Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
Showrooms 1 89.60 964.45 4.46 Cr*
Shops 1 18.70 201.29 86.52 Lakhs*
Shops 1 29.75 320.23 1.35 Cr*
Shops 1 48.53 522.38 1.29 Cr*
Shops 1 19.58 210.76 54.05 Lakhs*
1 BHK 1 45.00 484.375 42.7 Lakhs*
2 BHK 1 58.83 633.240 60.23 Lakhs*
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1 & 2 BHK Apartment

Rs. 42.7 Lakhs*-Rs. 4.46 Cr*
Possession Date - Jun, 2026
Updated On : Apr, 2024
Sparkle Splendor
1 & 2 BHK Apartment
Rs. 42.7 Lakhs*-Rs. 4.46 Cr*
Possession - Jun, 2026 Updated On : Apr, 2024
Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 1 60.76 654 55.5 Lakhs*
2 BHK 1 57.23 616 53 Lakhs*
1 BHK 1 33.07 356 32 Lakhs*
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1 & 2 BHK Apartment

Rs. 32 Lakhs*-Rs. 55.5 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Mar, 2026
Updated On : Apr, 2024
Arihant Kasturi Ventila
1 & 2 BHK Apartment
Rs. 32 Lakhs*-Rs. 55.5 Lakhs*
Possession - Mar, 2026 Updated On : Apr, 2024

dighi - Snapshot

Title: Dive into Dighi: Exploring Pune's Dynamic Residential Haven

Why Choose Dighi?

Dighi offers a lively blend of current living in the midst of a thriving industrial setting. With consistent network to key regions like Bhosari Industrial Zone and Pune-Nashik Street, getting around the city is a breeze.
Yet, it's not just about the area; Dighi flaunts deeply grounded infrastructure and a plenty of private choices, from comfortable 1BHKs to extensive 5BHK villas and everything in between. Whether you're a youthful expert seeking a helpful drive or a family looking for quality training and medical care, Dighi has everything.
What separates Dighi is its vigorous social and retail infrastructure. From prestigious schools like Gurukulam English Medium School to first rate medical clinics like Om Emergency clinic, everything you want is within reach. What's more, when now is the right time to unwind, shopping centres like Town Square and Creativity offer a plenty of shopping and entertainment choices.
Besides, Dighi's nearness to work centres like Viman Nagar IT Park pursues it an optimal decision for experts. What's more, with a year-on-year property value pattern of 2.5%, investing in Dighi guarantees both comfort and worth.

Investment Potential in Dighi

a)    Demand & Supply of Residential Properties:

Dighi's real estate scene is described by multi-story condos and villas, offering different choices to suit varying inclinations and financial plans. Engineers like Deore Gathering and Tanish Gathering Pvt Ltd have added to the area's flourishing property market, ensuring quality living spaces.
Network remains a superb resource, with significant streets like Pune-Nashik Street and Mumbai-Pune Interstate linking Dighi to critical pieces of Pune. Instructive institutions and medical care offices are strategically placed, enriching the region's social infrastructure.
With a steady year-on-year value pattern and conveniences catering to current ways of life, Dighi presents an alluring suggestion for those seeking long haul investments in Pune's evolving real estate scene. Whether it's private or commercial endeavours, Dighi stands ready to offer rewarding returns in the coming years.
Sparkle Splendor, Dighi
Arihant Kasturi Ventila, Dighi


b)    Demand & Supply of Commercial Properties:

Dighi appreciates consistent network to key industrial regions like Bhosari, enhancing its allure for businesses seeking ideal places. The territory brags different reach commercial properties, from smooth office spaces to bustling retail centers, catering to different business needs.

Additionally, Dighi's vicinity to significant transportation courses like Pune-Nashik Street and the Mumbai-Pune Turnpike guarantees effortless openness, attracting the two investors and inhabitants the same.

Notwithstanding its commercial charm, Dighi offers a plenty of social conveniences, including famous instructive institutions and first class medical care offices, enriching the personal satisfaction for occupants and workers the same.With its consistent year-on-year cost pattern and flourishing interest for commercial spaces, Dighi presents a compelling case for clever investors looking to gain by the district's development direction.

Try not to pass up the chance to be essential for Dighi's transformative excursion towards becoming a powerful commercial centre. Invest in Dighi today and receive the benefits of a thriving business climate.

Current Infrastructure in Dighi

Dighi coaxes with a mix of private appeal and industrial essentialness. This bustling area flaunts consistent network to significant centres like the Bhosari Industrial region, ensuring a unique way of life for its occupants. Multi-story lofts speck the skyline, created by regarded engineers like Deore Gathering and Shree Ganesh Development Organization.
Commuting is a breeze with blood vessel streets like Pune-Nashik Street and Mumbai-Pune Turnpike, linking Dighi to each edge of Pune. Kasarwadi Rail line Station and Pune International Air terminal are within simple reach, facilitating bother free travel. Instruction and medical care flourish here, with regarded institutions like Skyline English Medium School and Om Emergency clinic serving the local area.
Retail treatment anticipates at Town Square Shopping centre, while work potential open doors have large amounts of adjacent IT parks. With hearty infrastructure and a dynamic local area soul, Dighi isn't simply a territory however a thriving metropolitan biological system, beckoning you to call it home.

Upcoming Infrastructure in Dighi

Dighi offers the ideal setting for your fantasy home. Whether you're seeking a comfortable 1BHK retreat or an extensive 5BHK sanctuary, Dighi has something to suit each taste and prerequisite.
As you investigate this lively area, you'll be charmed by its consistent availability and deep rooted infrastructure. With key veins like the Pune-Nashik Street and Mumbai-Pune Turnpike close to home, commuting turns into a breeze. Furthermore, for those traveling minutes, Pune International Air terminal is only not far off.
Yet, Dighi isn't just about comfort; it's a centre point of schooling, medical services, and diversion. From regarded institutions like Skyline English Medium School to first class clinical offices like Om Emergency clinic, each need is taken special care of easily. Also, when now is the ideal time to unwind, indulge in retail treatment at Town Square Shopping center or relish culinary joys at nearby diners?
Yet, what genuinely separates Dighi is its commitment of future development. With upcoming infrastructure projects ready to improve network and lift way of life norms, what's to come looks more brilliant than any time in recent memory. 

Past 5 Years Appreciation in Real Estate Market:

Dighi has arisen as an excellent destination in Pune's real estate scene, witnessing wonderful appreciation. Settled in the northern rural areas, Dighi offers a mix of private comfort and industrial accommodation. With consistent network to Bhosari Industrial Region and significant streets like Pune-Nashik Street and Mumbai-Pune Freeway, Dighi has turned into a focal point for property holders and investors the same.
The region flaunts a deeply grounded infrastructure, upheld by prestigious engineers like Deore Gathering and Tanish Gathering Pvt Ltd. From multi-story lofts to lavish villas and penthouses, Dighi takes special care of different housing needs. Its nearness to work centres like Viman Nagar IT Park further upgrades its allure.
Social conveniences like rumoured schools and medical clinics, alongside shopping centres like Town Square and Creativity, guarantee a helpful way of life for occupants. Also, Dighi's essential area close to Pune International Air terminal adds to its appeal.

Transportation & Connectivity:

Boasting consistent network to significant centre points like Bhosari Industrial Region and Pune International Air terminal, Dighi is a focal point for those seeking comfort without settling for less on quality living.
Transportation conduits like Pune-Nashik Street and Mumbai-Pune Turnpike guarantee effortless drives, while Kasarwadi Railroad Station and all around adjusted transport stops offer numerous roads for movement. Whether it's reaching business centre points or exploring close by regions like Bhosari and Viman Nagar, Dighi's essential area makes each excursion a breeze.

Sustainability and Green Spaces:

Bhosari Industrial region and key supply routes like the Pune-Nashik Street and Mumbai-Pune Interstate, Dighi guarantees effortless admittance to metropolitan conveniences while retaining its serene appeal.
In this energetic area, multi-story condos stand as demonstrations of evolving ways of life, created by famous designers like Deore Gathering and Tanish Gathering Pvt Ltd. Here, green spaces intertwine with contemporary living, fostering a sustainable ethos that resounds all through the local area.
Instructive institutions like Skyline English Medium School and medical care offices including Om Emergency clinic improve the texture of Dighi, ensuring all-encompassing prosperity. Also, with famous shopping centres like Town Square and Creativity close by, relaxation and retail encounters proliferate.

Cultural and Educational Nexus:

Dighi remains as a demonstration of amicable living, blending private comfort with industrial essentialness. This thriving area brags a cluster housing choices, from comfortable 1BHK condos to extravagant 5BHK villas, catering to each way of life.
Dighi's appeal reaches out past its actual infrastructure, fostering rich social embroidery woven by its different local area. Here, instructive greatness is praised, with regarded institutions like Skyline English Medium School and Armed force Institute of Innovation nurturing youthful minds.
As nightfall settles, Dighi wakes up with the buzz of social and retail action. From quaint nearby business sectors to current shopping centers, the local offers a plenty of encounters for occupants to investigate.

Trending Residential Projects:

Dighi, a dynamic mix of private and industrial areas, offers a variety of housing choices to suit each need and way of life.
Find roomy and present day 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK lofts, ideal for youthful experts and growing families the same. On the off chance that you want a bit of extravagance, investigate choice 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK duplexes and penthouses, promising unmatched comfort and style.
Yearning for a sample of extravagant living? Dive into the universe of broad villas, ranging from comfortable 2 BHK designs to luxurious 5 BHK withdraws, where each corner oozes tastefulness and loftiness.
Seeking something exceptional? Uncover charming bungalows, ideal for the individuals who value protection and selectiveness.
With its essential area, Dighi offers consistent network to significant business centres and instructive institutions, ensuring an ideal balance between fun and serious activities. Investigate the deeply grounded infrastructure and dynamic social scene that make Dighi a sought after private destination.Experience a definitive in accommodation and comfort with neighbouring retail and entertainment choices, including shopping centres and medical care offices.

Sparkle Splendor, Dighi
Arihant Kasturi Ventila, Dighi


Trending Commercial Projects:

Dighi's actual infrastructure is best in class, with significant street conduits like the Pune-Nashik Street and Mumbai-Pune Freeway facilitating effortless travel. For those dependent on open vehicle, the Kasarwadi Railroad Station and deep rooted transport administrations offer helpful commuting choices.
As far as friendly and retail infrastructure, Dighi investigates every possibility. Prestigious instructive institutions like armed force Institute Of Innovation and Skyline English Medium School give a strong groundwork to future gifts, while top-level medical services offices, for example, Om Clinic and Mauli Emergency clinic guarantee the prosperity of occupants and workers the same. With its essential area and burgeoning commercial scene, Dighi presents an enticing possibility for investors and business visionaries the same. Whether you're seeking office spaces, retail outlets, or investment potential open doors, Dighi offers a unique climate prepared for progress. Experience the beat of progress in Dighi - where commercial endeavours meet unlimited open doors.


Dighi offers an amicable mix of private quietness and industrial liveliness. Boasting consistent availability to key regions like Bhosari Industrial Zone and regarded instructive institutions like Skyline English Medium School, Dighi takes special care of different ways of life. Its advanced infrastructure, supplemented by multi-story lofts and villas, highlights its allure. Inhabitants relish vicinity to significant streets like Pune-Nashik Street and Mumbai-Pune Turnpike, ensuring effortless commuting. With a plenty of medical care offices and shopping destinations like Town Square Shopping centre, Dighi epitomizes accommodation and comfort, making it an enticing region for families and experts the same.


1. What kinds of properties are accessible in Dighi?
Dighi offers a scope of private choices including condos, villas, duplexes, and penthouses, catering to different requirements and inclinations.

2. How is the availability in Dighi?
Dighi appreciates fantastic network by means of significant streets and public transportation, making it simple to go within Pune and then some.