Chinchechi Baug,

Ghotawade - Bhegadewadi

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
Plot 14A 243.62 2622.33 85.6 Lakhs*
Plot 16 462.80 4981.58 1.58 Cr*
Plot 25A 189.67 2041.61 69.6 Lakhs*
Plot 27 365.35 3932.63 1.27 Cr*
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Residential Plots

Rs. 64.15 Lakhs*-Rs. 3.76 Cr*
Possession Date - May, 2025
Chinchechi Baug
Residential Plots
Rs. 64.15 Lakhs*-Rs. 3.76 Cr*
Possession - May, 2025

bhegadewadi - Snapshot

Title - Exploring the Emerging Oasis: Bhegadewadi's Growth and Opportunity

Why Choose Bhegadewadi?

Choosing Bhegadewadi for your residential or investment needs offers a mix of tranquillity and comfort. Settled in the Mulshi tehsil of Pune locale, this pleasant village boasts a tranquil climate away from the rushing about of city life. With a total population of only 1,330 occupants and a simple 288 houses, Bhegadewadi oozes a feeling of selectiveness and intimacy, ideal for those seeking a peaceful retreat
One of the village's notable features is its commendable literacy rate, standing at 69.10%. This mirrors a local area that values education and development, making it an ideal setting for families looking to settle down. Additionally, Bhegadewadi benefits from its nearness to Pune, a major monetary centre only 22 kilometres away. Occupants value easy access to metropolitan amenities and business open doors while relishing the peacefulness of village life.
Whether you're in search of a comfortable 1BHK, a spacious villa, or an excessive penthouse, Bhegadewadi offers a scope of housing choices to suit every lifestyle. With its terrific magnificence, serene mood, and supportive area, Bhegadewadi presents a compelling decision for those seeking a harmonious blend of rustic appeal and current comfort.

Investment Potential in Bhegadewadi:

Demand & Supply of Residential Properties:
Bhegadewadi presents a compelling an open door for residential property investment, portrayed by a harmonious harmony between market interest and supply. Its serene climate and closeness to Pune have lighted a burgeoning interest in residential land among nearby residents and investors the same. With a reasonable market landscape, Bhegadewadi offers a diverse scope of housing options to take special care of the needs and preferences of prospective buyers. This harmony among request and supply underscores the attractiveness of Bhegadewadi as a residential destination, making it an optimal decision for those seeking peacefulness and comfort close to Pune.

Demand & Supply of Commercial Properties:

As the village develops into a semi-urban enclave, there's a nascent demand for local amenities and administrations, creating potential open doors for small-scale commercial endeavours like shops and workplaces. In any case, given its primarily agrarian setting and restricted infrastructure, commercial improvement in Bhegadewadi requires careful consideration of market dynamics and local area needs. Regardless, with reasonable planning and strategic investment, Bhegadewadi holds guarantee as a specialty commercial centre point catering to the evolving needs of its populace.
As Bhegadewadi transitions from a rural village to a burgeoning semi-urban enclave, there arises a burgeoning demand for local amenities and administrations, paving the way for potential open doors for small-scale commercial endeavors like shops and workplaces. In any case, owing to its predominantly agrarian landscape and restricted infrastructure, any commercial improvement in Bhegadewadi necessitates a smart assessment of market dynamics and local area prerequisites. In any case, with reasonable planning and strategic investment, Bhegadewadi holds guarantee as a specialty commercial centre point catering to the evolving needs of its occupants.

Current Infrastructure in Bhegadewadi :
Housing options for residents range from comfortable 1BHK apartments to ample 5BHK villas, as well as extreme duplexes and penthouses. Bhegadewadi is seeing improvements in various infrastructure areas notwithstanding residential infrastructure.

There has been a prominent flood in the improvement of commercial properties, including shops and workplaces, indicating a growing neighborhood economy and increasing interest for amenities and administrations within the village.

In addition to its assorted residential choices, Bhegadewadi is experiencing notable upgrades across various aspects of infrastructure. The flood in commercial property improvement, including shops and workplaces, highlights a burgeoning local economy and a rising demand for amenities and administrations within the village.

This pattern means a shift towards a more vibrant and self-sustaining local area, as Bhegadewadi develops from its rural roots into a semi-urban enclave. As the village continues to create and modernize, inhabitants can anticipate a more improved and helpful way of life, with access to many housing decisions and essential amenities right at their doorstep.

Upcoming Infrastructure in Bhegadewadi 

As Bhegadewadi evolves into a sought-after residential region, a slew of upcoming infrastructure projects promises to lift the personal satisfaction for its residents. Among these developments are various housing options custom fitted to diverse needs and preferences. From comfortable 1BHK apartments to expansive 5BHK villas, and luxurious duplexes and penthouses, Bhegadewadi's land landscape is poised for expansion. These upcoming housing choices offer occupants a wide exhibit of options for present day and comfortable living, ensuring that Bhegadewadi continues to flourish as a desirable residential destination.

Past 5 Years Appreciation in Real Estate Market:

Throughout the course of recent years, the real estate market in Bhegadewadi has encountered remarkable appreciation across various property portions. From unobtrusive 1BHK apartments to sumptuous 5BHK villas and upscale duplexes and penthouses, all have seen a notable flood in demand and value. Factors like increasing urbanization, further developed infrastructure, and the village's closeness to Pune have filled this development. 
The appeal of Bhegadewadi lies in its tranquil climate, combined with the availability of present day amenities and picturesque surroundings. Subsequently, investors and homebuyers alike have shown distinct fascination with the properties presented here, leading to steady appreciation in real estate costs throughout the last half-decade. This upward pattern mirrors the village's rise as a desirable residential destination, attracting individuals and families looking for a harmonious mix of rural charm and urban comfort.

Transportation & Connectivity:

Bhegadewadi, settled in the picturesque edges of Pune, boasts helpful transportation and network choices, facilitating seamless access to nearby urban focuses and then some. The village is very much associated by road, with major arterial courses like the Pune-Mumbai Expressway providing quick availability to Pune downtown area, located approximately 22 kilometres away. Occupants can easily drive to Pune for work, education, or recreation activities, leveraging the very much maintained road organization.

Additionally, Bhegadewadi benefits from vicinity to Hinjewadi, a prominent IT and commercial centre in Pune. The village fills in as a helpful residential location for professionals working in Hinjewadi, with a manageable drive of around 14 kilometers. This accessibility enhances the appeal of Bhegadewadi as a residential destination, offering a tranquil retreat from the urban hustle without settling for less on network.

Bhegadewadi, nestled in the scenic outskirts of Pune, offers helpful transportation and availability options, ensuring seamless access to local metropolitan centres and then some. All around associated by street, the village benefits from major blood vessel routes like the Pune-Mumbai Expressway, facilitating speedy access to Pune downtown area, roughly 22 kilometres away. Residents appreciate easy commuting for work, schooling, and sporting activities, thanks to the very much maintained street organization. With solid transportation infrastructure set up, Bhegadewadi provides residents with productive availability to Pune and surrounding areas, enhancing comfort and accessibility for day to day travel needs.

Sustainability and Green Spaces:

Bhegadewadi's focus on green spaces and eco-accommodating infrastructure makes it a great representation of sustainable living. There are various housing options in this beautiful local area, nestled among its lush verdure. From comfortable 1BHK apartments to open 5BHK villas and serene bungalows, there is something for everybody. All of these homes is designed considering sustainability, featuring elements like solar panels for renewable energy creation, rainwater gathering systems, and effective waste administration techniques.
Besides, the village boasts ample green spaces, including local area parks, landscaped gardens, and recreational areas, which act as lungs for the climate and sanctuaries for biodiversity. Inhabitants of Bhegadewadi partake in a harmonious relationship with nature, nurturing and preserving the rich flora and fauna that flourishes within their middle.

Cultural and Educational Nexus:

Settled amidst the quiet landscapes of Bhegadewadi lies a vibrant cultural and educational nexus, enriching the existences of its inhabitants and fostering a dynamic local area soul. At the heart of this nexus are regarded educational institutions like ORCHIDS The International School, Rani Laxmibai Mulinchi Sainiki Shala, and Pawar Government funded School. These institutions give quality education as well as act as habitats for comprehensive turn of events, nurturing youthful minds with information and values.
Complementing the educational landscape are enriching cultural centres like Ravi's Music Academy and Recording Studio, where aspiring musicians and enthusiasts gather to sharpen their talents and celebrate the universal language of music. Additionally, the Activity Centre adds a playful aspect to local area life, offering recreational activities and creative source for inhabitants, everything being equal.
This amalgamation of educational and cultural institutions creates a dynamic biological system, fostering learning, creativity, and social union within the local area. Occupants of Bhegadewadi benefit from access to quality education, cultural advancement, and open doors for personal development, consequently enhancing the fabric of village life and contributing to its vibrant tapestry of variety and dynamism.

Trending Residential Projects:

Find the latest residential marvels in Bhegadewadi! From smooth 1BHK apartments to expansive 5BHK villas and rich duplexes, Bhegadewadi's trending residential ventures redefine present day living. These improvements boast state-of-the-art amenities, beautiful surroundings, and strategic locations, promising occupants the ideal mix of solace, comfort, and tranquillity. Whether you're seeking a comfortable retreat or a spacious haven, Bhegadewadi's residential ventures cater to each taste and way of life, setting new standards of elegance and sophistication in this burgeoning locale.

Trending Commercial Projects:

From Bhegadewadi Levels, a mix of commercial and residential spaces, to the bustling Bhegadewadi Plaza offering retail and dining choices, our tasks redefine comfort and present day living. The Bhegadewadi Business Park caters to corporate necessities, providing cutting-edge workspaces for businesses aiming to flourish in this vibrant locale. Join us in shaping the eventual fate of commercial greatness in Bhegadewadi.
Chinchechi Baug, Ghotawade – Bhegadewadi


The commercial landscape of Bhegadewadi is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by innovation and development. As new ventures arise, they not just meet the evolving needs of the local area yet in addition set up for a dynamic and prosperous future. Whether it's retail, dining, corporate, or residential, Bhegadewadi offers a different array of chances for investors and business people alike. As we witness the ascent of these trending commercial undertakings, we anticipate a future where Bhegadewadi stands as a beacon of monetary vitality and local area success.


1.    What are the available housing choices in Bhegadewadi?
A.    Bhegadewadi offers a range of housing options, including 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, and even luxurious duplexes, penthouses, villas, and bungalows to cater to various preferences and requirements.

2.    Are there any notable educational institutions in Bhegadewadi?
A.    Yes, Bhegadewadi hosts renowned educational institutions like ORCHIDS The International School, Rani Laxmibai Mulinchi Sainiki Shala, and Pawar Public School, ensuring access to quality education for residents.

3.    What commercial opportunities are available in Bhegadewadi?
A.    Bhegadewadi is witnessing the emergence of exciting commercial projects such as Bhegadewadi Heights, Bhegadewadi Plaza, and the Bhegadewadi Business Park, offering retail, dining, office, and corporate spaces to meet the growing demands of the community and businesses.