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Office 3 31.77 342 51.86 Lakhs*
Office 3 38.74 417 61.94 Lakhs*
Office 3 32.70 352 53.2 Lakhs*
Office 3 42.09 453 66.78 Lakhs*
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Commercial Offices

Rs. 51.59 Lakhs*-Rs. 66.78 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Dec, 2025
Prithvi Paradise
Commercial Offices
Rs. 51.59 Lakhs*-Rs. 66.78 Lakhs*
Possession - Dec, 2025

Prithvi Buildcon

Why Choose Prithvi Buildcon?

Picking the right real estate developer is significant with regards to finding your fantasy home or optimal commercial space. Prithvi Buildcon has laid down a good foundation for itself as a forerunner in Pune's real estate market, known for its obligation to quality, development, and consumer loyalty. With north of 10 years of involvement, they have effectively conveyed in excess of ten residential and commercial ventures, enchanting more than 1,000 families.
Prithvi Buildcon stands apart because of multiple factors:
• Inventive Plan: They integrate the most recent patterns and advancements into their tasks, guaranteeing current, utilitarian, and tastefully satisfying spaces.
• Reasonableness: Prithvi Buildcon is committed to offering excellent homes at serious costs, making extravagance residing available.
• Client Concentration: Each task is planned in view of the client's necessities and inclinations, guaranteeing most extreme fulfillment.
• Ideal Conveyance: With north of 12 years of opportune task consummations, Prithvi Buildcon has gained notoriety for dependability and reliability.
• Exclusive requirements: They stick to the best expectations of value and straightforwardness, guaranteeing that each part of their ventures meets or surpasses industry benchmarks.

Prithvi Buildcon Legacy


Prithvi Buildcon's legacy is based on an underpinning of greatness and development. Throughout the long term, they have accomplished various achievements that feature their obligation to quality and consumer loyalty. A portion of their prominent accomplishments include:
• Fruitful Venture Conveyances: More than 10 years of convenient conveyance of residential and commercial activities, guaranteeing that clients accept their homes and offices as guaranteed.
• Creative Ventures: Prithvi Buildcon has been at the bleeding edge of integrating imaginative plans and advances into their activities, setting new principles in the real estate industry.
• Client Joy: With more than 1,000 blissful clients, Prithvi Buildcon's emphasis on consumer loyalty is apparent in the positive feedback and testimonials they get.


Prithvi Buildcon's commitment to greatness has been perceived with different awards and honors in the real estate industry. These awards are a demonstration of their persistent effort, creative methodology, and obligation to conveying excellent ventures. A portion of the awards they have gotten include:
• Best Real Estate Developer: Perceived for their remarkable commitments to Pune's real estate market.
• Imaginative Plan Award: Awarded for their ground breaking and inventive structural plans.
• Consumer loyalty Award: Regarded for their attention on surpassing client assumptions and conveying uncommon help.

Architectural Brilliance of Prithvi Buildcon

At the core of Prithvi Buildcon's prosperity is a committed group of experts who bring an abundance of skill and innovativeness to each project. Driven by visionary pioneers, the group incorporates:
• Architects: Talented architects who plan inventive and practical spaces that take special care of present day ways of life.
• Engineers: Experienced engineers who guarantee that each project is worked to the best expectations of value and security.
• Project Managers: Productive project managers who direct every part of the development cycle, guaranteeing convenient and consistent project conveyance.
• Client support Delegates: Well disposed and learned agents who help clients all through the purchasing system, guaranteeing a smooth and fulfilling experience.

Residential Projects of Prithvi Buildcon

Ongoing Projects
Prithvi Buildcon keeps on extending portfolio with a few ongoing residential projects take special care of different requirements and inclinations. These projects include:

Prithvi Paradise
Situated in the clamoring suburb of Tathawade, Prithvi Paradise offers 2 and 3 BHK cutting edge homes that join extravagance and reasonableness. The project highlights:
• Spacious Layouts: Nicely planned layouts that augment space and solace.
• Modern Amenities: Cutting edge amenities like a clubhouse, pool, rec center, and finished gardens.
• Prime Location: Strategically placed close to schools, medical clinics, malls, and significant transportation centers.
Prithvi Paradise Phase II
An expansion of the well known Prithvi Paradise project, Phase II keeps on offering a similar degree of value and extravagance. This phase incorporates:
• Upgraded Offices: Extra amenities and offices that improve the living experience.
• Green Spaces: More arranged gardens and green regions for occupants to appreciate.
• Maintainable Living: Eco-accommodating elements that advance feasible and sound living.

Completed Projects
Prithvi Buildcon has a history of effectively finished residential projects that have become milestones in Pune's real estate scene. A portion of these projects include:

Pragati Angan
Situated in Dighi, Pragati Angan offers 1 BHK homes that are ideal for little families and people. Highlights of this project include:
• Reasonable Estimating: Top notch homes at cutthroat costs.
• Advantageous Location: Closeness to fundamental administrations and offices.
• Local area Living: A cordial and inviting local area air.

Pragati Vrundavan
Additionally arranged in Dighi, Pragati Vrundavan is another fruitful project that offers 1 BHK homes. Features of this project include:
• Modern Plan: Contemporary engineering and plan components.
• Quality Development: Worked to the best expectations of value and solidness.
• Amenities: A scope of amenities that take special care of the requirements of inhabitants.

Laxmi Bliss
Situated in Wakad, Laxmi Bliss offers a blend of 1 and 2 BHK homes. This project stands apart for its:
• Prime Location: Arranged in a quickly creating region with superb network.
• Spacious Homes: All around planned homes that give adequate space and solace.
• Way of life Amenities: Highlights like a rec center, jungle gym, and local area lobby.

Commercial Projects of Prithvi Buildcon

Ongoing Projects
Prithvi Buildcon isn't only known for its residential contributions yet additionally for its noteworthy commercial projects. A portion of their ongoing commercial projects include:
Prithvi Paradise Commercial
Situated in Tathawade, this project offers extravagance office spaces intended to address the issues of modern organizations. Key highlights include:
• Prime Location: Decisively situated in a commercial center point with simple admittance to significant streets and transportation.
• Modern Framework: Cutting edge offices and foundation that help business tasks.
• Adaptable Spaces: Adaptable office spaces that take care of an assortment of business requirements.
Completed Projects
Prithvi Buildcon's completed commercial projects have set new benchmarks in the business.

What Benefits You Get with Prithvi Buildcon?

Picking Prithvi Buildcon as your real estate developer accompanies various advantages, including:
• Straightforwardness: Open correspondence and straightforwardness at each phase of the cycle, guaranteeing you are completely educated and associated with direction.
• Consumer loyalty: An essential spotlight on guaranteeing that each client's necessities and inclinations are met, endeavoring to surpass their assumptions.
• Esteem Creation: Commitment to making long haul an incentive for clients by conveying excellent properties that offer both tasteful allure and monetary profit from speculation.
• Best in class Specialized Help: Utilizing state of the art innovation and industry mastery to give the most recent developments and specialized arrangements.
• Quality: Adherence to severe quality norms and thorough development works on, guaranteeing each part of projects meets or surpasses industry benchmarks.

Testimonials of Prithvi Buildcon

What Customers Are Saying
What Clients Are Talking about
Prithvi Paradise offers all around arranged and an incentive for-cash homes with huge floor covering regions and semi-outfitted insides at an exceptionally respectable cost range. Exceptional thanks to Akshay and his group for their remarkable help. They are dependably prepared to clear any questions with respect to the project, even past their functioning hours. Trust you proceed with your help towards the clients!
We visited numerous pads nearby, yet tracked down excessive costs and little floor covering regions. At the point when we visited this project during pre-send off, we found a 765 sqft region and vastu-consistent pads. We quickly reserved a level. Pritesh, Sangam, and their group were exceptionally useful. Much thanks to you!
Ideal level format at a good cost range in a schooling center point like Tathawade. I actually look at all projects in Wakad, Hinjewadi, Punawale, and Tathawade regions. Region and floor covering region wise, this looks awesome. The outreach group, Pritesh, Sangam, and Mrunal, assisted a great deal from the clarification of the example level to all documentation with working. They tackled all questions connected with the level. They give all pads kitchen streetcars and misleading roofs alongside fans, tube lights, and water purifiers.


Prithvi Buildcon has immovably laid down a good foundation for itself as an innovator in Pune's real estate market, known for its obligation to quality, development, and consumer loyalty. With a legacy of effective project conveyances, various awards, and a committed group of experts, Prithvi Buildcon keeps on setting new principles in the business. Whether you are searching for a residential or commercial space, picking Prithvi Buildcon guarantees that you get the best and an incentive for your speculation.

FAQs about Prithvi Buildcon

1. What urges Prithvi Buildcon hang out in the real estate market?
Prithvi Buildcon is famous for its creative plans, moderateness, and consistent commitment to shopper unwaveringness. They center around quality and straightforwardness, ensuring that each task satisfies or outperforms industry rules.
2. What number of projects has Prithvi Buildcon completed? 
Prithvi Buildcon has effectively completed north of ten residential and commercial projects, charming in excess of 1,000 families with their uncommon contributions.
3. What sorts of properties does Prithvi Buildcon offer?
Prithvi Buildcon offers an extent of properties, including 1, 2, and 3 BHK private homes and lavishness office spaces in ideal spots across Pune.
4. Where are Prithvi Buildcon continuous private ventures found?
Prithvi Buildcon continuous private undertakings, as Prithvi Heaven and Prithvi Heaven Stage II, are arranged in Tathawade, a clamoring suburb of Pune.
5. What amenities are presented in Prithvi Paradise? 
Prithvi Paradise highlights spacious layouts, best in class amenities like a clubhouse, pool, exercise center, and finished gardens, alongside a prime location close to fundamental administrations and transportation center points.
6. What are a few prominent completed residential projects by Prithvi Buildcon? Remarkable completed residential projects by Prithvi Buildcon remember Pragati Angan and Pragati Vrundavan for Dighi, and Laxmi Bliss in Wakad, each offering a scope of amenities and very much planned homes.
7. What ongoing commercial projects are Prithvi Buildcon presently chipping away at? 
Prithvi Buildcon is right now dealing with Prithvi Paradise Commercial in Tathawade, which offers extravagance office spaces intended to address the issues of modern organizations.
8. Could you at any point show a few completed commercial projects by Prithvi Buildcon? 
Completed commercial projects by Prithvi Buildcon incorporate Prithvi Business Center and Prithvi Corporate Park, both contribution premium office spaces in prime business areas of Pune.
9. What advantages do clients get by picking Prithvi Buildcon? 
Clients benefit from Prithvi Buildcon's straightforwardness, consumer loyalty center, esteem creation, cutting edge specialized help, and adherence to severe quality guidelines.
10. What awards has Prithvi Buildcon gotten? 
Prithvi Buildcon has gotten a few awards, including the Best Real Estate Developer, Imaginative Plan Award, and Consumer loyalty Award, perceiving their greatness and commitment in the real estate industry.