New Project
Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
Shops A 31.63 340.462 68.77 Lakhs*
Shops A 37.95 408.490 95.47 Lakhs*
Shops A 51.93 558.969 1.29 Cr*
3 BHK A 94.62 1018.49 72.02 Lakhs*
3.5 BHK A 111.20 1196.96 83.73 Lakhs*
2 BHK Smart C 52.68 567 41.26 Lakhs*
3 BHK C 94.76 1020 72.8 Lakhs*
2 BHK H On Request On Request 41.4 Lakhs*
2 BHK H On Request On Request 52.16 Lakhs*
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2 , 3 & 3.5 BHK Homes

Rs. 41.26 Lakhs*-Rs. 1.29 Cr*
Possession Date - Jul, 2023
Gandharva Excellence
2 , 3 & 3.5 BHK Homes
Rs. 41.26 Lakhs*-Rs. 1.29 Cr*
Possession - Jul, 2023
Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
1 BHK 1 42.27 455 35.17 Lakhs*
1 BHK 1 43.39 467 35.98 Lakhs*
1 BHK 1 45.34 488 37.39 Lakhs*
2 BHK 1 61.59 663 50.93 Lakhs*
2 BHK 1 62.62 674 51.69 Lakhs*
2 BHK 1 64.75 697 52.21 Lakhs*
3 BHK 1 77.85 838 63.1 Lakhs*
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1, 2, & 3 BHK

Rs. 35.17 Lakhs*-Rs. 63.1 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Dec, 2026
Gandharv Mithila
1, 2, & 3 BHK
Rs. 35.17 Lakhs*-Rs. 63.1 Lakhs*
Possession - Dec, 2026

Yogesh Enterprises

Yogesh Enterprises - Building Dreams, One Brick at a Time

Why Choose Yogesh Enterprises?

Established in 1991, Yogesh Enterprises has set up a good foundation for itself as a foundation in the development business, eminent for its unfaltering obligation to quality and development. With more than thirty years of involvement, this developer has changed the scene of private and business land, conveying projects that consistently mix usefulness, feel, and manageability.

The builder was conceived out of a dream to make spaces that address the issues of the present as well as expect the requests representing things to come. From its unassuming starting points, the organization has developed into a confided in name, known for its careful scrupulousness and client driven approach. Each venture embraced by the builder is a demonstration of their devotion to greatness, guaranteeing that each design endures for the long haul. The organization's portfolio brags a different reach projects, from lavish private edifices to cutting edge business spaces. Each venture is described by imaginative plan, prevalent craftsmanship, and a pledge to ecological manageability. By coordinating green structure rehearses and maintainable materials, Yogesh Enterprises Pune not just upgrades the personal satisfaction for its clients yet additionally contributes emphatically to the climate.

As a forerunner in the construction industry,, the builder keeps on pushing the limits of what is conceivable, reliably conveying projects that surpass assumptions. Whether it's structure dream homes or making dynamic business spaces, the builder stays devoted to creating conditions that motivate and persevere.


About Yogesh Enterprises

For more than thirty years, Yogesh Enterprises has been a leading force in the land business, setting benchmarks through development while continuously focusing on its clients' needs. Established in 1991, the organization has grown to more than 22 tasks, encompassing north of 1 million square feet of improvement and plotting across the PCMC locale of Pune. These undertakings have acquainted inhabitants with further developed ways of life and improved living conditions, molding neighborhoods with a mix of innovation and solace.

The groundwork of the builer is based on trust — trust from clients, accomplices, and partners, which the organization thinks about its most critical accomplishment throughout recent years. Each task embraced by the organization is an achievement, displaying its enduring obligation to quality and consumer loyalty. From Moshi to Dighi, Dehu to Chakan, Lohegaon to Markal, and Chikhali to Bhosari, the builer has made a permanent imprint on the scene, changing more than 20,67,934 square feet into fastidiously created living spaces. This devotion has brought about in excess of 23,000 blissful families finding their fantasy homes.

Yogesh Enterprises Pune works with a reasonable vision and mission. The organization's vision is the development of the gathering towards the "top" through the development and fulfilment of each and every individual related to the gathering. Its central goal centers around improving and developing each person inside the gathering to empower them to perform at their best across different levels and sections.

The initiative group, involving Mr. Vinayakrao Bhongale (Organizer and Executive), Mr. Yogesh Bhongale (President), Mrs. Kavita Bhongale Kadu Patil (Chief), and Mr. Sanjay Bhongale (Chief), brings an abundance of involvement and a common obligation to the organization's guiding principle and vision. Under their direction, the builder keeps on pushing the limits of land advancement, conveying projects that surpass assumptions and endure for an extremely long period.


Key Services Offered

Yogesh Enterprises, a forerunner in the development business, offers an extensive scope of administrations intended to meet the different requirements of their clients. With a guarantee to quality, development, and consumer loyalty, the organization has effectively conveyed various undertakings across the private, business, and custom structure areas.

In private development, the builder succeeds in making extravagant and maintainable living spaces. Their tasks are known for fastidious plan, top notch materials, and present day conveniences, guaranteeing a predominant living encounter. The organization's private portfolio incorporates an assortment of lodging choices, from condos to estates, taking care of various way of life needs and inclinations. Every advancement is created to give solace and accommodation, mirroring the organization's devotion to improving the personal satisfaction for its inhabitants.

Yogesh Enterprises Pune additionally has some expertise in business development, creating cutting edge office spaces, retail edifices, and modern offices. Understanding the interesting necessities of business projects, the organization conveys spaces that are practical, stylishly satisfying, and helpful for business development. Their business projects are decisively found and intended to upgrade efficiency and effectiveness, making them ideal for organizations, everything being equal.

Notwithstanding new development, the builder offers master redesign and renovating administrations. Whether it's refreshing a solitary room or a total property update, their group carries new life to existing spaces. They center around mixing current plan patterns with the client's vision, guaranteeing that redesigned spaces are both lovely and practical, while improving the general worth of the property.

The builder gives custom development arrangements custom-made to individual client needs. From starting idea to definite execution, the organization works intimately with clients to make exclusively constructed homes and business spaces that mirror their exceptional preferences and necessities. Their group of experienced engineers, originators, and developers guarantees that each custom task is executed with accuracy and greatness.


Quality and Sustainability

Yogesh Enterprises remains as a guide of value and manageability in the land business, driven by a guarantee to giving top notch properties at reasonable costs. Each venture is carefully arranged and executed to guarantee everything about the best expectations of greatness. This commitment to quality guarantees that all properties are stylishly satisfying as well as strong and useful, offering long haul benefit to occupants and financial backers the same. The center of the builder prosperity lies in its unfaltering obligation to moderateness without settling for less on quality. By productively overseeing assets and utilizing progressed development procedures, the organization conveys better properties that are open than a great many clients. This equilibrium between quality and moderateness has been a vital calculate building a dependable client base throughout the long term.

Trust and altruism are the foundations of the builder's standing. Throughout recent many years, the organization has procured the trust of its clients through steady execution and dependability. This standing is based on an underpinning of straightforwardness, trustworthiness, and a client driven approach. By keeping up with open correspondence and following through on guarantees, the builder has cultivated long haul associations with clients, accomplices, and partners.

The visionary authority of Mr. Vinayakrao Pandharinath Bhongale has been instrumental in driving the organization's development. His prescience and creative methodology have directed Yogesh Enterprises Pune toward new skylines, making it a forerunner in the land business. Under his direction, the organization has embraced supportable structure works on, coordinating eco-accommodating materials and energy-productive advancements into their ventures. This obligation to maintainability diminishes the natural effect as well as upgrades the living experience for occupants.


Customer Testimonials

Consumer loyalty is a definitive proportion of progress for any business, and Yogesh Enterprises is no special case. Throughout recent many years, the organization has gained notoriety for greatness, straightforwardness, and unwavering quality, as reflected in the shining tributes from its clients. These tributes feature the trust and altruism that the builder has worked through its steady execution and client driven approach.

One of the key components that clients habitually acclaim is the nature of development. Mr. Arun Deshpande, a pleased property holder at one of the builder' private undertakings, shares, "From the underlying stages to the last handover, the meticulousness and obligation to quality were obvious. Our house was followed through on time, and the craftsmanship is extraordinary. It really feels like a blessing from heaven."

One more huge angle valued by clients is the organization's straightforward and legit dealings. Mrs. Sunita Kulkarni, an occupant of another Ythe builder project, states, "What intrigued us the most was their straightforwardness. There were no secret expenses, and everything about conveyed plainly. It made the whole purchasing process peaceful and agreeable."

Clients also commend the innovative and sustainable practice embraced by Yogesh Enterprises Pune. Mr. Ramesh Patil, a business space proprietor, noticed, “The consolidation of eco-accommodating materials and energy-effective plans in their ventures separates them. Besides the fact that we save money on utility expenses, however we likewise feel better about our decreased natural impression.”


Future Plans and Vision

Yogesh Enterprises imagines a future set apart by development, development, and a faithful obligation to consumer loyalty. The organization's vision centers around accomplishing top development while guaranteeing the fulfillment and improvement of each and every individual related with the gathering. This vision fills in as a core value for every future undertaking, driving the organization to improve and extend its points of view constantly.

Fundamental to the buidler's likely arrangements is the development of its venture portfolio. The organization intends to foster more private and business projects across the PCMC area of Pune and then some. By utilizing state of the art development advancements and maintainable structure rehearses, the builder intends to present new, cutting-edge living and working spaces that take special care of current requirements. These activities won't just improve the metropolitan scene yet in addition furnish occupants and organizations with conditions that advance prosperity and efficiency.

Development will assume a critical part in the organization's development procedure. The builder is focused on consolidating the most recent headways in development and plan to offer one of a kind and unrivaled items. This incorporates the reconciliation of shrewd home advancements, energy-proficient frameworks, and eco-accommodating materials in every single future turn of events. By embracing these advancements, the organization means to set new benchmarks in the land business and fulfill the developing needs of its customers.

Sustainability stays at the center of Yogesh Enterprises Pune' future vision. The organization intends to escalate its endeavors towards green structure works on, guaranteeing that all future undertakings limit ecological effect and add to a better planet. This obligation to maintainability won't just help the climate yet additionally upgrade the personal satisfaction for inhabitants and tenants.

Besides, the builder is committed to encouraging a culture of constant learning and development among its representatives and partners. By putting resources into preparing and improvement programs, the organization means to furnish its group with the abilities and information expected to succeed in a quickly evolving industry. 


Yogesh Enterprises - Completed Residential Projects in Pune

1.    Gandharav Excellence - Moshi Pune.
2.    Highland Spaces - Moshi Pune.


Yogesh Enterprises - Ongoing Residential Projects in Pune

1.    Gandharv Mithila - Moshi Pune.
2.    Gandharv Pearl - Dighi, Pune
3.    Gandharv Marigold - Bhosari, Pune
4.    Gandharv Nagari A3 - Moshi Pune.


In Conclusion, Yogesh Enterprises remains as a signal of greatness in the land business, driven by a promise to quality, development, and manageability. North of thirty years, the organization has changed the scene of the PCMC area in Pune, conveying excellent private and business projects that surpass assumptions.

With a reasonable vision for development and consumer loyalty, the keeps on setting new benchmarks in the business. Their devotion to manageable practices and inventive arrangements guarantees a splendid future, building structures, however enduring connections and networks that flourish. Pick the builder as an accomplice you can trust to construct your fantasies.


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

1. What makes Yogesh Enterprises stand out in the real estate industry?
Yogesh Enterprises separates itself through its obligation to reasonableness without settling on quality, straightforward dealings, client driven approach, and reception of creative and manageable practices in the entirety of their tasks.

2. Can Yogesh Enterprises accommodate custom building requests?

Yes, Yogesh Enterprises offers customized development arrangements custom-made to individual client needs. From starting idea to definite execution, they work intimately with clients to make customized private and business spaces that reflect interesting inclinations and necessities.

3. How does Yogesh Enterprises contribute to sustainability?

Yogesh Enterprises coordinates eco-accommodating materials and energy-effective advancements in their ventures to limit natural effect. They are focused on feasible structure rehearses that upgrade the general personal satisfaction for inhabitants and contribute decidedly to the climate.