New Project


Pimple Gurav

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK C Wing 73.95 796 87 Lakhs*
3 BHK C Wing 96.53 1039 1.12 Cr*
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2 & 3 BHK

Rs. 87 Lakhs*-Rs. 1.12 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2028
Pimple Gurav
2 & 3 BHK
Rs. 87 Lakhs*-Rs. 1.12 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2028

Eastern River Residency,

Pimple Gurav - Pimple Saudagar

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 1 58.17 626.136 83.5 Lakhs*
3 BHK 1 80.23 863.588 1.1 Cr*
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2 & 3 BHK

Rs. 83.5 Lakhs*-Rs. 1.1 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2025
Eastern River Residency
Pimple Saudagar
2 & 3 BHK
Rs. 83.5 Lakhs*-Rs. 1.1 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2025

Garve Group

Comprehensive Guide to Garve Group: Legacy, Projects, and Excellence

Why Choose Garve Group?

Choosing the right builder for your construction needs is critical, and Garve Group stands out as a top choice. With over 34 years of experience in real estate and construction, Garve Group has established itself as an industry leader. Here's why you should consider Garve Group for your next project:

• Proven Expertise: With decades of experience, Garve Group understands the intricacies of construction and building. They have successfully completed more than 25 projects, each of which demonstrates their strength and dedication to excellence. • Customer Satisfaction: Garve Group attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. Their services are designed with customer needs in mind, resulting in high customer satisfaction and loyalty. • Cooperation: Listel members agreed to work. They work with customers, standards and companies to ensure a complete service. • Value for Money: Offering exceptional value for money, Garve Group ensures that its services are not only cost-effective but also provide high ROI.

• Reliability: Known for its reliability, Garve Group ensures timely service delivery without compromising on quality. This trust has earned them a good reputation in the industry.


Garve Group Legacy


Garve Boemetition is based on most of the most important fulfillments for many years. These are some facts that adapt:

• PuTe City Provices: listen to grase produces critical jobs that the development of pune City, helping to work in a theater. • More than 25 successful projects: With more than 25 successful projects, Garve Group has demonstrated its ability to manage projects of various levels and complexity.

• Innovative designs: Their work often features innovative designs that combine functionality and aesthetics, setting new standards in the industry. • Sustainability Initiatives: Garve Group has been a pioneer in integrating sustainable practices into its construction projects, promoting energy and energy efficient buildings.



Garve Group members are committed to excellence and have been known for their unique offerings and distinctions:

• Real Estate Development Award: This prestigious award recognizes Garve Group's exceptional contribution to the real estate sector.

• Excellence in Sustainable Development: In recognition of its efforts in promoting sustainable construction practices, Garve Group has won several awards for its green initiatives.

• Customer Satisfaction Award: Constantly favored by its customers, Garve Group is recognized for its exceptional customer service and satisfaction levels.


Architectural Brilliance of Garve Group


The architectural expertise of the Garve Group is the result of the collective efforts of a team of professionals. It was designed like this:

Experienced architects: At Groupe Garve, our team of architects stand out for an unparalleled combination of creativity and technology. With rich experience, they are able to reflect on creativity and not only do their work but also enhance the environment through their beauty. Each architect at Garve Group brings a unique perspective to the table, ensuring that every project receives a bespoke solution tailored to its specific requirements.

Qualified Specialists: Our Power Division is the way in to our responsibility. Being enabled in their own specific manner, they don't abandon anything in that frame of mind of the association and other assurance, backing and productivity. With a profound comprehension of plan and materials science, our designers utilize imaginative strategies and answers for beat difficulties and accomplish results that endure for the long haul.

Project Supervisors: Our accomplished undertaking administrators structure the foundation of our activities, directing each venture beginning to end with accuracy and ability. Causing on long stretches of involvement and to notice detail, they sort out the work life cycle with quality, guaranteeing ideal coordination between various individuals and handover who are significant in time. Going into a controlled gamble, the clients of our administration leave parts and no parts, work proficiently and answer inquiries in each change.

Gifted Laborers: At Garve Group, we comprehend that the quality of our work relies entirely upon the abilities of our laborers. To this end we are pleased to utilize a group of exceptionally talented specialists who are know about customary development procedures, yet in addition realize what's going on in the field. Through nonstop preparation and advancement, we empower our representatives to really buckle down with certainty and accuracy, carrying unequaled quality and skill to each occupation we do.


Residential Projects of Garve Group

The continuous confidential properties presented by Garve Social event are intended to fulfill the different requirements of current homebuyers. These are a portion of their as of now most notable tasks:

• Eastern Stream Residency, Pimple Gurav: Eastern Stream Home, situated in the flourishing Pimple Gurav area, gives a mix of extravagance and serenity. This venture highlights extensive homes with current conveniences, making it agreeable for the occupants to reside in.

• Garve Samrajya, Sangvi: Eastern Stream Home, situated in the flourishing Pimple Gurav area, gives a mix of extravagance and serenity. This venture highlights extensive homes with current conveniences, making it agreeable for the occupants to reside in.

• 57 Wakad Midtown: 57 Wakad's Midtown is intended to give rich living a sprinkle of refinement. The venture includes all around arranged designs and diversion regions.



The residential projects completed by Garve Group reflect their building strength and commitment to quality. Here are some of the wonderful projects they have completed:

Silver Treasure: Silver Treasures is a popular service that combines luxury and value. With modern amenities and a prime location, it has set new standards in living in Pune.

Golden Treasure: Golden Treasure is another gem in the Garve Group portfolio. Known for its elegant design and high-end architecture, this project is highly praised by residents and real estate professionals.

Ozone Springs: Springs japs ​​give a good mixture of comfort and quality. From a great area of ​​apartments, many songs of his residents are offered.


Commercial Projects of Garve Group

The Garve Group is also making significant progress in the business sector and continues to serve the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs. These services are designed to provide modern facilities and create an environment that will facilitate business transactions.


Their completed commercial projects reflect the same level of dedication and quality seen in their residential projects. These projects have helped shape Pune's business district, providing a modern and efficient space for businesses to thrive.


What Benefits You Get with Garve Group?

Choosing Garve Group has many advantages, making it a preferred choice for many. Here are some of the benefits you get from Garve Group:

Quality Manufacturing: Garve Group is focused on giving the greatest in the entirety of its administrations. They utilize excellent materials and utilize progressed development methods to guarantee the solidness, wellbeing and quality of their structures. This obligation to quality guarantees that their designs are solid and satisfy the most noteworthy industry guidelines.

On Time Conveyance: One of the signs of Garve Group is its dependability in finishing the undertaking. They have a demonstrated history of finishing projects on time, keeping away from the normal entanglements of defers that can disappoint clients. This uptime permits clients to plan and push ahead without surprising interferences or augmentations.

Customer Support: Garve Group places great importance on customer satisfaction. They have dedicated customer service teams to address any concerns or questions customers may have throughout the project lifecycle. This support system is designed to create experience and anxiety - experience and anxiety, see that customers feel that appears to be heard.

Sustainability: Environmental responsibility is a fundamental principle for the Garve group. They integrate environmentally friendly practices and sustainable construction methods into their projects. This commitment to sustainability not only helps to protect the environment, but also promotes a friendly and energetic life for their customers. By choosing Garve Group, customers are contributing to a sustainable future.

New creation: This team is known to be known for creative and new things to save. Their work often features unique, modern designs that combine functionality and beauty. This emphasizes that the construction of new materials makes it clear that their buildings are not only useful but also visible, providing a unique place to live or work. By choosing Garve Group, customers benefit from a combination of quality, reliability, support, support and innovation, making it a trusted and preferred partner in the industry.


Testimonials of Garve Group

Consumer Tax reflects the positive outlook of those selected by the Garve Group. Here are some testimonials from happy customers:

"Choosing Garve Group for our home was the best choice we ever made. The level of development and scrupulousness is remarkable. "-Ramesh

” Exceptional Garve Group Customer Service. They were always available to answer our questions and concerns, making the whole process smooth and hassle-free. "-Priya M.

“The innovative design and high-quality installations of Garve Group buildings exceeded our expectations. We are extremely happy with our new home." - Amit S.



Garve Group has laid down a good foundation for itself as a main name in the development and land area. With a tradition of greatness, development and obligation to manageability, they keep on molding the metropolitan scene with their momentous work. Whether you are searching for a private or business property, Garve Group offers unmatched quality, dependability and consumer loyalty. Pick Garve Group for your next venture and see the distinction.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Garve Group

Q: What sets Garve Group apart from other builders?

A: Garve Group distinguishes itself through its proven expertise, customer satisfaction focus, cooperation with clients, value for money, and reliability in timely service delivery.

Q: What are some of Garve Group's notable achievements?

A: Garve Group has completed over 25 successful projects, contributed to the development of Pune City, introduced innovative designs, and integrated sustainability initiatives into their projects.

Q: What awards has Garve Group received?

A: Garve Group has been honored with awards such as the Real Estate Development Award, Excellence in Sustainable Development Award, and Customer Satisfaction Award.

Q: Who comprises the architectural team at Garve Group?

A: Garve Group's architectural team consists of experienced architects, qualified specialists, project supervisors, and skilled laborers, all dedicated to delivering innovative and high-quality projects.

Q: What ongoing residential projects is Garve Group currently undertaking?

A: Garve Group's ongoing residential projects include Eastern Stream Residency in Pimple Gurav, Garve Samrajya in Sangvi, and 57 Wakad Midtown, each offering modern amenities and luxurious living spaces.

Q: How does Garve Group ensure quality in its projects?

A: Garve Group maintains quality by using high-grade materials, employing advanced construction techniques, adhering to regulatory standards, and prioritizing customer satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle.

Q: What customer support services does Garve Group provide?

A: Garve Group offers dedicated customer service teams to address client concerns, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience from project initiation to completion.