New Project

Optima Heights,

Kesnand - Wagholi

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK Bldg-E 64.16 690.612 39.05 Lakhs*
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2 BHK Apartments

Rs. 39.05 Lakhs*-Rs. 39.05 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Mar, 2021
Optima Heights
2 BHK Apartments
Rs. 39.05 Lakhs*-Rs. 39.05 Lakhs*
Possession - Mar, 2021
Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK A 65.38 703.744 63 Lakhs*
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2 BHK Homes

Rs. 63 Lakhs*-Rs. 63 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Dec, 2021
Global Lifestyle
2 BHK Homes
Rs. 63 Lakhs*-Rs. 63 Lakhs*
Possession - Dec, 2021

Avnee Landmarks


Exploring Avnee Landmarks: A Testament to Architectural Brilliance


AVNEE Landmarks spots exemplify client centricity, focusing on private fulfillment and encouraging getting through connections. With a promise to greatness, AVNEE incorporates contemporary plans, state-of-the-art designing, and smoothed-out processes as signs of its ventures. Each try is pervaded with energy, with a dream that rises above customary limits, making the apparently unthinkable feasible. At AVNEE, the client is at the core of each and every choice, with an emphasis on understanding and surpassing their assumptions. Through careful scrupulousness and steady commitment, AVNEE guarantees that each task isn't simply a design, but a demonstration of value craftsmanship and development.

With a history of conveying remarkable outcomes, Avnee Landmarks Pune Spots remains as a guide of unwavering quality and confidence in the land business. By reliably pushing the limits of what's feasible, AVNEE keeps on reclassifying the scene of present-day living, making spaces that rouse and persevere for a long time into the future.



History of Avnee Landmarks

AVNEE Landmarks follows its foundations back to 2013, when it arose as a visionary power in the land area. Since its origin, AVNEE has cut a recognized specialty for itself, driven by a tenacious quest for greatness and a well-established obligation to its guiding principle. Established by Prithviraj Prakash Solanke and Gurnamsingh Surendrasingh Bhatiyani, the buider left on its excursion with a reasonable vision to upset the land scene. The organization's initial years were set apart by a devotion to understanding the developing requirements of its customers and an assurance to surpass assumptions every step of the way.

From its modest starting points, AVNEE quickly rose to conspicuousness, securing itself as a confided-in name inseparable from quality, trustworthiness, and development. Achievement activities, for example, [insert remarkable projects] gathered far-reaching praise for their compositional splendor and relentless tender loving care, setting new benchmarks in the business.

As Avnee Landmarks Pune kept on growing its portfolio, it became apparent that its prosperity was established not just in that frame of mind to convey outstanding properties but also in its steadfast obligation to build perseverance through associations with its clients. The organization's client-driven approach, described by customized administration and a relentless devotion to consumer loyalty, has been instrumental in encouraging long-haul reliability and trust.

Throughout the long term, the builder spots have endured different monetary vacillations and market difficulties, arising more grounded and stronger as time passes. Its flexibility, combined with a groundbreaking outlook, has empowered the organization to remain on the ball and expect the developing requirements of the market.

Today, the builder spots remain a signal of greatness in the land business, with a rich tradition of extraordinary tasks that have made a permanent imprint on the metropolitan scene. As it keeps on pushing the limits of development and rethinking the idea of present-day living, AVNEE stays unfaltering in its obligation to greatness, honesty, and consumer loyalty, guaranteeing that its heritage perseveres for a long time into the future.



Architectural Brilliance

Avnee Landmarks remains a demonstration of compositional splendor, consistently mixing development with immortal plan standards. Each venture is a show-stopper by its own doing, described by vanguard compositional highlights that spellbind the creative mind. At the core of Avnee's compositional splendor lies a pledge to push the limits of conventional plan ideal models. From smooth, innovator high rises to exquisitely created private territories, Avnee's portfolio exhibits a different scope of compositional styles, each fastidiously organized to resound with its environmental factors.

What separates the builder Spots is its steady quest for greatness in primary design. Using cutting-edge advances and materials, Avnee's structures brag unmatched strength, sturdiness, and manageability. From perplexing veneers to imaginative spatial arrangements, everything about carefully made to make spaces that move amazement and profound respect.

Besides, Avnee's compositional splendor reaches out past style, with a solid accentuation on usefulness and client experience. Insightfully planned insides, ideal space usage, and consistent availability characterize the mark style of Avnee's turns of events, upgrading the personal satisfaction of inhabitants and tenants.

In this present reality where design development has no limits, Avnee Landmarks Pune keeps on setting new principles of greatness, rethinking the metropolitan scene of each famous construction in turn.



Cultural and Economic Impact

Avnee Landmarks rises above simple compositional accomplishments to become social and financial symbols inside their particular regions. By incorporating with the social texture of networks and adding to financial imperativeness, these milestones epitomize the advantageous connection between design, culture, and economy.

Socially, Avnee Tourist spots act as guides of personality and pride, frequently becoming inseparable from the urban areas they possess. Through smart plan and commitment with neighborhood imaginative and social components, these milestones add to the story of their environmental elements, enhancing the metropolitan experience for inhabitants and guests the same. The builder invigorate development and advancement, going about as impetuses for metropolitan recovery and speculation. By drawing in organizations, occupants, and vacationers, these milestones create business potential open doors, prod business action, and upgrade property estimations, accordingly reinforcing the financial flourishing of their host urban areas.

The builder frequently attempt corporate social obligation drives, further inserting themselves inside the social texture of networks. Through charity, local area outreach, and supportable improvement rehearses, these milestones exhibit a guarantee to making a positive effect past their structural impression.

Generally, the social and financial effect of Avnee Landmarks Pune spots stretches out a long ways past their actual presence, forming the personality, liveliness, and success of the urban communities they possess.




Sustainability Efforts

Avnee Landmarks has taken significant steps in coordinating supportability into its tasks, epitomizing a pledge to natural stewardship and dependable improvement rehearses. Through a comprehensive methodology enveloping plan, development, and activity, Avnee tries to limit its environmental impression while boosting long-haul maintainability.

Imaginative green structure drives lie at the front of Avnee's manageability endeavors. From consolidating energy-productive advances to using reasonable materials and sustainable power sources, each task is carefully intended to diminish asset utilization and alleviate ecological effects.

Avnee Landmarks Pune focuses on reasonable development works, endeavoring to limit squandered age and upgrade asset use all through the development interaction. Through measures like effective site executives, reusing drives, and eco-accommodating development materials, Avnee lessens its carbon impression and advances natural protection.

Besides, Avnee puts areas of strength on functional manageability, executing procedures to upgrade energy productivity, water preservation, and waste administration inside its properties. Through continuous observing, improvement, and commitment with inhabitants, Avnee guarantees that its structures work at top manageability execution all through their lifecycle.

By supporting supportability in its undertakings, the builder not only adds to worldwide endeavors to battle environmental change but also starts a trend for mindful improvement inside the land business. Through its faithful obligation to ecological obligation, Avnee endeavors to make a more maintainable and strong future for a long time into the future.



Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

Avnee Landmarks spots perceive the fundamental job of local area commitment and social obligation in establishing lively and comprehensive metropolitan conditions. With a well-established obligation to have a constructive outcome past its building tries, Avnee effectively draws in neighborhood networks and executes drives that address social difficulties and advance all-encompassing prosperity.

Local area commitment lies at the core of Avnee's methodology, with an emphasis on cultivating significant connections and organizations with partners at the grassroots level. Through participatory arranging processes, local area counsels, and effort programs, Avnee guarantees that its tasks mirror the necessities and yearnings of the networks they serve. Avnee Landmarks Pune treats its social obligation seriously, utilizing its assets and skills to resolve squeezing social issues and add to local area improvement. From reasonable lodging drives to training and medical services programs, Avnee's social effect drives range a wide range of regions, planning to elevate underestimated networks and upgrade their satisfaction.

Besides, Avnee effectively advances variety, value, and incorporation inside its labor force and ventures, encouraging a culture of regard, cooperation, and strengthening. By advocating variety in employing rehearses, provider variety, and local area commitment endeavors, Avnee endeavors to set out open doors for underrepresented gatherings and advance social value. Through its extensive way of dealing with local area commitment and social obligation, the builder upgrades the reasonableness of neighborhoods as well as cultivates a feeling of having a place and pride among inhabitants. By putting resources into the social texture of networks, Avnee shows its obligation to make reasonable, versatile, and flourishing metropolitan conditions for all.




AVNEE Landmarks - Completed Residential Project in Pune

1.    Bella Vista - Kondhwa,Pune
2.    Optima Heights (Phase 1 & 2) - Wagholi,Pune
3.    Silver Crest - Pimple Saudagar,Pune
4.    Global Lifestyle - Hinjewadi, Pune




AVNEE Landmarks - Completed Commercial Project in Pune

1.    The Capital - Kondhwa,Pune





Future Prospects

As Avnee Landmarks proceeds to develop and grow its viewpoints, its future possibilities are formed by a mix of development, manageability, and an immovable obligation to greatness. With visionary authority in charge, Avnee is ready to leave on a direction of development and proceed with influence in the land business.

One of the critical mainstays of Avnee's future possibilities lies ready to go of impending tasks and advancements. Utilizing its skill in building development and feasible plans, Avnee means to present another flood of notable designs that reclassify the metropolitan scene and set new benchmarks for greatness in the business. From state-of-the-art private buildings to cutting-edge business spaces, these activities are ready to hoist the horizons of urban communities as well as improve the personal satisfaction of inhabitants and tenants. Also, Avnee stays focused on embracing rising advancements and patterns that shape the fate of land. Whether it's saddling the capability of man-made brainpower for the brilliant structure of the executives or coordinating environmentally friendly power answers for advanced maintainability, Avnee is at the cutting edge of driving development and embracing change in the business.

Besides, Avnee's future possibilities are characteristically connected to its vision for proceeding with local area commitment and social obligation. By developing its obligation to magnanimity, support, and practical turn of events, Avnee plans to make enduring positive effects on the networks it serves, encouraging a tradition of social and natural stewardship that stretches out a long way past its design impression.

Fundamentally, what's in store possibilities of Avnee Landmarks Pune are described by a constant quest for greatness, development, and social effect. As it keeps on pushing the limits of what's conceivable in the land, Avnee stands ready to shape the urban areas of tomorrow and make a permanent imprint on the universe of design and improvement.




In conclusion, Avnee Landmarks spots remain as a signal of compositional greatness, maintainability, and local area commitment. With a rich history of imaginative ventures, Avnee has made a permanent imprint on the metropolitan scene, forming the manner in which we live, work, and communicate with our environmental factors.

Avnee's unfaltering obligation to push the limits of configuration, embrace maintainability, and cultivate significant associations with networks will keep on driving its prosperity and effect. As we plan ahead, Avnee Landmarks Pune stays ready to lead the way in making dynamic, reasonable, and comprehensive urban communities that motivate and elevate every one of us.





Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


1. What sets AVNEE Landmarks apart from other real estate developers?

AVNEE Landmarks distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, innovative design, and sustainability. Each project is meticulously crafted to exceed expectations and leave a lasting impact on the urban landscape.


2. How does AVNEE prioritize sustainability in its projects?

AVNEE Landmarks integrates sustainable practices throughout its projects, from green building initiatives to energy-efficient technologies. By minimizing environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly design, AVNEE ensures its developments are both responsible and resilient.


3. What types of properties does AVNEE specialize in?

AVNEE Landmarks specializes in a diverse range of properties, including residential complexes, commercial spaces, and mixed-use developments. Each project is tailored to meet the unique needs of its clientele and enhance the communities in which they are situated.