Antriksh Towers,

Mangalwar Peth

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 2 82.41 887 1.75 Cr*
3 BHK 2 107.02 1152 2.3 Cr*
Shops 2 20.90 225 1.25 Cr*
Office 2 41.34 445 1.1 Cr*
3 BHK 1 130.34 1403 3 Cr*
2 BHK 1 81.48 877 1.83 Cr*
3 BHK 1 107.02 1152 2.45 Cr*
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2 & 3 BHK, Office & Shops

Rs. 1.1 Cr*-Rs. 2.3 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2023
Antriksh Towers
Mangalwar Peth
2 & 3 BHK, Office & Shops
Rs. 1.1 Cr*-Rs. 2.3 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2023

mangalwar peth - Snapshot

Discover Prime Real Estate in Mangalwar Peth: Your Gateway to Pune's Thriving Neighborhood

Nestled inside the verifiable foundations of Pune, Mangalwar Peth stands as a demonstration of the city's rich legacy, following its starting points back to 1662 when Mughal Subahdar Shaista Khan established its groundwork during the period of Shivaji's opposition. Initially known as Astapura, this vibrant area, situated cozily between Kasba Peth and Somwar Peth, has developed into a flourishing residential and commercial center point throughout the long term. Regardless of confronting the desolates of the Panshet dam floods in 1961, Mangalwar Peth has arisen versatile, flaunting tourist spots, for example, the worshipped Trisund Ganapati sanctuary and the regarded Kamla Nehru medical clinic. This locale throbs with action, especially prestigious for its clamoring transportation businesses and the eminent Juna Market, a vibrant swap meet enhancing the banks of the Mutha stream. Additionally, Mangalwar Peth's strategic location awards residents helpful admittance to significant avenues like NH-60 and NH-965, working with consistent connectivity toward the southern and eastern edges of Pune. For those seeking work opportunities, Mangalwar Peth gives a variety of options noticeable centers, for example, Amar Cooperative energy, Tech Park, and Weikfield IT Citi Data Park existing in a range of 2 to 9 kilometers. Also, the proximity to Parvati Modern Estate and Kothrud Modern Region, roughly 6 kilometers away, further improves the degree for professional success nearby. As far as residential contributions, Mangalwar Peth caters to different housing needs, transcendently highlighting reasonably evaluated 1 BHK and 2 BHK-prepared apartments. Whether one looks for the comfort of a comfortable condo or the advantage of spacious living, Mangalwar Peth offers a variety of choices, including 2 BHK flats, 3 BHK flats, duplexes, and penthouses. Besides, those in quest for a quintessential villa way of life will find their desires satisfied with different options going from 2 BHK villas to sweeping 5 BHK villas. For investors eyeing commercial possibilities, Mangalwar Peth gives a rewarding landscape contributions going from shops available to be purchased to office spaces, taking care of different business needs. As the real estate market in Mangalwar Peth keeps on flourishing, energized by continuous developments and new villa projects, the local stands ready to offer an amicable blend of legacy and modernity, making it an ideal destination for both residents and investors alike.


Investment Potential in Mangalwar Peth

Mangalwar Peth presents a promising landscape for real estate investment, offering a different cluster of opportunities across residential and commercial areas. This dynamic locale of Pune, with a rich historical history that traces all the way back to the seventeenth 100 years, has consistently developed into a well known location for investors and property searchers alike. At various phases of life, Mangalwar Peth offers a range of apartments to suit the requirements of individuals and families, from comfortable 1 BHK units to large 3 BHK homes. Mangalwar Peth offers various residential options, including 2 BHK flats and, shock, extravagance duplexes and penthouses, that guarantee both comfort and elegance, whether one is looking for the simplicity of modern conveniences or the charm of heritage homes. Besides, for those inclined towards a more extensive way of life, Mangalwar Peth offers a great determination of villas ranging from 2 BHK to sprawling 5 BHK homes, epitomizing extravagance and complexity. With new villa projects continually emerging, the area guarantees a consistent influx of investment opportunities for discerning buyers. In addition to its residential charm, Mangalwar Peth coaxes entrepreneurs and businesses with its commercial potential. From shops available to be purchased to office spaces, the region gives a helpful climate to establishing and expanding undertakings The easy access to important transportation routes and its advantageous location enhance the appeal of business properties in Mangalwar Peth.


  • Demand & supply of Residential properties in Mangalwar Peth

    The residential real estate market in Mangalwar Peth features a unique interplay among demand and supply, offering a different range of housing options to prospective buyers. From comfortable 1 BHK apartments to spacious 3 BHK flats, Mangalwar Peth caters to the differed preferences of individuals and families seeking a spot to call home. The accessibility of properties available to be purchased in Mangalwar Peth guarantees that there is something to suit each spending plan and way of life prerequisite. Additionally, the rise of new villa projects in Mangalwar Peth further reinforces the stock side, presenting buyers with the chance to invest in luxurious villas and duplexes. With a consistent demand for residential properties driven by factors, for example, metropolitan movement and monetary growth, Mangalwar Peth remains a vibrant and sought-after destination in Pune's real estate landscape.


  • Demand and supply of Commercial properties in Mangalwar Peth

    The demand for commercial properties in Mangalwar Peth remains powerful, determined by its strategic location and thriving financial landscape. From commercial properties ideal for shops and retail spaces to workplaces catering to different business needs, Mangalwar Peth presents a range of options to meet the prerequisites of different undertakings. The accessibility of properties available to be purchased in Mangalwar Peth further upgrades the accessibility of commercial spaces, providing investors with roads for capitalizing on the area's burgeoning commercial potential. As a focal region in Pune, Mangalwar Peth draws in businesses seeking prime locations for their tasks, ensuring a consistent demand for commercial properties nearby. With its favorable climate for business growth and a consistent influx of monetary exercises, Mangalwar Peth remains at the front line of Pune's commercial real estate landscape, offering promising possibilities for investors and entrepreneurs alike.


Current Infrastructure in Mangalwar Peth

Mangalwar Peth currently flaunts a strong infrastructure that consistently blends its historical charm with modern conveniences. The area is well-served by an organization of well-established roads and transportation frameworks, facilitating simple admittance to different pieces of Pune and then some. With its strategic location, Mangalwar Peth appreciates proximity to key highways, for example, NH-60 and NH-965, enhancing connectivity and accessibility for residents and businesses alike. This well-associated infrastructure not just backings the vibrant residential landscape with various apartments and flats available to be purchased in Mangalwar Peth yet in addition encourages a thriving commercial climate, offering opportunities for shops, workplaces, and other commercial properties to prosper. Subsequently, Mangalwar Peth stands as a prime destination in Pune, where residents partake in a consistent blend of legacy and modernity in the midst of a well-developed infrastructure framework.

Upcoming Infrastructure in Mangalwar Peth

In Mangalwar Peth, expectation hums as upcoming infrastructure projects vow to additionally raise the local's allure and connectivity. Set to upgrade the residential and commercial landscape, these projects plan to consistently integrate with the existing infrastructure, creating a durable and dynamic climate for residents and businesses alike. From new road developments to overhauled public transportation frameworks, Mangalwar Peth is ready to observe a transformation that will improve accessibility and simplicity of drive for its inhabitants. Also, upcoming commercial developments are set to differentiate the offerings of commercial properties in Mangalwar Peth, providing opportunities for shops, workplaces, and different businesses to flourish. With these exciting developments not too far off, Mangalwar Peth sets its situation as a prime real estate destination in Pune, offering a blend of modern amenities and strategic infrastructure investments that take special care of the evolving needs of its vibrant local area.


Recent years appreciation in Mangalwar Peth Real Estate Market

In recent years, the real estate market in Mangalwar Peth has encountered a huge appreciation, with property rates witnessing an excellent ascent of 9.45%. This vertical pattern in property estimations reflects the growing demand and engaging quality of Mangalwar Peth as a prime destination for real estate investment. The surge in property rates highlights the local's attractiveness among both homebuyers and investors, who perceive its true capacity for long haul esteem appreciation. From apartments to villas, duplexes, and penthouses, the whole range of properties in Mangalwar Peth has seen a striking increase in esteem, making it a perfect time for those looking to trade within the area. Additionally, the introduction of new villa projects and the accessibility of commercial properties further contribute to the general growth and essentialness of Mangalwar Peth's real estate market. As the local continues to develop and flourish, the recent appreciation in property rates means Mangalwar Peth's status as a rewarding and promising investment destination in Pune's real estate landscape.


Transportation & Connectivity at Mangalwar Peth

In terms of transportation and connectivity, Mangalwar Peth offers residents helpful admittance to key amenities and significant travel centers. With schools situated within close proximity and Pune Station simply a kilometer away, residents appreciate simple connectivity to educational institutions and territorial transportation organizations. The Pune Junction Railway Station, situated roughly a kilometer from Mangalwar Peth, gives admittance to the Mumbai-Chennai Line, facilitating consistent travel for workers. Additionally, the Garware School Metro Station, available by means of Congress House Road, lies around 5 kilometers from the area, offering residents one more method of proficient transportation through the Water Line of the Pune Metro. For air explorers, Pune International Air terminal is strategically placed a ways off of around 9 kilometers from Mangalwar Peth, open through Air terminal Road. With such well-associated transportation options, Mangalwar Peth guarantees that residents can undoubtedly explore within the city and then some, enhancing the general personal satisfaction in the area.


Sustainability and green spaces in Mangalwar Peth

In Mangalwar Peth, sustainability and green spaces are integral parts of the local's ethos, enhancing the personal satisfaction for its residents. Swargiya Minatai Thackeray Udyan, Shaikh Champions youthful circle, Mim Young men Gathering, and Shree Chhatrapati Shahu Nursery are among the rich green spaces dotting the landscape, offering peaceful retreats in the midst of the metropolitan hustle. These parks give opportunities to diversion and unwinding as well as contribute to natural sustainability by promoting biodiversity and vegetation within the area. Besides, initiatives like TRAVEL IN TENT @PAWNA feature Mangalwar Peth's obligation to eco-accommodating works on, offering residents extraordinary encounters that cultivate a more profound association with nature. As Mangalwar Peth continues to focus on sustainability and green initiatives, it hardens notoriety as a beneficial residential destination agreeably offsets modern living with natural cognizance.


Cultural and educational nexus in Mangalwar Peth

In the core of Mangalwar Peth lies a vibrant social and educational nexus, enriching the existences of its residents and shaping the local area's character. Baburao Sanas Kanyashala, Gurudev Ravindranath Tagore Vidyaniketan, Rasta Peth Secondary School, Agarkar Secondary School for Young ladies, K.C. Thackeray - Vidya Niketan English Medium School, SSPM Day School and Jr School, and Sun Infotek are only a couple of institutions that contribute to the area's educational landscape. These regarded schools give quality education as well as act as places for social trade and learning. From nurturing youthful minds to fostering a feeling of imagination and innovation, Mangalwar Peth's educational institutions assume a significant part in shaping the group of people yet to come. Besides, their presence enhances properties in Mangalwar Peth, making it an appealing residential destination for families seeking admittance to brilliant educational opportunities within close proximity.


Trending Residential Projects in Mangalwar Peth

In Mangalwar Peth, a wave of trending residential projects has caught the consideration of prospective homebuyers, setting new guidelines in metropolitan living. These projects offer a great many options, from luxurious villas and spacious duplexes to smooth apartments, catering to different housing needs. With their modern amenities, strategic location, and flawless plan, these projects have become hot top picks among those seeking properties available to be purchased in Mangalwar Peth. Whether one is looking for a 1 BHK apartment or a sprawling 5 BHK villa, these trending residential projects in Mangalwar Peth vow to redefine metropolitan living and raise the local's real estate landscape.



Trending Commercial Projects in Mangalwar Peth

In Mangalwar Peth, a surge of trending commercial projects is reshaping the landscape of business opportunities. These projects cover different administrations, like contemporary work areas, retail establishments, and commercial real estate. These projects offer profitable investment options for entrepreneurs and firms wishing to establish a presence in Pune's burgeoning business locale, given the growing demand for commercial properties in Mangalwar Peth.

Commercial Project:-


  1. Antriksh Towers




Investment in residential and commercial real estate is growing in Mangalwar Peth. The neighborhood a different cluster of housing choices that accommodate the evolving needs and tastes of homebuyers, ranging from comfortable apartments to extravagant villas and duplexes. Its favorable position, robust infrastructure, and close proximity to travel centers and educational institutions upgrade its allure significantly more. Mangalwar Peth presents a plenty of commercial possibilities, as the business climate is molded by contemporary office buildings, retail locations, and commercial resources. As the real estate market in Mangalwar Peth continues to advance and extend, it establishes the groundwork for a dynamic and vibrant local area portrayed by modern amenities, green spaces, and sustainable development. With its promising growth direction and investment potential, Mangalwar Peth stands ready to arise as a head destination in Pune's real estate landscape, offering residents and businesses alike the best blend of convenience, comfort, and opportunity.





1.    What types of properties are available in Mangalwar Peth?

Mangalwar Peth offers different options including apartments, flats, villas, and commercial properties.


2.    What amenities could I at any point anticipate in residential projects in Mangalwar Peth?

Residential projects in Mangalwar Peth offer modern amenities, green spaces, and proximity to educational institutions and transportation center points.


3.    Are there investment opportunities in commercial real estate in Mangalwar Peth?

Indeed, Mangalwar Peth gives worthwhile investment opportunities modern office spaces, retail shops, and commercial properties shaping the business landscape.


4.    What separates Mangalwar Peth as a real estate destination in Pune?

Mangalwar Peth's strategic location, strong infrastructure, and promising growth direction make it a chief destination offering convenience, comfort, and investment potential.