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Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 2 88.44 952 89.79 Lakhs*
2 BHK 2 79.43 855 72.74 Lakhs*
3 BHK 2 101.45 1092 1.19 Cr*
3 BHK 2 94.20 1014 1.15 Cr*
2 BHK 2 70.89 763 84.22 Lakhs*
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2, 2.5, 3 BHK Apartments

Rs. 72.74 Lakhs*-Rs. 1.19 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2026
2, 2.5, 3 BHK Apartments
Rs. 72.74 Lakhs*-Rs. 1.19 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2026

Pethkar Projects

Transforming Real Estate in Pune: Pethkar Projects

Why Choose Pethkar Projects?

Bringing Together Small Wishes to Build Big Dreams

Pethkar Projects, an organization firm previously known as Pethkar and Company, has been molding dreams inside and outside the walls beginning around 1996. Pethkar Projects builder Pune is eminent for its commitment to satisfying the dreams of homebuyers and financial backers in Pune. The excursion began with offering individuals the confidence that thinking beyond practical boundaries is their right and making it feasible for everybody to transform their dreams into the real world.

Our finished projects are home to many families partaking in their euphoric minutes. Presently it's your chance to make the way for your satisfaction with Pethkar Projects. We have faith in giving houses as well as homes that encourage warmth, love, and solace. With Pethkar Projects builder Pune, you will track down a spot to thrive your dreams and make them a reality.

Auspicious Homes
Our homes are made with fastidious tender loving care, and we are satisfied to guarantee each wish. We center around each undertaking in turn, permitting us to commit our assets and mastery to convey the most ideal results. Each house is a demonstration of our commitment to quality, development, and consumer loyalty. From the establishment to the final details, each part of our projects is intended to give an auspicious living encounter to our inhabitants.
Innovating and Experimenting
Pethkar Projects Pune is known for its imaginative methodology and eagerness to try different things with groundbreaking thoughts and advancements. This mentality has empowered us to remain on the ball and convey remarkable projects that hang out on the lookout. We persistently investigate better approaches to improve our contributions, guaranteeing our clients get the most ideal incentive for their speculation.

Legacy of Pethkar Projects

A Tradition of Excellence Beginning around 1996
Homes are made with blocks, dirt, and sand, yet additionally with adoration, warmth, and substantial preparation. Since around 1996, the Pethkar family has been building support points and rooftops for the overwhelming majority of adoring families. Previously known as 'Pethkar and Company', Pethkar Projects is the main advertiser, builder, and engineer in the housing market. Our inheritance is based on a foundation of trust, respectability, and excellence.

Family-Run Business with Strong Leadership
Mr. Chandrakant Pethkar and Mrs. Kumudini Pethkar have been immovably behind Pethkar projects all along. Their children, Sachin, Abhijit, and Jitendra, have been going about as the stone walls of the business, conveying the obligations genuinely on their strong shoulders. The firm unassumingly conveys the benevolent gifts of the late Shri Rao Saheb Mehendale and the late Smt. Taisaheb Mehendale, who have been instrumental in forming our qualities and standards.

Commitment to Quality and Transparency
At Pethkar Projects Pune, we have confidence in the standards of 'under commitment, over conveyance.' Our projects are an indication of our commitment to quality, transparency, and consumer loyalty. We require no secret expenses and maintain utter transparency in our contributions. 'Morals, Transparency, and Trust' are the stone mainstays of Pethkar Projects, and these qualities guide us in each part of our business.


Architectural Brilliance

Innovative and Sustainable Design
Pethkar Projects builder Pune is focused on conveying structural brightness in each undertaking. We center around making sustainable and innovative designs that upgrade the living experience of our inhabitants. Our endeavors are focused on the ideal finishing of our projects, guaranteeing our clients accept their ownership keys within the guaranteed stretch of time.

Vastu Compliance and Eco-Friendly Practices
Our projects are designed with Vastu compliance in mind, guaranteeing an agreeable living climate for our inhabitants. We likewise focus on eco-friendly practices, consolidating sustainable building materials, and developing strategies to limit our natural effects. Our projects highlight full patios for parlors and feasting regions, extensive level anterooms, and normal halls, as well as Bali-themed ranches and landscapes.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
Pethkar Projects Pune offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and offices to improve the living experience of our inhabitants. Our Y-shaped buildings are designed to boost light and ventilation, while our visitor holding up entryways at the ground floor give a warm greeting to guests. Each venture is carefully arranged and executed to guarantee the best expectations of quality and usefulness.


Infrastructure Details

High-Quality Construction Materials and Techniques
At Pethkar Projects Builder Pune, we utilize hands-down the highest quality construction materials and techniques to guarantee the sturdiness and life span of our projects. Our commitment to quality is apparent in each part of our construction cycle, from the determination of materials to the execution of the last design.

Sustainable Building Practices
We are devoted to consolidating sustainable building practices in our projects. This incorporates utilizing eco-friendly materials, lessening waste, and executing energy-productive frameworks. Our emphasis on legitimacy guarantees that our projects give our inhabitants a solid and cheerful living climate while having an insignificant ecological effect.

State of the art Facilities
Current infrastructure and amenities are given by Pethkar Projects Pune, with explicit thoughtfulness regarding the requirements of planned mortgage holders and investors.  Our projects highlight very well-arranged formats, adequate parking spots, high-level security frameworks, and a scope of sporting amenities. These facilities upgrade the general living experience and increase the value of our properties.


Ongoing Projects by Pethkar Projects:

Pethkar Projects Builder Pune keeps on setting benchmarks with its continuous private and business improvements. Pethkar Projects Builder Pune is quite possibly the most trusted name in the housing market. It offers outstanding quality and innovative designs that take special care of the different requirements of homebuyers and investors in Pune. The continuous private projects by Pethkar Projects Pune include present-day amenities, eco-friendly construction, and ideal spots, guaranteeing an exceptional living encounter. Essentially, the business projects by Pethkar Projects Pune are strategically found and designed to provide the best business conditions. Putting resources into Pethkar projects ensures high returns and satisfaction, making it a great decision for those hoping to put resources into properties in Pune.
•    Siyona, Punawale, Pune


Completed projects by Pethkar Projects:

•    Siyona - Phase I, Punawale, Pune
•    Samrajya
•    Shefalika Heights
•    Ornate Park


What Benefits Will You Get After Investing in Pethkar Projects?

A Secure and Rewarding Investment
Putting resources into Pethkar Projects Builder Pune is a secure and rewarding choice for homebuyers and financial backers in Pune. Our projects offer a scope of monetary and way of life benefits, making pursuing them an alluring decision for those hoping to put resources into the Pune housing market.

Potential Appreciation in Property Value
Properties in Pune, particularly those created by Pethkar Projects, have shown huge appreciation in value throughout the long term. Putting resources into our projects can yield significant profits from investment, making it a smart decision for long-term monetary development. The essential areas of our projects further upgrade their value, offering amazing availability and openness to key regions of the city.

Superior Facilities and Amenities
Pethkar Projects Pune is known for providing superior facilities and amenities that improve the quality of life for our occupants. From very well-designed formats to insightfully arranged amenities, we guarantee our clients the most ideal living experience. Our projects highlight current amenities like clubhouses, pools, landscaped gardens, and sporting facilities, creating a comprehensive living climate.

Ethical and Transparent Business Practices
Our commitment to ethical and transparent business practices separates us from other builders. We have confidence in building enduring associations with our clients in view of trust and transparency. Our projects are liberated from stowed-away expenses, and we give clear and point-by-point data to our clients at each step of the cycle. This approach has procured us the trust and devotion of our clients, making Pethkar Projects a favored decision for homebuyers and financial backers in Pune.


Hear from Our Satisfied Clients
•    Kishor Barde - Incredible format, transparent management, helpful area, all amenities, roomy apartments, on-time construction, and at last, sensible expense—value purchasing—just at Pethkar Siyona!
•    Ashutosh Chaturvedi - Pethkar Projects is an extraordinary mix of magnificent quality, delightful landscaping, and the most sensible expense. One can depend on them indiscriminately, and they have acquired this trust through their legit endeavors. Superb construction quality and best individuals are conveyed as guaranteed. Ethical and professional—an interesting mix.
•    Abhijit Naik - The Pethkar's have been extremely transparent in the entirety of my connections with them up until this point. Great quality work, well networked, transparent, extravagant apartment—particularly Siyona at Pune-Bangalore Highway.
•    Sagar Dusane - Goodness, magnificent, and astonishing! These are the possible words I can discuss when I discuss Pethkar projects. What I like most about Siyona is its fabulous Bali theme, very well-thought-out amenities, construction quality, and upkeep. My child cherishes the nursery, particularly. State any issue, and Pethkar Design group will address it in a matter of moments. This is our fantasy house, and we as a whole love it here.



Why Pethkar Projects is the Ideal Choice
Pethkar Projects builder Pune is the ideal choice for homebuyers and investors in Pune. Our commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction separates us in the housing market. We offer a scope of private and business projects that take care of the different requirements of our customers.

Our Commitment to Excellence
We are committed to conveying projects that surpass our customers' assumptions. Our emphasis on development, supportability, and ethical business practices guarantees that our projects offer uncommon benefit and a superior living encounter. Pethkar Projects Pune isn't simply a builder, but a trusted partner in assisting you with accomplishing your dreams.

Call to Action
You really want to look no farther than Pethkar Projects, assuming you're searching for land in Pune. To encounter our quality and flawlessness for yourself, we welcome you to reach out to us or stop by one of our homes. Put resources into Pethkar Projects to guarantee that you and your family have a more splendid and fruitful future.


1. What types of projects does Pethkar Projects Builder Pune have some expertise in? 

Pethkar Projects builder Pune spends significant time on private and business projects. They are renowned for their inventive designs, superior craftsmanship, and dedication to open communication and client pleasure.

2. What are the advantages of putting resources into Pethkar Projects Pune? 

Putting resources into Pethkar Projects Pune offers various advantages, including potential appreciation for property value, high rental yield, superb availability, and access to current amenities. Their projects are strategically found and designed to provide an agreeable and lavish living experience.

3. How does Pethkar Projects guarantee transparency in their dealings? 

Pethkar Projects keeps up with complete transparency by forcing no secret expenses and furnishing clear and genuine correspondence with their customers. They trust in 'under commitment, over conveyance' and maintain their genuinely honorable commitments.

4. What is the tradition of Pethkar Projects Builder Pune? 

The tradition of Pethkar Projects builder Pune is established in a family tradition of excellence and devotion. Since around 1996, the Pethkar family has been instrumental in molding the land landscape of Pune, building a strong reputation for quality and trust.

5. How might I reach out to Pethkar Projects to find out about their offerings?

You can reach out to Pethkar Projects Builder Pune through their site or visit their offices to investigate their private and business projects. Their group is consistently prepared to help you find your fantasy home or ideal investment property.