New Project
Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 2 76.18 820 98.76 Lakhs*
2 BHK 2 79.25 853 1.03 Cr*
4 BHK 2 101.36 1091 1.38 Cr*
3 BHK 2 102.94 1108 1.44 Cr*
3 BHK 2 105.45 1135 1.47 Cr*
3 BHK 2 109.25 1176 1.52 Cr*
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2 & 3 BHK

Rs. 98.76 Lakhs*-Rs. 1.52 Cr*
Possession Date - Jun, 2027
Kamalraj Athens
2 & 3 BHK
Rs. 98.76 Lakhs*-Rs. 1.52 Cr*
Possession - Jun, 2027

Kamalraj Group

Welcome to Kamalraj Group, a forerunner in the real estate industry, committed to crafting premium spaces that satisfy dreams and make lasting worth. Our maxim, "Change is the main steady," drives us to innovate continuously and convey projects that surpass assumptions. Join us as we investigate the heritage, accomplishments, and greatness that define Kamalraj Group.

1. Why Choose Kamalraj Group?

Choosing Kamalraj Group implies opting for a developer that esteems your space, understands your necessities, and focuses on delivering past assumptions. Here's the reason Kamalraj Group stands out in the packed real estate market:

Commitment to Quality

At Kamalraj Group, we focus on quality in each part of our ventures. From selecting the best materials to employing progressed development procedures, our emphasis is on delivering homes and commercial spaces that are solid. Our thorough quality control processes guarantee that everything about our exclusive expectations.

Innovation and Adaptability

Our way of thinking, "Change is the main consistent," keeps us on the ball in a quickly evolving industry. We embrace new advances and innovative plan principles to make properties that are contemporary as well as future-prepared. This flexibility permits us to meet the powerful requirements of our clients.

Ethical Practices

Straightforwardness and integrity are the foundations of our business. We trust in fair dealings and moral works on, ensuring that our clients have total trust in us. Our obligation to straightforwardness stretches out to every one of our interactions, from project planning to conveyance.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our client driven approach implies that we place your requirements and fulfillment at the core of everything we do. We draw in with our clients all through the undertaking lifecycle, ensuring that their criticism shapes the final item. This cooperative methodology brings about homes and commercial spaces that genuinely mirror our clients' longings.

2. Kamalraj Group Legacy

Kamalraj Group's legacy is set separated by uncommon accomplishments and awards that feature our commitment to greatness and advancement in land.

i. Achievements

Since our commencement in 2004, Kamalraj Group has been instrumental in transforming Pune's land landscape. The following are a part of our key accomplishments:

Extensive Development: More than 2 million square feet of development, encompassing a different scope of residential and commercial ventures.

Enduring Presence: With 16 tasks finished to date, we have laid out major areas of strength for an in the real estate market.

Skilled Workforce: Our group of 350 gifted workers guarantees that each undertaking is executed with accuracy and greatness.

ii. Awards

Our commitment to quality and innovation has procured us various honors and acknowledgments:

Best Residential Project: Granted for our outstanding residential improvements that combine extravagance with usefulness.

Sustainable Development: Perceived for our obligation to sustainable building rehearses and eco-accommodating plans.

Customer Satisfaction: Various awards for our excellent client care and obligation to exceeding client assumptions.

3. Architectural Brilliance of Kamalraj Group

The building splendor of Kamalraj Group is obvious in our innovative plans, smart formats, and scrupulousness. Our tasks are a demonstration of our capacity to mix stylish allure with utilitarian greatness.

i. Team

Our prosperity is driven by a group of profoundly talented experts who bring their mastery and enthusiasm to each project. Here is a gander at our center group:

Shri. Mohan S Thorat: With 25 years of involvement with the real estate industry and a foundation in Polyhouse and nursery development, Shri. Thorat guarantees individual thoughtfulness regarding all tasks, emphasizing quality and consumer loyalty.

Shri. Kamlesh K Gandhi: A structural engineering master with 25 years of involvement, Shri. Gandhi has introduced various innovative development procedures that have upgraded the quality and dependability of our undertakings.

Our group's devotion to greatness is reflected in the fastidious planning and execution of each task, ensuring that each space we make is a show-stopper.

4. Residential Projects of Kamalraj Group

Kamalraj Group offers a different scope of residential ventures, each intended to give a rich and comfortable living experience. Our residential undertakings are arranged into ongoing and finished advancements.

i. Ongoing Projects

Dattavihar Residential

Location: Moshi, Pune

Property Types: 1, 2, and 3 BHK Apartments

Overview: Dattavihar is an impeccably created residential venture offering blustery, very much ventilated, and Vastu-consistent condos. Situated in the lavish green outfields of Moshi, it guarantees a contamination free and healthy living environment for each relative.


Location: Wakad, Pune West

Property Types: Luxurious Apartments

Overview: Athens is a lead project that exemplifies extravagance and comfort. Decisively situated in Wakad, it offers premium living spaces with best in class conveniences, ensuring an unrivaled way of life for its occupants.

ii. Completed Projects


Location: Dighi, Pune

Property Types: Luxurious Homes

Overview: Prayag is a conjunction of metropolitan and green life, offering sumptuous homes in a quiet setting. Situated in Dighi, it is north Pune's definition of soothing and lavish living.


Location: Dighi, Pune

Property Types: Premium Apartments

Overview: Devgiri is a heaven of cheerful living, offering an uncommon chance for serene dream homes in PCMC, Pune. This venture is intended to give an ideal mix of extravagance and serenity.

5. Commercial Projects of Kamalraj Group

Notwithstanding residential turns of events, Kamalraj Group additionally embraces commercial activities, providing present day office spaces and commercial buildings that take special care of the requirements of contemporary businesses.

i. Ongoing Projects

Kamalraj Business Hub

Location: Hinjawadi, Pune

Overview: Kamalraj Business Center point is an ongoing commercial venture intended to fulfill the needs of present day businesses. It offers best in class office spaces furnished with contemporary conveniences, ensuring a favorable environment for development and achievement.

Kamalraj Commercial Plaza

Location: Baner, Pune

Overview: This undertaking is set to turn into a landmark commercial complex in Baner, providing adaptable and productive office spaces. With cutting-edge offices and vital area, being a favored business hub is ready.

ii. Completed Projects

Kamalraj Tower

Location: Kharadi, Pune

Overview: Kamalraj Pinnacle in Kharadi is a finished commercial undertaking that offers premium office spaces. Known for its cutting edge design and key area, it takes special care of many businesses, providing a helpful environment for development and achievement.

Kamalraj Plaza

Location: Koregaon Park, Pune

Overview: The fact that hosts a few famous businesses makes kamalraj court in Koregaon Park a lofty commercial complex. Its ideal spot, combined with first class offices, settles on it an ideal decision for undertakings looking to lay out serious areas of strength for an in Pune.

6. What Benefits You Get with Kamalraj Group?

Partnering with Kamalraj Group accompanies a large number of advantages that guarantee a predominant living and business experience:

Quality Assurance

We ensure the best expectations of quality in development, materials, and finishing. Our obligation to greatness guarantees that everything about your home or office is created flawlessly.

Timely Delivery

We honor our responsibilities and deadlines, recognizing the significance of ideal venture fruition for our clients and partners. Our determined task management guarantees that achievements are accomplished on time without settling for less on quality.\

Sustainable Practices

Kamalraj Group is devoted to sustainable building rehearses. We incorporate eco-accommodating arrangements and materials in our undertakings, reducing our environmental effect and promoting a greener future.

Value for Money

Our undertakings offer remarkable incentive for cash, combining extravagance, comfort, and usefulness. By optimizing assets and minimizing waste, we convey great improvements at cutthroat costs.

Comprehensive Amenities

Our residential and commercial ventures are furnished with complete conveniences that upgrade the living and working experience. From cutting edge wellness centers to tranquil landscaped gardens, we guarantee that our activities take special care of every one of your necessities.

Strategic Locations

Every one of our ventures are decisively situated to offer astounding network and availability. Whether it's residential or commercial, our improvements are arranged in ideal places that give comfort and a great of life.

7. Testimonials of Kamalraj Group

Hear from our fulfilled clients who have encountered the Kamalraj contrast:

Chandrakant Tilekar, Kamalraj Dattavihar

" My involvement in Kamalraj Estate is astounding. Generally I'm fulfilled: Site area is excellent, transportation is effectively accessible and schools are likewise agreeable. The development quality is great. The plan of pads and normal spaces is amazing. Agreeable and pleasant staff. The exercise center and clubhouse are wonderful. The Nursery and playing hardware for youngsters are efficient. Investment in this property is commendable."

Pradip Sonawane, Kamalraj Dattavihar                                                                                        

"We are cheerful at Kamalraj Dattavihar..! We settled on our choice rapidly subsequent to visiting this venture for the initial time. Great development quality, an ideal area encompassed by Schools, Medical clinics, and numerous other vital institutions. More than adequate open space, garden, exercise center, clubhouse, and kids' play region provide us with a decent quality of life. We would prescribe Kamalraj to our loved ones. Much obliged to you for an expert piece of handiwork."

Suhas S Tilekar, Kamalraj Dattavihar

" Buying your own home is each man's fantasy. In the wake of searching various tasks in Moshi and Chikhali, finally, we chose to purchase our fantasy house at Kamalraj Dattavihar, a delightfully arranged municipality. We got an ideal and affordable cost, with alluring buying plans that made my little glimpse of heaven. I might want to say thanks to Mr. Kamlesh Gandhi, Mr. Mohan Thorat, and the Borate family for making such a brilliant task."


Kamalraj Group is something beyond a real estate developer; we are a confided in accomplice in building dreams. Our tradition of greatness, obligation to quality, and innovative methodology have settled on us a favored decision for property holders and businesses the same. Whether you are looking for a sumptuous home or a cutting edge office space, Kamalraj Group vows to convey above and beyond. Join us on this excursion of transforming landmarks into lifemarks and experience the distinction that accompanies partnering with the best in the industry.

FAQs on Kamalraj Group

What types of properties does Kamalraj Group offer?

Kamalraj Group offers a great many properties, including residential condos (1, 2, and 3 BHK) and commercial spaces. Our tasks are intended to take special care of the different requirements of homebuyers and businesses, providing premium living and working environments.

Where are Kamalraj Group’s projects located?

Our undertakings are basically situated in Pune and its surrounding regions, including Moshi, Wakad, Dighi, and Hinjawadi. We pick key areas to guarantee amazing availability, accommodation, and admittance to fundamental conveniences.

What amenities can I expect in Kamalraj Group’s residential projects?

Our residential ventures include various conveniences to upgrade your living experience, for example, jogging tracks, clubhouses, rec centers, party yards, ball courts, kids' play regions, and open exercise centers. We intend to give exhaustive offices that take care of all age groups.

How does Kamalraj Group ensure the quality of its constructions?

We focus on quality through thorough control processes, utilization of premium materials, and work of cutting edge development procedures. Our accomplished group directs each phase of the task to guarantee that all subtleties fulfill our high guidelines of greatness.