New Project

Clone Tiara,

Dudulgaon - Moshi

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 1 58.44 629 43.13 Lakhs*
3 BHK 1 74.51 802 59.3 Lakhs*
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2 & 3 BHK

Rs. 43.13 Lakhs*-Rs. 59.3 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Nov, 2025
Clone Tiara
2 & 3 BHK
Rs. 43.13 Lakhs*-Rs. 59.3 Lakhs*
Possession - Nov, 2025

Clone Properties LLP

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Why Choose Clone Properties?

Picking the right manufacturer for your undertaking is critical. Clone Clone Properties LLP stands out in the business because of its extraordinary mix of engineering, construction, and design disciplines. Here are a few convincing motivations to pick Clone Properties:
1. Expertise in Multidisciplinary Engineering: Clone Properties coordinates different fields like metropolitan preparation, inside design, and landscape design to make thorough and creative arrangements. This all encompassing methodology guarantees that each venture isn't just utilitarian yet additionally tastefully satisfying and feasible.
2. Proven History: With many years of involvement since the 1980s, Clone Properties has reliably conveyed top notch projects that meet and surpass client assumptions. Their broad portfolio features a scope of fruitful tasks, from private edifices to business center points, mirroring their capacity to adjust to various client needs and market demands.
3. Client-Driven Approach: Clone Properties esteems its clients' dreams and works intimately with them all through the undertaking lifecycle to guarantee their requirements are met. This customized administration cultivates solid client connections and results in projects that genuinely mirror the clients' cravings and prerequisites.
4. Sustainability Concentration: Clone Properties underscores natural stewardship, incorporating manageable practices into their designs to advance social value and financial feasibility. By consolidating green structure procedures and materials, they guarantee that their undertakings are earth capable and energy-proficient, contributing decidedly to the networks they serve.

Clone Properties Legacy


Clone Properties' process started during the 1980s, when the intricacy of building projects began to rise, requiring a multidisciplinary approach in design. Throughout the long term, Clone Properties has achieved critical achievements:
Molding Horizons: Clone Properties plays had an essential impact in changing the horizons of different urban communities, especially in the Pimpri-Chinchwad and Pune regions. Their inventive designs and powerful designs have become landmarks, representing progress and innovation.
• Development in Design: With an emphasis on creative and compelling design, Clone Properties has presented various pivotal ideas in both private and business projects. Their obligation to pushing the limits of conventional design has brought about novel, useful, and tastefully satisfying structures.
• Top notch Standards: Clone Properties' obligation to quality is obvious in each venture, from fastidious preparation and design to the utilization of top-level materials and construction procedures. This commitment to greatness guarantees that each task meets as well as frequently surpasses industry standards.


Acknowledgment from industry friends and affiliations is a demonstration of Clone Properties' greatness. A portion of the striking honors include:
• Best Metropolitan Design Venture: For outstanding commitments to metropolitan design, incorporating ecological stewardship and social value. This grant features Clone Properties' capacity to make spaces that are both lovely and practical.
Greatness in Engineering: Granted for novel and effective building designs that have set new benchmarks in the business. This award highlights their imaginative methodology and commitment to design greatness.
Supportability Grants: Perceived for carrying out reasonable practices that advance natural and financial feasibility. These honors reflect Clone Properties' continuous obligation to green structure and supportability.

Architecture Brilliance of Clone Properties


Clone Properties' prosperity is driven by a group of devoted experts who bring different skill and an energy for development:
• Draftsmen: Profoundly talented engineers who push the limits of design and usefulness. Their imagination and specialized ability bring about structures that are both delightful and viable.
• Engineers: Master engineers who guarantee underlying honesty and wellbeing in all undertakings. Their careful scrupulousness and adherence to industry standards ensure that each task is solid.
• Designers: Innovative designers who center around stylish allure while keeping up with common sense. Their capacity to mix structure and capability guarantees that each space is both outwardly shocking and easy to understand.
• Project Chiefs: Proficient task supervisors who regulate each part of the construction cycle to guarantee convenient and inside financial plan culmination. Their hierarchical abilities and experience guarantee smooth undertaking execution and client fulfillment.


Residential Projects Of Clone Properties 

Ongoing Projects of Clone Properties
Continuous Private Tasks
Clone Properties is presently participated in a few private undertakings that guarantee to convey unmatched living encounters:
1.Clone Tiara:
Location: Moshi Dudulgaon
Amenities: Clubhouse, exercise center, human-sized chess, yoga region, open library, grill place, kids playing region, more than adequate parking spot, talk region, regular nursery walkway. These conveniences are designed to upgrade the personal satisfaction for inhabitants, giving spaces to unwinding, wellness, and social collaboration.
Unit Types: 2 BHK (629, 641 sq. ft.), 3 BHK (802, 858 sq. ft.), with housetop conveniences. The assortment of unit sizes takes special care of various family needs and inclinations, guaranteeing solace and comfort for all occupants.
2. Aura Blue:
Location: Punawale
Amenities: Nearness to fundamental administrations and landmarks, present day offices custom fitted for agreeable metropolitan living. This task underlines accommodation and openness, going with it an ideal decision for families and experts the same.

Completed Residential Projects

Clone Properties has an amazing arrangement of finished private tasks that mirror their obligation to quality and advancement:
• Landmark project highlighting best in class conveniences and perfect compositional design. Known for sumptuous living spaces and key area, offering occupants an ideal mix of solace and complexity.
• Known for extravagant living spaces and vital area, furnishing occupants with accommodation and polish. Represents Clone Properties' devotion to making homes that are both sharp and useful.

Commertial Projects Of Clone Properties 

Ongoing Commercial Projects
1.Positioned in an enthusiastic metropolitan region with superb network, this venture is custom fitted to meet the developing necessities of present day organizations, offering adaptable and dynamic work areas.
Furnished with contemporary office formats, manageable compositional designs, and high level mechanical foundation, planning to cultivate development and efficiency, setting new benchmarks for business spaces.
2.Conveniently arranged close to significant transportation center points, guaranteeing simple access for workers and clients, enhancing the general business landscape.
Offering a different blend of retail outlets, office spaces, and sporting conveniences, making an energetic and drawing in business local area, encouraging joint effort and learning experiences.
Completed Commercial Projects
• A renowned business adventure commended for its enrapturing design and state of the art offices, mirroring the mastery of Clone Properties in making moving and effective workplaces.
• Flawlessly incorporating retail and office spaces, this unique business center point is designed to catalyze business development and local area collaboration, encapsulating Clone Properties' obligation to establishing practical and dynamic business conditions.

What Benefits You Get with Clone Properties?

Picking Clone Properties for your private or business project offers a horde of benefits:
1. Comprehensive Arrangements: Clone Properties gives a consistent encounter by offering comprehensive administrations in design, engineering, and construction. Their incorporated methodology guarantees that each aspect of your undertaking gets master consideration and fastidious consideration.
2. Innovative Designs: Advantage from front line and particular designs that orchestrate usefulness with stylish allure. Clone Properties' immovable devotion to development guarantees that your undertaking will flaunt excellent design components while staying functional.
3. Sustainable Practices: Clone Properties focuses on manageability, ensuring that your undertaking lines up with ecologically cognizant practices and remains monetarily plausible. Their usage of green structure strategies and materials advances energy effectiveness and limits natural impression.
4. Client-Driven Approach: Experience customized consideration with a group that focuses on understanding your novel necessities and eagerly tries to understand your vision. Clone Properties' obligation to client fulfillment guarantees that your undertaking mirrors your objectives and desires precisely.
5. Proven Mastery: With many years of industry experience and a plenty of honors, Clone Properties conveys reliably top notch results. Their broad portfolio and history of progress impart trust in their capacity to execute undertakings to the best expectations.

Testimonials of Clone Properties

Client fulfillment is a sign of Clone Properties' prosperity. Here are a few tributes from fulfilled clients:
•  The Chief of a main tech organization shared, "Clone Properties changed our office space into a cutting edge, proficient, and rousing climate. Their tender loving care and obligation to greatness are unrivaled. The task was finished on time and inside financial plan, surpassing our assumptions."
•  A pleased property holder communicated, "Our involvement in Clone Properties was phenomenal. They conveyed our fantasy home on time and inside spending plan, with remarkable quality and design. The group was proficient, responsive, and really thought often about our necessities."


Clone Properties epitomizes greatness and advancement in the fields of design, engineering, and construction. Their multidisciplinary approach, coordinating metropolitan preparation, inside design, and landscape engineering, guarantees that each venture is far reaching and balanced. With a rich history tracing all the way back to the 1980s, Clone Properties has reliably conveyed great ventures that shape horizons and set new industry standards.
Their obligation to manageability, client-driven help, and imaginative design pursues them a favored decision for both private and business projects. Clone Properties' broad portfolio, including fruitful ventures like Clone Headband, Air Blue, Apex Levels, and Tech Park One, grandstands their capacity to meet different client needs and surpass assumptions.
Picking Clone Properties implies profiting from a group of committed experts, demonstrated skill, and a history of greatness. Whether you are hoping to fabricate your fantasy home or foster a business center, Clone Properties offers the skill, innovativeness, and dependability expected to rejuvenate your vision. Their honors and client tributes further bear witness to their unrivaled quality and administration in the business.

FAQs On Clone Properties 

1. What really does Clone Properties offer?
•  Clone Properties offers a large number of administrations covering design, engineering, construction, and design. They take care of both private and business projects, giving thorough arrangements beginning to end.
2. What compels Clone Properties stand out?
•  Clone Properties stands out for its remarkable mix of ability in different disciplines like engineering, engineering, and design. They focus on creative designs and manageable practices, it is both utilitarian and stylishly satisfying to guarantee that each task.
3. How long has Clone Properties been in the business?
•  Clone Properties has been conveying top notch projects since the 1980s, gathering many years of involvement and mastery in the business.
4. Might you at any point give instances of Clone Properties' striking undertakings?
•  Surely! A few striking undertakings by Clone Properties incorporate Clone Headdress, Air Blue, Zenith Levels, Emerald Residency, Tech Park One, and Horizon Pinnacles.
5. How might I reach out to Clone Properties for an undertaking?
•  You can undoubtedly contact Clone Properties through their site or by visiting their workplaces at the predetermined areas. They additionally offer customized interviews to examine your venture needs and necessities.
6. What advantages could I at any point expect by picking Clone Properties?
•  Picking Clone Properties guarantees complete arrangements custom-made to your task needs. You'll profit from creative designs, manageable practices, demonstrated mastery, and a client-driven approach, bringing about an effective and fulfilling project insight.
7. What sort of ventures truly does Clone Properties handle?
•  Clone Properties handles different activities, including private edifices, business center points, and blended use advancements. They have aptitude in designing and building both living spaces and work areas.
8. How really does Clone Properties guarantee manageability in their ventures?
•  Clone Properties focuses on manageability by incorporating green structure methods and materials into their designs. They mean to advance ecological stewardship and energy productivity in each venture, contributing emphatically to the networks they serve.