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Ethique Hrishikesh,

Model Colony

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
3 BHK Ethique Hrishikesh 107.77 1160 2.85 Cr*
3 BHK Ethique Hrishikesh 105.26 1133 3 Cr*
4 BHK Ethique Hrishikesh 146.42 1576 4 Cr*
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3, 4 BHK Apartments

Rs. 2.85 Cr*-Rs. 4 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2023
Ethique Hrishikesh
Model Colony
3, 4 BHK Apartments
Rs. 2.85 Cr*-Rs. 4 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2023

Ethique Developers

Why Choose Ethique Developers?

Picking the right designer for your fantasy home or business space is a huge choice, and Ethique Developers pursues this choice as a simple one. Here's the reason:

1. Commitment to Quality
At these Developers, quality is the foundation of each and every task. From the choice of materials to the last contacts, each angle is carefully created to guarantee prevalent quality. The developers have faith in building homes that keep going for ages, and that implies utilizing hands down the best materials and utilizing the most gifted specialists.

2. Imaginative Designs
Innovation is at the core of Ethique Developers. Their group of skilled engineers and designers are continuously pushing the limits of what's conceivable in private and business design. Each task is novel, integrating the most recent patterns and advancements to make spaces that are delightful as well as exceptionally utilitarian.

3. Customer-Centric Approach
Ethique Developers are known for their customer-centric approach. They understand that buying a home or business property is maybe of the principal speculation you'll make, and they try to make the interaction as smooth and enchanting as could truly be anticipated. Their gathering works personally with clients to grasp their prerequisites and inclinations, ensuring that each endeavor outperforms assumptions.

4. Prime Locations
All Ethique projects are decisively situated in prime areas of Pune. These locations are picked for their magnificence and accommodation as well as for their capability to see the value in esteem. Whether you're searching for a quiet private area or a clamoring business region, Ethique Developers has the ideal spot for you.

5. Economical Practices
Ethique Developers are focused on sustainability. They integrate eco-accommodating practices into their development processes, from utilizing manageable materials to executing energy-proficient frameworks. This assists with safeguarding the climate as well as guarantees that your home or office is future-verification.

Legacy of Ethique Developers


Ethique Developers have a rich history of achievements that feature their commitment to greatness and innovation. Here are a portion of the achievements that mark their excursion:

1. Transforming Skylines
Ethique Developers have been instrumental in reshaping Pune's horizon with their notable private and business projects. Their creative designs and unrivaled development quality have set new guidelines in the business.

2. Community Development
Ethical developers have confidence in the force of the community. Their tasks are designed to make lively, comprehensive networks that improve the quality of life for inhabitants. From parks and sporting facilities to community focuses and schools, Ethique Developers are focused on building something beyond homes.

3. Innovation in Design
Ethique Developers are known for their imaginative approach to design. They persistently stretch the boundaries of what's possible, coordinating the latest examples and headways into their endeavors. This has brought about the absolute most special and outwardly staggering structures in Pune.


Ethique Developers' significance has been seen with a couple of prestigious awards. These qualifications are an appearing of their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.
1. Best Private Engineer
Ethique Developers have been awarded the Best Private Engineer for their remarkable commitment to the private land area. This award perceives their commitment to making superior-grade, imaginative homes that address the issues of present-day families.

2. Inventive Design Award
Ethical developers have been perceived for their inventive approach to architectural design. Their undertakings are known for their extraordinary, groundbreaking designs that push the limits of what's conceivable in private and business development.

3. Sustainability Award
Ethique Developers are centered around sustainability, and this commitment has been seen with a Sustainability Award. This award includes their undertakings to combine eco-obliging practices into their development processes and to make structures that are energy-productive and innocuous to the environment.

4. Customer Satisfaction Award
Ethique Developers are committed to customer satisfaction, and this devotion has been perceived with a Customer Satisfaction Award. This award commends their uncommon customer administration and their commitment to surpassing their clients' assumptions.

Architectural Brilliance

About the Group - Ethique Developers

Ethique Developers brag a group of profoundly talented experts who bring an abundance of involvement and skill to each project. Here are a portion of the critical colleagues:

1. Emergency room. Samir Gandhi
Emergency room. Samir Gandhi is one of the establishing accomplices of Ethique Developers. With north than 30 years of involvement with the housing market, he is known for his remarkable relationship with the board and development skills. As a civil engineer by capability, Mr. Gandhi has fostered a few milestones in Solapur and Pune. He heads the securing of ventures, legitimate reasoning, advertising, and conveyance greatness at Ethique Developers.

2. Ar. Sanjeev Mehta
Engineer Sanjeev Mehta is the Vital Modeler at Ethique Developers. With north than 32 years of involvement in designing and executing different activities around the world, Ar. Mehta is a name to deal with in the realm of engineering. He has designed and made various tourist spots in the north of 12 urban communities in India and worldwide. At Ethique Developers, Ar. Mehta guides a group of more than 50 individuals and points to the architectural division.

3. Mr. Karan Hote
Mr. Karan Hote is a Design Engineer by calling and a pioneer on a fundamental level. With training from a famous college in the US, Mr. Hote carries a novel viewpoint to the group. He heads the tasks and general administration of the organization. As an original business person, Mr. Hote is known for his imaginative and innovative approach to home design.

4. Trama Center. Amrit Patel
Trama center. Amrit Patel is a Civil Engineer who has a talent for moving a dream and setting the heading for progress. With more than 38 years of involvement with the development business, Mr. Patel supports innovation and novel thoughts. His tender loving care is established in Ethique Developers' work processes.

5. Mr. Yogesh Patel
Mr. Yogesh Patel is the Execution Head at Ethique Developers. With capabilities in civil engineering and aptitude in execution, Mr. Patel guarantees opportune conveyances and flawless execution, everything being equal. His quiet disposition and persistence have surprisingly determined Ethique Developers to stay faithful to their commitments and values.

Private Tasks by Ethique Developers

Ethique Developers have made an arrangement of dazzling private tasks that offer a mix of extravagance, solace, and functionality. Here are a portion of their striking private undertakings:

1. Ethique Hrishikesh, Model Colony, Pune
Ethique Hrishikesh is a rich private undertaking situated in the prime region of Model Colony, Pune. This undertaking offers 3 and 4 BHK condos that are designed to give an ideal mix of tastefulness and modernity. The lofts are open and all around ventilated, with enormous windows that permit regular light to flood in. The task likewise offers a scope of amenities, including a pool, wellness focus, finished gardens, and a clubhouse.

Advantages of Putting Resources into Ethique Developers' Properties

1. High Return on Investment
Properties created by Ethique Developers are situated in prime regions, guaranteeing high appreciation rates and excellent returns on investment. Whether you're searching for a home or a business space, putting resources into an Ethique property is a savvy monetary decision.

2. Superior Quality
Each Ethique project is an image of quality and greatness. The developers use only the best materials and use the most capable experts to ensure that each adventure is worked to the highest rules. This ensures strength and long-term value.

3. Modern Amenities
Ethique properties are furnished with modern amenities that improve the quality of life and give an extravagant living encounter. From wellness focuses and pools to finished nurseries and community corridors, Ethique properties offer all that you want for an agreeable and convenient way of life.

4. Transparency
Ethique Developers keep up with complete transparency in the entirety of their dealings. They give point-by-point information about their activities, including courses of events, expenses, and specifications. This guarantees an issue-free and dependable purchasing experience for their clients.

5. Sustainable Living
With an accentuation on sustainable practices, Ethique properties are designed to eco-oblige. The developers coordinate energy-compelling structures and sustainable materials into their endeavors, propelling a greener lifestyle and diminishing the environmental impact.

6. Strategic Locations
Ethique Developers cautiously select the locations for their tasks, guaranteeing that they are in prime regions with simple admittance to fundamental amenities like schools, emergency clinics, retail outlets, and public transportation. This not only upgrades the convenience and quality of life for occupants yet in addition guarantees that the properties value in value after some time.

7. Professional Management
Ethique Developers have a professional management group that guarantees smooth execution, everything being equal. From arranging and design to construction and handover, the group regulates each part of the task to guarantee that it is finished on schedule and to the highest guidelines.

8. Customization Options
Ethique Developers offer customization options to meet the exceptional requirements and inclinations of their clients. Whether you need to make changes to the format, or inside design or get done, the developers are available to obliging your prerequisites to make a home or office that impeccably suits your necessities.

9. Excellent Resale Value
Properties created by Ethique Developers have excellent resale value because of their prime locations, superior quality, and modern amenities. This settles on them an insightful investment decision for those seeking to purchase property for future monetary benefits.

10. Strong Reputation
Ethique Developers have constructed a strong reputation in the land business for their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Putting resources into an Ethique property gives you the confirmation that you are managing a trusted and solid engineer.

  1. Ethique Hrishikesh,  Model Colony


1. Nikhil More
Extravagance 3 and 4 BHK pads at a prime spot. Incredibly respectful proprietors. All that you can dream of.

5. Kaveri Barne
The professionalism and quality of work by Ethique Developers are really amazing. They followed through on their commitments and surpassed my expectations.

6. Shubham Sarang
Ethique Developers has made a home that surpasses my expectations all around. The location, design, and amenities are great.

7. Archit Gawande
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value. Ethique Developers have re-imagined extravagance living with their creative designs and superior quality.

8. Shoeb Shaikh
Putting resources into an Ethique property was the best decision I made. The amenities and location are awesome, and the quality of construction is excellent.

9. Dhananjay Guptap
Ethique Developers' commitment to quality and ideal conveyance is honorable. I'm very happy with my investment in their venture.

10. Rajesh Kulkarni
Ethique Developers have set another norm in the land business with their imaginative designs and customer-centric approach. I highly suggest their properties.


Ethique Developers are rethinking the land scene in Pune with their creative designs, superior quality, and customer-centric approach. Whether you're searching for an extravagant home or a cutting-edge business space, Ethique Developers has the ideal solution for you. With a legacy of greatness, a devoted group of specialists, and an arrangement of shocking tasks, Ethique Developers is the ideal decision for all your land needs.


1. What compels Ethique Developers to stand apart from other land developers?

Ethique Developers stand separated in light of their commitment to quality, creative designs, customer-centric approach, prime locations, and sustainable practices. They center around the necessities and inclinations of their clients, ensuring that each undertaking outperforms expectations.

2. Where are Ethique Developers' undertakings found?

Ethique Developers' tasks are fundamentally situated in prime areas of Pune, offering simple admittance to fundamental amenities and dynamic way of life options. Their strategic location guarantees high appreciation rates and excellent returns on investment.

3. What kinds of properties do Ethique Developers offer?

Ethique Developers offers both private and business properties, including sumptuous lofts and cutting-edge business spaces. Their portfolio incorporates a large number of options to suit various necessities and inclinations.

4. Are Ethique Developers' ventures eco-accommodating?

Indeed, Ethique Developers coordinate eco-accommodating practices into their ventures, advancing sustainability and a greener future. They utilize sustainable materials and consolidate energy-proficient frameworks to limit the environmental effect.

5. What amenities do Ethique Developers' private ventures offer?

Ethique Developers' private ventures offer modern amenities, for example, wellness focuses, pools, arranged gardens, community corridors, kids' play regions, and all-day, everyday security. These amenities upgrade the quality of life and give a sumptuous living encounter.