New Project
Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
1 BHK 1 46.05 495.68 49.6 Lakhs*
1.5 BHK 1 48.69 524.10 52.45 Lakhs*
2 BHK 1 68.23 734.43 71.23 Lakhs*
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1,1.5 & 2 BHK

Rs. 49.6 Lakhs*-Rs. 71.23 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Feb, 2025
Samrat Sarthak
1,1.5 & 2 BHK
Rs. 49.6 Lakhs*-Rs. 71.23 Lakhs*
Possession - Feb, 2025


Bora Realty LLP: Shaping the Future of Real Estate in Pune

Why Choose Bora Realty LLP?

Bora Realty LLP has been a reference point of trust and quality in the land business since its origin on Walk 10, 2015. With a strong groundwork in development, the firm has been reliably conveying great projects that take special care of many clients. The organization's resolute obligation to greatness and consumer loyalty goes with it a favored decision for land interests in Pune.

Ideal spots

One of the standout elements of Bora Realty LLP is the essential area of its projects. Whether it's residential or commercial properties, each task is painstakingly intended to guarantee simple admittance to fundamental administrations and offices. Being situated in prime areas of Pune, Bora Realty LLP properties offer astounding availability to significant streets, schools, clinics, retail plazas, and diversion centers.

Innovative Designs

Bora Realty LLP is known for innovative compositional designs that mix usefulness with style. The organization utilizes a group of talented planners and designers who carry inventiveness and common sense to each project. This guarantees that each property looks great as well as offers the most extreme utility and solace for its occupants or businesses.

Financial Stability

A critical benefit of picking Bora Realty LLP is its financial stability. The organization has areas of strength for an establishment, guaranteeing that all projects are finished without deferrals or compromises. This stability gives true serenity to financial backers and purchasers, it is secure to know that their speculation.

Client Driven Approach

Bora Realty LLP puts areas of strength in consumer loyalty. The organization puts stock in building enduring associations with its clients by understanding their necessities and conveying above and beyond. From the underlying request to post-buy support, Bora Realty LLP guarantees a consistent and lovely experience for its clients.

Tradition of Bora Realty LLP


Bora Realty LLP has taken critical steps in the land area throughout recent years. The organization has effectively finished various residential and commercial projects, procuring a standing for dependability and quality. Each task is a demonstration of the organization's commitment to meeting and surpassing client assumptions.

Key Achievements

2015: Consolidated and started tasks with an emphasis on great residential projects.
2017: Sent off the principal commercial venture, setting new standards in office space improvement.
2019: Expanded portfolio to incorporate affordable housing, making house purchasing open to a more extensive crowd.
2021: Got industry acknowledgment for development in sustainable structure rehearses.


The association's greatness has not slipped through the cracks. Bora Realty LLP has been the beneficiary of a few renowned awards that perceive its commitment to the land business. These awards feature the organization's obligation to keep up with elevated expectations and constantly develop to address the issues of its clients.

Notable Awards

Best Residential Developer: Awarded for greatness in residential venture advancement, underscoring quality and consumer loyalty.
Sustainable Builder Award: Perceived for executing eco-accommodating development rehearses and advancing maintainability in the land.
Innovative Design Award: Respected for remarkable and commonsense compositional designs that upgrade the living and working experience.

About the Group

The progress of Bora Realty LLP is driven by its group of experienced experts. The leadership group incorporates Rajendra Kesharchand Bora, Sagar Tejmal Mandlecha, and Hitesh Kishor Nawalakha, who bring an abundance of involvement and mastery to the firm. Their visionary methodology is upheld by a group of skilled draftsmen, designers, and venture chiefs who work collaboratively to convey first-rate projects.

Leadership Profiles

Rajendra Kesharchand Bora: With more than twenty years of involvement with land, Rajendra Bora carries vital vision and functional greatness to Bora Realty LLP. His leadership has been instrumental in the organization's development and achievement.
Sagar Tejmal Mandlecha: A specialist in project executives and execution, Sagar Mandlecha guarantees that all projects are followed through on time and to the best expectations. His obligation to quality and meticulousness are imperative to the association's standing.
Hitesh Kishor Nawalakha: Hitesh Nawalakha's aptitude in money and business improvement helps steer the organization towards new open doors and supported development. His financial keenness guarantees the company's stability and productivity.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Bora Realty LLP uses cutting-edge technology in its development processes. From cutting-edge development materials to best-in-class apparatus, the organization guarantees that each undertaking is dependable. This attention to technology improves the nature of development as well as guarantees the ideal conveyance of projects.

Mechanical Advancements

Green Structure Practices: Execution of sustainable structure materials and procedures to decrease ecological effect.
Brilliant Home Highlights: Mix of savvy home technology to upgrade comfort, security, and energy effectiveness.
3D Modeling and BIM: Utilization of 3D modeling and Building Data Modeling (BIM) to further develop project arranging and execution.

Residential Projects by Bora Realty LLP

Premium Apartments

Bora Realty LLP offers a scope of premium apartments designed to give rich living encounters. These apartments are outfitted with current conveniences and are situated in the absolute most sought-after regions in Pune. Spacious configurations, rich inner parts, and incredible fittings are a piece of the features that make these apartments stand out.

Affordable Housing

Understanding the different requirements of the market, Bora Realty LLP additionally gives affordable housing choices. These projects are designed to offer quality living spaces at serious costs, guaranteeing that more individuals can accomplish their fantasy about claiming a home. In spite of the moderation, there is no think twice about the nature of development or the conveniences given.

Luxury Living: The Highrise Apartments

In 2018, Bora Realty LLP sent off its lead project, The Highrise Apartments, in the core of Pune. This venture epitomizes luxury living with its cutting-edge conveniences, amazing perspectives, and ideal place. The apartments are outfitted with shrewd home technology, giving occupants a consistent and current living experience.

Affordable Greatness: The Amicability Homes

Because of the developing demand for affordable housing, Bora Realty LLP fostered The Agreement Homes in 2020. This venture offers quality homes at open costs, guaranteeing that more individuals can possess a home without settling for less quality or convenience. The progress of this venture has set another benchmark in affordable housing.

Commercial Projects by Bora Realty LLP

Office Spaces

Bora Realty LLP develops cutting-edge office spaces that take special care of the requirements of present-day businesses. These office spaces are furnished with the most recent framework, including fast web, high-level security frameworks, and adequate stopping offices. The essential areas of these workplaces guarantee simple availability and network, making them ideal for businesses, everything being equal.

Retail Spaces

The organization likewise develops retail spaces that are designed to improve the shopping experience. These retail spaces are situated in prime regions with high footfall, guaranteeing the greatest permeability and business potential for retailers. Current designs, appealing insides, and adequate space are a portion of the highlights that make these retail spaces profoundly alluring.

Contextual investigations

Innovative Work area: The Business Tower

In 2019, Bora Realty LLP sent off The Business Tower, a cutting-edge office complex in Pune. This undertaking offers adaptable office spaces designed to address the issues of present-day businesses. The Business Tower highlights a progressed framework, high-velocity web, and brilliant security, making it a favored decision for some organizations.

Retail Greatness: The Mall

The Mall, created in 2021, is a chief retail space situated in perhaps of Pune's most active regions. With its cutting-edge design and vital area, The Shopping center has turned into a center point for retailers and customers the same. The venture's prosperity is a demonstration of Bora Realty LLP's capacity to foster spaces that address the issues of businesses and buyers.

Benefits of Investing in Bora Realty LLP Properties

Quality Construction

Putting resources into Bora Realty LLP properties implies putting resources into quality. The organization utilizes the best materials and talented workers to guarantee that each task is worked to the best expectations. This attention to quality construction guarantees that the properties are sturdy and require insignificant support.

Timely Delivery

Bora Realty LLP is known for its adherence to project courses of events. The organization understands the significance of timely delivery and works constantly to guarantee that projects are finished as booked. This unwavering quality has acquired the trust of various clients throughout the long term.


Transparency is a basic belief at Bora Realty LLP. The organization keeps up with clear and open correspondence with its clients all through the undertaking lifecycle. This transparency constructs trust and guarantees that clients are very much informed about the advancement and any improvements connected with their investment.

Prime Locations

The essential area of Bora Realty LLP projects is a huge benefit. Properties are situated in prime regions that offer amazing availability and admittance to fundamental conveniences. This upgrades the living experience as well as guarantees good investment returns.

Client care

Bora Realty LLP offers outstanding client service, guaranteeing that clients have a smooth and bother-free insight. From the underlying request to post-buy support, the organization's devoted client assistance group is consistently accessible to help clients with any questions or concerns.

Exceptional yield on Investment

Properties created by Bora Realty LLP offer an exceptional yield on investment. The prime locations, quality construction, and smart designs guarantee that these properties are valued in esteem over the long haul. This pursues them a shrewd investment decision for both present moment and long haul gains.

Sustainable Practices

Bora Realty LLP is focused on maintainability and carries out eco-accommodating practices in its projects. From utilizing sustainable materials to integrating green structure rehearses, the organization guarantees that its projects have an insignificant natural effect. This obligation to maintainability means a lot to the present purchasers and financial backers.

Customization Choices

Understanding that each client has unique prerequisites and tendencies, Bora Realty LLP offers customization decisions in its projects. Whether it's the configuration of a townhouse or the design of an office space, clients can work with the association's specialists and designers to make a space that meets their specific necessities.


Bora Realty LLP is a name you can trust in the land industry. With a demonstrated history, a pledge to quality, and a client-driven approach, Bora Realty LLP is ready to keep forming the eventual fate of land in Pune. Whether you are searching for a sumptuous home, a cutting-edge office space, or a prime brick-and-mortar store, Bora Realty LLP has the ideal answer for you.


What kinds of properties does Bora Realty LLP create?
Bora Realty LLP develops both residential and commercial properties, offering a great many choices to suit various requirements.

Where are Bora Realty LLP's projects found?
The projects are basically situated in Pune, with vital locations that offer a great network and conveniences.

How long has Bora Realty LLP been in the land business?
Bora Realty LLP has been in the land business since Walk 10, 2015.

Who are the critical partners of Bora Realty LLP?
The key partners are Rajendra Kesharchand Bora, Sagar Tejmal Mandlecha, and Hitesh Kishor Nawalakha.

What makes Bora Realty LLP properties a good investment?
Quality construction, timely delivery, transparency, prime locations, and phenomenal client service make Bora Realty LLP properties a good investment.

How might I contact Bora Realty LLP for requests?
You can contact Bora Realty LLP through email

Does Bora Realty LLP have a site?
The site subtleties are not given in the ongoing data. If it's not too much trouble, reach me through email for additional subtleties.

What is the LLP Identification Number of Bora Realty LLP?
The LLP Identification Number is AAD-5114.

Are there any continuous projects by Bora Realty LLP?
For data on continuous projects, kindly contact Bora Realty LLP straightforwardly.

What awards has Bora Realty LLP won?
Bora Realty LLP has won several industry awards, mirroring its obligation to greatness and innovation. Explicit awards subtleties can be gotten by reaching the firm.

Put resources into Bora Realty LLP and experience the ideal mix of quality, innovation, and trust.