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Possession Date - Mar, 2025
Raga Kingstown
Rs. 31 Lakhs*-Rs. 31 Lakhs*
Possession - Mar, 2025

chandkhed - Snapshot

Title - Chandkhed: Unveiling Peaceful Living amidst Pune's Scenic Scenery


Why choose Chandkhed?

Discover the quiet appeal of Chandkhed, which is concealed in Pune, Maharashtra's stunning surroundings. Because of its ideal area, Chandkhed offers speedy access to local communities including Talegaon Dabhade, Mamurdi, Kiwale, and Ravet as well as metropolitan comforts in a serene climate. Savour the serene atmosphere and close vicinity to Talegaon Dabhade, guaranteeing a quiet escape from the bustle of the city without sacrificing accessibility to necessities. Investigate a scope of residential options, from comfortable 1BHK apartments to spacious 3BHK villas and rewarding commercial properties, making Chandkhed an ideal decision for both living and investment endeavours.

Investment Potential in Chandkhed:

a)    Demand & Supply of Residential Properties:

Chandkhed, nestled in Pune's picturesque landscape, is witnessing a surge popular for residential properties. Nestled between Talegaon Dabhade, Mamurdi, Kiwale, and Ravet, Chandkhed provides a serene living encounter away from the bustle of the city. Property hunters looking for a tranquil escape are starting to hear increasingly more about this sleepy local area that is emphasized by a wealth of vegetation.
Residential properties in Chandkhed are popular in different layouts, including rich villas and 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK units. Moreover, investors and homeowners the same are attracted to duplexes, penthouses, and commercial spaces. At the point when you combine the quiet atmosphere with easy access to basic facilities, Chandkhed becomes a desirable spot to invest in land.
In response to the increasing interest for residential homes in Chandkhed, developers are concentrating on launching new villa developments, bungalows, and commercial properties.

b)    Demand & Supply of Commercial Properties:

Chandkhed, nestled in Pune's picturesque surroundings, emerges as a promising district for commercial ventures. Given its advantageous area close to Talegaon Dabhade and other close by locations, Chandkhed presents a worthwhile commercial housing market for properties. Because of its vicinity to significant cities like Pune, interest for commercial land, such as stores, offices, and commercial plots, is rising. In request to meet the changing needs of inhabitants for their lifestyles, there is an increasing interest for new villa projects and bungalows, which in turn drives the requirement for supporting commercial infrastructure.
Chandkhed's accessibility to significant cities further amplifies its allure for commercial investments. Be that as it may, the supply of commercial properties is yet to match the escalating request, presenting a promising an open door for developers and investors to gain by the burgeoning market capability of Chandkhed. As the village transitions into a bustling center, the interest supply dynamics of commercial properties continue to shape its land landscape, promising significant learning experiences.

Current Infrastructure in Chandkhed:

Chandkhed, situated in Pune, Maharashtra, boasts a promising region with helpful nearness to neighbouring areas like Talegaon Dabhade, Mamurdi, and Kiwale. This village, nestled in the picturesque Mawal taluka, presents a mix of peacefulness and accessibility. Residents benefit from its strategic area, with neighbouring cities like Pune enhancing its metropolitan availability. Chandkhed offers a diverse scope of residential options, including 1BHK to 5BHK villas, duplexes, and penthouses, catering to various housing preferences. Its evolving infrastructure showcases a growing potential for commercial turn of events, with opportunities for shops, offices, and commercial properties. The region's land landscape is witnessing new villa projects and bungalows, reflecting a surge in property investment. Chandkhed's on-going infrastructure, combined with its serene surroundings, presents an enticing prospect for those seeking a fair lifestyle amidst nature's magnificence and metropolitan amenities.

Upcoming Infrastructure in Chandkhed:

Chandkhed, nestled in Pune District, Maharashtra, is on the brink of transformation with upcoming infrastructure projects. This quaint territory, with its serene vibe and closeness to Talegaon Dabhade, Mamurdi, and Kiwale, is set to witness a surge being developed. The proposed infrastructure projects include new residential complexes featuring current amenities like 1BHK to 5BHK villas, duplexes, and penthouses. Additionally, commercial properties and shops for sale are supposed to deal with the growing needs of the neighborhood. With further developed availability to local areas like Ravet and Dattawadi, Chandkhed is poised for urbanization while retaining its village enchant. As the gram panchayat evolves, residents can anticipate a mix of contemporary living and regular excellence, making Chandkhed an ideal destination for homebuyers and investors the same.

Past 5 Years Appreciation in Real Estate Market:

Throughout recent years, Chandkhed has witnessed momentous appreciation in its housing market. Situated in the Pune district of Maharashtra, Chandkhed offers a mix of metropolitan comfort and country engage, making it an appealing destination for property investment. The territory's strategic area close to Talegaon Dabhade, Mamurdi, Kiwale, and Ravet has added to its development direction. With easy access to local cities like Pune, Chandkhed has arisen as a sought-after residential centre.
The land landscape in Chandkhed has seen significant turn of events, with a surge in residential projects offering a scope of options from 1BHK apartments to luxurious 5BHK villas. Furthermore, the interest for commercial properties, shops, and offices has also risen, reflecting the region's growing monetary action.
Investors and homebuyers the same have perceived Chandkhed's true capacity for appreciation, leading to a steady increase in property prices. With on-going infrastructure improvement and improving amenities, Chandkhed continues to be a promising investment destination in the Pune housing market.

Transportation & Connectivity:

Chandkhed, nestled in Pune's scenic surroundings, offers advantageous transportation and availability options for its residents. Situated in close vicinity to Talegaon Dabhade, Mamurdi, Kiwale, and Ravet, Chandkhed enjoys easy accessibility to local areas. Besides, with Pune just a stone's expendable; residents approach every one of the amenities and opportunities of a bustling city.
The village is very much associated by roadways, making commuting a breeze. Whether it's traveling to local cities or accessing essential services within Pune, residents can depend on an organization of very much maintained roads. Furthermore, Chandkhed benefits from its strategic area close to Talegaon Dabhade, a key transportation centre point.
For those seeking a serene yet very much associated living experience, Chandkhed proves to be an optimal decision. Its seamless availability, combined with the quietness of village life, offers the ideal mix of metropolitan comfort and provincial appeal.

Sustainability and Green Spaces:

Nestled in the lush surroundings of Pune district, Chandkhed embodies a sustainable living ethos amidst verdant green spaces. This picturesque territory, decorated with 1BHK to 5BHK villas and duplexes, offers a harmonious mix of current amenities and regular serenity. Talegaon Dabhade, Mamurdi, and Kiwale, among others, elegance its vicinity, enhancing its appeal.
Chandkhed stands as a testament to eco-conscious living, with more than adequate green spaces promoting a sound lifestyle. Its strategic area close to Talegaon Dabhade and Pune ensures helpful access to metropolitan amenities while preserving its serene climate. Residents revel in the scenic magnificence, fostering a sense of local area amidst nature's abundance.
As sustainability takes the all-important focal point, Chandkhed emerges as a signal of eco-accommodating living, embracing renewable practices and fostering green initiatives. With new villa projects and commercial properties on the rise, Chandkhed beckons those seeking a harmonious mix of present day comforts and natural consciousness.

Cultural and Educational Nexus:

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Pune District, Maharashtra, Chandkhed is a village as well as an energetic social and instructive centre. Surrounded by Talegaon Dabhade, Mamurdi, Kiwale, and other close by areas, Chandkhed exudes an interesting appeal enhanced by its nearness to metropolitan centres like Pune.
This quaint village, decorated with the picturesque setting of Mawal taluka, hosts a thriving social scene intertwined with its instructive endeavours. From conventional festivals to present day instructive institutions, Chandkhed offers a mix of legacy and progress.
Residents here approach a spectrum of housing options, from comfortable 1BHK apartments to spacious 5BHK villas and luxurious duplexes. Furthermore, commercial properties and shops take care of the diverse needs of the local area, fostering financial development and improvement.

Trending Residential Projects:

Discover the charm of Chandkhed, a burgeoning region nestled in the core of Pune District. Boasting a peaceful climate and picturesque surroundings, Chandkhed offers a harmonious mix of rustic appeal and metropolitan comfort. With adjacent areas like Talegaon Dabhade, Mamurdi, and Kiwale, residents appreciate easy access to essential amenities and major metropolitan centres.
Investigate the latest residential projects in Chandkhed, ranging from comfortable 1BHK apartments to spacious 5BHK villas. Whether you seek the simplicity of a bungalow or the class of a penthouse, Chandkhed caters to diverse housing preferences. From duplexes to penthouses, every residence is insightfully designed to lift your lifestyle.
Experience the exemplification of current living amidst the lush plant life of Chandkhed. With a plenty of new villa projects and commercial properties, this moment is the ideal opportunity to invest in this thriving region. Try not to miss the chance to make Chandkhed your new home and embrace an existence of comfort, extravagance, and serenity.

Raga Kingstown, Chandkhed

Trending Commercial Projects:

Chandkhed, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Pune district, Maharashtra, is witnessing a surge in commercial land improvement. With its strategic district close to Talegaon Dabhade, Mamurdi, Kiwale, and Ravet, Chandkhed is emerging as a promising spot for commercial ventures. The region offers a diverse scope of commercial properties, including shops, offices, and commercial spaces, catering to the growing interest of businesses and investors.
From bustling marketplaces to current office complexes, Chandkhed presents various opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors the same. Whether it's setting up retail outlets, corporate offices, or investment properties, Chandkhed provides an optimal climate for business development and prosperity.
With its vicinity to significant cities like Pune, Chandkhed offers superb network and access to a wide consumer base. 


Despite being a village with a gram panchayat, Chandkhed boasts current housing options, including villas, duplexes, and penthouses, catering to various housing needs. The serene mood, combined with the accessibility of commercial properties and shops, makes Chandkhed an alluring destination for both homebuyers and investors looking for worthwhile opportunities in the housing market.


1.  What kinds of Chandkhed residential properties are available?
In Chandkhed, you'll find a diverse scope of housing options, from duplexes and penthouses to villas, bungalows, and flats, accessible in configurations of one, two, and three bedrooms. Also there are new villa projects and commercial properties ready to move.

2. What are some close by areas from Chandkhed's point of view?
Talegaon Dabhade, Mamurdi, Kiwale, Ravet, and Dattawadi are close by areas of Chandkhed that furnish inhabitants with access to different amenities and facilities within a short drive.

3.  Is Chandkhed all around associated with significant cities and metropolitan centres?
Yes, Chandkhed enjoys vicinity to significant cities like Pune, Talegaon Dabhade, and Ravet. Moreover, the presence of key roads and highways ensures easy network to local metropolitan centres, enhancing accessibility.

4. What are the amenities accessible in Chandkhed for residents?
Chandkhed's residents have easy access to public transit, parks, markets, schools, hospitals, banks, ATMs, and different amenities that add to a cordial and comfortable local area.