New Project
Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
Shops Platinum Towers - LG On Request On Request 60.82 Lakhs*
Shops Platinum Towers - LG On Request On Request 4.46 Cr*
Office Platinum Towers On Request On Request 66.31 Lakhs*
Office Platinum Towers On Request On Request 2.74 Cr*
Shops Platinum Towers - UG On Request On Request 90.53 Lakhs*
Shops Platinum Towers - 1st Floor On Request On Request 47.53 Lakhs*
Shops Platinum Towers - 2nd Floor On Request On Request 41.11 Lakhs*
Shops Platinum Towers - UG On Request On Request 5.16 Cr*
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Shops & Office

Rs. 41.11 Lakhs*-Rs. 5.16 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2024
Platinum Towers
Shops & Office
Rs. 41.11 Lakhs*-Rs. 5.16 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2024

Chinchechi Baug,

Ghotawade - Bhegadewadi

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
Plot 14A 243.62 2622.33 85.6 Lakhs*
Plot 16 462.80 4981.58 1.58 Cr*
Plot 25A 189.67 2041.61 69.6 Lakhs*
Plot 27 365.35 3932.63 1.27 Cr*
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Residential Plots

Rs. 64.15 Lakhs*-Rs. 3.76 Cr*
Possession Date - May, 2025
Chinchechi Baug
Residential Plots
Rs. 64.15 Lakhs*-Rs. 3.76 Cr*
Possession - May, 2025


Exploring Avishkar: Revolutionizing the Builder Industry

Why Choose Avishkar?

Avishkar stands apart as a signal of development and greatness in an industry described by conventional strategies and gradual progressions. Laid out in 1985, the builder has reliably pushed the limits of what is conceivable in the domain of development and plan. Throughout recent many years, this spearheading developer has developed from an unassuming start into an impressive power in the structure business, prestigious for its state of the art methods, manageable practices, and client-driven approach.

At its centre, the builder is driven by a mission to change the development scene through advancement, quality, and manageability. This responsibility is obvious in each venture they embrace, from private homes to rambling business buildings. By coordinating cutting edge innovation with a profound comprehension of client needs, the builder has set new benchmarks in customization, proficiency, and ecological obligation.

Sustainability isn't simply a trendy expression for Avishkar Pune; a crucial standard aides their tasks. Their eco-accommodating structure practices and utilization of manageable materials highlight a commitment to limiting natural effect while conveying better worth than clients. Also, the builderr's persistent spotlight on cost-productivity and opportune conveyance guarantees that clients get uncommon quality without burning through every last cent.

As we delve deeper into the universe of the builder, we will investigate their inventive structure strategies, exhibit their examples of overcoming adversity, and comprehend how they are molding the eventual fate of development. 


Recognizing  Avishkar 

Avishkar Realty, a conspicuous player in the development and designing area, has been molding the horizon of Pune since its beginning in 1985. With a rich heritage crossing more than thirty years, the builder has gained notoriety for greatness and development in the land business. At the core of the builder's ethos lies a guarantee to nonstop development and development, driven by a steady devotion to meeting and surpassing client assumptions.

Avishkar Pune offers an extensive set-up of administrations, going from extraordinary land improvement to tailor-made Worked to-Suit and turnkey arrangements. Their 360-degree approach guarantees that each part of a task is carefully arranged and executed flawlessly, conveying unmatched quality and worth to clients.

Throughout the long term, the builder has fashioned associations with the absolute most regarded firms in Pune, including Goel Ganga Advancements, Eisha Gathering, Wonder Real estate professionals, Anjani Buildcon, Suyog Group, and Progressive Builders. These joint efforts have improved the builder's portfolio as well as supported its situation as a believed forerunner in the land scene.

In charge of the builder are visionaries Raju Thakwani and Kavish Thakwani, whose powerful authority has pushed the organization higher than ever of progress. With an aggregate encounter of over thirty years, they have led the improvement of north of 10 million square feet of private and business spaces. The builder's spearheading soul is maybe generally clear in its Worked to-Suit projects, where it has conveyed north of 700,000 square feet of modern spaces custom fitted to meet the particular necessities of clients.

Driven by a vision to build "Tomorrowland" and a mission to regularly practice development, the builder keeps pushing the limits of greatness in the land business. Through a tenacious quest for development, quality, and consumer loyalty,the builder is ready to shape the future of metropolitan living in Pune and then some.


Features and Benefits of Avishkar

Avishkar Realty separates itself in the serious housing market through its creative highlights and unrivaled advantages, setting another norm for greatness in the business. At the front line of Avishkar Pune's contributions are its state of the art building methods and advances, which influence the most recent headways in development to convey unrivaled quality and effectiveness. Whether it's the utilization of manageable materials, high level development procedures, or best in class plan methods, the builder guarantees that each venture is executed with accuracy and artfulness.

One of the vital advantages of picking the builder is its steady obligation to supportability. By focusing on eco-accommodating practices and materials, the builderr diminishes its natural impression as well as makes better and more supportable living spaces for its clients. From energy-productive structures to green foundation drives, the builder coordinates manageability into each part of its undertakings, adding to a more reasonable future for a long time into the future.

Moreover, the builder's accentuation on customization and adaptability separates it from its rivals. Perceiving that each client has special necessities and inclinations, the builder offers fitted arrangements that take care of individual prerequisites. Whether it's planning a fantasy home or developing a cutting edge business complex, the builder teams up intimately with clients to rejuvenate their vision, guaranteeing that everything is fastidiously executed flawlessly.

The builder likewise offers a large group of down to earth advantages to its clients. From cost proficiency and ideal venture conveyance to outstanding client care and post-development support, the builder endeavours to surpass client assumptions every step of the way. By focusing on quality, respectability, and straightforwardness, the builder constructs getting through associations with its clients, acquiring their trust and steadfastness for quite a long time into the future.


Case Studies and Success Stories

Case studies and success stories offer a convincing look into the noteworthy accomplishments of Avishkar Realty inside the land area. These stories act as unmistakable proof of the builder's inventive philosophies and faithful obligation to greatness, displaying its capacity to convey remarkable outcomes for its clients.

The builder has shown its mastery in creating homes that flawlessly mix complexity with usefulness. Through fastidious scrupulousness and an emphasis on present day plan standards, the builder has reliably surpassed the assumptions for property holders, making living spaces that motivate and charm.

Avishkar Pune has shown what itself can do as a believed accomplice for organizations looking for state of the art office spaces that cultivate efficiency and coordinated effort. By utilizing imaginative plan ideas and cutting edge conveniences, the buildler has assisted organizations with raising their image picture and establish conditions helpful for progress.

The builder has likewise made critical commitments to the local area through different social government assistance drives. From supporting reasonable lodging tasks to advocating instructive projects, the builder stays focused on having a beneficial outcome on society and working on the existences of those out of luck.

These case studies and success stories of overcoming adversity highlight the builder's standing as a forerunner in the land business, prestigious for its capacity to convey outstanding outcomes while maintaining the best expectations of respectability and impressive skill. As the builder keeps on pushing the limits of advancement and greatness, it stays devoted to making getting through incentive for its clients and partners the same.


The Avishkar Process

The Avishkar Process epitomizes a consistent and client-driven way to deal with development and improvement, directed by a promise to greatness and advancement. From introductory interview to definite conveyance, each phase of the the builder process is carefully arranged and executed to guarantee unrivaled quality and consumer loyalty.

The  journey begins with an in-depth consultation, during which Avishkar Pune's group of specialists teams up intimately with clients to figure out their novel requirements, inclinations, and vision for the venture. This underlying stage establishes the groundwork for a fruitful organization, encouraging open correspondence and arrangement of objectives.

With a reasonable comprehension of the client's prerequisites, the builder's group continues to the plan and arranging stage, where innovativeness meets usefulness. Utilizing the most recent innovation and plan standards, the builder creates customized arrangements custom-made to the client's details, guaranteeing that each part of the undertaking is nicely thought of and upgraded for greatest proficiency and style.

When the plan is settled, the development stage begins, directed by a persevering quest for quality and accuracy. The builder of talented experts supervises each part of the development cycle, sticking to severe timetables and quality norms to guarantee ideal conveyance and predominant craftsmanship.

All through the builder Interaction, straightforwardness and correspondence stay fundamental, with normal updates and progress reports gave to clients to keep them educated each step regarding the way. Moreover, the builder puts areas of strength for an on supportability, incorporating eco-accommodating practices and materials into each venture to limit natural effect and advance a greener future.

As the project nears completion, the builder stays focused on conveying greatness past development, offering extensive post-development backing and help to guarantee a consistent change for clients. By sticking to the standards of trustworthiness, advancement, and client centricity, the builder process keeps on setting new norms of greatness in the development business, conveying remarkable worth and surpassing client expectations with every project.


Future of Avishkar

The future of Avishkar Realty vows to be basically as powerful and creative as its past, with a determined spotlight on pushing the limits of greatness and reclassifying the scene of the land business. Expanding on its rich tradition of achievement and advancement, the builder is ready to initiate groundbreaking changes that will shape the eventual fate of metropolitan living and improvement.

One of the key areas where the builder is ready to have a massive effect is in the domain of supportability. With developing attention to natural issues and the requirement for feasible turn of events, the builder is focused on coordinating eco-accommodating practices and advancements into its undertakings. From green structure plans to environmentally friendly power arrangements, the builder is at the very front of the supportability development, showing others how its done and setting new guidelines for ecologically capable turn of events.

Avishkar Pune's future undertakings will probably be described by a proceeded with accentuation on mechanical development and digitalization. By saddling the force of arising advancements like man-made brainpower, increased reality, and 3D printing, the builder plans to upset how structures are planned, built, and made due. These progressions won't just improve proficiency and efficiency yet additionally empower more prominent customization and adaptability in gathering the different requirements of clients.

The builder is likewise ready for geographical expansion and diversification of its portfolio. With a solid groundwork laid out in Pune, the builder is decisively situated to investigate new business sectors and embrace projects worldwide. Whether it's private, business, or blended-use improvements, the builder's future holds unfathomable open doors for development and advancement, establishing its situation as a visionary innovator in the land business. 


Avishkar Realty - Ongoing Residential Projects in Pune

1.    SAI AVISHKAR PHASE 3 - Khadewadi, Pune
2.    PLATINUM TOWERS - Kharadi, Pune
3.    Chinchechi Baug - Ghotawade, Bhegadewadi, Pune


Avishkar Realty - Completed Residential Projects in Pune

1.    PRIMERO - UNDRI, Pune
2.    SAI GANGA - UNDRI,Pune


Avishkar Realty - Completed Commercial Projects in Pune

1.    G.T.ARCADE - UDAY BAUG, Pune



In conclusion, Avishkar Realty remains as a signal of development and greatness in the land business, driven by an undaunted obligation to quality, maintainability, and consumer loyalty. With a rich heritage traversing north of thirty years, the builder has reliably pushed the limits of what is conceivable, conveying excellent outcomes and surpassing client assumptions with each task.

As it plans ahead, Avishkar Pune stays ready to proceed with its excursion of development and advancement, molding the metropolitan scene and setting new norms of greatness for a long time into the future.


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

1. What is Avishkar Realty, and what sets it apart from other real estate companies? 

Avishkar Realty is an eminent land organization laid out in 1985, having some expertise in development and designing arrangements. What separates Avishkar is its obligation to development, supportability, and client-driven approach, guaranteeing excellent quality and worth in each venture.


2. How does Avishkar ensure sustainability in its projects? 

Avishkar focuses on manageability by incorporating eco-accommodating practices and materials into its undertakings. This incorporates utilizing green structure plans, integrating sustainable power arrangements, and limiting natural effects all through the development cycle.

3. What is Avishkar's vision for the future?

Avishkar plans to proceed with its legacy of innovation and excellence, forming the fate of metropolitan living through supportable turns of events, innovative progressions, and geological extension. By embracing arising patterns and outfitting the force of development, Avishkar stays focused on conveying remarkable worth to its clients and partners.