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2 BHK 1 163.32 1758 59.67 Lakhs*
3 BHK 1 148.55 1599 64.76 Lakhs*
2 BHK 1 111.76 1203 49.71 Lakhs*
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Rs. 49.71 Lakhs*-Rs. 64.76 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Dec, 2025
Atur Valley Vista

Rs. 49.71 Lakhs*-Rs. 64.76 Lakhs*
Possession - Dec, 2025

Atur India Pvt Ltd

Exploring the Legacy and Innovations of Atur India Pvt Ltd

Founded in 1960 by Mr. Atur Sangtani, Atur India Pvt Ltd has been a foundation of development and quality help in Pune for north than sixty years. The organization started with a dream to drive progress and offer uncommon types of assistance across different areas. Mr. Sangtani's obligation to greatness and groundbreaking approach established a strong starting point for the organization's perseverance through progress. Throughout the long term, the builders has expanded its contributions, including land, development, and accommodation, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, continuously sticking to the best expectations of value and consumer loyalty.

In the quickly advancing scene of Pune, Atur India Pvt Ltd Pune has stood apart by reliably conveying projects that mix advancement with custom. The organization's land advancements are eminent for their structural splendor and feasible works, contributing essentially to Pune's metropolitan change. Their neighborliness adventures are commended for outstanding assistance, making noteworthy visitor encounters.


Company History and Background

Atur India Pvt Ltd was laid out in 1960 by visionary businessperson Mr. Atur Sangtani. Initially established with an emphasis on land and development, the organization immediately acquired a standing for quality and dependability. Mr. Sangtani's premonition and commitment were instrumental in laying the basis for what might become one of Pune's most regarded and differentiated business elements.

In its early years, the builder focused on private and business land projects, setting new norms for structural greatness and consumer loyalty. The organization's accentuation on imaginative plans and economic development rehearses assisted it with hanging out in a serious market. By the 1970s and 1980s, the builder had extended its portfolio to incorporate cordiality, fostering a portion of Pune's most famous lodgings and resorts. This enhancement expanded the organization's effect as well as built up its obligation to improve the city's foundation and way of life.

The organization's development direction went on through essential acquisitions and organizations, permitting it to wander into new areas like retail and modern turn of events. Atur India Pvt Ltd Pune's undertakings are described by careful preparation and execution, frequently consolidating trend-setting innovations and eco-accommodating practices.

Products and Services

Atur India Pvt Ltd offers a different scope of items and administrations that take care of different ventures, including land, friendliness, and modern turn of events. In the land area, the builder is eminent for its top-notch private and business projects. The organization's private advancements range from extravagant lofts to reasonable lodging, intended to address the issues of assorted client fragments. Each task is portrayed by an inventive plan, strong development, and feasible works, guaranteeing long haul an incentive for mortgage holders.

In the business land area, the builder has created cutting-edge office spaces, retail plazas, and blended-use advancements. These tasks are decisively situated to offer comfort and openness, making them ideal for organizations looking for an unmistakable presence in Pune's dynamic market. The organization's accentuation on integrating present-day conveniences and state-of-the-art innovation guarantees that these spaces meet the advancing requirements of contemporary organizations.

The friendliness area is one more foundation of Atur India Pvt Ltd Pune's portfolio. The organization works with a few inns and resorts that are commended for their outstanding help and elite offices. These properties take special care of both recreation and business explorers, offering a mix of extravagance, solace, and customized encounters.


Innovation and Technology

Atur India Pvt Ltd has reliably situated itself at the front line of development and innovation inside its industry, driving advancement and setting new norms in development, land, and friendliness. The organization's obligation to embrace state-of-the-art advances has been vital considering its supported achievement and development.

In the land area, the builder coordinates progressed development strategies and materials to improve the solidness and productivity of its ventures. The utilization of green structure advancements, like energy-effective frameworks and maintainable materials, highlights the organization's commitment to ecological stewardship. By integrating brilliant home elements and robotization frameworks, the builder's private properties offer upgraded comfort, security, and energy the executives for mortgage holders.

The organization's business projects are planned with a cutting edge framework, including high-velocity web availability, shrewd structure of the executive's frameworks, and energy-effective lighting. These highlights work on functional proficiency as well as establish a favorable climate for organizations to flourish.

Atur India Pvt Ltd Pune uses innovation to improve visitor encounters. From mechanized registration cycles to savvy room controls, the organization's lodgings and resorts offer a consistent mix of extravagance and comfort. Moreover, high-level information investigation and client relationships in the executive's frameworks empower customized administrations, guaranteeing visitors get custom-made encounters that meet their singular inclinations.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Atur India Pvt Ltd has set out a strong groundwork for itself as a socially fit affiliation, zeroed in on having a productive result on the neighborhood environment through its Corporate Social Commitment (CSR) drives. The organization's CSR programs are intended to resolve basic social issues, advance maintainable turn of events, and improve the personal satisfaction of the networks wherein it works.

Training is an essential focal point of the builder's CSR endeavors. The organization upholds different instructive drives, including grants for oppressed understudies, financing for school foundations, and projects that improve learning results. By putting resources into instruction, the builder plans to enable the cutting edge with the information and abilities expected to succeed.

Medical services are one more key area of the builder's CSR exercises. The organization arranges wellbeing camps, gives clinical supplies to underserved regions, and supports drives pointed toward working on maternal and kid wellbeing. These endeavors assist with guaranteeing that networks approach fundamental medical care administrations, adding to general prosperity.

Ecological supportability is at the center of the builder's CSR reasoning. The organization carries out eco-accommodating practices across its undertakings, like water protection, squandering the board, and the utilization of sustainable power sources. Moreover, the builder takes part in tree ranch drives and different exercises that advance natural preservation.

Atur India Pvt Ltd Pune likewise centers around friendly government assistance programs that help underestimated networks. These incorporate professional preparation programs, drives to advance orientation balance, and endeavors to further develop sterilization and cleanliness in rustic regions.


Achievements and Awards

Atur India Pvt Ltd has earned various accomplishments and grants over its six-decade history, setting its standing as a forerunner in land, development, and neighborliness. These awards not just perceive the organization's greatness in help and quality but additionally feature its commitments to industry guidelines and local area advancement.

One of the builder's critical accomplishments is its reliable conveyance of milestone land projects that have changed Pune's metropolitan scene. The organization's advancements are praised for their inventive plan, maintainability, and prevalent development quality, acquiring renowned honors from industry bodies and land affiliations. Activities, for example, the famous Atur Square and the eco-accommodating Atur Pinnacles have gotten honors for their building brightness and manageable practices.

In the accommodation area, the builder's lodgings and resorts have been perceived for extraordinary assistance and visitor fulfillment. The organization has won a few honors for neighborliness greatness, including the Best Lavish Lodging Grant for its lead property, mirroring its obligation to give elite encounters.

Atur India Pvt Ltd Pune's commitment to corporate social obligation has additionally been perceived. The organization has gotten grants for its effective CSR drives in training, medical services, and ecological manageability. These honors feature the builder's part in driving positive social change and working on personal satisfaction in the networks it serves.


Leadership and Management

Atur India Pvt Ltd's prosperity and getting through inheritance can be ascribed to its visionary initiative and powerful supervisory group. Established by Mr. Atur Sangtani in 1960, the organization has flourished under the direction of pioneers who are focused on advancement, quality, and moral strategic approaches.

Mr. Atur Sangtani's pioneering soul and groundbreaking vision established a strong starting point for the organization. His administration style, described by a tenacious quest for greatness and a profound comprehension of market elements, assisted the builder with laying down a good foundation for itself as a noticeable player in Pune's land and development areas. Mr. Sangtani's way of thinking of joining conventional qualities with present-day rehearses keeps on affecting the organization's essential bearing.

The ongoing administration group at the builder contains experienced experts with assorted foundations in land, money, showcasing, and tasks. This multidisciplinary approach guarantees that the organization stays dexterous and versatile in a quickly changing business climate. The supervisory crew underscores vital preparation, productive execution, and nonstop improvement, which are basic to keeping up with the organization's strategic advantage.

Atur India Pvt Ltd Pune's chiefs focus on representative turn of events and encourage a culture of development and cooperation. Customary preparation programs, initiative improvement drives, and an emphasis on representative prosperity add to a persuaded and talented labor force. This, thus, drives the organization's prosperity and development.

The initiative's obligation to corporate social obligation and moral strategic policies highlights the builder's standing as a trusted and regarded association. By offsetting business targets with social and natural contemplations, the administration group guarantees practical development and long-haul esteem creation for all partners.


Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

Atur India Pvt Ltd's standing for greatness is reflected in the various positive tributes from fulfilled clients and convincing contextual analyses that feature the organization's effect. These tributes and contextual analyses give important bits of knowledge into the quality, dependability, and development that describe the builder's undertakings.

One eminent tribute comes from Mrs. Anjali Mehta, a mortgage holder in one of the builder's chief private tasks. She lauds the organization for its excellent client support and great development. "From the underlying discussion to the last handover, the builder's group was proficient and responsive. The plan and fabricated nature of our home surpassed our assumptions, making it a beneficial venture."

In the business area, a main IT firm situated in one of the builder's office buildings lauds the organization for its cutting-edge offices and vital area. The company's President notes, "Picking the builder's property has essentially improved our functional productivity and worker fulfillment. The framework is first class, and the area is ideally suited for our business needs."

A contextual investigation of Atur India Pvt Ltd Pune's eco-accommodating private task, Atur Green Levels, delineates the organization's obligation to manageability. The task integrated green structure practices, for example, water gathering, sunlight-based chargers, and energy-proficient frameworks. Thus, it diminished the natural impression and brought down utility expenses for inhabitants. This venture got awards from both ecological associations and the land business for its creative way of dealing with economical living.

One more convincing contextual investigation is the redevelopment of an old modern site into a cutting-edge blended-use improvement, mixing private, business, and sporting spaces. This task revived the region, helped nearby organizations, and gave excellent living spaces, exhibiting the builder's capacity to change metropolitan scenes.

Future Plans and Vision

As Atur India Pvt Ltd looks forward, its vision remains established in development, and maintainability, and proceeded with development across different areas. The organization's likely arrangements mirror its obligation to stay at the cutting edge of industry patterns and meet the advancing necessities of its clients and networks.

One vital part of the builder's future technique is a venture into developing business sectors and geologies. With a solid groundwork in Pune, the organization expects to use its mastery and experience to investigate new open doors in quickly creating locales. This extension will empower the builder to expand its impression and contact a more extensive crowd while adding to the monetary improvement of these areas.

Moreover, Atur India Pvt Ltd Pune is focused on promoting its interest in feasible advancement rehearses. The organization intends to integrate green structure innovations, sustainable power sources, and eco-accommodating materials into its ventures, limiting natural effect and advancing a more supportable future. By focusing on manageability, the builder intends to set new benchmarks for ecologically cognizant development and add to worldwide endeavors to battle environmental change.


Atur India Pvt Ltd - Completed Residential Project in Pune

1. Vishram Griha Rachana Mariyadit - Bhawani Peth, Pune
2..Banu Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Camp, Pune
3. Gita Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Camp, Pune
3. Sadhu Vaswani Kunj - Camp, Pune
4.Borla Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Chembur, Mumbai
5. Mira Co-Op Housing Society - Salisbury Park, Pune
6. Shastri Co-Operative Housing Society - Camp, Pune
7. Vivekanand Park - Camp, Pune
8. Mukund Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Tadiwala Road,Pune
9. Navtarang Society - Dr. Ambedkar Road, Pune
10. Guruprasad Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Boat Club road, Pune
11. Basantrai Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Ghorpadi, Pune
12. Krishna Kunj Bldg. - Pulgate, Pune
13. Atur Terraces - Nana Peth, Pune
15. Tushar Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Tadiwala road, Pune
16. Kalpana Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Yerwada, Pune
17. Gitanjali Kunj - Dr. Ambedkar Road, Pune
18. Ramkunj Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Ganeshkind Road,Pune
19. Malika Co-Op Housing Society - Ganeshkhind Road, Pune
20. Nalini Apartments - Solapur Road, Pune
21. Chetna Apartments - Camp,Pune
22. Mira-2 Co-Op Housing Society - Shankarsheth Road, Pune
23. Ram Housing - Yerwada, Pune
24. Nina Apartments - Camp, Pune
25. Shirin Apartments - Camp,Pune
26. Tulsidas Apartments - Camp,Pune
27. Supriya Apartments - Camp, Pune
28. Manisha Apartments - Camp, Pune
29. Deepika Apartments - Camp, Pune
30. Vrindavan Park Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Boat Club Road, Pune
31. Hindustan Estates Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Kalyani Nagar, Pune
32. Brindavan Garden Co-Op Housing Society Ltd - Salisbury Park, Pune
33. Gurukripa- 1 Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Bhawani Peth, Pune
34. Hill View Apartments - Lullanagar, Pune
35. Kaveri Co-Op Housing Society - Nana Peth, Pune
36. Gurukripa- 2 Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Bhawani Peth, Pune
37. James Court - Viman Nagar, Pune
38. Atur Nagar - Undri, Pune
39. Atur Hills - Undri Pune
40. Atur Park - Koregaon Park, Pune
41. Casa Theodora - Parra, Goa
42. Salisbury Towers - Salisbury Park, Pune
43. Atur Valley Vista - Pisoli, Pune

Atur India Pvt Ltd - Completed Residential Project in Mumbai

1. Atur Apartments - Colaba, Mumbai
2. Basant Park Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Chembur, Mumbai
3. Atur Terrace - Cuffe Parade, Mumbai


Atur India Pvt Ltd - Completed Commerical Project in Pune

1. Atur House - Pune
2. Mira I Co-Op Housing Society Ltd. - Salisbury Park, Pune
3. Shastri Co-Op Housing Society - Camp, Pune
4. Vivekanand Park - Camp, Pune
5.Gitanjali Kunj - Camp, Pune
6. Chetna Apartments - Camp, Pune
7. Nina Apartments - Pune
8. Shirin Apartments - Pune
9. Tusidas Apartments - Camp, Pune
10. Atur Centre 1 - Kalyani Nagar, Pune
11. Atur Centre 2 - Kalyani Nagar, Pune
12. Atur Centre 3 - Kalyani Nagar, Pune
13. Atur Chambers - Camp, Pune
14. Atur House - Worli, Mumbai
15. Guru Kripa 1 - Bhavani Peth, Pune
16. Baron Centre - Kalyani Nagar, Pune
17. Hill View Apartments - Lullanagar, Pune
18. Kaveri Shopping Plaza - Pune
19. Ram Housing - Yeerwada, Pune
20. Guru Krpia 2 - Bhavani Peth, Pune
21. Atur Nagar - Undri, Pune
22. Atur Terraces - Nana Peth, Pune
23. Gitanjali Kunj - Camp, Pune



In conclusion, Atur India Pvt Ltd remains as a guide of greatness and development in Pune's land, development, and friendliness areas. With a rich history traversing more than sixty years, the organization has reliably conveyed excellent undertakings that mix innovation with custom. Through its obligation to advancement, supportability, and consumer loyalty, the builder has set new benchmarks and acquired various honors and grants.

Looking forward, the organization's likely arrangements and vision mirror its devotion to proceeding with development, venture into developing business sectors, and supportability drives. As Atur India Pvt Ltd Pune proceeds to develop and improve, it stays a confided-in accomplice for partners and a main thrust for positive change in the business.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What is Atur India Pvt Ltd?

Atur India Pvt Ltd is a renowned company with a legacy spanning over 60 years in Pune's real estate, construction, and hospitality sectors. Founded by Mr. Atur Sangtani in 1960, the company has established itself as a leader in innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.


2.  What are the main products and services offered by Atur India?

Atur India offers a diverse range of products and services, including residential and commercial real estate developments, hospitality ventures such as hotels and resorts, and industrial development projects.


3. What sets Atur India apart from other companies in the industry?

Atur India distinguishes itself through its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence. The company's projects are known for their architectural brilliance, sustainable practices, and superior quality, earning it recognition and awards from industry bodies.