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Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
1 BHK A 40.13 431.955 40.07 Lakhs*
1.5 BHK A 48.87 526.032 47.99 Lakhs*
2 BHK A 62.80 675.973 60.7 Lakhs*
2.5 BHK A 78.78 847.980 75.27 Lakhs*
2.5 BHK A 85.29 918.053 81.16 Lakhs*
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1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 BHK Apartments

Rs. 40.07 Lakhs*-Rs. 81.16 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Jun, 2024
Haware Grace
1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 BHK Apartments
Rs. 40.07 Lakhs*-Rs. 81.16 Lakhs*
Possession - Jun, 2024

Haware Legaccy

Haware Legaccy: Pune's Trusted Name in Real Estate Excellence

Why Choose Haware Legaccy?

Introducing Haware Legaccy, a distinguished name in Pune's real estate landscape, prestigious for its rich legacy and commitment to excellence. Established by Late Shri. Satish Haware and Mrs. Ujjwala Satish Haware, Haware Engineers and Builders Pvt. Ltd. boasts a formidable 25-year venture marked by unparalleled achievements. Specializing in Residential projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, as well as Commercial projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, the company has effectively delivered more than 150 landmark projects. The remarkable 60 million square feet of recently evolved space consists of townships, infotech parks, shopping focuses, multiplexes, and residential and commercial designs.
With more than 40,000 happy clients because of its client-centric approach, Haware Legaccy has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in the real estate industry. With in excess of 25 major distinctions added to its repertoire, the organization has demonstrated its commitment to quality and leadership in the market. For Pune residents and real estate investors looking for value and dependability together with the assurance of unmatched craftsmanship and durable quality, purchasing a home in Haware Legaccy offers a chance.  Discover the reason why Haware Legaccy remains the benchmark for excellence in Pune's real estate area.

Legacy of Haware Legaccy

Haware Legaccy stands tall as a beacon of trust and innovation in Pune's real estate realm. With a visionary viewpoint, the company aims to redefine affordable living with its Residential projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, ensuring homes that cater to each family's necessities. Established on principles of quality, reliability, and consumer loyalty, Haware Legaccy has consistently delivered projects that surpass expectations.
The mission of Haware Legaccy mirrors its profound commitment to excellence in construction and timely delivery, ensuring quick possession for homebuyers and investors in Pune. Each project is a testament to their dedication to meeting as well as exceeding client expectations. By prioritizing environmental sustainability and integrating with social requirements, Haware Legaccy guarantees that their improvements enhance lifestyles as well as contribute positively to the community.
Investing in Haware Legaccy means something beyond acquiring property; it signifies a partnership in realizing dreams. Whether through Residential projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, or Commercial projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, investors and homebuyers alike can anticipate nothing shy of superior craftsmanship and enduring value. With a legacy built on 25 years of experience and backed by various accolades, Haware Legaccy continues to set benchmarks in the real estate industry, promising a future where innovation meets reliability. For those seeking homes or investment opportunities in Pune, Haware Legaccy stands as a confided in ally, committed to transforming aspirations into reality with each project they undertake.


Architectural Brilliance

At the heart of Haware Legaccy's example of overcoming adversity lies the visionary pioneer, late Shri. Satish Haware, whose dedication to providing housing solutions transcends simple business goals. Haware Engineers and Builders Pvt. Ltd., under his leadership, has been steadfast in its mission to address the diverse housing needs of society. Emerging from humble beginnings, Shri. Satish Haware's personal experiences with housing challenges inspired him to embark on an excursion aimed at making quality housing accessible to all.
Haware Legaccy, Pune, continues to maintain this legacy of compassion and foresight. Through Residential projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, and Commercial projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, the company builds structures as well as creates communities. Each improvement mirrors a mix of architectural brilliance and practicality, crafted to enhance lifestyles and elevate living standards.
Investing in Haware Legaccy is inseparable from investing in a promise of enduring quality and social responsibility. Past just physical assets, the company's dedication to providing value spans a mission to improve lives and involve communities. Haware Legaccy is a reliable hotspot for Pune residents and investors looking for quality and creativity in real estate, providing chances that appeal to both dreams and pragmatism.


Infrastructure Details

While considering Haware Legaccy Pune, a standout feature lies in its impeccable infrastructure. Each project by Haware Legaccy, Pune, showcases meticulous planning and architectural finesse aimed at enhancing the urban landscape. Whether it's their Residential projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, or their Commercial projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, each improvement integrates seamlessly into its surroundings, offering a mix of functionality and esthetic appeal.
Haware Legaccy's infrastructure mirrors a commitment to creating sustainable and vibrant spaces that cater to the necessities of current homebuyers and investors in Pune. From spacious residential edifices designed for solace and community living to innovative commercial spaces that encourage productivity, each project is a testament to their expertise in real estate improvement.
Investing in Haware Legaccy presents an opportunity to acquire property, however to be part of a legacy built on quality, reliability, and consumer loyalty. In Pune's booming real estate market, Haware Legaccy is a favored option for individuals wishing to improve their lifestyle or diversify their investment portfolio because of their demonstrated track record of exceeding client expectations.  For homebuyers and investors alike, Haware Legaccy offers infrastructure that meets as well as surpasses the demands of current urban living.


Ongoing Projects by Haware Legaccy:

As an esteemed developer in Pune's real estate landscape, Haware Legaccy continues to impress with its ongoing projects that cater to both homebuyers and investors in Pune. Known for their commitment to excellence, Residential projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, are designed to enhance lifestyles with present day amenities and smart layouts that prioritize solace and convenience. Meanwhile, Commercial projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, are strategically positioned to offer lucrative opportunities for businesses seeking prime locations and superior infrastructure. Investing in Haware Legaccy guarantees acquiring property, yet participating in a legacy of quality construction and reliable service that has defined their presence in Pune for more than 25 years. With an emphasis on innovation and consumer loyalty, Haware Legaccy continues to set benchmarks in the real estate area, promising exceptional value and development potential for each stakeholder involved.


Completed projects by Haware Legaccy:

Haware Legaccy Pune proudly showcases its portfolio of finished projects, a testament to their expertise and commitment in the real estate area. Their Residential projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, stand as landmarks of quality craftsmanship and insightful design, offering diverse options to suit the necessities of each homebuyer. These advancements are celebrated for their integration of current amenities and sustainable practices, creating vibrant communities that enhance quality of life.
On the commercial front, Haware Legaccy Pune has delivered exceptional Commercial projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, designed to meet the dynamic requirements of businesses. These properties are strategically located in key areas, ensuring high visibility and accessibility, which are crucial for outcome in the competitive market.
Purchasing real estate in Haware Legaccy is only one aspect of investing in a tradition established on innovation, dependability, and trust. Haware Legaccy has a demonstrated track record of over 25 years, making it a popular option for both investors seeking profitable possibilities in Pune's booming real estate market and purchasers seeking high-quality living spaces.

•    Haware Grace - Wakad, Pune
•    Haware Grand Heritage - Wakad, Pune


What Benefits Will You Get After Investing in Haware Legaccy?

Investing in Haware Legaccy presents a myriad of benefits for both homebuyers and investors in Pune's dynamic real estate market. For homebuyers seeking Residential projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, the benefits are manifold. First and preeminent, Haware Legaccy is famous for its dedication to excellence and brief delivery, making sure that purchasers obtain residences that are superior concerning craftsmanship and design. Each home property is carefully designed to improve solace and practicality while accommodating a range of lifestyle choices.
Besides, investing in Residential projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, offers homeowners the opportunity to live in very much associated and thriving communities, equipped with present day amenities and infrastructure that help a high quality of life. From spacious living spaces to recreational facilities and green spaces, Haware Legaccy advancements prioritize holistic living environments.
For investors, Commercial projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune, provide significant advantages. Because of their smart placement in desirable neighborhoods, these projects have astounding chances for both capital development and rental income. The commercial properties at Haware Legaccy are built to accommodate the changing requirements of enterprises, offering cutting edge amenities and a setting that encourages development and efficiency.
Generally, investing in Haware Legaccy aligns with long haul financial goals while ensuring a rewarding living experience for homebuyers. With a demonstrated track record of effective projects and a commitment to excellence, Haware Legaccy remains a believed choice in Pune's competitive real estate landscape, offering unparalleled benefits to those looking to get their future in thriving urban center points.


Choosing a home or investment property is a significant decision, and for many, Haware Legaccy Pune has shown to be an exemplary choice. As a real estate master, I've experienced various testimonials from satisfied homebuyers and investors in Pune who have benefited from their association with Haware Legaccy. Homebuyers appreciate the meticulous attention to detail evident in Residential projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune. These projects meet as well as surpass expectations, offering all around designed living spaces that cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles. The commitment to quality construction and timely delivery guarantees that homeowners receive properties that are houses, however homes they can cherish long into the future.
For investors, Haware Legaccy Pune presents a lucrative opportunity through their Commercial projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune. These properties are strategically located in prime areas, ensuring high visibility and people strolling through, which are crucial for business achievement. Investors have praised the professional management and maintenance services provided by Haware Legaccy, which contribute to sustainable rental income and long haul value appreciation.
What separates Haware Legaccy is their dedication to consumer loyalty and ethical business practices. They prioritize transparency and communication all through the buying or investing process, fostering trust and confidence among their clientele. Whether you're a prospective homebuyer looking for solace and convenience or an investor seeking reliable returns, Haware Legaccy Pune stands as a testament to excellence in real estate improvement, offering a range of properties that cater to each need and aspiration in Pune's vibrant real estate market.



Haware Legaccy Pune epitomizes excellence in real estate advancement, catering comprehensively to the requirements of both homebuyers and investors in Pune. With a legacy of north of 25 years, Haware Legaccy has consistently delivered Residential projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune that redefine urban living through innovative design and superior quality. Their portfolio of Commercial projects by Haware Legaccy, Pune offers lucrative opportunities for investors, strategically located to maximize returns and business potential.
Haware Legaccy's prosperity can be attributed to their steadfast dedication to upholding moral company principles and winning over gave clients. Transparency, dependability, and brief delivery are given first priority, and each project is guaranteed to both meet and surpass expectations. Investors win from buildings built for sustainable turn of events and profitability, while purchasers value the smart amenities and attention to detail that improve daily living.
Past constructing buildings, Haware Legaccy Pune encourages communities where residents thrive and businesses flourish. Their holistic approach to advance takes social responsibility and environmental sustainability into account, designing areas that mix in with their surroundings and enhance urban environments.
Purchasing Haware Legaccy is something beyond a financial choice — it's a dedication to long haul value, quality, and dependability. Regardless of your necessities and goals, Haware Legaccy Pune provides a variety of possibilities, from a place to call home to a chance to expand your investment portfolio. Accept the destiny of real estate with Haware Legaccy, a company whose vision for excellence and commitment to reshaping Pune's skyline are demonstrated by each project.


1. What types of projects does Haware Legaccy Pune specialize in? 

Haware Legaccy Pune specializes in a variety of projects, for example, shopping malls, multiplexes, IT parks, residential and commercial buildings, and townships.

2. How long of experience does Haware Legaccy have in the real estate industry? 

With north of 25 years of experience in the real estate area, Haware Legaccy has a reputation for producing high-quality projects.

3. What separates Haware Legaccy from other developers in Pune? 

Haware Legaccy is known for its commitment to quality construction, timely delivery, consumer loyalty, and ethical business practices, making it a confided in choice among homebuyers and investors in Pune.

4. How does Haware Legaccy guarantee consumer loyalty? 

Haware Legaccy prioritizes consumer loyalty through transparent communication, meticulous planning, and attention to detail in each project they undertake.

5. What are the benefits of investing in Haware Legaccy properties? 

Investing in Haware Legaccy properties in Pune offers potential for high returns because of strategic locations, superior construction quality, and a track record of effective improvements that enhance property value after some time.