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EKA Elitas,


Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 1 78.87 849 1.45 Cr*
3 BHK 1 116.04 1249 2.15 Cr*
4.5 BHK 1 157.75 1698 3 Cr*
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2, 3 & 4 BHK Apartments

Rs. 1.45 Cr*-Rs. 3 Cr*
Possession Date - Jul, 2026
EKA Elitas
2, 3 & 4 BHK Apartments
Rs. 1.45 Cr*-Rs. 3 Cr*
Possession - Jul, 2026

Eka Buildcon

Why Choose Eka Buildcon?

Picking a real estate developer is perhaps of the main choice you'll make. Eka Buildcon stands apart because of its obligation to greatness, consumer loyalty, and creative plan. Here are a few convincing motivations to pick Eka Buildcon for your next home or commercial investment:

Quality Construction    
Eka Buildcon utilizes hands down the greatest materials and the most recent development strategies to guarantee that each task fulfills the most noteworthy guidelines of solidness and safety.

Innovative Designs    
The group at Eka Buildcon is known for their creative structural plans that join feel with usefulness. Each task is intended to boost space and upgrade the living experience.

Customer-Centric Approach
Eka Buildcon puts a high need on consumer loyalty. From the underlying interview to the last handover, they guarantee that the clients' requirements and inclinations are met with most extreme amazing skill.

Prime Locations
Eka Buildcon's all's activities are decisively situated in prime regions with astounding network to significant centers, pursuing them an optimal decision for both private and commercial purposes.

Sustainable Practices
Eka Buildcon is focused on maintainable turn of events. Their undertakings consolidate eco-accommodating works on, guaranteeing insignificant natural effect and advancing a better way of life for inhabitants.

Eka Buildcon Legacy

Eka Buildcon has a rich tradition of conveying first class projects that have reclassified the real estate scene.

Eka Buildcon has effectively finished various private and commercial undertakings, each known for its prevalent quality and creative plan. These accomplishments mirror their commitment to greatness and consumer loyalty.

Eka Buildcon's greatness has been perceived with a few lofty honors. These honors are a demonstration of their obligation to quality, development, and client driven approach.

Architectural Brilliance of Eka Buildcon

The structural brightness of Eka Buildcon is a consequence of their skilled and devoted group of experts.


Eka Buildcon brags a group experienced modelers, designers, and undertaking directors who carry their skill and innovativeness to each project. Their cooperative endeavors guarantee that each undertaking is a work of art of plan and usefulness.

Key Team Members
•    Architects: Renowned for their innovative designs and attention to detail.
•    Engineers: Skilled in the latest construction techniques and materials.
•    Project Managers: Experts in overseeing projects from conception to completion, ensuring timely delivery and quality.

Residential Projects of Eka Buildcon

Eka Buildcon has an amazing arrangement of private undertakings that take care of assorted needs and inclinations.

Ongoing Projects

Eka Elitas - Kothrud

Intended to give a complex living encounter, Eka Elitas highlights a pool for unwinding, an exceptional rec center for wellness lovers, perfectly finished gardens for relaxation strolls, and a devoted youngsters' play region. These exceptional conveniences guarantee that occupants partake in an agreeable and upscale way of life in an ideal place.

Combination City E-Building, arranged in the developing neighborhood of Kothrud, Pune, gives open 1 and 2 BHK Apartment intended to offer an agreeable and contemporary living climate. The improvement incorporates a clubhouse for social connections, a running track for wellness exercises, every minute of every day security to guarantee the wellbeing of occupants, and a multipurpose lobby for different occasions and get-togethers. Combination City E-Building is great for people and families looking for a decent and secure way of life with current comforts.

Completed Projects

Eka Residency, situated in the clamoring area of Wakad, Pune, offers premium 2 and 3 BHK Apartment outfitted with first rate offices. Intended for happy with living, Eka Residency incorporates fundamental elements, for example, committed parking spots, dependable power reinforcement, and different sporting facilities for occupants to appreciate. Its essential area guarantees vicinity to schools and clinics, settling on it a helpful decision for families looking for a cutting edge and very much associated private local area.

Vatsalya Puram, arranged in the tranquil neighborhood of Kondhwe-Dhawade, Pune, gives eco-accommodating 1 and 2 BHK Flats in the midst of more than adequate green spaces. Focused on maintainability, Vatsalya Puram consolidates sun based power and water reaping frameworks to decrease its natural effect. The people group likewise includes a local area corridor for get-togethers and a youngsters' jungle gym, establishing an agreeable living climate that advances a sound and eco-cognizant way of life.

Commercial Projects of Eka Buildcon

Eka Buildcon's commercial ventures are intended to address the issues of current organizations.

Ongoing Projects

Eka Business Park, arranged in the prospering area of Hinjewadi, Pune, offers state of the art office spaces furnished with tip top comforts planned to fulfill the requirements of current associations. The business park includes high velocity lifts to guarantee proficient development inside the structure, very much delegated gathering spaces for proficient gatherings, a cafeteria to give helpful eating choices, and more than adequate stopping to oblige all workers and guests. Eka Business Park gives an optimal workplace that encourages efficiency and comfort.

Eka Plaza, arranged in the unique neighborhood of Kharadi, Pune, offers flexible retail and office spaces custom-made to suit different business needs. The square is furnished with day in and day out security to guarantee the wellbeing, everything being equal, and it highlights adaptable formats that can be modified to fit explicit business necessities. With a scope of retail outlets and a food court offering different feasting choices, Eka Square makes a lively and secure setting for organizations to flourish.

Completed Projects

Eka Trade Center, situated in the clamoring area of Shivajinagar, Pune, offers premium office spaces and retail outlets intended to address the issues of present day organizations. The middle elements midway cooled spaces, powerful IT foundation to help super advanced tasks, advantageous financial offices, and more than adequate stopping to oblige inhabitants and guests. This pursues Eka Exchange Center an ideal decision for organizations looking for a renowned and exceptional area.

Eka Shopping center, arranged in the dynamic neighborhood of Viman Nagar, Pune, is a cutting edge shopping objective that brags a wide reach retail locations and diversion choices. The shopping center highlights a multiplex for film devotees, a different food court offering different cooking styles, a diversion zone for family fun, and more than adequate stopping to guarantee an issue free shopping experience. Eka Shopping center is intended to give a thorough and pleasant shopping and diversion experience for all guests.

What Benefits You Get with Eka Buildcon?

Eka Buildcon offers various advantages to its clients, guaranteeing a rewarding investment and a comfortable living experience.

Quality Construction
Eka Buildcon is focused on conveying the best expectations of value in each undertaking. They utilize just premium materials, guaranteeing that each building isn't just tastefully satisfying yet additionally dependable. Thorough quality checks are led at each phase of development to keep up with these norms, bringing about solid and safe designs that offer long haul benefit and genuine serenity for inhabitants and financial backers the same.

Innovative Designs
Development is at the core of Eka Buildcon's plan reasoning. Their tasks are described by current, stylish design that adjusts structure and capability. By expanding space and consolidating smart plan components, they establish conditions that are both wonderful and viable. Also, Eka Buildcon offers adjustable choices, permitting clients to fit their homes or office spaces to meet their interesting inclinations and necessities.

Prime Locations
Eka Buildcon decisively chooses ideal spots for their ventures, guaranteeing they are arranged in all around associated and created regions. These areas give simple admittance to fundamental administrations like schools, medical clinics, and retail plazas, improving the comfort and way of life of occupants. Also, the vicinity to transportation center points guarantees phenomenal availability to significant focuses, making Eka Buildcon projects ideal for both private and commercial purposes.

Customer-Centric Approach    
Eka Buildcon puts a high need on consumer loyalty. They take part in straightforward dealings, keeping clients educated and involved all through the task lifecycle. The organization is committed to convenient undertaking finish, guaranteeing that clients can move into their new spaces as expected. Moreover, Eka Buildcon gives devoted client service to address any questions or concerns, supporting their obligation to a positive client experience.

Sustainable Practices
Supportability is a critical concentration for Eka Buildcon. They coordinate eco-accommodating materials and green structure rehearses into their activities to limit natural effect. Elements, for example, sunlight based power, water reaping, and energy-productive plans are standard in a significant number of their turns of events. By zeroing in on lessening their carbon impression and advancing practical living, Eka Buildcon adds to a better climate and offers a superior personal satisfaction for their occupants.

Testimonials of Eka Buildcon

Vasat Desai
"Eka Buildcon's undertaking surpassed our assumptions. The plan and nature of development are first rate, making it an ideal home for our loved ones."

Wadgaonkar Sopan & Smita
"Moving to Eka was an extraordinary choice. The preparation of the level is magnificent, using space proficiently with no wastage."

Kaustubh Nagarkar
" Eka - The all in all; the tallest pinnacle in Kothrud is a milestone piece of design with brilliant utilization of rug region."


Eka Buildcon is a name inseparable from trust, quality, and development in the real estate area. Their devotion to conveying better undertakings that cook than the developing requirements of their clients has gone with them a favored decision for both private and commercial properties. With a tradition of greatness and a pledge to making esteem, Eka Buildcon keeps on molding the horizon of Pune with its surprising undertakings.

Eka Buildcon's exercises are some different option from structures; they are networks expected to work on the individual fulfillment. Whether you are looking for a sumptuous space, a pleasant home, or a state of the art office space, Eka Buildcon offers the best plan. Their accentuation on pragmatic new development, innovative arrangement, and customer unwaveringness ensures that each adventure is an achievement of significant worth and trust.

FAQs on Eka Buildcon

What sets Eka Buildcon apart from other real estate developers?
Eka Buildcon stands out due to its commitment to quality construction, innovative designs, customer-centric approach, prime locations, sustainable practices, and a strong legacy of successful projects.

What types of projects does Eka Buildcon specialize in?
Eka Buildcon works in both private and commercial tasks. Their portfolio incorporates lavish lofts, eco-accommodating homes, cutting edge office spaces, and adaptable retail outlets.

Where are Eka Buildcon's projects located?
Eka Buildcon's activities are decisively situated in prime areas of Pune, including Kothrud, Kondhawe Dhawade, Wakad, Hinjewadi, Kharadi, Shivajinagar, and Viman Nagar.

What kind of materials and construction techniques does Eka Buildcon use?
Eka Buildcon utilizes hands down the greatest materials and the most recent development methods to guarantee solidness, security, and tasteful allure in the entirety of their tasks.

How does Eka Buildcon incorporate sustainability in its projects?
Eka Buildcon integrates eco-accommodating practices like the utilization of maintainable materials, green structure methods, sun oriented power, and water reaping to limit natural effect and advance a better way of life.

What amenities can I expect in an Eka Buildcon residential project?
Accommodations in Eka Buildcon private exercises routinely consolidate pools, rec focuses, organized gardens, youths' play locales, clubhouses, running tracks, every day of the week security, and that is just a hint of something larger.

How does Eka Buildcon ensure customer satisfaction?
Eka Buildcon guarantees consumer loyalty through straightforward dealings, convenient venture fruition, devoted client assistance, and an emphasis on addressing clients' requirements and inclinations from the underlying interview to definite handover.

Can I customize my apartment or office space with Eka Buildcon?
Indeed, Eka Buildcon offers adaptable choices in their tasks to suit individual inclinations, guaranteeing that each space is customized to meet the particular necessities of its tenants.

What awards and recognitions has Eka Buildcon received?
Eka Buildcon has gotten a few renowned honors in acknowledgment of their greatness in quality, development, and client driven approach.

How can I get more information or book a site visit for an Eka Buildcon project?
You can get more information or book a site visit by contacting Eka Buildcon through their official website, customer service helpline, or by visiting their sales office at the project location.

By picking Eka Buildcon, you are selecting a believed accomplice in your excursion to viewing as the ideal home or office space. Their commitment to quality, development, and consumer loyalty guarantees that you make a sound investment in a property that addresses every one of your issues and surpasses your assumptions. Investigate Eka Buildcon's undertakings today and venture out towards your fantasy property.