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Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
4 BHK 5 180.45 1942.36 2.91 Cr*
4 BHK 5 255.97 2755.26 4.01 Cr*
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4 BHK Apartments

Rs. 2.91 Cr*-Rs. 4.01 Cr*
Possession Date - Jun, 2024
4 BHK Apartments
Rs. 2.91 Cr*-Rs. 4.01 Cr*
Possession - Jun, 2024

Capricorn Group

Capricorn Group: Building Dreams, Creating Realities

Welcome to the universe of Capricorn Group, where each block recounts a story and each venture is a demonstration of our obligation to greatness. As one of the main players in the real estate sector since 1987, Capricorn Group has been at the very front of making elite residential and commercial spaces that take special care of the advancing necessities of our customers. How about we plunge into what pursues us the best decision for your real estate needs?

Why Choose Capricorn Group?

Unequaled Experience

With more than thirty years of involvement with the real estate industry, Capricorn Group has sharpened its skill and constructed a standing for conveying top-indent projects. Our journey began in 1987, and since then, we've been reliably setting new benchmarks in quality, development, and customer fulfillment.

Various Portfolio

Our portfolio is just about as different as our customer base. From rich residential spaces and lavish estates to clamoring commercial zones and tranquil second homes, we have something for everybody. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, a carefully prepared financial backer, or searching for an ideal occasion retreat, Capricorn Group takes care of you.

Customer Centric Approach

Our clients are at the Top of all that we do. We have faith in building enduring connections in view of trust and straightforwardness. Our 24x7 customer support guarantees that your questions are tended to immediately, making your involvement with us smooth and bother-free.

Uprightness and Straightforwardness

Trust is the foundation of our business. We value being straightforward in the entirety of our dealings. From clear correspondence to fair valuing, we guarantee that our clients are generally in the know. No secret expenses, no curve balls - simply legit, clear exchanges.

Legacy of Capricorn Group

Capricorn Group's legacy is based on a groundwork of trust, development, and greatness. Our journey throughout the long term has been set apart by various achievements and achievements that say a lot about our obligation to quality and customer fulfillment.


•    North of 100 Completed Projects: Our broad portfolio incorporates residential buildings, commercial zones, top-of-the-line manors, and outlandish second homes, each created with accuracy and tender loving care.
•    Spearheading Plans: We have been at the very front of presenting innovative plans and maintainable building rehearses in the real estate sector.
•    Local area Improvement: Our projects are not just about buildings; they are about creating dynamic networks where individuals can reside, work, and flourish.


Our devotion to greatness has procured us various awards throughout the long term, including:

•    Best Residential Undertaking Grant: Recognized for our prevalent development quality and innovative plans.
•    Manageable Manufacturer of the Year: Granted for our obligation to eco-friendly building rehearses and feasible turn of events.
•    Customer Greatness Grant: Celebrated for our outstanding customer service and high fulfillment rates.

Architectural Brilliance

Capricorn Group's architectural prowess is one of our standout highlights. Our buildings are not simply structures; they are show-stoppers, carefully created flawlessly.

About the Team

Our team is our most prominent resource. Containing prepared modelers, specialists, planners, and undertaking supervisors, every part brings a wealth of information and energy for greatness. Together, they make spaces that are outwardly staggering as well as fundamentally sound and ecologically economical.

•    Engineers: Our visionary draftsmen mix inventiveness with common sense to plan buildings that stand out and fill their needs proficiently.
•    Engineers: Guaranteeing the primary uprightness of each and every undertaking, our specialists rejuvenate the planners' dreams.
•    Architects: Our inside planners center around creating spaces that are lovely as well as practical and agreeable.
•    Project Administrators: From commencement to the end, our undertaking chiefs direct every perspective to guarantee convenient conveyance and predominant quality.

Residential Projects by Capricorn Group

Our residential projects are planned in light of you. Here are a portion of our lead projects that reclassify rich living.

Capricorn Levels

Situated in the core of Pune, Capricorn Levels offers the ideal mix of metropolitan comfort and tranquil living. With roomy apartments, cutting-edge conveniences, and lavish green environmental elements, it's a safe house for those looking for a decent way of life.

•    Area: Focal Pune
•    Conveniences: pool, rec center, clubhouse, landscaped gardens, kids' play region
•    Features: Closeness to schools, medical clinics, retail plazas

Capricorn Manors

For the people who long for extravagance and security, Capricorn Estates is the best decision. Settled in a peaceful setting, these very good quality manors accompany private nurseries, pools, and custom-tailored insides.

•    Area: Rural Pune
•    Conveniences: Confidential pool, garden, exercise center, 24x7 security
•    Features: Adaptable insides, restrictive local area, pet-friendly

Capricorn Green Spaces of Land

Capricorn Green Sections of Land is our eco-friendly residential venture that consolidates present-day living with manageability. With sun-oriented powered homes, water collecting, and green landscapes, it's ideal for the naturally cognizant.

•    Area: Edges of Pune
•    Conveniences: Sun-based power, water gathering, local area garden, running track
•    Features: Eco-friendly highlights, quiet environmental factors, local area living

Commercial Projects by Capricorn Group

Our commercial projects are intended to give organizations the ideal climate to develop and flourish.

Capricorn Business Park

Capricorn Business Park is the embodiment of current workspaces. With adaptable office designs, state-of-the-art offices, and an excellent network, it's the best decision for organizations, all things considered.

•    Area: Prime Business Region, Pune
•    Conveniences: High-velocity web, gathering rooms, cafeteria, more than adequate parking
•    Features: Current foundation, vital area, tech-empowered workplaces

Capricorn Plaza

A clamoring commercial complex, Capricorn Plaza offers retail spaces that draw in high footfall, making it the ideal spot for organizations hoping to leave an imprint.

•    Area: Downtown Pune
•    Conveniences: Retail shops, food court, diversion zone, more than adequate parking
•    Features: High permeability, excellent availability, lively environment

Advantages of Putting Resources into Capricorn Group Properties

Putting resources into Capricorn Group properties accompanies a horde of advantages. Here's why you ought to think about making your next venture with us.

Exceptional yield on Speculation

Our properties are situated in prime regions with high appreciation potential. Whether it's a residential apartment or a commercial space, you can anticipate significant profits from your speculation.

Predominant Quality

We utilize the best materials and development practices to guarantee that our buildings stand in everyday hardship. Our scrupulousness and obligation to quality means you get the best incentive for your cash.

Current Conveniences

Our projects accompany a scope of current conveniences intended to upgrade your way of life. From pools and exercise centers to landscaped gardens and play regions, we have all that you want for a happy living or workspace.

Eco-Friendly Practices

We are focused on manageability and consolidating eco-friendly practices in our projects. This helps the climate as well as decreases your utility costs over the long haul.

Excellent Customer Service

Our relationship with you doesn't end once the deal is finished. We offer continuous help and support services to guarantee that your property stays in top condition.


Try not to simply believe us. This is the thing our fulfilled customers need to say regarding their involvement in Capricorn Group.

John and Mary, Mortgage holders at Capricorn Levels

"We were unable to be more joyful with our new home at Capricorn Levels. The nature of development and the scrupulousness are uncommon. The conveniences are incredible, and the area is ideally suited for our loved ones. The team at Capricorn Group was steady all through the purchasing system and even after we moved in. We enthusiastically recommend them!"

Raj, Entrepreneur at Capricorn Business Park

"Moving our office to Capricorn Business Park was quite possibly of the best choice we made. The offices are top-indent, and the area is perfect for our clients. The adaptable office spaces allowed us to plan our workspace precisely the way in which we needed it. Capricorn Group has been an excellent accomplice, offering outstanding help and services."

Priya, Occupant at Capricorn Green Sections of land

"I was searching for a home that lined up with my eco-friendly way of life, and Capricorn Green Sections of land was the ideal fit. The economic elements and green environmental factors are precisely the exact thing I needed. The people group is friendly, and the conveniences are excellent. I'm extremely content with my choice to purchase a home here."


Picking Capricorn Group implies picking greatness, development, and a pledge to customer fulfillment. With our different portfolio, unmatched experience, and client-driven approach, we are sure that we can meet all your land needs. Join our developing group of fulfilled customers and experience the Capricorn contrast today.


1. What kinds of properties does Capricorn Group offer?
Capricorn Group offers many properties, including residential apartments, very good quality estates, commercial office spaces, and retail shops. We take care of different requirements and inclinations, guaranteeing there's something for everybody.

2. Where are Capricorn Group's projects found?
Our projects are fundamentally situated in Pune, with vital areas that offer excellent availability, convenience, and development potential. We likewise have a presence in other key regions, expanding our span to serve more customers.

3. What conveniences could I at any point expect in Capricorn Group's residential projects?
Our private undertakings go with an extent of present-day comforts, including pools, practice focuses, finished gardens, young people's play locales, clubhouses, and 24x7 security. Each endeavor is expected to give a pleasing and lavish living experience.

4. Are Capricorn Group's properties eco-friendly?
Indeed, we are focused on supportability and consolidating eco-friendly practices in our projects. This incorporates sun-based power, water harvesting, and green landscapes. Our eco-friendly projects help the climate as well as offer investment funds to our inhabitants.

5. How does Capricorn Group guarantee the nature of development?
We utilize the best materials and development rehearses, and our team of experienced modelers, specialists, and undertaking administrators manages each part of the task. Our obligation to quality guarantees that our buildings are solid and of the best expectations.

6. What backing does Capricorn Group offer after the deal?
We offer constant assistance and upkeep administrations to ensure that your property stays in top condition. Our 24x7 client care group is by and large available to address any requests or issues you could have.

7. Could I at any point alter my home with Capricorn Group?
Indeed, a large number of our projects offer customization choices, particularly for top-of-the-line estates. You can work with our plan team to make a space that suits your inclinations and requirements.

8. What is the most common way of purchasing a property with Capricorn Group?
The cycle is direct. When you choose a property, our outreach group will direct you through the desk work and funding choices. We guarantee a smooth and straightforward exchange, with no secret expenses.

9. Are Capricorn Group's properties a wise speculation?
Indeed, our properties are situated in prime regions with high appreciation potential, offering significant profits from speculation. Our obligation to quality and present-day conveniences guarantees that you get the best incentive for your cash.

10. How might I reach out to Capricorn Group for more data?
You can visit our site, call our client care group, or visit our arrangements office. We are by and large here to assist you with any requests and give you every one of the information you truly need to seek after an informed decision.
We trust this exhaustive aid has provided you with a reasonable understanding of what pursues Capricorn Group the best decision for your real estate needs. We anticipate welcoming you to the Capricorn family and assisting you with tracking down the ideal property that addresses your issues and surpasses your assumptions.