Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
3 BHK Villa Cluster 1,2,3,4 309.09 3327 2.95 Cr*
3 BHK Villa Cluster 1,2,3,4 407.19 4383 3.54 Cr*
4 BHK Villa Cluster 1,2,3,4 428.93 4616.960 5 Cr*
4 BHK Luxury Villa Cluster 1,2,3,4 539.58 5808 6.11 Cr*
5 BHK Luxury Villa Cluster 1,2,3,4 1142.15 12293.988 10.79 Cr*
5 BHK Luxury Villa Cluster 1,2,3,4 1433.68 15432 11.3 Cr*
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3, 4, 5 BHK Villas

Rs. 2.95 Cr*-Rs. 11.3 Cr*
Possession Date - Jun, 2024
Amoda Reserve
3, 4, 5 BHK Villas
Rs. 2.95 Cr*-Rs. 11.3 Cr*
Possession - Jun, 2024

kune - Snapshot

Why Choose Kune?

Kune settled in the beautiful environmental elements of Lonavala, Pune, offers a compelling mix of normal magnificence and present-day conveniences, making it an ideal decision for homebuyers and investors the same. With its quiet mood and closeness to nature spots like Lions Point, Wilderness Safari, Shivling Point, and the hypnotizing Kune Cascades, Kune gives a tranquil living climate that advances prosperity and unwinding.

Besides, Kune flaunts a vigorous educational infrastructure, with famous schools like ORCHIDS The Global School, Wear Bosco Secondary School, and VVS Gurukul Secondary School, alongside regarded universities like Sinhgad School and SKN Sinhgad Organization of Innovation and Science. This educational nexus guarantees that inhabitants approach quality training for their kids, making Kune an ideal objective for families looking for a healthy way of life.

Moreover, Kune's real estate market offers a different scope of residential and commercial properties, including lofts, villas, duplexes, and commercial spaces, taking care of the fluctuating needs and inclinations of purchasers. Whether you're searching for a quiet retreat in the midst of nature or looking for investment open doors in an expanding region, Kune gives a convincing recommendation for its beautiful appeal, educational foundations, and dynamic real estate market. Investigate the conceivable outcomes in Kune and leave on an excursion of tranquil living and productive investments.

Investment Potential in Kune:

Kune, arranged in the quiet environmental elements of Lonavala, Pune, presents a rewarding investment opportunity in both residential and commercial real estate areas. Throughout the long term, Kune has seen a consistent expansion in demand for properties, driven by its beautiful magnificence, closeness to nature spots, and developing infrastructure improvements.

Demand and Supply of Residential Properties in Kune:

The residential real estate market in Kune has seen an ascent in demand for condos, villas, and cabins, taking special care of the different necessities of homebuyers. With a scope of choices accessible, from comfortable 1 BHK condos to extensive 5 BHK villas, Kune offers something for each spending plan and way of life inclination. Besides, new villa projects and duplexes have been getting forward movement among purchasers, showing a positive development direction in the residential section.

Demand and Supply of Commercial Properties in Kune:

Notwithstanding residential properties, the commercial real estate area in Kune is seeing huge premiums from investors. With the foundation of educational organizations, including schools and universities, there's a developing demand for commercial spaces like shops, offices, and display areas. The accessibility of commercial properties available to be purchased in Kune presents a chance for investors to gain by the area's improvement potential and advantage from the rising demand for commercial spaces.

By and large, Kune's investment potential is highlighted by its regular excellence, developing infrastructure, and good market conditions, making it an alluring objective for those hoping to put resources into real estate. Investigate the large number of residential and commercial properties available to be purchased in Kune and quickly jump all over the chance to be essential for its thriving real estate market.

Current Infrastructure in Kune:

Kune settled in the beautiful environmental elements of Lonavala, Pune, flaunts a hearty infrastructure that takes special care of the necessities of its occupants and guests. With a scope of educational establishments, including schools like ORCHIDS The Global School, and universities like Sinhgad School, Kune offers quality training choices for understudies. Additionally, the presence of green spaces, for example, Lions Point, Wilderness Safari, and Kune Cascades improves the general allure of the area, giving sporting open doors in the midst of nature's serenity.

Upcoming Infrastructure in Kune:

The fate of Kune is ready for significantly greater improvement with a few upcoming infrastructure projects ready to go. These projects expect to upgrade the connectivity, availability, and bearableness of the area. From further developed street organizations to the improvement of new educational and sporting offices, Kune is set to observe huge headways that will add to its development and flourishing. Remain tuned for energizing advancements that will make Kune a much more helpful objective to live, work, and put resources into.

Past 5 Years Appreciation in Kune Real Estate Market:

Throughout recent years, the real estate market in Kune has encountered huge appreciation, driven by different elements including its quiet area, closeness to nature, and blossoming improvements. The demand for residential and commercial properties in Kune has consistently expanded, prompting an eminent flood in property estimations. With its pleasant scenes, green spaces, and great educational establishments, Kune has arisen as a sought-after objective for home buyers and investors the same. This appreciation pattern highlights the allure of Kune as an investment opportunity, promising worthwhile returns for those hoping to put resources into its flourishing real estate market.
To gain from the developing demand, a great many properties are ready to move in Kune, including condos, flats, villas, duplexes, penthouses, and commercial spaces. Whether you're looking for a comfortable condo or a roomy villa encompassed commonly, Kune offers different choices to suit each way of life and inclination. Investigate the accessible properties in Kune and immediately jump all over the chance to be essential for its thriving real estate scene.

Transportation and Connectivity at Kune:

Settled among Lonavala and Pune, Kune appreciates excellent transportation joins, working with simple access from different pieces of the district. Its advanced street network incorporates significant roadways and turnpikes, guaranteeing smooth connectivity to adjoining urban communities and towns. Occupants and guests benefit from a solid public transportation framework, with transports and taxicabs promptly accessible for helpful travel. Besides, adequate stopping offices in and around Kune take care of those settling on confidential transportation, further upgrading availability to this clamoring area.

Sustainability and Green Spaces in Kune:

Kune highly emphasizes its lavish greenery and resolute obligation to sustainability. Encircled by verdant woodlands and beautiful scenes, Kune offers a peaceful shelter in the midst of nature's hug. Parks, gardens, and sporting facilities are sprinkled all through the area, welcoming occupants to enjoy open-air exercises and comfortable walks. Embracing eco-accommodating practices, Kune advances drives for natural protection, cultivating serious areas of strength for of local area and obligation to save the district's normal quality for people in the future.

Cultural and Educational Nexus in Kune:

Eminent for its lively cultural and educational scene, Kune brags a different exhibit organizations and attractions taking special care of all interests. From regarded educational foundations giving first-rate learning valuable open doors to cultural center points and notable destinations praising the region's rich legacy, Kune offers a powerful climate for scholarly and cultural investigation. Inhabitants approach plenty of expressions and cultural occasions, studios, and legacy trails, enhancing their living experience and cultivating a profound association with the lively embroidery of Kune's people group.

Trending Residential Projects in Kune:

As Kune keeps on arising as a sought-after residential objective, a few trending projects are forming its real estate scene. From rich villas settled in the midst of nature's quietness to contemporary condos offering current conveniences, there's a different scope of choices to suit each way of life. Whether you're looking for a roomy 3 BHK loft or a comfortable 1 BHK unit, Kune presents a variety of residential properties customized to your inclinations. With an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, imaginative plans, and ideal spots, these trending projects vow to raise the residing experience for knowing homebuyers.

1. Amoda Reserve,  Kune

Trending Commercial Projects in Kune:

Pair with its residential turns of events, Kune is likewise seeing a flood in trending commercial projects, taking care of the developing demand for business spaces and retail outlets. From energetic shopping edifices to cutting-edge office structures, these projects offer prime open doors for business visionaries and investors the same. Whether you're hoping to lay out your business or extend your retail presence, Kune gives a helpful climate to commercial endeavors. With key areas, current infrastructure, and clamoring commercial center points, these trending projects set up for business achievement and development in Kune's dynamic marketplace.


In conclusion, Kune remains an ideal spot in the Lonavala-Pune locale, offering an ideal mix of normal excellence and metropolitan comfort. With its quiet environmental elements, vicinity to green spaces, and accessibility of first-rate educational establishments, Kune presents an ideal setting for families and experts looking for a decent way of life. The continuous improvements in both residential and commercial real estate highlight Kune's development potential, making it an alluring investment objective for those hoping to get their future in a flourishing local area settled in the midst of nature's hug.


What makes Kune a helpful area for real estate investment?
Kune's pleasant environmental factors, closeness to nature, and developing infrastructure settle on it an alluring decision for real estate investment. With expanding improvements and a tranquil climate, Kune offers an ideal mix of metropolitan comfort and regular magnificence.

Are there any prestigious schools and universities in Kune?
Indeed, Kune flaunts a few presumed educational organizations, including ORCHIDS The Worldwide School, Wear Bosco Secondary School and Junior School, Sinhgad School, and SKN SINHGAD Establishment OF Innovation AND SCIENCE. These organizations give quality instruction and add to the general allure of Kune as a residential objective.

What sporting open doors are accessible in Kune?
Kune offers bountiful sporting open doors, with attractions like Lions Point Lonavala, Wilderness Safari (ATV Rides), Shivling Point, and the hypnotizing Kune Cascades. Occupants can enjoy outside exercises, nature strolls, and experience sports, adding to the area's appeal.

What sorts of properties are ready to move in Kune?
A different scope of properties is ready to move in Kune, including condos, flats, villas, duplexes, penthouses, cabins, and commercial properties. These choices take care of different inclinations and financial plans, offering something for everybody.

Are there any continuous residential or commercial projects in Kune?
Indeed, Kune is seeing continuous advancements in both residential and commercial areas, with various projects taking special care of the rising demand for lodging and business spaces. These projects guarantee present-day conveniences, creative plans, and an elevated expectation of living.

What are the typical property costs in Kune?
Property costs in Kune change contingent on elements like area, size, and conveniences. By and large, costs range from reasonable to premium, guaranteeing that purchasers can find properties acceptable for them range.

Is Kune reasonable for families searching for a quiet living climate?
Totally! Kune offers a serene living climate in the midst of nature's excellence, making it an ideal decision for families looking for a quiet retreat away from the hurrying around of city life. The overflow of green spaces and sporting offices further upgrades personal satisfaction in Kune.

Are there any remarkable tourist spots or attractions close to Kune?
Indeed, Kune is encircled by a few remarkable tourist spots and attractions, including Lions Point Lonavala, Wilderness Safari (ATV Rides), Shivling Point, and the enamoring Kune Cascades. These attractions add to the area's charm and give occupants sufficient chances for investigation and recreation.