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Varve Bk - Khed Shivapur

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
1 RK H,I,J,K,L On Request On Request 12.12 Lakhs*
1 BHK A,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,O,P,Q,R On Request On Request 17.79 Lakhs*
2 BHK A,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,O,P,Q,R On Request On Request 28.2 Lakhs*
2 BHK A,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,O,P,Q,R On Request On Request 29.41 Lakhs*
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1Rk, 1, 2 BHK Apartments

Rs. 12.12 Lakhs*-Rs. 29.41 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Sep, 2021
Happiness Hub
Khed Shivapur
1Rk, 1, 2 BHK Apartments
Rs. 12.12 Lakhs*-Rs. 29.41 Lakhs*
Possession - Sep, 2021

khed shivapur - Snapshot

Exploring Khed Shivapur: A Haven of Real Estate Potential

If you're seeking a serene living encounter in the midst of the picturesque environmental factors of Pune, Khed Shivapur arises as an ideal choice. Nestled along Public Parkway 48, this interesting village offers an agreeable blend of provincial appeal and present day comfort. Whether you're looking for spacious apartments or comfortable 1 BHK units, Khed Shivapur presents a different scope of housing choices to suit each need. Families searching for adequate space can explore the 2 BHK apartments in Khed Shivapur, while those craving more space can decide on luxurious 3 BHK residences. For individuals or couples seeking smaller yet comfortable living spaces, the 1 BHK apartments in Khed Shivapur offer an ideal arrangement. With different properties accessible, including flats and commercial spaces, Khed Shivapur takes care of both residential and business requirements. Promising returns on investment are accessible for the people who go through the scope of houses for sale in Khed Shivapur, Pune. Whether searching for commercial properties or 2 BHK flats in Khed Shivapur, this village offers many choices for potential purchasers. Find the allure of Khed Shivapur and open the potential for a satisfying lifestyle or a rewarding investment venture in this flourishing region.

Investment Potential in Khed Shivapur

Investing in Khed Shivapur discloses a realm of promising opportunities within the real estate landscape. Situated along Public Interstate 48, Khed Shivapur offers a strategic location for investors seeking exceptional yields and sustained growth. The market brags a different reach properties, from spacious apartments to comfortable 1 BHK units, taking special care of different preferences and spending plans. For families or individuals seeking more than adequate space, the 2 BHK apartments in Khed Shivapur present an attractive choice, blending current amenities with serene environmental elements. Also, the luxurious 3 BHK apartments in Khed Shivapur offer premium living encounters for knowing purchasers. Past residential spaces, Khed Shivapur likewise flaunts commercial property choices, giving roads to businesses to flourish in a thriving business sector. Whether it's flats, commercial spaces, or plots for improvement, Khed Shivapur's real estate market offers something for each investor. The allure of Khed Shivapur stretches out past its residential and commercial potential; it's a door to profitable ventures and long-term prosperity. Explore the scope of properties for sale in Khed Shivapur, Pune, and jump all over the chance to be important for a flourishing community with limitless investment potential.


  •  Demand & supply of Residential properties in Khed Shivapur 

    Investors and homebuyers alike should comprehend the dynamics of organic market in the Khed Shivapur residential real estate market. The strategic position of Khed Shivapur along Open Expressway 48 and its nearness to Pune have added to the ceaseless increase in demand for residences in the area. Families and individuals are increasingly seeking 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in Khed Shivapur, attracted to its blend of current amenities and serene environmental factors. Additionally, the availability of comfortable 1 BHK apartments in Khed Shivapur takes special care of the requirements of single experts and small families. On the stock side, engineers are effectively responding to this demand by offering a scope of properties in Khed Shivapur, including flats and independent homes. Khed Shivapur's real estate market is dynamic, with a good overall arrangement between organic market guaranteeing competitive evaluating and adequate choices for purchasers. As the region proceeds to create and draw in investments, the demand for residential properties in Khed Shivapur is supposed to additional surge, making it an opportune time for both investors and home searchers to explore the market. Whether it's flats for sale or rental properties, Khed Shivapur presents a vibrant real estate landscape ready with potential for growth and prosperity.


  •  Demand and supply of Commercial properties in Khed Shivapur 

    Analyzing the demand and supply dynamics of commercial properties in Khed Shivapur is central for investors seeking worthwhile opportunities in the region's real estate market. Khed Shivapur's strategic location along Public Thruway 48 positions it as an excellent destination for commercial ventures. Khed Shivapur's expanding economic activity and closeness to Pune have filled an increase in demand for commercial real estate. Organizations in Khed Shivapur are anxious to rent commercial space to exploit the prospering business climate and the area's growing potential. Engineers are effectively responding to this demand by offering different commercial properties in Khed Shivapur, going from office spaces to retail outlets. With a reasonable stockpile and increasing demand, Khed Shivapur presents a promising landscape for investors hoping to diversify their portfolios or lay out their presence in a flourishing business sector. Whether it's property for sale or rent, Khed Shivapur offers sufficient chances for businesses to prosper and flourish in a dynamic commercial climate.



Current Infrastructure in Khed Shivapur 

Assessing the current infrastructure in Khed Shivapur is critical for both investors and imminent residents assessing the region's real estate potential. Khed Shivapur partakes in the benefits of an expanding infrastructure that gives specific consideration to the requirements of its organizations and citizens. Current amenities like schools, facilities, and malls have progressed, improving life for the people who live in Khed Shivapur flats. The availability of 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in Khed Shivapur is supplemented by all around kept up with streets and transportation networks, facilitating consistent connectivity to local metropolitan places like Pune. Furthermore, the presence of commercial properties in Khed Shivapur signifies a vibrant economic ecosystem, drawing in businesses and encouraging open positions for the neighborhood community. As infrastructure keeps on developing, Khed Shivapur arises as a promising destination for real estate investment, offering a blend of current comforts and normal magnificence that requests to a different scope of purchasers and investors.


Upcoming Infrastructure in Khed Shivapur 

The expectation for upcoming infrastructure projects in Khed Shivapur envoys another period of growth and advancement in the real estate sector. With an emphasis on improving connectivity and amenities, Khed Shivapur is ready to turn into a much more appealing destination for investors and homebuyers. Upcoming projects remember the advancement of present day apartments for Khed Shivapur, going from 1 bhk apartment in Khed Shivapur to spacious 3 bhk apartments in Khed Shivapur, taking care of assorted lodging needs. Moreover, properties in Khed Shivapur will see an extension with the presentation of new 2 bhk flats in Khed Shivapur, offering residents many choices. Khed Shivapur flats for deal will keep on collecting interest, with upcoming infrastructure projects enhancing these properties. Commercial property in Khed Shivapur is additionally set to witness growth, furnishing businesses with improved opportunities for extension and achievement. As these projects unfurl, the real estate market in Khed Shivapur will encounter a critical lift, further solidifying its position as a key investment destination in Pune.


Recent years appreciation in Khed Shivapur Real Estate Market

In recent years, the real estate market in Khed Shivapur has gone through remarkable appreciation, stamping it as a worthwhile investment destination. The average annual appreciation rate floats between 10-15% Year-on-Year, showcasing robust growth in property estimations. Khed Shivapur has separated itself from other Pune neighborhoods in terms of growth during the past couple of years, drawing in the consideration of both investors and homeowners. The region's potential for long-term profits and capital appreciation is featured by this upward trend in property evaluations. The market keeps on prospering in Khed Shivapur due to the favorable environment for real estate investment and the rising demand for houses in the area. This presents opportunities for those hoping to make the most of the market's growth trajectory. Khed Shivapur separates itself as a practical business sector with outstanding appreciation rates and undiscovered possibility for further development, regardless of whether it's property for sale or investment.


Transportation & Connectivity at Khed Shivapur 

Transportation and connectivity in Khed Shivapur are key factors driving its allure in the real estate market. Situated along the Pune-Bangalore Highway, Khed Shivapur appreciates consistent admittance to Pune, facilitating helpful driving for residents. Additionally, the proposed ring street is set to further upgrade connectivity, connecting Khed Shivapur to all corners of Pune city. This infrastructural development further develops accessibility as well as lifts the region's attractiveness for property purchasers and investors. As one of Pune's quickly creating rural areas, Khed Shivapur offers a promising landscape for real estate investment, with transportation infrastructure assuming a urgent part in its growth trajectory. The presence of amenities in closeness adds to the allure of Khed Shivapur, upgrading the general quality of life for its residents. With robust transportation networks and a strategic location, Khed Shivapur arises as a beneficial destination for those seeking both comfort and potential appreciation in their property investments. Whether it's property for sale or rental opportunities, Khed Shivapur's connectivity ensures that residents appreciate simple admittance to metropolitan amenities while relishing the tranquility of suburban living.


Sustainability and green spaces in Khed Shivapur

Sustainability and green spaces flourish in Khed Shivapur, offering residents an agreeable blend of nature and current living. The region brags an assortment eco-accommodating attractions and initiatives, for example, the Exemplary Ranch House and Surya Shibir Laxmi Homesteads, giving opportunities to agro-the travel industry and outdoor recreation. Mamacha Mala Agro The travel industry and Connoisseur Picnics At The Land offer special encounters centered around sustainability and ranch to-table dining, featuring Khed Shivapur's commitment to earth cognizant practices. The presence of normal milestones like Intersections Old And New Katraj Passage Satara Street and Laketown Homestead upgrades the region's greenery, giving residents sufficient chances for leisure and relaxation in the midst of picturesque landscapes. Additionally, foundations like Kapila Resorts and Varasgaon Tent House Setting up camp Point offer eco-accommodating convenience choices, advancing maintainable the travel industry and responsible living in Khed Shivapur. With an accentuation on preserving green spaces and advancing eco-accommodating activities, Khed Shivapur arises as a safe house for those seeking a supportable lifestyle in a serene regular setting. Whether it's exploring lush farmhouses or setting up camp under the stars, Khed Shivapur offers residents a vibrant and eco-cognizant community to call home.


Cultural and educational nexus in Khed Shivapur

Khed Shivapur arises as a vibrant cultural and educational hub, enhancing the lives of its residents with a different exhibit of institutions and activities. The region is home to regarded educational institutions like B H Chate Residential Junior School Of Science, Chate School and Junior School, Rising School, Dawn School, Narayana E-Techno School, and The Treehouse Secondary School. These schools take care of different educational requirements, from essential to higher auxiliary levels, giving quality training and sustaining young personalities. Past scholastics, these institutions add to the cultural texture of Khed Shivapur, cultivating a feeling of community and learning. Understudies benefit from scholarly greatness as well as take part in extracurricular activities and cultural occasions, enhancing their by and large educational experience. The presence of such educational institutions reflects Khed Shivapur's commitment to comprehensive development and lifelong learning. Families considering properties in Khed Shivapur can rest assured realizing that the region offers admittance to renowned schools and a flourishing cultural landscape, making it an ideal place to live and learn.



Trending Residential Projects in Khed Shivapur 

Discover the latest residential projects shaping the landscape of Khed Shivapur. From luxurious apartments to present day villas, Khed Shivapur offers a plethora of trending choices for homebuyers. With amenities taking care of assorted lifestyles and preferences, these projects redefine contemporary living in the region. Experience the epitome of comfort and style in the midst of the serene environmental factors of Khed Shivapur. Whether you're searching for a comfortable 1 BHK apartment or a spacious 3 BHK apartment , the trending residential projects in Khed Shivapur guarantee unrivaled quality and complexity. Explore these developments and find your dream home in this thriving real estate destination.

Residential Project:


  1. Happiness Hub


Trending Commercial Projects in Khed Shivapur 

Unveil the latest commercial ventures shaping Khed Shivapur's dynamic business landscape. From cutting edge office complexes to vibrant retail spaces, Khed Shivapur showcases a scope of trending commercial projects ready to redefine the region's economic impression. These projects offer state of the art amenities and strategic locations, making them ideal for businesses seeking growth and extension opportunities. Whether you're laying out a startup or expanding a current endeavor, Khed Shivapur's trending commercial projects give the ideal platform to progress. Explore the different exhibit of commercial properties in Khed Shivapur and take advantage of the chance to be important for this flourishing business community. With ideal spots and present day facilities, these projects set up for a prosperous future in Khed Shivapur's clamoring commercial sector.



In conclusion, Khed Shivapur stands as a dynamic and promising real estate destination, offering a great many residential and commercial opportunities. From luxurious apartments to spacious flats, Khed Shivapur takes extraordinary consideration of various housing needs, with choices going from comfortable 1 BHK units to wide 3 BHK homes. The real estate market in Khed Shivapur is supported by its strategic location, great connectivity, and prospering infrastructure. Moreover, the presence of commercial properties gives adequate roads to businesses to flourish and expand in this vibrant area. Whether you're hoping to put resources into residential properties or commercial spaces, Khed Shivapur presents a convincing proposition with its potential for growth and development. Khed Shivapur stands apart as a spot to live or work, yet additionally as a local area to flourish in because of its blend of current conveniences, green regions, instructive establishments, and social attractions. Examine your choices in the Khed Shivapur real estate market and go on an excursion to a brilliant and fruitful future.




1.    What sort of residential property is presented in Khed Shivapur?

Khed Shivapur has various choices, incorporating flats and apartments with 1, 2, and 3 BHK.


2.    How well is Khed Shivapur associated?
Khed Shivapur is very much associated with Pune by means of the Pune-Bangalore Highway and has a proposed ring street for upgraded connectivity.


3.    How are the educational facilities in Khed Shivapur?

Khed Shivapur flaunts renowned schools like B H Chate Residential Junior School of Science and The Treehouse Secondary School.


4.    What makes Khed Shivapur a promising real estate investment?

Khed Shivapur offers a flourishing business sector with maintainable growth, strategic location, and different residential and commercial projects.