New Project

Akshay Vrindavan,

Wadmukhwadi - Charholi

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
1 BHK 4 44.75 481.69 38 Lakhs*
2 BHK 4 62.10 668.44 53.45 Lakhs*
2 BHK 4 65.72 707.41 56.24 Lakhs*
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1 BHK & 2 BHK

Rs. 38 Lakhs*-Rs. 56.24 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Jun, 2027
Akshay Vrindavan
1 BHK & 2 BHK
Rs. 38 Lakhs*-Rs. 56.24 Lakhs*
Possession - Jun, 2027

Akshay Heritage,

Wadmukhwadi - Charholi

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 2 65.03 700 53.5 Lakhs*
2 BHK 2 70.14 755 57 Lakhs*
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2 BHK Apartment

Rs. 53.5 Lakhs*-Rs. 57 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Dec, 2024
Akshay Heritage
2 BHK Apartment
Rs. 53.5 Lakhs*-Rs. 57 Lakhs*
Possession - Dec, 2024

66 Avenue,

Pimple Nilakh

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 4 69.76 750.90 67.2 Lakhs*
3 BHK 4 94.30 1015.05 89.55 Lakhs*
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2 & 3 bhk

Rs. 67.2 Lakhs*-Rs. 89.55 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Feb, 2025
66 Avenue
Pimple Nilakh
2 & 3 bhk
Rs. 67.2 Lakhs*-Rs. 89.55 Lakhs*
Possession - Feb, 2025

R. R. Lunkad

Why Choose RR Lunkad Group?

Picking the right land engineer is fundamental to ensuring that your hypothesis is secure and your future home compares all of your suspicions. The RR Lunkad Group stands separated as a head choice in Pune's clamoring real estate market. Here is the explanation:
Experience and Expertise: With over 20 years of contribution to the land region, RR Lunkad Group has encouraged a significant cognizance of market components and client needs. This experience changes over into handily made private and business spaces that deal with different lifestyles and business needs.
Commitment to Quality: Each endeavor by RR Lunkad Group is an exhibit of our consistent commitment to quality. From the selection of materials to the execution of improvement, we adhere to the best assumptions to ensure that our designs are elegantly fulfilling as well as generally sound and solid.
Client-Driven Approach: Our clients are at the center of all that we do. We try to get a handle on their necessities and tendencies and coordinate their analysis into our endeavors. This approach ensures that every improvement compares the suspicions of individuals who will live or work there.
Straightforwardness and Dependability: We have confidence in driving our business with the best measure of straightforwardness and trustworthiness. Our clients are kept informed at each period of the errand, ensuring that there are no curveballs and that they have all-out trust in their endeavor.
Key Regions: Our endeavors are arranged in without a doubt the most sought-after locales in Pune. These ideal spots offer eminent organizations, permission to key organizations, and a great of life, making them ideal for both private and business purposes.

Custom of RR Lunkad Group


All through ongoing numerous years, RR Lunkad Group has developed an extraordinary arrangement of achievements that feature our commitment to significance and shopper faithfulness.
Completed Adventures: We have really completed more than 45 errands, consolidating more than 50 lakh square feet of created space. This expansive portfolio integrates a mix of private and business upgrades, each mirroring our commitment to quality and improvement.
Euphoric Families: We put vigorously in the trust that in excess of 5,000 families have placed in us. Our confidential exercises are home to extraordinarily many satisfied clients who participate in the benefits of dwelling in by and large around arranged, current, and secure organizations.
Project Regions: We have made projects in four critical regions inside Pune, each picked for its improvement potential and individual fulfillment. These regions integrate Wakad, Pimple Nilakh, Alandi Road, and Wadmukhwadi.


Our obligation to quality and customer unwaveringness has been seen with different distinctions and grants. These distinctions mirror our industry authority and our ceaseless commitment to significance in land improvement.

Plan Brilliance

About the Group

The plan brilliance of RR Lunkad Group is revived by a group of significantly qualified and experienced specialists. Our group integrates modelers, draftsmen, makers, and undertaking bosses who work agreeably to make spaces that are both reasonable and gorgeously fulfilling.
Creative Arrangement: Our architects and fashioners carry imaginativeness and improvement to each project. They stay up with the latest with the latest examples and advances in plan and improvement to ensure that our designs are available day, practical and agreed with the prerequisites of contemporary living.
Planning Significance: Our experts ensure that every development is worked to the best assumptions for prosperity and robustness. They use advanced improvement techniques and careful quality control measures to ensure that our designs persevere for the long stretch.
Project The Chiefs: Our endeavor chiefs deal with each piece of advancement, ensuring that adventures are done on time and inside monetary arrangement. They coordinate with various accomplices, including project laborers, suppliers, and clients, to ensure smooth execution and advantageous transport.

Residential Endeavors by RR Lunkad Group

Our confidential undertakings are planned to offer a rich and pleasant lifestyle, dealing with the various necessities of our clients. The following are a part of our surprising confidential new developments:
Akshay Vrindavan, Pune-Alandi Road: Arranged in a serene environment, Akshay Vrindavan offers a lot of fabricated 1, 2, and 3 BHK homes. The endeavor is equipped with current comforts like a clubhouse, pool, completed gardens, and a young people's play district, ensuring a pleasing and compensating living experience.
Akshay Heritage, Wadmukhwadi, Pune: This endeavor gets a contemporary arrangement together with standard characteristics, offering a tranquil and secure living environment. Occupants can participate in an extent of comforts, including a rec focus, running track, and neighborhood.
66 Street, Pimple Nilakh, Pune: A predominant confidential endeavor that deals with the necessities of present-day metropolitan families. The undertaking features broad condominiums with first-in-class finishes and an extent of comfort, including a clubhouse, well-being center, and completed gardens.
Riddhi Siddhi Street, Wakad, Pune: This endeavor embodies luxury and comfort, offering broad homes with first-class workplaces. Occupants can participate in an extent of comforts, including a pool, clubhouse, and children's play district.
Akshay Shrushti, Alandi Road, Pune: Planned to offer an ideal mix of moderateness and luxury, Akshay Shrushti gives 1, 2, and 3 BHK homes with current accommodations. The endeavor is arranged in a rapidly making district, ensuring brilliant organization and permission to central organizations.
Akshay City, Kanhe Phata, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune: A colossal confidential district giving an extent of housing decisions to suit different spending plans. The undertaking features current comforts like a clubhouse, pool, and completed gardens, ensuring an extraordinary life for occupants.

Commercial Endeavors by RR Lunkad Group

RR Lunkad Group has furthermore committed to the business land region. Our business projects are unequivocally found and planned to take unique consideration of the necessities of present-day associations.
R K L Business People group, Pimple Saudagar, Pune: A state-of-the-art business complex committed to premium office spaces with present-day comforts. The endeavor is expected to resolve the issues of associations, things being what they are, giving a specialist and capable work environment.
Navdeep, Wakad, Pune: This business improvement allows magnificent opportunities for retail associations and corporate working environments. The endeavor features present-day systems and comforts, ensuring a great environment for business improvement.

Benefits of Placing Assets into RR Lunkad Group Properties

Placing assets into RR Lunkad Group properties comes with different benefits:

Optimal spots: Our endeavors are unequivocally arranged in prime locales, ensuring basic permission to principal organizations and structure. These regions offer extraordinary organization to huge roads, public vehicles, and business focuses, making them ideal for both private and business purposes.
Quality Turn of events: We use amazing materials and inflexible quality control measures to ensure the life expectancy and robustness of our plans. Our commitment to quality ensures that our designs are great as well as safeguarded and conservative.
Present-day Accommodations: Our endeavors are furnished with current comforts, for instance, clubhouses, pools, health centers, and arranged gardens. These accommodations redesign the living experience, outfitting tenants with important entryways for loosening up, entertainment, and socialization.
Sensible Arrangement: We combine normally viable practices in our improvement processes, progressing eco-obliging living. Our errands feature energy-successful plans, water-gathering structures, and green spaces, ensuring an immaterial biological impression.
Direct Trades: We center around straightforwardness and open correspondence, ensuring that our clients are overall informed all through the buying framework. Our direct trades manufacture trust and conviction, making the hypothesis collaboration smooth and trouble-free.
Strong return for cash contributed: Properties made by RR Lunkad Group offer astounding benefits from theory. Our endeavors are arranged in rapidly making districts with appeal for private and business spaces, solid areas for ensuring appreciation and rental yields.


Our client's fulfillment is the support of our thriving. A piece of our cheerful clients need to say this:

Mr. Amit Deshmukh: Setting resources into an RR Lunkad property was our most ideal choice. The possibility of the new development and the solaces given are first class. The group was fit and direct in the meantime, making our home-purchasing experience dependable.
Mrs. Neha Joshi: The group at RR Lunkad Group is remarkably skilled and clear. They kept us informed in the meantime, making our home-purchasing experience flabbergasting and tranquil. We are undeniably content with our new home.
Mr. Rajesh Kumar: RR Lunkad Group's obligation to importance is clear in each piece of their errands. From the possibility of headway to the degree of facilities, they have beaten our assumptions. We are stimulated with our new home and unequivocally embrace them to other people.
Mrs. Sunita Patil: Living in an RR Lunkad property has been a mind-blowing experience. The watchfulness and the possibility of progression are models. The solaces given are prominent, making it a remarkable spot to live.
Mr. Vinay Sharma: The astounding skill and straightforwardness of RR Lunkad Group are awesome. They completed their obligations and gave us a home that fulfills our notions in general. We are satisfied with our undertaking.


RR Lunkad Group is dedicated to delivering exceptional real estate developments that meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name in Pune’s real estate market. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial property, investing in an RR Lunkad project is a decision you will cherish for a lifetime. With a legacy of excellence and a focus on innovation and sustainability, RR Lunkad Group is the ideal choice for discerning investors and homebuyers.


1.    What makes RR Lunkad Group different from other developers?
o    RR Lunkad Group stands out due to our commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. We prioritize our client's needs and ensure that every project meets the highest standards.

2.    How long has RR Lunkad Group been in the real estate business?
o    We have been in the real estate business for over 20 years, delivering excellence in both residential and commercial developments.

3.    What types of properties does RR Lunkad Group offer?
o    We offer a wide range of properties including residential apartments, commercial office spaces, and retail outlets.

4.    Are RR Lunkad Group’s projects eco-friendly?
o    Yes, we incorporate environmentally sustainable practices in our construction processes to promote eco-friendly living.

5.    Where are RR Lunkad Group’s projects located?
o    Our projects are primarily located in prime areas of Pune, including Wakad, Pimple Nilakh, Alandi Road, and Wadmukhwadi.

6.    What amenities do RR Lunkad Group’s residential projects offer?
o    Our residential projects are equipped with modern amenities such as clubhouses, swimming pools, fitness centers, landscaped gardens, and more.

7.    How can I invest in an RR Lunkad property?
o    You can visit our website or contact our sales team for detailed information on available properties and the investment process.

8.    What is the process of buying a property from RR Lunkad Group?
o    The process involves selecting a property, booking it with an initial payment, completing the documentation, and finalizing the purchase with the remaining payments.

9.    Does RR Lunkad Group offer financing options?
o    Yes, we have tie-ups with leading banks and financial institutions to assist our clients with home loan options.

10.    Can I visit the project site before making a decision?
o    Absolutely! We encourage our clients to visit the project sites to get a firsthand experience of the location, amenities, and quality of construction.