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Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
1 BHK Wing A 40.61 437.11 28.99 Lakhs*
1 BHK Wing A 45.79 492.879 31.99 Lakhs*
2 BHK Wing A 63.41 682.539 41.99 Lakhs*
2 BHK Wing A 70.88 762.945 45.99 Lakhs*
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1, 2 BHK Apartments

Rs. 28.99 Lakhs*-Rs. 45.99 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Dec, 2023
Banka Sapphire
1, 2 BHK Apartments
Rs. 28.99 Lakhs*-Rs. 45.99 Lakhs*
Possession - Dec, 2023

Banka Group

Why Choose Banka Group?

Choosing the right builder for your infrastructure and land needs is crucial. The decision involves various considerations, from quality and reliability to innovation and consumer loyalty. Banka Group hangs out in the industry in light of multiple factors.
First and transcendent, Banka Group has acquired reputation for conveying top notch foundation projects. With more than 150 scaffolds surprisingly, the association has exhibited its ability and mastery in taking care of huge expansion projects. Their portfolio is broad as well as different, remembering projects for Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and Goa.
One more key reason to choose Banka Group is their commitment to quality and consumer loyalty. The organization works with a center philosophy that prioritizes continuous development and innovation. This guarantees that each project satisfies the highest guidelines of greatness and incorporates the most recent technological progressions.
Besides, Banka Group's dedication to inclusive development guarantees that each team part is esteemed and their contributions are recognized. This inclusive methodology encourages a motivated and skilled labor force that is essential for delivering high-quality projects.
The organization's vision to have an effect in the lives of individuals by providing top notch infrastructure aligns with the aspirations of their clients. Whether it's residential homes or commercial spaces, Banka Group is dedicated to bridging the hole among aspiration and reality, making them a favored choice for some.

Banka Group Legacy

i. Achievements
Banka Group's process started in 1983, and since then, at that point, they have developed from an unobtrusive beginning in Madhya Pradesh to a prominent infraprojects organization in India. Their achievements throughout the years are a demonstration of their diligent effort, dedication, and innovative methodology.
One of the significant milestones in their process includes the effective completion of north of 150 bridges across various states. This achievement features their engineering ability as well as their ability to oversee and deliver complex projects on time.
One more striking achievement is their diversification into the land area. Banka Group's entrance into land mirrors their vision of continuous development and their commitment to providing reasonable homes for all. Their projects in this area have been generally welcomed, further establishing their credibility and reliability.

ii. Awards
Recognition and awards are a reflection of an organization's greatness and contribution to the industry. Banka Group has been the recipient of a few honors that highlight their exceptional work and dedication.
These awards are images of recognition as well as act as motivation for the organization to continue pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks in the industry. The various honors over the course of the years have reinforced Banka Group's position as a forerunner in the infrastructure and land areas.

Architecture Brilliance of Banka Group

i. Team
The brilliance of Banka Group's architecture lies in the expertise and dedication of their team. The organization flaunts a highly skilled and motivated labor force that includes engineers, architects, project supervisors, and care staff. Each team part brings an abundance of experience and information, contributing to the fruitful execution of projects.
The team's innovative way to deal with design and construction guarantees that each project is functional as well as esthetically pleasing. They incorporate the most recent technologies and sustainable practices to make structures that endure for an extremely long period.
Besides, Banka Group's emphasis on continuous learning and improvement guarantees that their team stays refreshed with the most recent industry patterns and progressions. This commitment to greatness is evident in the quality of their projects and the satisfaction of their clients.

Residential Projects of Banka Group

i. Ongoing
Banka Group at present has a few ongoing residential projects that are set to redefine metropolitan living. These projects are designed to offer an ideal mix of solace, convenience, and affordability.
1] Banka Sapphire, Pisoli Pune
2] Sky blue
One of the flagship ongoing projects is situated in the center of Maharashtra. This project highlights present day condos equipped with cutting edge amenities, including a clubhouse, swimming pool, exercise focus, and finished gardens. The project aims to provide residents with a luxurious lifestyle while ensuring affordability.
Another significant ongoing project is in Chhattisgarh, where Banka Group in Pune is developing a township that includes residential condos, villas, and commercial spaces. This integrated township is designed to offer a holistic living experience with all essential facilities within simple reach.
ii. Completed
Banka Group has effectively completed various residential projects that have collected praise for their quality and design. One of the champion completed projects is a residential complex in Madhya Pradesh. This project includes a mix of lofts and villas, offering a variety of housing options to take care of different necessities and inclinations.
Another outstanding completed project is an extravagance apartment building in Goa. This project is known for its contemporary design, premium amenities, and prime location. The outcome of this project has additionally solidified Banka Group's reputation as a reliable and innovative builder.

Commercial Projects of Banka Group

i. Ongoing
Banka Group's ongoing commercial projects are designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses and business visionaries. These projects are strategically situated in prime regions, offering astounding connectivity and accessibility.
1] Banka Infracon
One of the major continuous business projects is a business park in Maharashtra. This venture incorporates office spaces, retail outlets, and sporting offices, making it an optimal area for organizations, everything being equal. The venture is intended to give a favorable climate to organizations to flourish and make.
Another huge continuous undertaking is a business complex in Orissa. This undertaking features present day office spaces, gathering rooms, and cooperating spaces, taking care of the prerequisites of new organizations and laid out organizations the same. The undertaking means to make a dynamic business place that develops advancement and joint effort.
ii. Completed
Banka Group has an impressive portfolio of completed commercial projects that have been generally welcomed by the business community. One of the champion completed projects is a commercial complex in Madhya Pradesh. This project highlights best in class office spaces, retail outlets, and dining options, creating a dynamic workplace.
Another eminent completed project is a shopping center in Goa. This project is known for its cutting edge design, extensive retail options, and entertainment facilities. The outcome of this project has additionally established Banka Group's expertise in developing commercial spaces.

What Benefits You Get with Banka Group?

Choosing Banka Group for your infrastructure and land needs accompanies various benefits. One of the key benefits is their commitment to quality and greatness. Each project is meticulously arranged and executed to guarantee it fulfills the highest guidelines.
Another benefit is their attention on consumer loyalty. Banka Group goes above and beyond to comprehend the necessities and inclinations of their clients, ensuring that each project is tailored to meet those requirements. This client centric methodology has procured them a dependable client base and positive reviews.
Besides, Banka Group's innovative method for dealing with design and construction ensures that their projects are functional as well as esthetically pleasing. They incorporate the latest technologies and sustainable practices to make structures that are built to persevere.
Moreover, Banka Group's broad experience and mastery in the business make them a dependable and reliable associate. Their showed history of successfully finishing projects on time and inside spending plan is an exhibition of their incredible skill and commitment.

Testimonials of Banka Group

Tributes from fulfilled clients give huge bits of knowledge into the quality and dependability of Banka Group's ventures. Coming up next are a part of the tributes from their clients:
"Picking Banka Group for our private task was the best choice we made. Their tender loving care and obligation to quality is unequaled. We are unimaginably satisfied with our new home." - Rajesh Kumar, Home credit holder.
The cutting edge design and brilliant facilities have made it an extraordinary work environment." - Anil Sharma, Business Proprietor.
"The team at Banka Group is highly professional and dedicated. They figured out our requirements and delivered a project that surpassed our expectations. We highly suggest them." - Sunita Patel, Land Investor.
"We are entirely impressed with the residential project delivered by Banka Group. The quality of construction and the timely completion of the project surpassed our expectations." - Meera Joshi, Homebuyer.
The commercial space we acquired is ideally suited for our business needs, and the location is ideal." - Arvind Menon, Business person.


All in all, Banka Group is a main player in the framework and land districts in India. Their obligation to quality, shopper dependability, and development disconnects them from the opposition. With an exhibited history of productive tasks and a committed group, Banka Group is decisively gotten up situated keep conveying top notch foundation and land arrangements.
Banka Group's comprehensive improvement reasoning guarantees that each group part is respected, encouraging an inspired labor force that drives the association's thriving. Their accentuation on persistent improvement and embracing the most recent innovative movements keeps them at the bleeding edge of the business.
Whether you are looking for a reliable accomplice for your infrastructure project or seeking a believed builder for your dream home, Banka Group is the name you can rely upon. Their extensive portfolio of residential and commercial projects, combined with their unwavering commitment to significance, seeks after them the ideal decision for all your territory needs.

FAQs on Banka Group

1. What is Banka Group?
Banka Group is a leading infrastructure and land organization in India, known for its high-quality projects and commitment to consumer loyalty.
2. What projects has Banka Group completed?
Banka Group has completed various residential and commercial projects, including more than 150 bridges and various residential edifices and commercial spaces across different states in India.
3. How does Banka Group guarantee quality in its projects?
Banka Group ensures quality in its activities through fastidious preparation, the use of excellent materials, and the fuse of the latest advances and supportable practices.
4. What are what's to come plans of Banka Group?
Banka Group intends to continue expanding its portfolio by taking on previously unheard-of projects in the infrastructure and land areas. They aim to foster milestone homes and commercial spaces that inspire and provide an improved lifestyle.
5. How might I at any point contact Banka Group?
You can contact Banka Group through their official website or by visiting their offices in the various states where they work.