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Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 1 81.29 875 1.5 Cr*
3 BHK 1 97.64 1051 1.84 Cr*
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2 & 3 BHK

Rs. 1.5 Cr*-Rs. 1.84 Cr*
Possession Date - May, 2026
2 & 3 BHK
Rs. 1.5 Cr*-Rs. 1.84 Cr*
Possession - May, 2026

KLS Constructions

Why Choose KLS Lifestyle Constructions?

Picking the right developer for your fantasy home or commercial property is a choice that can essentially influence your future. At KLS Lifestyle Constructions Private Restricted, we highly esteem being a top decision for knowing clients who look for quality, dependability, and innovation. Laid out in 2007, we have fabricated a standing as a trusted name in the land business in Jaipur. Our commitment to greatness and customer satisfaction is obvious in each task we attempt.

Exactly when you choose KLS Lifestyle Constructions, you are picking an engineer who values transparency, uprightness, and customer-centricity. Our team of experienced specialists is centered around conveying projects that meet as well as outperform your suppositions. We grasp that building a home or a commercial space is something past a construction project; it is about making spaces where you can manufacture memories and achieve your dreams.

Legacy of KLS Lifestyle Constructions


KLS Lifestyle Constructions has been a pioneer in the land business since our origin. Our journey throughout recent years is set apart by various achievements that highlight our commitment to quality and innovation. We have effectively finished various residential and commercial projects, each exhibiting our commitment to greatness. Our projects are something other than structures; they are milestones that add to the metropolitan scene of Jaipur.


Our commitment to greatness has not slipped through the cracks. KLS Lifestyle Constructions has received various awards and acknowledgments from lofty industry bodies. These awards are an exhibition of our tireless exertion, innovation, and the trust that our clients place in us. They additionally mirror our relentless commitment to keeping up with the highest norms of quality and customer satisfaction.

Architectural Brilliance

About Our Team

At KLS Lifestyle Constructions, our architectural brilliance is the consequence of the cooperative endeavors of a skilled and devoted team. Our team contains experienced architects, specialists, designers, and venture directors who bring an abundance of mastery and innovativeness to each project. They work intimately with clients to grasp their vision and make an interpretation of it into the real world, guaranteeing that each venture mirrors the novel inclinations and lifestyle of its tenants.

Our architects are at the very front of design innovation, continually pushing the limits to make spaces that are delightful as well as useful and feasible. They utilize state-of-the-art design programming and strategies to foster plans that augment space, regular light, and ventilation. Our specialists and project administrators guarantee that these designs are executed with accuracy, sticking to the highest guidelines of construction quality.

The collaboration between our team and individuals separates us. From the underlying idea stage to the last handover, our team works solidly to guarantee that everything about fastidiously arranged and executed. We accept that incredible engineering is the consequence of a consistent mix of inventiveness, specialized skill, and a profound comprehension of our client's requirements.

Residential Projects by KLS Lifestyle Constructions

Our residential projects are designed to offer the best blend of excess, comfort, and convenience. We understand that your home is an impression of your personality and lifestyle, and we attempt to make spaces that you will be satisfied to call your own. All of our residential projects are an exhibit of our commitment to quality and innovation.

Avaneesh, Nigdi

One of our lead residential projects, Avaneesh in Nigdi, remains a brilliant illustration of our commitment to greatness. This venture offers a scope of rich condos that take special care of the requirements of current families. With cutting-edge conveniences, delightful finishing, and an ideal spot, Avaneesh gives an unmatched living encounter.

Avaneesh is designed in light of the insightful homeowner. Every condo is mindfully wanted to augment space and regular light, making an open and breezy feel. The insides are made with high-quality materials and wrap-up, guaranteeing a sumptuous and open-to-living climate. Occupants can partake in a scope of conveniences, including a completely prepared exercise center, a pool, and flawlessly finished gardens.

Notwithstanding its sumptuous lofts, Avaneesh brags a cluster of sporting offices that take special care of all age groups. From kids' play regions to committed spaces for senior residents, the undertaking is designed to advance a solid and dynamic lifestyle. The finished nurseries give a peaceful and quiet climate, ideal for loosening up following a monotonous day.

Blended Use Improvements

Notwithstanding independent office and retail spaces, we additionally embrace blended-use advancements that consolidate residential, commercial, and sporting offices. These projects are designed to make energetic and self-supported networks where individuals can reside, work, and play.

Our blended-use improvements are strategically situated to offer the most ideal scenario - the comfort of metropolitan living and the serenity of a very much arranged local area. These projects include a mix of residential units, office spaces, retail outlets, and sporting offices, giving an all-encompassing living experience to inhabitants.

Benefits of Investing in KLS Lifestyle Constructions Properties

Investing in a property created by KLS Lifestyle Constructions accompanies a large number of benefits. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction guarantees that our properties offer great incentives for cash. Here are a portion of the vital benefits of investing in our properties:

Quality Construction

At KLS Lifestyle Constructions, quality is at the very front of all that we do. We utilize the highest quality materials and the most recent construction strategies to guarantee that our properties are dependable. Our severe quality control measures guarantee that each part of the construction interaction satisfies the highest guidelines.

Ideal spots

Our projects are strategically situated in prime regions, giving simple admittance to key conveniences, transportation organizations, and business center points. Investing in a property in an ideal place guarantees magnificent potential for capital appreciation and rental pay. Whether you are searching for a residential or commercial property, our locations are picked with an emphasis on comfort and future development possibilities.

Innovative Design

Our team of architects and designers is focused on making innovative and useful spaces. Our properties are designed to give the most extreme solace, comfort, and tasteful allure. From open-plan formats to eco-accommodating highlights, our designs are pointed toward upgrading the general living and working experience.

Extensive Conveniences

We offer a scope of cutting-edge conveniences in our residential and commercial projects. From completely prepared exercise centers and pools to finished gardens and high-level security frameworks, our properties are designed to give a sumptuous and helpful lifestyle. Our conveniences are mindfully wanted to take special care of the assorted requirements of our inhabitants and occupants.

Customer Backing

Our committed customer support team is consistently accessible to help you with any inquiries or concerns. We are focused on guaranteeing that your involvement in KLS Lifestyle Constructions is smooth and bother-free. From the underlying request to the last handover and then some, our team is here to help you constantly.


We are focused on manageability and incorporate eco-accommodating practices and materials in our projects. Our properties are designed to limit natural effects and advance a solid and economical lifestyle. From energy-proficient machines to water-gathering frameworks, we guarantee that our projects contribute emphatically to the climate.

Speculation Potential

Investing in a property created by KLS Lifestyle Constructions offers magnificent potential for capital appreciation and rental pay. Our ideal spots, quality construction, and innovative designs guarantee that our properties stay in high interest. Whether you are searching for a home to reside in or a venture property, our projects offer a sound speculation opportunity.


Picking KLS Lifestyle Constructions Private Restricted for your residential or commercial requirements implies settling on quality, innovation, and outstanding customer administration. Our legacy of greatness, architectural brilliance, and commitment to customer satisfaction put us aside in the land business. Whether you are hoping to purchase a home or put resources into commercial property, KLS Lifestyle Constructions is your trusted accomplice in making spaces that rouse and enchant.

Our projects are designed to offer the ideal mix of extravagance, solace, and usefulness, guaranteeing that you get the best incentive for your venture. With our committed team of experts, cutting-edge conveniences, and ideal spots, we give a living and working experience that is top-notch.


1. What is the cycle for buying a property from KLS Lifestyle Constructions?
Our outreach group will direct you through the whole cycle, from choosing the right property to finishing the vital administrative work and settling the buy. We guarantee a smooth and bother-free insight for our clients.

2. Are there any funding choices accessible?
Indeed, we have tie-ups with driving banks and monetary organizations to give you helpful funding choices. Our team can help you in tying down the most ideal supporting answers to suit your requirements.

3. What conveniences are remembered for your residential projects?
Our residential projects normally incorporate conveniences like completely prepared exercise centers, pools, arranged gardens, youngsters' play regions, and high-level security frameworks. Each undertaking is designed to offer an extravagant and helpful lifestyle.

4. How would you guarantee the quality of construction?
We utilize the highest quality materials and the most recent construction procedures. Our projects go through thorough quality checks at each phase of construction. Our commitment to quality guarantees that our properties are dependable.

5. Might I at any point visit the task site prior to settling on a choice?
Totally! We urge you to visit our undertaking destinations to see the quality of construction and the conveniences advertised. Our outreach group will be glad to orchestrate a site visit whenever the timing is ideal.

6. What separates KLS Lifestyle Constructions from different manufacturers?
Our obligation to quality, development, and consumer loyalty isolates us. We try to outperform our clients' suppositions in each undertaking we embrace. Our accomplished team, ideal spots, and thorough conveniences make us a favored decision for land purchasers and financial backers.

7. Do you propose after-deals support?
Indeed, our customer support team is dependably accessible to help you with any post-buy questions or concerns. We are focused on guaranteeing your satisfaction even after the venture is finished.

8. Are your projects harmless to the ecosystem?
We are focused on maintainability and incorporate eco-accommodating practices and materials in our projects to limit natural effects. Our projects include energy-productive machines, water-collecting frameworks, and other manageable highlights.

9. How might I remain refreshed on your new projects?
You can buy our pamphlet or follow us via virtual entertainment to remain refreshed on our most recent projects and advancements. We consistently share updates, news, and data about our impending projects.

10. What sorts of commercial properties do you offer?
We offer a scope of commercial properties, including office spaces, retail outlets, and blended-use improvements. Our commercial projects are designed to meet the different necessities of businesses and give a practical and outwardly engaging climate.