Bhansali Zinnea,

Bavdhan - Chandani Chowk

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 1 71.16 766 1 Cr*
3 BHK 1 98.76 1063 1.36 Cr*
3 BHK 1 106.28 1144 1.46 Cr*
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2 & 3 BHK Apartment

Rs. 1 Cr*-Rs. 1.46 Cr*
Possession Date - Sep, 2023
Bhansali Zinnea
Chandani Chowk
2 & 3 BHK Apartment
Rs. 1 Cr*-Rs. 1.46 Cr*
Possession - Sep, 2023

chandani chowk - Snapshot

Title - Discovering Chandani Chowk: A Lively Centre of Residential and Commercial Opportunities


Why choose Chandani Chowk?

Chandani Chowk in Pune stands out as an optimal residential destination for several compelling reasons. Situated in Bavdhan, it serves as a significant intersection in the southwestern area of the city, ensuring fantastic network by means of public highways and the Mumbai-Pune Roadway. This bustling region boasts a plenty of housing options, ranging from comfortable 1 BHK apartments to spacious 3 BHK configurations, alongside duplexes, penthouses, and villas to take special care of diverse preferences. With the extension of the Pune Metro course to Chandani Chowk, commuting becomes sans hassle, enhancing the accommodation of residents. Despite being a center point of vehicular traffic, Chandani Chowk offers essential amenities like schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, and shopping centers in close nearness, ensuring a comfortable lifestyle for its residents. Whether you seek a quiet dwelling place or an investment opportunity, Chandani Chowk presents a promising decision with its energetic surroundings and robust infrastructure.

Investment Potential in Chandani Chowk

a)    Demand & Supply of Residential Properties:

Chandani Chowk, nestled in the unique domain of Bavdhan, Pune, has arisen as a sought-after residential destination. Offering a scope of housing options, from comfortable 1BHK apartments to spacious 3BHK villas, Chandani Chowk caters to diverse preferences of homebuyers. The region boasts incredible availability, situated along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and accessible through the drawn out Pune Metro course.
With a typical cost of Rs. 6714.0 per sq-ft, Chandani Chowk presents a decent market, witnessing steady interest and supply. The territory's closeness to key amenities such as schools, hospitals, and shopping malls further enhances its allure among home seekers. Despite traffic challenges during top hours, Chandani Chowk continues to draw in residents because of its helpful area and advanced infrastructure.

b)    Demand & Supply of Commercial Properties:

Chandani Chowk, situated in Bavdhan, Pune, is witnessing a surge popular for commercial properties because of its strategic area and fantastic network. With the Pune Metro course stretched out to Chandani Chowk and its vicinity to significant public highways, the region is becoming a hotspot for commercial investments. In request to oblige the increasing number of residents and cars using the region, there is an increasing interest for commercial spaces, such as stores, offices, and retail establishments.
Similarly, Chandani Chowk's thriving social infrastructure — which includes shopping centres, clinics, and schools — further increases its appeal for companies. The accessibility of commercial properties in a scope of layouts, from stores to offices, satisfies the various needs of business owners and financiers. As a result, Chandani Chowk presents promising opportunities for those seeking to establish or extend their commercial ventures in Pune's thriving landscape.

Current Infrastructure in Chandani Chowk

Situated in Pune's Bavdhan area, Chandani Chowk has a strong infrastructure that meets the various demands of its citizens. Associated with the metro and street networks, Chandani Chowk is an essential crossing point for cars coming from the west and south of Pune. Its ideal area beside the Mumbai-Pune Expressway guarantees easy access to significant locations.
The local offers an assortment of housing alternatives, such as 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK flats that are equipped with the necessities for a pleasant lifestyle. Moreover, Chandani Chowk's residents' personal satisfaction is worked on by the local's close vicinity to significant establishments like banks, ATMs, schools, colleges, restaurants, and hospitals.
Despite challenges such as gridlock and contamination during top hours, Chandani Chowk remains a sought-after residential destination because of its deeply grounded social infrastructure and network to significant work hubs. With its expanding metro course and growing land interest, Chandani Chowk promises a dynamic and helpful lifestyle for its residents.

Upcoming Infrastructure in Chandani Chowk

Chandani Chowk, a bustling region in Pune, is set to witness significant improvements in its infrastructure, pointed toward enhancing network and comfort for residents. One of the most eminent developments is the extension of the Pune Metro course to Chandani Chowk, promising easier commutes for day to day travellers.
In addition, the region is slated to profit from street enhancements, ensuring smoother traffic stream and better access to neighbouring regions. The objective of Chandani Chowk is to solve the issues caused by vehicle traffic, especially during top hours, by emphasizing the improvement of street condition and the expansion of parking facilities.
Plans are also in progress to strengthen social infrastructure with the expansion of additional facilities like retail malls, schools, hospitals, and sports arenas. These developments are poised to transform Chandani Chowk into a more decent and very much associated region, further augmenting its allure as a desirable residential destination in Pune.

Past 5 Years Appreciation in Real Estate Market:

Throughout the course of recent years, Chandani Chowk in Pune has witnessed significant appreciation in its housing market. The domain has turned into a well-known destination for the two investors and homeowners because of its strategic area and newly created infrastructure.
Buyers currently have more alternatives because to the accessibility of various property types, including duplexes, penthouses, apartments, and 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK apartments. The construction of new commercial buildings and villa developments has also assisted the Chandani Chowk land with marketing.
The typical cost per square foot has seen a steady rise, reflecting the increasing interest and worth of properties nearby. This appreciation is also ascribed to the very much associated metro and street networks, vicinity to instructive institutions, medical care facilities, and shopping malls.

Transportation & Connectivity:

Chandani Chowk, nestled in Bavdhan, Pune, boasts great transportation and network options. Situated along the Mumbai-Pune Roadway, it serves as an indispensable passage point for vehicular traffic from the west and south of Pune. The territory enjoys seamless availability through public highways and is set to benefit further with the extension of the Pune Metro course.
Residents have easy access to metro stations and all around maintained roads, facilitating advantageous commutes within and past the area. Chandani Chowk's strategic area ensures smooth network to significant business hubs and key areas of Pune. Whether by street or metro, residents can effortlessly explore through the city.
With its robust transportation infrastructure and network, Chandani Chowk stands out as a prime residential destination, offering a harmonious mix of accessibility and comfort for its residents.

Sustainability and Green Spaces:

Chandani Chowk, nestled in the center of Pune's bustling Bavdhan locale, is a thriving domain as well as a middle point of sustainable living. Amidst the metropolitan landscape, Chandani Chowk boasts of lush green spaces that offer a genuinely necessary refresher amidst the city's hustle and bustle. Residents here partake in the vicinity to nature while relishing the comforts of present day living.
The region's obligation to sustainability is obvious in its very much arranged infrastructure, with eco-accommodating initiatives integrated into its residential projects and commercial spaces. Chandani Chowk prioritizes green living, with sustainable practices empowered in regular day to day existence.
With a focus on preserving the climate, Chandani Chowk provides sufficient chances for residents to interface with nature through parks, gardens, and tree-lined streets. These green spaces not just upgrade the esthetic allure of the territory yet in addition add to the general prosperity of its residents.

Cultural and Educational Nexus:

Nestled in the lively city of Pune, Chandani Chowk emerges as a thriving centre point of culture and training. With a plenty of instructive institutes like Padmabhooshan Vasantdada Patil Institute of Innovation, Maxwell International School, and Spring Orchid School, the territory fosters a helpful climate for scholastic greatness.
Past academics, Chandani Chowk pulsates with social liveliness. The region serves as a passage point for vehicular traffic from Pune's west and south, infusing it with a powerful energy. Residents appreciate access to a diverse scope of amenities, including banks, ATMs, restaurants, and medical care centres like Borse Nursing Home and Dr. Amit Deshmukh Hospital.
Additionally, Chandani Chowk's closeness to the Structure shopping centre in Kothrud adds to its charm, offering residents sufficient chances for leisure and diversion. With its robust infrastructure and rich social tapestry, Chandani Chowk emerges as a sought after destination for those seeking a harmonious mix of schooling and culture in Pune.

Trending Residential Projects:

Discover the representation of current living with trending residential projects in Chandani Chowk, Pune. Offering a blend of comfort and lavishness, these projects include meticulously designed 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK apartments alongside spacious duplexes and penthouses. Experience upscale amenities and contemporary design that redefine metropolitan living. 
Chandani Chowk's strategic area ensures easy network to significant highways and metro routes, making commuting a breeze. With a plenty of options ranging from villas to commercial spaces, investigate the lively lifestyle and investment opportunities in this bustling territory. Try not to miss out on the opportunity to be important for Chandani Chowk's flourishing land landscape.

Bhansali Zinnea, Bavdhan - Chandani Chowk

Trending Commercial Projects:

Chandani Chowk, nestled in Bavdhan, Pune, is witnessing a surge in commercial turn of events. With its strategic area and bustling surroundings, Chandani Chowk is becoming a hotspot for commercial projects. From upscale office spaces to dynamic retail outlets, the region offers a diverse scope of opportunities. With easy access to significant highways and the upcoming Pune Metro course, these projects are attracting investors and businesses the same. Whether you're looking for office spaces, shops, or investment opportunities, Chandani Chowk presents a variety of options to suit your commercial needs.


Chandani Chowk, nestled in Bavdhan, Pune, emerges as a dynamic centre point offering a plenty of residential and commercial opportunities. Boasting a strategic area with seamless network by means of metro and public highways, Chandani Chowk provides an optimal living climate with a scope of housing options from 1BHK to spacious villas. While the territory enjoys a bustling atmosphere with essential amenities like schools, hospitals, and shopping malls, it also grapples with gridlock and contamination issues during top hours. Nevertheless, Chandani Chowk continues to draw in residents and investors the same, energized by its evolving infrastructure and promising land prospects.


1. Which kinds of land are accessible in Chandani Chowk?
To meet a great many residential and commercial purposes, Chandani Chowk provides various properties, including duplexes, penthouses, villas, and apartments with one, two, and three bedrooms.

2. What facilities and amenities are close by at Chandani Chowk?
Residents of Chandani Chowk appreciate nearness to schools like Maxwell International School and medical care centres such as Borse Nursing Home. Shopping options like Westside-SGS Shopping centre and lifestyle stores are also close by.


3. How is the network and transportation infrastructure in Chandani Chowk?
Chandani Chowk is very much associated by metro and street, with easy access to the Pune Metro course. Moreover, the region enjoys great availability through public highways, making commuting helpful for residents.