New Project
Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 1 69.49 748.03 1.45 Cr*
3 BHK 1 89.66 965.06 1.9 Cr*
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2 & 3 BHK

Rs. 1.45 Cr*-Rs. 1.9 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2025
Chavda 1 New Castle
2 & 3 BHK
Rs. 1.45 Cr*-Rs. 1.9 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2025

Chavda Realty


Chavda Realty: Your Gateway to Exceptional Real Estate in Pune


In Mumbai's bustling real estate market, Chavda Realty is a shining example of efficiency and trust. Almost 500 happy families have had our services since we opened in 2005, and we have constructed a strong reputation for excellence and dependability. With our main office located in Mumbai, we have set our situation as a prominent player in the real estate sector of the city by providing broad brokerage and management services.
Chavda Realty is the go-to asset for real estate arrangements, specializing in the selling and purchase of residential and commercial properties in Mumbai and beyond. Our aptitude stretches out to serving property holders and investors in Pune and beyond, as seen by our arrangement of residential undertakings in Pune. Our dedication to quality is obvious in our comprehensive approach to real estate services.
As a privately held company, we take great pride in our soul of business and ability to give tailored answers for our clients. Through our middle business lines, we offer full-administration real estate arrangements in addition to standard brokerage services. Our team of seasoned professionals is focused on giving you the assets, information, and backing you really want to make all around informed decisions, whether you're buying or selling.
Beyond just being real estate agents, we at Chavda Realty are something more. With broad training in the latest marketing strategies, we've effectively grown new homes in Gujarat (Valsad) and other surrounding areas of Mumbai. Because of our versatility in both residential and commercial endeavors, we are the primary decision-makers for the two investors and property holders.
At Chavda Realty, we perceive the significance of making the best decision whether investing in residential or commercial properties. We are certain that, with our insight, skill, and commitment to excellence, we can furnish you with arrangements and insights that a couple of others can match. Choose Chavda Realty for all your real estate needs in Mumbai and beyond.



Legacy of Chavda Realty

In Pune's real estate market, Chavda Realty has a long and distinguished history. With an unwavering dedication to quality and an all-encompassing vision, Chavda Realty Pune has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy asset for the two investors and homebuyers.
Notoriety for residential and commercial undertakings totally changed the city's skyline form the foundation of Chavda Realty's history. Each task is proof of the company's steadfast commitment to fine craftsmanship, creative plans, and fastidious attention to detail.
Chavda Realty gives a variety of residential undertakings that suit varied ways of life and inclinations for Pune homebuyers. From extravagant skyscraper apartments to quaint suburban villas, each Chavda Realty improvement is saturated with a feeling of elegance and sophistication, creating spaces that inspire and enhance lives.
Similarly, for investors seeking lucrative open doors in Pune's bustling real estate market, Chavda Realty's commercial ventures present a compelling suggestion. With strategic locations, modern amenities, and robust infrastructure, these advancements guarantee significant yields as well as long-haul value appreciation.
Purchasing real estate with Chavda Realty is an investment in a legacy of excellence, genuineness, and trust rather than just a financial move. Chavda Realty Pune is a region leader in real estate mastery, having a demonstrated track record of exceeding expectations and delivering on commitments.



Architectural Brilliance

Chavda Realty isn't just a real estate firm; it's a testament to architectural brilliance and financial skill, spearheaded by individuals who epitomize excellence in their separate fields.
Dharmesh Chavda, armed with a B.Com. degree, has finished two real estate marketing projects as well as areas of strength for cultivating relationships, earning glowing references from more than 200 happy families in his portfolio. His ability in housing and task finance, combined with his adeptness in maintaining attachments with leading financial institutions, guarantees seamless transactions and fruitful venture executions.
Mitesh Chavda, the pioneer, brings a visionary approach to the table. With a background in electrical engineering, his main goal is to assist clients with finding their dream homes within their financial plan, in wanted locations, without settling on quality. Over his 15-year career, he has collaborated with nearly five presumed manufacturers and designers, facilitating in excess of 500 sales and rental transactions, fulfilling the aspirations of endless homebuyers and investors.
Pratik Chavda adds to the legacy with more than five years of involvement with real estate. Having effectively finished three tasks in Mumbai, his mastery lies in navigating the mind-boggling landscape of real estate transactions with finesse and integrity.
At Chavda Realty, each part brings a remarkable range of abilities to the table, ensuring that each client's needs are met as well as surpassed. With an emphasis on residential and commercial tasks in Pune, Chavda Realty continues to be the favored decision for discerning homebuyers and investors looking for quality, reliability, and satisfaction.



Infrastructure Details

Chavda Realty stands as a pinnacle of excellence in real estate, offering carefully crafted infrastructure arrangements tailored to the needs of homebuyers and investors in Pune and beyond. With a sharp eye for detail, we guarantee that each venture reflects architectural brilliance and satisfies the most noteworthy guidelines of quality.
Our residential ventures in Pune epitomize comfort, extravagance, and functionality, providing a haven for families to flourish. From nicely planned layouts to modern amenities, each improvement is a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that resonate with the aspirations of our clients.
In the realm of commercial ventures, Chavda Realty sets the bar high with innovative plans and strategic locations. Our enhancements address the various necessities of ventures, providing smooth integration of work and way of life facilities to encourage efficiency and achievement.
Putting cash into Chavda Realty guarantees both financial gains and piece of mind, since the company has a long history of dependability and trust. Come assist us with shaping the eventual fate of real estate, where each undertaking we take on is an impression of our commitment to quality.



Ongoing Projects by Chavda Realty:

•    Chavda 1 New Castle – Baner, Pune



Completed projects by Chavda Realty:

•    ABHIRAM CHSL - Mathuradas Extn Road, Kandivali West
•    FLORA ENCLAVE - Carter Road Number 9, Borivali East
•    METTIVILLA CHSL - Jawahar Nagar Road No. 9, Goregaon West
•    NAVCHANDRAKUNJ CHSL - Jawahar Nagar Road No. 4, Goregaon West
•    ULKA CHSL - Babhai Naka, Borivali West
•    DEEP (SUNDER LANE) CHSL  - Suner Lane, Orlem, Malad West
•    RAJHANS - Rajhans, Malad East
•    RAJENDRA CHSL- Lourdes Colony, Orlem, Malad West,
•    GOMES APARTMENTS CHSL - Domnic Lane, Orlem, Malad West
•    VASUPUJYA DARSHAN - Malad west
•    MALAD AMBER CHSL - Liberty Garden Road, Off Marve Road, Near S.N.D.T College, Malad West
•    MATRU DARSHAN CHSL - Pushpa Park, Off. Daftary Road, Malad East



What Benefits Will You Get After Investing in Chavda Realty?

Investing in Chavda Realty offers a plethora of advantages that go beyond simple financial returns. As the chief real estate firm, we highly value delivering value to both homebuyers and investors in Pune and beyond.
Investing in Chavda Realty, most importantly, guarantees access to prime residential and commercial undertakings fastidiously crafted to meet the evolving needs of modern living and business. Our residential tasks in Pune offer a mix of extravagance, comfort, and accommodation, providing an unmatched way of life experience for mortgage holders. Meanwhile, our commercial ventures boast strategic locations and innovative plans, creating thriving conditions for businesses to prosper.
Besides, Chavda Realty's commitment to excellence reaches out to unparalleled customer administration and backing. From the principal meeting to the assistance gave after the purchase, our serious team of specialists is always there to assist clients at each stage of the investment with endeavoring.
Chavda Realty is a reputable company in the sector with a demonstrated track record of development, consequently investing in the company also gives you peace of mind. Chavda Realty assures its clients that each investment will bring about long haul benefits and their happiness by emphasizing genuineness, integrity, and dependability.




Our prosperity at Chavda Realty is determined by both the happiness of our customers and the numbers. Our track record speaks for itself; we have north of 500 happy families in our portfolio. These supports give observer to our attention to detail and our commitment to offering Pune's homebuyers and investors top notch assistance.
Our residential tasks in Pune have provided comfortable and extravagant living spaces as well as created vibrant networks where families flourish. Meanwhile, our commercial activities have filled in as catalysts for business development, offering strategic locations and modern amenities.
Purchasing from Chavda Realty entails investing in a dependable partner who focuses on our clients' interests and goals above everything else. Because of our demonstrated track record of progress and dedication to genuineness and transparency, we remain the go-to choice for individuals looking for top notch real estate arrangements in Pune.




In Pune's real estate market, Chavda Realty is a pillar of integrity and quality. Our different arrangement of residential and commercial undertakings has allowed us to effectively meet the various needs of investors and property holders in Pune and the surrounding areas. From carefully planned living spaces to all around placed commercial new developments, each facet of our work demonstrates our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer pleasure.
As a trusted partner in real estate, we understand the importance of investing later on. Because of this, we give total plans that are intended to satisfy our clients' changing demands, whether they are searching for their ideal home or profitable open doors that will open entryways. Our team of seasoned specialists has a demonstrated track record of progress, and we are focused on assisting our customers in reaching their real estate goals with assurance and comfort.
At Chavda Realty, we acknowledge that each undertaking presents a potential chance to decidedly impact individuals' lives. We are focused on adding value and establishing enduring associations, whether it is by giving families a place to reside or by assisting companies in thriving in changing conditions. Put your faith in Chavda Realty to assist you in achieving your real estate goals in Pune and beyond.






Q: What separates Chavda Realty from other Pune real estate companies?
A: As seen by the different range of residential and commercial activities that meet the various needs of Pune's investors and property holders, Chavda Realty stands out for its dedication to excellence. Chavda Realty is a notable brand in the sector because of its emphasis on quality, innovation, and client pleasure.

Q: How does Chavda Realty guarantee that its residential tasks address the issues and expectations of its clients?
A: Chavda Realty guarantees customer satisfaction by offering fastidiously crafted residential ventures that focus on comfort, extravagance, and functionality. From mindfully planned layouts to modern amenities, each Chavda Realty improvement aims to give an unmatched way of life experience to mortgage holders in Pune.

Q: What advantages can investors anticipate from investing in Chavda Realty's commercial undertakings?
A: Investing in Chavda Realty's commercial tasks guarantees strategic locations, innovative plans, and robust infrastructure, all of which are essential for businesses to flourish. With a track record of delivering exceptional yields and long haul value appreciation, Chavda Realty's commercial improvements offer compelling open doors for investors in Pune.

Q: How does Chavda Realty focus on customer administration and backing?
A: A serious staff of specialists is on hand to help clients at each stage of their investment process, as Chavda Realty places areas of strength for an on customer administration and backing. The staff at Chavda Realty is focused on giving its customers in Pune unmatched help, from the initial consultation through after-purchase assistance.

Q: How can it be that Chavda Realty is a shrewd decision for the two investors and homebuyers?
A: Investing in Chavda Realty has several advantages that go beyond just financial gains. These advantages include access to selective residential and commercial properties, unmatched customer support, and the assurance that your cash is upheld by a perceived brand in the sector. Chavda Realty is as yet the favored decision for insightful Pune investors and mortgage holders because of its dedication to reliability, genuineness, and integrity.sector. Committed to trustworthiness, integrity, and dependability, Chavda Realty remains the favored decision for astute Pune investors and mortgage holders.