New Project


Lulla Nagar

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
Office GAGAN GM AXIA 34.84 375.014 74.6 Lakhs*
Office GAGAN GM AXIA 170.20 1832.016 3.32 Cr*
Restaurants GAGAN GM AXIA 112.51 1211.046 4.01 Cr*
Restaurants GAGAN GM AXIA 593.74 6390.958 21.02 Cr*
Showrooms GAGAN GM AXIA 64.01 688.997 2.52 Cr*
Showrooms GAGAN GM AXIA 1264.23 13608.045 42.69 Cr*
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Office, Restaurant, Showroom

Rs. 74.6 Lakhs*-Rs. 42.69 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2022
Lulla Nagar
Office, Restaurant, Showroom
Rs. 74.6 Lakhs*-Rs. 42.69 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2022

G. M. Developers

Why Choose GMD Group?

At the point when you set out on the journey of finding the right development firm for your residential or commercial task, you look for dependability, quality, and a tradition of trust. This is definitively the thing GMD Group offers. Laid out in 1995 and situated in the lively city of Pune, GMD Group has been a support point in the development business for almost thirty years. Our commitment to conveying projects that reliably surpass functional standards guarantees unrivaled customer fulfillment. Here's why picking GMD Group is the best choice for your development needs:

Unparalleled Experience and Aptitude

With very nearly thirty years of involvement with the development business, GMD Group has gathered important skill. Our team of old pros carries an abundance of information to each project, guaranteeing that we convey prevalent outcomes without fail.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is the foundation of GMD Group. We utilize the best materials and follow severe quality control measures at each phase of development. Our projects are dependable as well as are intended to give a predominant living and working experience.

Imaginative Arrangements

In an industry that is continually developing, GMD Group stays on the ball by embracing modern development strategies and imaginative common arrangements. We are devoted to consolidating the most recent progressions in innovation and plan to convey projects that are both contemporary and proficient.

Customer-Centric Approach

At GMD Group, our customers are at the core of all that we do. We stand by listening to your necessities, understand your prerequisites, and design our services to guarantee your total fulfillment. Our straightforward correspondence and devotion to satisfying our commitments make us a believed accomplice in your development journey.

Prime Locations

The area of your property assumes a significant part in its value and comfort. GMD Group strategically chooses prime locations in Pune for our projects, guaranteeing that you partake in the advantages of openness, network, and a high potential for appreciation.

Tradition of GMD Group


Since its beginning in 1995, GMD Group has denoted its presence in the development business with various achievements. We have successfully completed a wide cluster of residential and commercial projects, each mirroring our commitment to excellence. Our projects are known for their architectural brilliance, quality development, and convenient conveyance. All through the long haul, we have acquired a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy builder in Pune.


Our commitment to quality and development has not slipped through the cracks. GMD Group has gotten a few lofty awards that perceive our commitments to the development business. These honors are a demonstration of our team's persistent effort and our relentless commitment to conveying the best to our clients. Our awards act as a benchmark of our prosperity and propel us to keep increasing present expectations in the business.

Architectural Brilliance

About the Team

At GMD Group, we accept that the strength of our team is the underpinning of our prosperity. Our team includes profoundly talented modelers, specialists, and undertaking supervisors who carry their ability and innovativeness to each project. We encourage a cooperative climate where thoughts stream openly and development flourishes. Our team's commitment to excellence guarantees that each venture we embrace is a show-stopper of architectural brilliance.

Residential Projects by GMD Group

Our residential projects are intended to offer an ideal mix of extravagance, solace, and comfort. Each task mirrors our commitment to quality and tender loving care, furnishing our customers with an unrivaled living encounter.

GM Morya Condos

Settled in a tranquil climate, GM Morya Condos offers a serene retreat from the rushing about of city life. These condos are intended to give an agreeable and lavish living experience, with open designs, modern amenities, and wonderful insides. The venture includes very much-arranged lofts with more than adequate normal light and ventilation, guaranteeing a solid and wonderful living climate.

GM Kalash

GM Kalash is one more excellent residential venture that features our commitment to quality and excellence. Situated in a prime region, GM Kalash offers open condos with contemporary plans and first-class offices. The venture includes wonderfully landscaped gardens, a completely prepared rec center, a swimming pool, and a local area corridor, giving occupants a scope of amenities to improve their way of life.

GAGAN GM AXIA, Lulla Nagar

Situated in the prime area of Lulla Nagar, GAGAN GM AXIA is a demonstration of our capacity to consolidate extravagance with usefulness. This task offers occupants a way of life of comfort and style, with very much-planned lofts, modern amenities, and a phenomenal network. The task includes a clubhouse, a youngsters' play region, a running track, and day-in and day-out security, guaranteeing a protected and open to living climate for occupants.

Amrut Kalash Nagari

Amrut Kalash Nagari is one of our completed projects that stands as a brilliant illustration of our commitment to conveying top-notch residential spaces. This venture includes fastidiously planned condos with a scope of amenities, including a swimming pool, a rec center, a local area corridor, and landscaped gardens. Amrut Kalash Nagari has set new benchmarks in the business with its prevalent development quality and smart plan.

Commercial Projects by GMD Group

Our commercial projects are intended to meet the unique requirements of organizations, giving cutting-edge offices and strategic locations. Each undertaking is created to furnish organizations with the best climate to flourish and succeed.

Strategic Locations

The strategic area of our commercial projects guarantees simple openness and great availability, going with them an optimal decision for organizations. Our projects are situated in prime areas of Pune, giving organizations a high potential for development and achievement.

Modern Amenities

Our commercial projects are furnished with modern amenities to help business activities. From cutting-edge security frameworks to high-velocity web networks, we give every one of the offices expected to a smooth and proficient business climate.

Adaptable Spaces

We understand that each business has special necessities. Our business projects offer versatile spaces that can be changed to meet the specific necessities of your business. Whether you truly need a little office or a tremendous business space, we have the best response for you.

What Advantages Customers Get by Putting resources into GMD Group Properties

Putting resources into GMD Group properties accompanies a large group of advantages that guarantee an exceptional yield on investment and long-haul fulfillment.

Quality Development

Our commitment to quality development implies that each undertaking is dependable. We utilize the best materials and follow tough quality checks at each phase of development, guaranteeing the sturdiness and life span of our projects.

Prime Locations

Our projects are strategically situated in prime areas of Pune, guaranteeing simple openness and a high potential for appreciation. Putting resources into a property in a prime area ensures a better yield on investment and long-haul value.

Modern Amenities

Our projects accompany a scope of modern amenities that upgrade the living and working experience. From swimming pools and exercise centers to landscaped gardens and high level security frameworks, we give every one of the offices expected to an agreeable and helpful way of life.

Superb Customer Backing

At GMD Group, we trust in building enduring associations with our customers. We offer incredible customer support, directing you through each step of the purchasing system and guaranteeing a smooth and bother-free insight.

Straightforwardness and Trust

We keep up with complete straightforwardness with our customers, giving clear and legitimate data about project timetables, costs, and different subtleties. Our commitment to straightforwardness and trust has procured us a standing as a solid and trustworthy builder.


Rajesh Jha: It's a part-time builder, not a full-time engineer.
Anand Ambekar: Prestigious name in development.
Shahid Chohan: Brilliant assistance and quality.
Shivaaji Chamkire: Entirely dependable and trustworthy.
Amey Prabhu Gaonkar: Outstanding architectural plan and modern amenities.
Sateesh Rajhans: Strongly suggest GMD Group for their amazing skill and quality.


GMD Group stands out in the development business with its commitment to quality, advancement, and customer fulfillment. Our rich heritage joined with our modern approach to development, guarantees that we convey projects that meet as well as surpass our clients' assumptions. Whether you are searching for a residential or commercial property, GMD Group offers a scope of choices that take care of different requirements and inclinations. Our strategic locations, quality development, modern amenities, and great customer support make us the favored decision for property purchasers in Pune.


1. What is the historical backdrop of GMD Group?
GMD Group was laid out in 1995 and has since turned into a main development firm in Pune, known for conveying great residential and commercial projects.

2. What kinds of projects does GMD Group attempt?
We embrace both residential and commercial projects, offering a scope of choices to meet different customer needs.

3. Where are GMD Group's projects found?
Our projects are strategically situated in prime areas of Pune, guaranteeing simple openness and high appreciation potential.

4. What amenities do GMD Group's residential projects offer?
Our private undertakings go with an extent of current conveniences, including pools, finished gardens, and rec focuses, from there, the sky is the limit.

5. How does GMD Gathering ensure the nature of its activities?
We use the best materials and follow unbending quality checks at each period of advancement to ensure the solidness and life expectancy of our tasks.

6. How is the customer support at GMD Group?
We offer fantastic customer support, directing you through each step of the purchasing system and guaranteeing a smooth and bother-free insight.

7. Are GMD Group's projects harmless to the ecosystem?
Indeed, we consolidate reasonable practices in our development cycle to limit natural effects and advance eco-accommodating living.

8. Might I at any point visit GMD Group's undertaking destinations?
Indeed, we encourage likely purchasers to visit our undertaking destinations to get a firsthand encounter of the quality and amenities we offer.

9. How might I book a property with GMD Group?
You can contact our sales team or visit our site to book a property with GMD Group.

10. What separates GMD Group from different builders?
Our commitment to quality, straightforwardness, and customer fulfillment separates us from different builders. We convey projects that surpass assumptions and offer outstanding benefits to our customers.