New Project

Goodwill Kanchangiri,

Kandivali East

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 1 77.02 829 2.7 Cr*
3 BHK 1 120.22 1294 4.4 Cr*
4 BHK 1 151.06 1626 5.4 Cr*
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2, 3 & 4 BHK

Rs. 2.7 Cr*-Rs. 5.4 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2024
Goodwill Kanchangiri
Kandivali East
2, 3 & 4 BHK
Rs. 2.7 Cr*-Rs. 5.4 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2024

Goodwill Builders

Why Choose Goodwill Builders?

Prepared to transform your dream home into a reality? All things considered, clutch your caps since Goodwill Builders is here to get it going! We're not simply building houses, we're building dreams - and we've been doing it for north of forty years. Consider us your all-in-one resource for everything development, with a sprinkle of sorcery tossed in just in case.

Anyway, what makes us so exceptional? We should separate it:

•    We're the OG of Development: Goodwill Builders has been a foundation of Mumbai's development scene since the 70s. We've seen everything, assembled everything, and gained from the best. Our experience is your assurance of value and steadiness.
•    Trust is our Center Name: We put stock in building something other than structures. We build trust, enduring connections, and a standing for uprightness that is top-notch. Our obligation to straightforwardness guarantees you're constantly in the know, constantly.
•    We're Dream Weavers: Got a thought for your dream home? We'll assist you with meshing it into the real world. Whether it's an extensive penthouse with stunning perspectives or a comfortable, agreeable condo, we'll rejuvenate your vision with our master plan and development abilities.
•    Quality is Above all else: We don't compromise, we build with care. Each block, each pillar, everything about fastidiously made to guarantee your home isn't simply gorgeous, but solid.
•    Advancement is our Motor: We're not trapped before - we're continually developing and adjusting to the most recent patterns and innovations. We're continuously searching for ways of making your home more astute, more reasonable, and more lovely than at any time in recent memory.

Prepared to begin building your future with Goodwill Builders? We should make a plunge!

A Legacy of Excellence: Goodwill Builders Through the Years

Goodwill Builders has been a main light in Mumbai's horizon for north than 40 years, and that is not only a brag, it's a demonstration of our commitment to excellence. We're not simply builders, we're narrators, making spaces that say a lot about quality, development, and enduring responsibility.


    Changing Mumbai's Scene: From residential wonders to commercial forces to be reckoned with, we've been instrumental in forming the city's dynamic horizon. Our projects are a demonstration of our unfaltering devotion to rejuvenating your vision, each block in turn.
•    Local area Champions: We're not simply builders, we're local area builders. Our projects elevate neighborhoods, revive spaces, and make enduring networks where individuals flourish.
•    Manageability Trailblazers: We put stock in the building for the future, not simply today. We incorporate economical practices into every one of our projects, guaranteeing a more splendid, greener tomorrow.


•    "Best Residential Venture of the Year" - Mumbai Land Awards, 2022
•    "Green Building Excellence Grant" - Maharashtra Development Awards, 2021
•    "Grant for Architectural Advancement" - Indian Engineering Foundation, 2020

These awards are not simply honors, they are an impression of our obligation to set the norm for quality and development in the business.

Architectural Brilliance: The Masterminds Behind Our Masterpieces

At Goodwill Builders, we accept that behind each incredible task lies a team of energetic, gifted people. Our team of planners, specialists, and development specialists are something beyond builders, they are craftsmen, trailblazers, and dreamers, driven by the common enthusiasm for making excellent spaces.

About Our Team:

    Draftsmen with Vision: Our designers are visionaries, gifted in making an interpretation of your dreams into plans. Their sharp eye for the plan, tender loving care, and obligation to usefulness guarantee that each task isn't simply lovely, but in addition impeccably lined up with your way of life.
•    Engineers with Aptitude: Our designers are the foundation of our development cycle, guaranteeing that each building isn't simply tastefully satisfying, but additionally fundamentally sound and worked to the most noteworthy security principles. Their ability guarantees that your home endures over the extremely long haul.
•    Development Specialists with Expertise: Our development team is an ensemble of gifted experts, each having their influence to rejuvenate your vision. From bricklayers to electrical experts, each colleague focused on quality and craftsmanship.

Together, our team is an awe-inspiring phenomenon, driven by a common energy for building significance and surpassing your assumptions.

Residential Projects by Goodwill Builders: Where Dreams Come Home

From roomy condos sitting above the city to quiet manors settled in the midst of nature, Goodwill Builders has a scope of residential projects intended to hoist your way of life.

•    Kanchangiri: A rambling residential complex that contributes stunning perspectives on the city, Kanchangiri is intended for present-day living, flaunting sumptuous conveniences, roomy lofts, and an emphasis on manageability. It's something beyond a spot to carry on with, it's a way of life.
•    Ocean Pearl: Envision awakening to the delicate mood of the waves and the reviving ocean breeze. Ocean Pearl offers a remarkable mix of extravagance and serenity, with stunning oceanfront lofts and elite conveniences, causing it consistently to feel like an excursion.
•    The Amazing Homes: Embrace style and refinement with The Stupendous Homes. This renowned location offers extravagant condos, cutting-edge offices, and a local area where extravagance meets solace. The ideal decision for those who value the better things throughout everyday life.

These are only a couple of instances of our obligation to make residential spaces that rouse, lift, and improve your life.

Commercial Projects by Goodwill Builders: Building the Future of Business

Goodwill Builders isn't just about homes, we're likewise about building flourishing businesses. Our commercial projects are intended to cultivate development, advancement, and achievement.

•    The Business Center point: A cutting-edge, multi-useful commercial complex intended to house businesses, everything being equal. It offers adaptable spaces, cutting-edge conveniences, and a dynamic local area for business visionaries.
•    The Workplace Park: A tranquil and motivating work area situated in the core of the city. It highlights contemporary office spaces, lavish green regions, and a scope of conveniences intended to help efficiency and improve worker prosperity.
•    The Retail Desert Spring: A dynamic mall intended to take care of each and every need. It offers a different scope of shops, cafés, and diversion choices, making it an objective for customers and businesses the same.

Our commercial projects are a demonstration of how we might interpret the developing requirements of businesses, giving them spaces that are useful, smart, and intended to flourish.

The Goodwill Builders Advantage: Why Invest in a Legacy?

Investing in a Goodwill Builders property is something other than purchasing a house or an office space, it's investing in a legacy. It's investing in quality, trust, and a future based on strong groundwork.

This is the very thing you get when you choose Goodwill Builders:

•    Unmatched Quality: We don't simply discuss quality, we convey it. Each part of our projects, from materials to craftsmanship, is fastidiously examined to guarantee that your investment is solid.
•    Master Plan and Development: Our team of designers, architects, and development specialists carry years of involvement and energy to each project, guaranteeing that your home or office space isn't simply practical, but additionally gorgeous and rousing. 
•    Manageability for a More promising time to come: We are focused on building reasonably, limiting our natural effect, and making spaces that are eco-accommodating and energy-proficient.
•    Confided in Name, Steadfast Respectability: Goodwill Builders has a long history of following through on our commitments, procuring the trust of endless clients throughout the long term. Our obligation to trustworthiness is reflected in each part of our business.
•    Investment Worth: Goodwill Builders properties are not simply homes, they are savvy investments. Our obligation to quality, area, and configuration guarantees that your property will hold its worth and value increase after some time.

Investing in a Goodwill Builders property is an investment in genuine serenity, realizing that you are picking quality, trust, and future dependability.

Conclusion: Build Your Dream with Goodwill Builders

Goodwill Builders is something beyond a development organization. We're a team of enthusiastic people devoted to building structures, yet dreams. We put stock in making spaces that hoist your way of life, motivate your business, and endure for the long haul. In this way, in the event that you're prepared to build your dream home, your dream business, or basically build a more promising time to come, choose Goodwill Builders. We're here to help you constantly. How about we build something exceptional, together?


1. What makes Goodwill Builders not quite the same as different builders?
Goodwill Builders is separated by our relentless obligation to quality, our long history of excellence, and our enthusiasm for making practical and inventive spaces. We're not simply builders, we're dream weavers, focused on surpassing your assumptions at each step.

2. What sorts of residential projects do Goodwill Builders have practical experience in?
We spend significant time in many residential projects, from extravagant condos and penthouses to peaceful manors and reasonable homes. We tailor our plans and development to meet your particular requirements and inclinations.

3. What are the advantages of investing in a Goodwill Builders property?
Investing in a Goodwill Builders property implies investing in quality, trust, and a future solid. You'll appreciate unmatched craftsmanship, a master plan, and a property that is both wonderful and utilitarian.

4. How do Goodwill Builders guarantee the supportability of its projects?
We coordinate supportable practices into each task, from utilizing eco-accommodating materials to carrying out energy-productive advancements. We want to make spaces that limit natural effects and add to a greener future.

5. Does Goodwill Builders offer funding choices?
Indeed, we work with respectable monetary establishments to offer a scope of supporting choices to make your dream home or office space a reality.

6. How is the development cycle with Goodwill Builders?
Our development cycle is straightforward and proficient. We keep you educated each step regarding the way, from the plan and wanting to development and finish.