, and cooperation, the organization tries to be a favored engineer in the realty world while adding to social improvement through magnanimous drives.

Honesty and trust structure the bedrock of the builder's tasks. From its initiation, the organization has been adored for its dependability and moral direct, treating partners with decency and regard. Underscoring the significance of cooperation, the builder encourages a cooperative climate where thoughts, innovations, and gifts are shared to accomplish shared objectives. Every part is esteemed, and their perspectives are regarded, mirroring the organization's obligation to sympathy and genuineness in all undertakings. Through its upsides of uprightness, collaboration, and client centricity, the builder keeps on moving forward, creating living spaces that address the issues of today as well as shape the urban communities of tomorrow.


Quality and Sustainability

Quality is the foundation of Ashray Group's ethos, driving each part of our activities. With a resolute obligation to greatness, we consistently challenge traditional standards to convey undertakings of unmatched quality. Our devotion to quality craftsmanship isn't simply a mantra; a way of thinking pushes us higher than ever of progress. In the present time of ecological cognizance, supportability has turned into a foremost thought in land improvement. Perceiving the critical requirement for eco-accommodating arrangements, the builder has embraced the standards of green structure and natural stewardship. Green structures limit ecological effect as well as proposition tremendous expense investment funds, with utility costs decreased by up to 10% every year all things considered. At Ashray Group Mumbai, we invest heavily in our commitment to green living through the development of eco-accommodating tasks. By focusing on maintainable materials and practices, we make spaces that advance a solid way of life while preserving the climate. A brilliant illustration of our obligation to maintainability is our new task, Jaswanti Gold, which has been pre-guaranteed as a "Platinum LEED" fabricating, connoting the most elevated level of eco-kind disposition. Through our emphasis on quality and manageability, the builder satisfies the goals of our clients as well as exhibits our devotion to making a superior, greener future for a long time into the future.

Customer Experience

At Ashray Group, our obligation to consumer loyalty is at the core of all that we do. With a firm conviction that our prosperity is estimated by the bliss of our clients, we exceed all expectations to guarantee an excellent client experience at each phase of the excursion. From the second a client collaborates with us, whether it's through requests, site visits, or discussions, we focus on open correspondence and straightforwardness. Our devoted group of experts is promptly accessible to address any questions or concerns, giving customized help and direction all through the dynamic interaction. When an undertaking is in progress, we endeavor to surpass assumptions in each part of development and administration conveyance. Quality craftsmanship, adherence to timetables, and tender loving care are non-negotiables for us. We comprehend that purchasing a home or putting resources into land is a huge choice, and we are focused on making the experience as consistent and peaceful as feasible for our clients. However, our responsibility doesn't end with project fulfillment. We have confidence in building dependable associations with our clients, offering far reaching after-deals backing and upkeep administrations. Whether it's standard upkeep or resolving unexpected issues, our client support group is in every case simply a summon.

At Ashray Group Mumbai, we invest wholeheartedly in the feedback and testimonials  we get from our fulfilled clients. Their trust and trust in us fuel our energy to increase present expectations and set new guidelines for client greatness in the land business consistently.


Innovation and Technology

Advancement and innovation are indispensable parts of Ashray Group's way to deal with land improvement. As trailblazers in the business, we perceive the extraordinary force of state of the art answers for upgrade the quality, productivity, and supportability of our activities. From commencement to the end, we influence the most recent headways in innovation to smooth out processes and advance results. Our hug of Building Information Modeling (BIM) empowers us to make itemized advanced portrayals of our ventures, working with better cooperation, representation, and dynamic all through the development lifecycle. By tackling the force of BIM, we can recognize potential plan conflicts, alleviate gambles, and enhance asset usage, at last conveying better outcomes than our clients.

Besides, we are focused on coordinating shrewd advancements into our improvements to upgrade accommodation, solace, and security for inhabitants. From brilliant home mechanization frameworks to energy-proficient apparatuses and supportable structure materials, we endeavor to make residing spaces that are tastefully satisfying as well as ecologically cognizant and mechanically progressed. Advancement isn't restricted to the development stage; we constantly investigate groundbreaking thoughts and answers for address advancing business sector needs and patterns. Whether it's investigating elective development strategies, embracing sustainable power sources, or consolidating information examination for prescient upkeep, we are focused on remaining on the ball and pushing the limits of what's conceivable in land improvement.

At Ashray Group Mumbai, development and innovation are not simply popular expressions; they are central points of support that drive our quest for greatness and separation in the commercial center. By embracing development and innovation, we are molding the eventual fate of land as well as improving the personal satisfaction for our clients and networks.


Future Plans and Developments

As a forward-thinking real estate developer, Ashray Group is focused on nonstop development and extension to meet the advancing requirements of our clients and networks. With an essential vision for the future, we have aggressive plans and improvements in the pipeline that will additionally set our situation as a forerunner in the business. One of our key concentrations for what's in store is geological extension. While we have laid out areas of strength for an in suburbia of Mumbai, we are investigating chances to expand our portfolio and adventure into new business sectors. By recognizing arising development regions and key areas, we expect to broaden our impression and contact a more extensive crowd of homebuyers and financial backers. Notwithstanding geological development, we are likewise devoted to enhancing our item contributions. While private tasks have been our essential concentrate hitherto, we perceive the developing interest for blended use advancements and business spaces. Accordingly, we are effectively investigating chances to foster inventive blended use projects that join private, business, and retail parts to make energetic, coordinated networks.

Besides, manageability stays a center concentration for us in our future turns of events. We are focused on consolidating green structure rehearses, energy-effective innovations, and supportable plan standards into every one of our ventures to limit ecological effect and advance a better, more practical future for a long time into the future. Through essential development, enhancement, and a proceeded with obligation to supportability, Ashray Group Mumbai is ready for a thrilling future loaded up with chances to make extraordinary living spaces and have a beneficial outcome on the networks we serve. We anticipate setting out on this excursion and rejuvenating our vision for what's in store.


Ashray Group: Transforming Urban Living Through Innovation and Sustainability

In the present quickly developing land scene, Ashray Group stands apart as a reference point of advancement and maintainability. With almost thirty years of involvement, we have gained notoriety for our obligation to quality craftsmanship, consumer loyalty, and ecological stewardship. The builder, we trust in pushing the limits of what's conceivable in land improvement. Through the mix of state of the art innovation and current design patterns, we pioneer imaginative arrangements that rethink metropolitan living. From brilliant home mechanization to energy-effective plan, our undertakings embody extravagance and usefulness, setting new principles in the business. Sustainability lies at the center of our ethos. We are committed to limiting our natural impression through green structure rehearses, sustainable power incorporation, and eco-accommodating plan. By focusing on maintainability, we make better living spaces as well as add to the prosperity of our planet.

Our customer-centric approach separates us. Straightforwardness, trustworthiness, and customized administration are the signs of our connections with clients. From starting counsel to after-deals support, our devoted group guarantees a consistent and compensating experience for each client. Ashray Group Mumbai is ready for proceeded with development and advancement. With aggressive designs for geological development and expansion of item contributions, we stay focused on molding the fate of metropolitan living. Go along with us on our excursion as we keep on changing metropolitan scenes through development and maintainability.

Ashray Group - Ongoing Residential Projects in Mumbai

1.    Jaswanti Jewel - Kandivali (W),Mumbai
2.    Jaswanti Bliss - Kurla (W),Mumbai


Ashray Group - Completed Commercial Projects in Mumbai

1. Jaswanti Landmark - Vikhroli (W), Mumbai
2. Jaswanti Allied Business Centre - Malad (W), Mumbai
3. Raj Chambers - Malad (E), Mumbai

Ashray Group - Completed Residential Projects in Mumbai

1.    Jaswanti Gold - Kandivali (W), Mumbai
2.    Jaswanti Garden - Malad (W), Mumbai
3.    Jaswanti Woods - Mulund (W), Mumbai
4.    Smruti - Kandivali (W), Mumbai
5.    Dayal Smruti - Kandivali (W), Mumbai
6.    Minarette - Andheri (W), Mumbai



In conclusion, Ashray Group remains as a guide of greatness and development in the land business. With a set of experiences traversing almost thirty years, we have gained notoriety for quality craftsmanship, maintainability, and consumer loyalty. Our obligation to greatness stretches out past development, including a comprehensive way to deal with making energetic, coordinated networks that enhance the existences of inhabitants and add to social turn of events. As we look towards the future, we stay devoted to our basic beliefs of respectability, cooperation, and client centricity, driving us to persistently increase current standards and rethink the guidelines of greatness in land improvement.


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

1. What types of projects does Ashray Group undertake?
We work in different undertakings, including private, business, and blended use improvements. From extravagance condos to energetic business edifices, we take care of different necessities and inclinations, guaranteeing that each venture meets the greatest and usefulness principles.

2. How does Ashray Group ensure customer satisfaction?
Consumer loyalty is our first concern. We keep up with straightforward correspondence, maintain respectability in the entirety of our dealings, and offer customized support at each venture stage. From beginning meeting to after-deals support, our devoted group guarantees a consistent and compensating experience for each client.

3. What is Ashray Group's approach to innovation?
At Ashray Group, we have confidence in pushing the limits of what's conceivable in land improvement. We influence state of the art innovation and present day compositional patterns to spearhead creative arrangements that rethink metropolitan living. Advancement is at the core of all that we do, from brilliant home mechanization to energy-productive plan.