Kumar Siddhachal,

Market Yard

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK Bldg A4 79.80 858.959 1.07 Cr*
3 BHK Bldg A4 119.45 1285.748 1.61 Cr*
3 BHK 1 144.00 1550 2.97 Cr*
3 BHK 1 144.00 1550 2.97 Cr*
3 BHK 1 144.37 1554 2.97 Cr*
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2, 3 BHk Apartments

Rs. 2.97 Cr*-Rs. 2.97 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2023
Updated On : May, 2024
Kumar Siddhachal
Market Yard
2, 3 BHk Apartments
Rs. 2.97 Cr*-Rs. 2.97 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2023 Updated On : May, 2024

market yard - Snapshot

Explore Market Yard: Your Gateway to Premier Real Estate Opportunities

Market Yard stands out as a premier destination in the southern periphery of Pune, famous for its bustling commercial center and commercial energy. Additionally perceived as Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Market Yard, this dynamic district nestled within Gultekdi coaxes home-searchers with its vibrant climate and burgeoning infrastructure. Boasting a thriving environment of over 1000+ businesses, Market Yard offers an enticing blend of residential and commercial opportunities. Encircled by prime areas like Lullanagar, Shreehans Nagar, and Bibwewadi, Market Yard fills in as a point of convergence for discerning buyers seeking unrivaled convenience and connectivity. Within Market Yard, regarded developers like Goyal Properties and Mittal Brothers, Gagan Developers, and Goel Ganga Developments have created excellent residential projects. Whether one looks for a comfortable 1 BHK apartment in Market Yard or spacious 3 BHK duplexes and penthouses, the options are bountiful. Market Yard caters to different preferences, featuring a range of properties ranging from 2 BHK flats to luxurious villas. Those looking for commercial spaces will find Market Yard similarly compelling, with a range of options including shops, workplaces, and commercial properties available to be purchased. Market Yard's charm stretches out beyond its real estate offerings; it epitomizes a way of life described by convenience, dynamic quality, and growth. With new villa projects not too far off and a plenty of duplexes, penthouses, and villas to browse, Market Yard continues to captivate both investors and residents alike. Whether one looks for a thriving business climate or a comfortable habitation, Market Yard arises as a compelling decision in Pune's real estate landscape.


Investment Potential in Market Yard

Market Yard presents an enticing investment potential, making it a superb destination for smart real estate investors. With a different scope of properties accessible, from comfortable 1 BHK apartments to luxurious 5 BHK villas, Market Yard offers options to suit each financial backer's inclinations and spending plan. The market is especially ready for those looking at worthwhile returns, with opportunities spreading over residential apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and commercial properties. Investing in Market Yard guarantees alluring rental yields as well as capital appreciation over time. The interest for residential properties, including 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments, stays powerful, determined by elements like the region's essential location and burgeoning infrastructure development. Moreover, Market Yard's status as a flourishing commercial center point further improves its investment bid, with opportunities going from shops and offices to commercial properties. The coming of new manor projects highlights Market Yard's evolution as a sought after investment destination. These projects take special care of knowing investors seeking restrictive and upscale homes. Whether one picks an estate, duplex, or penthouse, Market Yard offers an environment conducive to long-term appreciation and rental income potential. Market Yard arises as a promising field for real estate investment, ready to convey good returns and enduring worth to shrewd investors seeking useful learning experiences in Pune's dynamic market.


  • Demand & supply of Residential properties in Market Yard

    The Market Yard region demonstrates a robust demand for residential properties, fueled by its essential location and burgeoning infrastructure. Imminent homebuyers can look over a different scope of options, including 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK apartments, and luxurious villas. The demand for apartments in Market Yard stays consistent, with both 2 BHK and 3 BHK configurations being especially pursued. Additionally, the accessibility of duplexes and penthouses takes special care of those seeking premium living spaces. The supply of residential properties in Market Yard stays up with the demand, because of ongoing developments by respectable builders. Whether one looks for a comfortable apartment or a spacious villa, Market Yard offers a variety of decisions to satisfy different lodging needs. This balanced demand-supply dynamic positions Market Yard as a great destination for those hoping to put resources into or move to Pune's flourishing real estate market.


  • Demand and supply of Commercial properties in Market Yard

    In Market Yard, the demand for commercial properties is notably buoyant, reflecting the region's status as a flourishing business center. Business visionaries and investors the same search out commercial properties in Market Yard for their essential location and rewarding opportunities. The accessibility of shops available to be purchased and offices in Market Yard takes care of a wide range of organizations, from retail dares to corporate foundations. This demand is further fueled by Market Yard's closeness to key conveniences and transportation networks, making it an appealing destination for commercial endeavors. Moreover, the supply of commercial properties in Market Yard stays up with the demand, guaranteeing a balanced market environment. Subsequently, Market Yard arises as an ideal spot for those hoping to put resources into or lay out their commercial presence in Pune's dynamic real estate landscape.


Current Infrastructure in Market Yard

Market Yard boasts of a well-developed infrastructure that takes care of the different requirements of its residents and organizations. The region is decorated with a blend of residential apartments, villas, and commercial properties, offering more than adequate decisions to suit shifting inclinations. From comfortable 1 BHK apartments to spacious 5 BHK villas, Market Yard gives housing options to groups of all sizes. Additionally, the presence of duplexes and penthouses adds a bit of extravagance to the real estate landscape. Furthermore, Market Yard is outfitted with fundamental conveniences like schools, medical clinics, retail plazas, and recreational offices, guaranteeing a convenient and agreeable lifestyle for its occupants. The region's connectivity is likewise critical, with well-kept up with streets and admittance to public transportation networks working with simple drive inside Pune and beyond. Moreover, Market Yard's commercial infrastructure is robust, with a plenty of shops, offices, and commercial properties ready to move or rent. This conducive environment encourages business venture and business development, making Business sector Yard a sought-after destination for the two investors and business visionaries hoping to lay out their presence in Pune's dynamic market.


Upcoming Infrastructure in Market Yard

Market Yard is set to witness a wave of impending infrastructure developments, further upgrading its charm as a stand out property destination. With an emphasis on both residential and commercial sectors, these projects are ready to reclassify the landscape of Market Yard. In the realm of residential properties, Market Yard expects the send off of new villa projects, taking care of the insightful preferences of homebuyers seeking select and upscale residing spaces. These projects will offer a scope of options, from luxurious 3 BHK villas to spacious 5 BHK villas, guaranteeing that residents can track down their optimal habitation inside Market Yard. On the commercial front, Market Yard is preparing for the development of modern office spaces and commercial properties, taking care of the advancing necessities of organizations nearby. These impending projects will give cutting edge offices and conveniences, encouraging a conducive environment for business venture and innovation. Moreover, Market Yard is ready to witness upgrades in its transportation and connectivity infrastructure, with plans for street expansions and public transportation improvements ready to go. These drives will further smooth out driving inside Market Yard and work with more straightforward admittance to adjoining regions in Pune. Overall, the impending infrastructure developments in Market Yard signal a thrilling period of development and progress for the region, solidifying its position as a dynamic and energetic real estate market in Pune.


Recent years appreciation in Market Yard Real Estate Market

In recent years, the real estate market in Market Yard has demonstrated a huge appreciation, with property rates on Market Yard Street experiencing an eminent 8.25% ascent over the most recent 1 year alone. This vertical pattern reflects the growing demand for properties in Market Yard, encompassing a different scope of residential and commercial options. From apartments and pads to villas and commercial properties, Market Yard offers a plenty of decisions to investors and homebuyers the same. The surge in property rates highlights Market Yard's allure as a worthwhile investment destination, driven by variables like its essential location, robust infrastructure, and evolving conveniences. Moreover, the introduction of new villa projects and the accessibility of shops, offices, and commercial properties further contribute to Market Yard's engaging quality as a thriving real estate market in Pune. Overall, the recent appreciation in property rates means the positive direction of Market Yard's real estate sector, promising great returns for investors and homeowners.


Transportation & Connectivity at Market Yard

Situated strategically on the eastern edges of Pune, Market Yard appreciates great transportation and connectivity options, enhancing its allure as a beneficial residential and commercial destination. The territory is well-linked to key regions like Kharadi, Viman Nagar, Keshavnagar, and Magarpatta, ensuring advantageous admittance to significant amenities and business center points. For incessant explorers, Market Yard's proximity to the Pune Junction train station and the International Air terminal is a significant benefit, facilitating consistent travel encounters. Additionally, the district benefits from its proximity to the Pune-Solapur highway (NH9), an essential blood vessel course connecting it to southern states. While transport and train connectivity in Market Yard are as of now honorable, the impending appearance of the metro network holds guarantee for further enhancing transportation infrastructure nearby, offering residents and businesses much more convenience and accessibility in the near future.


Sustainability and green spaces in Market Yard

Sustainability and green spaces assume a significant part in Market Yard's allure, offering residents a harmonious mix of urban living and normal peacefulness. Market Yard boasts various green regions and parks, providing sufficient chances for relaxation and recreation in the midst of rich surroundings. Residents can submerge themselves in the excellence of nature at Sovereign Greenhouse, capturing stunning nursery photography while enjoying a comfortable walk. Additionally, parks like Nizam Park, Late Yashwantrao Chavan Udyan, and Vasantrao Eknath Bagul Udyan offer tranquil retreats where one can unwind and connect with the environment. These green spaces not just upgrade the esthetic appeal of Market Yard yet in addition contribute to the overall well-being of its inhabitants. Whether seeking comfort in nature or engaging in open air exercises, Market Yard's commitment to sustainability and green living guarantees a healthy lifestyle for its residents.


Cultural and educational nexus in Market Yard

Market Yard serves as a vibrant cultural and educational nexus, nurturing the intellectual and innovative development of its residents. The region is home to regarded educational institutions, for example, Tender Buds Nursery School, Moledina Junior Specialized School, and Pune Worldwide School and Junior School, providing quality education from youth to more significant levels. These institutions contribute to Market Yard's reputation as a center point for scholastic excellence, attracting families seeking educational opportunities for their youngsters. Moreover, Market Yard's cultural texture is improved by the presence of these institutions, fostering a feeling of community and intellectual interest among its residents. Whether families are looking for nursery schools, specialized universities, or international educational options, Market Yard offers a different cluster of decisions to take care of their educational necessities. This robust educational biological system, combined with Market Yard's thriving real estate market, makes it an appealing destination for families looking to get comfortable Pune.


Trending Residential Projects in Market Yard

Market Yard is witnessing a surge in trending residential projects, catering to the evolving needs and inclinations of homebuyers. From luxurious villas to modern apartments, Market Yard offers a different scope of options to suit each lifestyle. New villa projects in Market Yard are garnering attention for their wonderful designs and upscale conveniences, appealing to those seeking restrictiveness and solace. Additionally, apartments in Market Yard are gaining prominence for their contemporary features and convenient locations, making them ideal for the two investors and homeowners. Whether one desires a spacious villa, a smart apartment, or a luxurious penthouse, Market Yard presents a plenty of trending residential projects to browse, solidifying its position as a sought-after destination in Pune's real estate market.

Residential Projects:-


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Trending Commercial Projects in Market Yard

Market Yard is buzzing with trending commercial projects, reflecting the region's dynamic business landscape and growing demand for commercial properties. From cutting edge office spaces to bustling retail shops, Market Yard offers various options to take care of different business needs. Commercial properties in Market Yard are popular, attracting investors and business people the same with their essential locations and modern conveniences. Whether one looks for looks available to be purchased or offices for rent, Market Yard gives plentiful opportunities to businesses to flourish and grow. With its ideal spot in Pune and a bustling commercial scene, Market Yard arises as a prominent destination for those looking to lay out or develop their commercial endeavors in the city.



Market Yard remains a thriving and fiery real estate center, offering a plenty of residential and commercial opportunities to purchasers, investors, and endeavors. From comfortable one-room flats to extravagant five-room villas, the region's real estate market offers different homes to address the issues and inclinations of its residents. The commercial landscape of Market Yard is likewise thriving with options, since there are shops, offices, and commercial properties accessible for rent or relocation. The recent appreciation in property rates reflects the growing demand and investment potential in Market Yard, making it an appealing destination for those seeking good returns. Market Yard is one of the most sought-after locations in Pune's real estate market in view of its essential position, brilliant accessibility, and overflow of amenities. Market Yard gives an energetic and dynamic environment that is good for development and achievement, whether or not one is searching for a charming estate, a bustling commercial space, or an incredible investment opportunity.




1.    What is Market Yard in Pune?

Market Yard in Pune is a bustling real estate destination offering a different scope of residential and commercial properties, catering to different requirements and inclinations of investors and homebuyers the same.


2.    Where is Market Yard found?

Market Yard is arranged in the southern fringe of Pune, Maharashtra, known as Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Market Yard, encompassing a vibrant commercial region in Gultekdi.


3.    What kinds of properties are accessible in Market Yard?

Market Yard gives a different scope of real estate to address the issues of both residential and commercial clients, including stores, offices, duplexes, apartments, villas, and penthouses.


4.    Who are the key partners involved in Market Yard?

The critical partners in Market Yard include developers, investors, homebuyers, leaseholders, business proprietors, and different administrative bodies overseeing real estate operations nearby.