New Project

Kabra Garnet,

Malad West

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
1 BHK 1 39.67 427 1.34 Cr*
2 BHK 1 47.85 515 1.49 Cr*
2 BHK 1 64.10 690 2.12 Cr*
3 BHK 1 76.92 828 2.43 Cr*
3 BHK 1 84.63 911 2.86 Cr*
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1,2 & 3 BHK

Rs. 1.34 Cr*-Rs. 2.86 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2026
Kabra Garnet
Malad West
1,2 & 3 BHK
Rs. 1.34 Cr*-Rs. 2.86 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2026

kabra Group

Why Choose Kabra Group?

Picking Kabra Group for your real estate needs in Mumbai implies choosing a tradition of greatness, development, and consumer loyalty. With north of thirty years of involvement, Kabra Group stands as a signal of trust and quality in the real estate industry. Here's the reason Kabra Group ought to be your top decision:
1. Proven Track Record: Kabra Group has effectively conveyed more than 30,000 homes, displaying their unwavering quality and ability in real estate improvement.
2. Diverse Portfolio: From extravagant private spaces to best in class commercial properties, Kabra Group takes special care of an extensive variety of client needs.
3. Quality Affirmation: Holding an ISO 9001 certificate, Kabra Group focuses on keeping up with great standards in each undertaking.
4. Innovative Plans: Kabra Group incorporates the most recent architectural patterns and advancements, guaranteeing current and supportable living spaces.
5. Customer-Driven Approach: Kabra Group focuses on consumer loyalty, offering straightforward exchanges and customized administrations.
6. Strategic Locations: Activities are created in prime locations across Mumbai, giving comfort and improved property estimation.
7. Post-Buy Backing: Kabra Group offers thorough property the executives administrations, guaranteeing your speculation stays in top condition.

Kabra Group Legacy


Kabra Group's process is marked by remarkable accomplishments that feature their aptitude and devotion to greatness. Throughout the long term, they have created great many square feet of private and commercial spaces, changing Mumbai's skyline and setting new benchmarks in the real estate area.
1. 30,000 Homes Conveyed: This achievement reflects Kabra Group's obligation to satisfying the fantasies of incalculable families.
2. Mega Municipalities: Fruitful consummation of broad municipalities that offer a mix of extravagance and local area living.
3. Commercial Center points: Advancement of key commercial properties that help business development and financial turn of events.


Kabra Group's greatness has been perceived through different esteemed awards, highlighting their administration in the real estate industry.
1. 24th Real Estate and Lodging Money Show - PROPERTY 2015: Acknowledgment for outstanding commitments to the real estate area.
2. Excellence in Plan: Awards for creative and stylishly satisfying architectural plans.
3. Green Greatness Grant: Acknowledgment for manageable practices and eco-accommodating turns of events.
4. Economic Times - REIFES: Respects for monetary effect and business greatness in real estate.
5. Mid Day Real Estate Symbols: Celebrating famous real estate improvements that rethink metropolitan living.

Architecture Brilliance of Kabra Group

Kabra Group's architectural brilliance is driven by a group of profoundly skilled and experienced experts committed to making uncommon living and working spaces.
The Maestro of Plan: Our Prestigious Designers
Our group is driven by a group of prestigious planners who are not simply manufacturers, but rather visionaries. They have a profound understanding of architectural patterns and a keen eye for development. They don't simply plan structures, they configuration encounters. Each task is drawn closer with an emphasis on making reasonable arrangements that are tastefully satisfying, yet in addition earth dependable.
The Backbone of Solidarity: Our Accomplished Engineers
Changing architectural dreams into reality requires a strong groundwork. That is where our group of experienced engineers comes in. They offer their mastery in current development procedures of real value, guaranteeing that each design we construct isn't simply gorgeous, yet additionally strong and sturdy. They fastidiously plan everything about, to the most noteworthy wellbeing standards to make structures that stand everyday hardship.
The Specialists of Room: Our Innovative Designers
The genuine sorcery lies in the subtleties. Our group of inventive designers takes the inside spaces and reinvigorates them. They are the specialists of usefulness, flawlessly mixing feel with common sense. They understand how individuals live and work, and utilize their mastery to make spaces that are practical, yet in addition motivate and elevate. Their emphasis is on boosting solace and making a feeling of stream, guaranteeing that each inhabitant or worker feels a feeling of having a place inside the space.
The Orchestra Director: Our Venture Supervisors
Very much like any extraordinary symphony, our group wouldn't be finished without a skilled director. Our task chiefs assume a fundamental part in guaranteeing the smooth execution of each and every undertaking. They are the magic that binds everything, fastidiously organizing between planners, engineers, designers, and project workers. Their proficiency guarantees ideal conveyance and adherence to the greatest standards. They are the issue solvers, the foresightful organizers, and the main impetus behind rejuvenating our architectural dreams.

Residential Projects of Kabra Group

Kabra Group is ceaselessly working on a few esteemed private ventures that rethink extravagance and solace.
1. Kabra Primera: Offering extensive apartments with current conveniences and tranquil environmental factors.
2. Kabra Samriddhi Nursery: A mix of vegetation and contemporary living spaces, giving a quiet climate.
3. Kabra Garnet: Skyscraper apartments with all encompassing city perspectives and first class offices.
4. Kabra Crown: A task that exemplifies tastefulness and metropolitan complexity.
5. Kabra Diamanté: Extravagance apartments planned with fastidious meticulousness.
Kabra Group's finished private tasks stand as a demonstration of their obligation to quality and consumer loyalty.
1. JEEVAN SATHI Andheri: A prime private complex in Andheri, offering sumptuous living spaces.
2. RAGESHREE Borivali: Situated in Borivali, this venture consolidates solace with comfort.

Commercial Projects of Kabra Group

Kabra Group's continuous commercial tasks are intended to take special care of the requirements of current organizations, offering key locations and cutting edge offices.
A blend of office spaces and retail outlets in a prime location.
A commercial complex offering a perfect environment for businesses to thrive.
Kabra Group has successfully delivered several commercial projects that have become landmarks in Mumbai.
1. Kabra Metro One Commercial: A premier business address in Andheri, providing top-notch office spaces.
2. Kabra Elita Hub Business Center: A commercial complex in Borivali designed to meet the demands of modern enterprises.
3. Kabra Ajanta Corporate: Offering premium office spaces in Santacruz, facilitating business growth.
4. Natraj Business Park: A commercial development in Borivali that combines functionality with elegance.

What Benefits Do You Get with Kabra Group?

Picking Kabra Group accompanies various advantages that improve your real estate experience.
1. Smoothed out Involvement in Far reaching Administrations:
• Consistent Interaction: Kabra Group handles everything from property advancement and development to venture valuable open doors and property the executives. This wipes out the need to shuffle numerous sellers, saving you time and bother.
• Master Direction: Their in-house groups can direct you through each step, from choosing the right property to overseeing it really.
2. Key Locations, Adding Worth:
• Prime Spots: Kabra Group decisively chooses locations for their ventures. This frequently means properties with high appreciation potential and phenomenal admittance to conveniences and foundation.
• Comfort very close to home: Envision residing or working in an all around associated region near shops, schools, and transportation center points. That is the kind of accommodation Kabra Group makes progress toward in their undertakings.
3. A Manageable Future with Eco-Cognizant Practices:
• Harmless to the ecosystem: Kabra Group focuses on eco-accommodating structure practices and materials. This advantages the climate as well as mean lower energy costs for residents or occupants.
• Maintainable Living: Their improvements might incorporate highlights that empower a reasonable way of life, for example, water gathering, energy-productive machines, or green spaces inside the local area.
4. Steady Help All through Your Real Estate Excursion:
• Devoted Groups: Kabra Group allocates committed client support groups to speedily address your questions and concerns.
• Continuous Help: Whether you're a purchaser, a financial backer, or an inhabitant, their help goes past the underlying exchange. They mean to construct a drawn out relationship and guarantee your fulfillment.
5. Straightforwardness for Inner serenity:
• Clear Correspondence: Kabra Group underlines clear and genuine correspondence in the interim. You'll have a decent understanding of expenses, timetables, and some other significant subtleties.
• Informed Choices: With straightforwardness, you can make informed choices about your real estate speculation with more noteworthy certainty.

Testimonials of Kabra Group

Hear it from our fulfilled clients who have encountered the greatness of Kabra Group.
1. Mr. and Mrs. Bhavesh Solanki - Kabra Garnet: "Our fantasy home turned into a reality with Kabra Group. The quality and meticulousness are unmatched."
2. Mr. and Mrs. Punamiya - Kabra Garnet: "We are very content with our choice to pick Kabra Group. The whole interaction was smooth and straightforward."
3. Mr. and Mrs. Shah - Kabra Garnet: “Living in a Kabra Group property is a brilliant encounter. The conveniences and administrations are first rate.”


Kabra Group stands out as a Mumbai real estate pioneer, bragging north of thirty years experience and a promise to quality. Their different portfolio takes care of different necessities, from rich private spaces to best in class commercial properties. They focus on advancement and manageability, obvious in their eco-accommodating practices and present day plans.
Picking Kabra Group guarantees a consistent encounter. Their ability guides you in the meantime, from property choice to the executives. With vital locations, committed help, and straightforward correspondence, Kabra Group cultivates trust and enables very much educated choices. Whether you seek a fantasy home, a flourishing commercial space, or a sound speculation, Kabra Group conveys an unmatched real estate experience in Mumbai.

FAQs on Kabra Group

1] What is Kabra Group's involvement with the real estate industry?
Kabra Group brags north of thirty years experience in the real estate industry. This broad experience has permitted them to fabricate areas of strength for a for conveying top notch projects and keeping a client driven approach.
2] What number of homes has Kabra Group conveyed?
Kabra Group has effectively conveyed north of 30,000 homes. This achievement features their dependability and mastery in private real estate improvement.
3]  What kinds of properties does Kabra Group offer?
Kabra Group offers a different arrangement of properties, including lavish private spaces, best in class commercial properties, and sweeping municipalities. They take special care of an extensive variety of client needs, from families looking for agreeable homes to organizations seeking present day office spaces.
4]  What quality standards does Kabra Group keep up with?
Kabra Group holds an ISO 9001 affirmation, guaranteeing that they stick to excellent standards in each task. This certificate mirrors their obligation to conveying very much developed, strong, and tastefully satisfying properties.
5] Are Kabra Group's ventures situated in prime regions?
Indeed, Kabra Group decisively creates projects in prime locations across Mumbai. These locations offer comfort, nearness to fundamental conveniences, and superb availability, upgrading the general property estimation.