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Rahatani - Kalewadi

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK Wing B 56.11 604 53.41 Lakhs*
2 BHK Wing B 62.62 674 58.91 Lakhs*
2 BHK Wing A 71.63 771 63.05 Lakhs*
2 BHK Wing A 75.25 810 69.56 Lakhs*
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2 BHK Apartments

Rs. 53.41 Lakhs*-Rs. 69.56 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Dec, 2020
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2 BHK Apartments
Rs. 53.41 Lakhs*-Rs. 69.56 Lakhs*
Possession - Dec, 2020

kalewadi - Snapshot

Unlock Kalewadi: Your Gateway to Pune's Dynamic Real Estate Landscape!

Discover the allure of Kalewadi, a prospering suburb settled in the vibrant landscape of Pune Metro City. Flaunting an essential area inside the Pimpri Chinchwad Civil Organization, Kalewadi offers unmatched availability to key regions through an organization of extensions and streets, including the Pavna and Hedgewar Scaffolds. Surrounded by flourishing areas like Chinchwad Gaon, Vijay Nagar, and Talawade, Kalewadi entices with its commitment to development and opportunity. Arranged along the pleasant Pawana Stream, this region is ready for advancement, both concerning the actual framework and social conveniences. With significant lanes like Chikhali BRTS Street and MG Street winding through its texture, Kalewadi is prepared to turn into a real estate area of interest.
Here, you'll track down a different exhibit of private choices to suit each way of life, from comfortable 1 BHK apartments to spacious 3 BHK flats and, surprisingly, sumptuous penthouses and villas. Key activities like Kwality Krishna Exemplary and JM Adi Amma Bliss encapsulate the substance of present-day living in Kalewadi. Whether you're looking for a tranquil cabin or a contemporary business property, Kalewadi offers plenty of decisions to satisfy your real estate goals. Experience the exemplification of metropolitan living in Kalewadi, where each corner recounts an account of progress and flourishing.

Investment Potential in Kalewadi

In the blossoming real estate landscape of Kalewadi, there's an obvious buzz encompassing the speculation potential, especially in the realm of private properties. Kalewadi presents a bunch of choices, going from comfortable 1 BHK apartments to spacious 3 BHK duplexes and penthouses, taking care of different preferences and budgets. Whether you're looking for a starter home or an extravagant dwelling, Kalewadi offers something for everybody. The market boasts plenty of pads available to be purchased, each encouraging contemporary conveniences and vital areas inside this energetic area. Furthermore, investors excited about bigger homes can investigate the appeal of 5-bedroom villas and lodges, embodying extravagance and solace. With new manor projects consistently springing up, Kalewadi remains a guide of opportunity for those hoping to put resources into the expanding real estate market. From present-day apartments to rich villas, the range of properties in Kalewadi is however different as it could be promising, making it an excellent objective for smart investors to gain from the district's development direction.

•    Demand & supply of Residential properties in Kalewadi

In Kalewadi, the real estate market is clamoring for action, especially in the private area. Interest in apartments in Kalewadi has been consistently ascending, with an observable inclination toward 2 BHK and 1 BHK configurations. Forthcoming purchasers are effectively looking for properties in Kalewadi, including flats, duplexes, penthouses, and even lodges. The accessibility of different choices, from 2 BHK flats to spacious 5 BHK villas, takes care of assorted needs and preferences. Furthermore, new manor projects in Kalewadi are earning critical consideration from investors and homebuyers alike, adding new stock to the market. With a scope of conveniences and present-day offices, these properties in Kalewadi offer an agreeable and lavish way of life to occupants. Whether it's a comfortable condo or a far-reaching manor, Kalewadi presents a variety of decisions for those hoping to get comfortable in this vibrant region. As requests keep on rising, the market for private properties in Kalewadi stays dynamic and promising, drawing in people and families looking for their dream home in this flourishing suburb.

•    Demand and supply of Commercial properties in Kalewadi

In Kalewadi, Pune, the demand and supply dynamics of commercial properties have been eminently charming. With its expanding economy and thriving populace, the market for commercial real estate in Kalewadi is vibrant. Planned investors looking for commercial property in Kalewadi are given a different exhibit of choices, remembering looks available to be purchased and workplaces for ideal spots. The demand for commercial spaces in Kalewadi has been consistently rising, driven by the city's thriving business landscape and the deluge of entrepreneurs. From retail outlets to office spaces, Kalewadi offers a range of opportunities for investors and organizations alike. Also, the stockpile of commercial properties in Kalewadi has been endeavoring to stay up with the developing demand, guaranteeing that there are adequate choices accessible for those hoping to put or lay out their presence in this flourishing territory. Whether it's a little shop available to be purchased or a huge office space, Kalewadi takes care of a great many prerequisites, making it an appealing objective for property investment in Pune. As the demand for property available to be purchased in Kalewadi keeps on taking off, investors can gain by the opportunities introduced by this dynamic market.

Current Infrastructure in Kalewadi

In the bustling region of Kalewadi, Pune, where schooling and medical services flourish and retail treatment is anticipated, lies a promising real estate landscape. With respected foundations like Dattakala Global School, Parvati English Medium School, and Nirmal Bethany Secondary School, families look for homes that offer proximity to quality training. In the mean time, Pyramid Clinic, Lonkar Medical Clinic, and Escalated Care, alongside Rail Line Emergency Clinic Daud, take care of the medical care needs of occupants. In the midst of instructive and clinical establishments, commercial endeavors track down sufficient chances. From City One Shopping Center to Focal Shopping Center Pimpri-Chinchwad, retail aficionados have their pick of shopping objections. As the demand for residential and commercial spaces rises, the real estate market in Kalewadi sees a flood in contributions. From lavish villas to current duplexes and selective penthouses, there's a different scope of properties to investigate. For entrepreneurs, workplaces in Kalewadi, Pune, present ideal spots for laying out organizations, while shops and commercial properties take special care of different necessities. With new estate projects arising and plenty of flats, apartments, and lodges accessible, Kalewadi remains a dynamic center point for those looking to explore or get comfortable in Pune's vibrant landscape.


Upcoming Infrastructure in Kalewadi

Exciting developments are on the horizon for Kalewadi, Pune, as the area gears up for an inundation of current foundation and real estate projects. With an emphasis on gathering different lodging needs, impending endeavors incorporate sumptuous villas, spacious duplexes, and lovely penthouses, taking care of homebuyers looking for solace and polish. For those looking at commercial opportunities, Kalewadi presents a promising landscape, including ideal spots for shops, workplaces, and commercial properties. Whether you're looking for a home settled in lavish environmental factors or investigating new manor projects that exemplify contemporary living, Kalewadi offers plenty of choices to suit each taste and inclination. As the demand for residential and commercial spaces keeps on rising, Kalewadi stays a focal point for investors and homebuyers alike. With a scope of flats, apartments, and properties ready to move, Kalewadi guarantees a vibrant and dynamic local area, mixing metropolitan comfort with suburban serenity. Remain tuned as Kalewadi changes into a bustling center of real estate action, offering unrivaled opportunities for both residents and investors alike.

Past 5 years appreciation in Kalewadi Real Estate Market

Over the past five years, the real estate market in Kalewadi has seen huge appreciation across different property types. Villas in Kalewadi have especially seen a striking flood in demand, with purchasers attracted to the spacious designs and extravagant conveniences presented by these properties. Essentially, duplexes and penthouses in Kalewadi have likewise encountered a flood in fame, interesting to those looking for upscale living game plans with all encompassing perspectives on the surrounding area. 
Moreover, commercial properties in Kalewadi, including shops, workplaces, and commercial spaces, have seen a consistent expansion in esteem, mirroring the developing business opportunities in the area. Investors and entrepreneurs are excited about obtaining these properties for their essential area and potential for significant yields. Furthermore, lodges in Kalewadi have stayed pursued for their selectiveness and protection, drawing in knowing purchasers searching for upscale homes. 
Moreover, new manor projects in Kalewadi have added to the dynamism of the real estate landscape, offering current plan ideas and contemporary conveniences. Flats, apartments, and other residential properties in Kalewadi keep on being in demand among homebuyers, with choices accessible to suit different budgets and preferences. Overall, the past five years have seen powerful development and appreciation across the Kalewadi real estate market, driven by a mix of variables like foundation improvement, financial development, and expanding demand for quality lodging and commercial spaces.

Transportation & Connectivity at Kalewadi

Kalewadi, Pune, emerges as a prime real estate destination with its vigorous transportation and network infrastructure. Boasting a complete organization of public and private transport administrations, including very coordinated transports and easily accessible cabs, driving from Kalewadi to enter locations in Pune is seamless. The locality benefits from major roads like Kalewadi Main Road and Chikhali BRTS Road, giving access to the PCMC Connection Road and SH67. Moreover, it enjoys nearness to vital transportation center points, for example, Pune International Airport, only 20.4 km away via Mumbai-Pandharpur Road/Old Mumbai Road, and Pune Railway Station, situated 41 km away via the old Mumbai-Pune Highway. For residents, nearby railway stations like Pimpri Railway Station, Chinchwad Railway Station, Akurdi Railway Station, and Kasarwadi offer additional driving choices, with Pimpri Railway Station being the nearest. 
Amidst this flourishing infrastructure, Kalewadi presents captivating real estate opportunities, including properties available to be purchased, new villa projects, flats, apartments, and other residential contributions, making it an ideal location for both homeowners and investors alike.


Sustainability and green spaces in Kalewadi

In the bustling heart of Pune lies Kalewadi, a vibrant locale overflowing with green spaces and sustainable living opportunities. Among its verdant gems are Park Royale Garden, Jyotibha Park, and Jyotibha Garden, offering quiet retreats amidst urban life. Surrounding these havens are important landmarks like the Untamed Life SOS Leopard Salvage Center and the memorable Shaniwar Wada, adding cultural profundity to the landscape. For those looking for a harmonious mix of nature and innovation, Della Avenue Park stands out, supplemented by the tranquil waters of Hanuman Lake. Kalewadi also embraces spiritual sanctuaries like the Bhimashankar Sanctuary and Shri Krishna Mandir, improving the local area's cultural tapestry. With a blossoming real estate market, Kalewadi presents tempting possibilities, from sumptuous villas to contemporary apartments, catering to different preferences. 
Whether one looks for another villa project or a classy flat, properties in Kalewadi guarantee both solace and comfort, encapsulating the essence of sustainable urban living. Investigate the myriad opportunities and track down your ideal property available to be purchased in Kalewadi, Pune, where each corner repeats the harmonious ensemble of nature and advancement.


Cultural and educational nexus in Kalewadi

Searching for property available to be purchased in Kalewadi, Pune? Look no further! Kalewadi boasts a vibrant social infrastructure, offering all essential amenities like schools, hospitals, banks, markets, and commercial center points. The educational nexus incorporates regarded organizations like AADARSH Children Pre School, Swami Vivekananda National School, and Alphonsa School, guaranteeing quality education for residents. Additionally, the locality enjoys an advanced transportation and communication organization, enhancing network inside and around the area. For those looking for new villa projects in Kalewadi or Kalewadi flats available to be purchased, this dynamic locale offers a plethora of choices. From present day apartments to spacious properties in Kalewadi, there's something to suit each way of life and inclination. With its mix of cultural wealth and educational greatness, Kalewadi emerges as an ideal decision for those hoping to put resources into real estate in Pune.

Trending Residential Projects in Kalewadi

Discover the embodiment of current living in Kalewadi with our curated choice of residential undertakings. From lavish 2 BHK apartments to spacious 3 BHK flats, we offer a different range of properties to cater to your insightful tastes. Submerge yourself in the charm of Kalewadi with our dazzling flats, intended to elevate your way of life. Whether you look for a comfortable 1 BHK or a sprawling 5 BHK villa, our portfolio incorporates a variety of choices to suit your requirements. Explore our latest villa projects featuring contemporary plans, along with duplexes and penthouses offering panoramic perspectives on Kalewadi. Try not to pass up the opportunity to claim your dream property in this vibrant locale. Contact us today to find your ideal home in Kalewadi, Pune.

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Trending Commercial Projects in Kalewadi

In the bustling real estate market of Kalewadi, Pune, the landscape is abuzz with promising commercial endeavors. With a flood in demand for property in Kalewadi, various undertakings have arisen, offering a different range of choices to investors and homebuyers alike. From extravagant new villa ventures to contemporary apartments and flats available to be purchased, Kalewadi boasts an array of decisions catering to varying preferences and budgets. Additionally, the commercial area flourishes with contributions like shops and workplaces in prime locations, introducing lucrative investment opportunities. Whether one tries to establish a retail presence or set up an office space, Kalewadi provides an ideal setting for prospering endeavors. With its strategic location and developing infrastructure, properties in Kalewadi hold enormous potential for both investors and organizations hoping to flourish in Pune's dynamic market. As the demand for commercial property in Kalewadi keeps on soaring, this present time is the perfect opportunity to investigate the vibrant real estate landscape this expanding locality has to offer.



In conclusion, Kalewadi stands as a beacon of opportunity in the dynamic landscape of Pune's real estate market. With its strategic location, superb network, and blossoming infrastructure, Kalewadi presents a convincing recommendation for both homebuyers and investors alike. From comfortable 1 BHK apartments to lavish 5 BHK villas, Kalewadi offers a different range of residential choices catering to each need and inclination. The availability of commercial properties, shops, and workplaces further enhances its appeal as a flourishing center point for business and trade. Whether you're looking for a tranquil bungalow retreat or a cutting edge duplex with panoramic perspectives, Kalewadi has something to propose for everybody. With progressing and forthcoming villa projects adding to its charm, Kalewadi is ready to arise as quite possibly of Pune's most sought-after residential destination. Try not to pass up the opportunity to be part of Kalewadi's excursion towards development and thriving. Put resources into Kalewadi today and secure your slice of urban paradise in this vibrant suburb of Pune.



1. What sorts of properties are available in Kalewadi?
From comfortable apartments to spacious villas and commercial spaces, Kalewadi offers a different range of real estate choices to suit various preferences and budgets.


2. What makes Kalewadi a desirable real estate destination?
Kalewadi's strategic location, amazing network, and blossoming infrastructure make it an attractive decision for both homebuyers and investors looking for development and opportunity.


3. Are there any notable educational and medical facilities in Kalewadi?
Indeed, Kalewadi boasts regarded organizations like Dattakala Global School and Lonkar Medical Center, catering to the educational and healthcare requirements of residents.


4. What transportation choices are available in Kalewadi?
With a thorough organization of roads and nearness to major transportation center points like Pune International Airport, Kalewadi guarantees seamless network for its residents and guests alike.