Vaishnavi Vastu,


Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
1 RK A,B,C,D 37.60 404.68 16.08 Lakhs*
1 BHK A,B,C,D 50.32 541.68 20.96 Lakhs*
1 BHK A,B,C,D 50.45 543.08 21.01 Lakhs*
2 BHK A,B,C,D 74.56 802.51 30.26 Lakhs*
2 BHK A,B,C,D 76.77 826.30 31.11 Lakhs*
Shops 4 18.81 202.49 23.5 Lakhs*
Shops 4 21.63 232.79 24 Lakhs*
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1Rk, 1, 2 BHK Apartments

Rs. 16.08 Lakhs*-Rs. 31.11 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Jun, 2023
Vaishnavi Vastu
1Rk, 1, 2 BHK Apartments
Rs. 16.08 Lakhs*-Rs. 31.11 Lakhs*
Possession - Jun, 2023

narayangaon - Snapshot

Unlocking Narayangaon's Real Estate Potential: Residential and Commercial Offerings Await

Narayangaon, nestled in the Junnar taluka of Maharashtra's Pune district, offers a compelling blend of normal charm and historical significance, making it an ideal decision for those seeking residential rapture. Situated 656 meters above ocean level, Narayangaon partakes in a prime area on the western fringe of the Deccan level, benefiting from its proximity to the lofty Sahyadri mountain range. This essential positioning safeguards the town from the unforgiving waterfront components, ensuring a tranquil and calm climate over time. One of Narayangaon's striking attractions is its plentiful water assets, owing to its closeness to significant dams and the Sahyadri range. The town is graced by the presence of the waterway Meena, enhancing its pleasant beguile and providing residents with a quiet waterfront experience.

In addition to its normal splendor, Narayangaon boasts rich historical heritage, epitomized by the notable Shivneri Post. Located only 16 kilometers away, this historic post holds unique significance as the origination of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the incredible organizer and leader of the Maratha domain during the seventeenth 100 years.

For those considering a residential investment in Narayangaon, a different scope of choices awaits, from rich 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments to spacious duplexes, penthouses, and villas. Whether you look for the comfortable solace of a 1 BHK apartment or the rich loftiness of a 5 BHK villa.
Additionally, with burgeoning villa projects and commercial properties, including shops and offices, Narayangaon presents sufficient chances for real estate investment and business attempts. Whether you're attracted to its beautiful excellence, historical charm, or promising real estate possibilities, Narayangaon remains as a compelling decision for discerning homebuyers and investors alike.


Investment Potential in Narayangaon

Narayangaon presents an enticing landscape for real estate investment, described by its assorted housing choices and promising possibilities. From smooth apartments to spacious villas, Narayangaon offers a range of decisions to take care of different inclinations and requirements. Whether you're looking for a comfortable 1 BHK apartment or a rich 5 BHK villa, Narayangaon's real estate market has something for everybody.

Investors seeking to capitalize on Narayangaon's growth potential will find sufficient chances in its burgeoning villa projects and commercial properties. With the demand for 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats on the ascent, combined with the charm of duplexes and penthouses, Narayangaon arises as a rewarding business sector for both residential and commercial endeavors.

Besides, Narayangaon's essential area, combined with its rich historical heritage and beautiful excellence, further upgrades its investment claim. Whether you're eyeing residential properties, commercial spaces, or retail outlets, Narayangaon's real estate landscape offers a promising material for investors to investigate and flourish in.


  • Demand & supply of Residential properties in Narayangaon

    In Narayangaon, the real estate market reflects a unique interplay among demand and supply, especially in the residential sector. The demand for different types of properties, ranging from apartments to villas, is driven by factors like affordability, amenities, and area inclinations. Forthcoming property holders and investors alike search out choices like 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments in Narayangaon, each catering to different family sizes and lifestyles. Additionally, the appeal of spacious flats and duplexes further adds to the demand landscape. On the supply side, developers in Narayangaon answer market demands by launching new villa projects, constructing apartment complexes, and offering a different exhibit of residential properties available to be purchased. This includes traditional apartments as well as lavish penthouses, villas, and duplexes in Narayangaon, providing purchasers with a wide range of decisions to suit their inclinations and budgets. Demand and supply in Narayangaon's residential market are by and large in balance, which emphasizes the market's vitality and commitment for both purchasers and investors looking to profit from the town's developing real estate scene.


  • Demand and supply of Commercial properties in Narayangaon

    In Narayangaon, the commercial real estate sector reflects a sensitive harmony among demand and supply, shaping the town's business landscape. The demand for commercial properties in Narayangaon is powered by various factors, including its essential area, infrastructure, and economic opportunities. Business visionaries and businesses search out choices like commercial properties, looks available to be purchased, and offices in Narayangaon, recognizing the town's true capacity as a thriving commercial center point. To meet this demand, developers and land owners in Narayangaon offer a different scope of commercial spaces, from independent shops to office complexes. Whether it's retail outlets, professional offices, or blended use developments, Narayangaon's commercial property market takes care of the requirements of businesses of all sizes and sectors. This harmony among demand and supply highlights Narayangaon's allure as a destination for commercial investment, providing sufficient chances for business people and investors to lay out and develop their endeavors in the town's dynamic business climate.



Current Infrastructure in Narayangaon


With a strong infrastructure, Narayangaon can uphold its expanding real estate industry and work on the overall way of life for its citizens. Different administrations and facilities that meet different residential and business needs are included in the town's infrastructure. Narayangaon gives an assortment of housing choices in different settings, like 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK, for mortgage holders looking for comfort. The real estate market in Narayangaon offers many choices to meet all preferences and price ranges, from rich flats for little families to spacious villas for bigger families.
In addition to residential properties, Narayangaon likewise includes commercial infrastructure to help business activities. From shops and offices to commercial complexes, business visionaries and investors can find suitable spaces to lay out and develop their endeavors in Narayangaon's bustling commercial climate. Also, Narayangaon's infrastructure includes fundamental amenities like schools, hospitals, shopping focuses, and sporting facilities, ensuring that residents approach all important administrations within nearness. This very much arranged infrastructure adds to Narayangaon's allure as a desirable residential and commercial destination, driving continued growth and development in the town.


Upcoming Infrastructure in Narayangaon


Narayangaon is on the brink of exciting new developments, with upcoming infrastructure projects set to additional upgrade its allure as a thriving real estate destination. These projects range both residential and commercial sectors, offering a brief look into Narayangaon's future as a modern and vibrant town. On the residential front, new villa projects are ready to redefine extravagance living in Narayangaon, catering to discerning purchasers seeking spacious and lavish facilities. These projects will include a scope of choices, from exquisite 2 BHK villas to far reaching 5 BHK residences, promising unrivaled solace and sophistication. In addition to residential developments, Narayangaon is set to witness the rise of modern commercial properties, including shops and offices, to meet the evolving needs of businesses and business visionaries. These commercial spaces will offer cutting edge facilities and vital areas, providing a helpful climate for growth and achievement. As these upcoming infrastructure projects come to fruition, Narayangaon is ready to arise as a dynamic and moderate town, offering a perfect blend of residential extravagance and commercial opportunities for investors and residents alike.


Recent years appreciation in Narayangaon Real Estate Market

The most recent quite a while have seen an outstanding improvement in the Narayangaon real estate market's standing because of a sharp increase in property estimations. The town's growing fascination with investors and homebuyers is exhibited by the outstanding 9.82% increase in Narayangaon property rates over the earlier year alone. This vertical pattern in property rates is indicative of Narayangaon's increasing demand and engaging quality as a real estate investment destination. From apartments to villas, and from commercial properties to residential complexes, Narayangaon's real estate market offers a different scope of choices to suit different inclinations and budgets. Additionally, the ascent in property rates highlights the town's true capacity for capital appreciation and rewarding profits from investment. As Narayangaon continues to create and extend, powered by infrastructure growth and economic opportunities, the outlook for its real estate market remains positive, making it an ideal decision for those looking to capitalize on the burgeoning property market in the locale.



Transportation & Connectivity at Narayangaon

Narayangaon boasts brilliant transportation and connectivity choices, ensuring seamless access for residents and businesses alike. An assortment of transport administrations, including Aazad Roadlines, B S Transport and Ventures, and Maharashtra Gujarat Roadline, facilitate productive development of merchandise and individuals to and from Narayangaon. Additionally, neighborhood transport suppliers like Shree Smash Transport Organization and Arhan Transport Nearby Administrations offer helpful intra-town travel arrangements. For businesses requiring planned operations support, choices, for example, One Source Coordinated factors Pvt Ltd and Bombay Gujarat Roadline guarantee solid transportation of merchandise in and out of Narayangaon. This robust network of transport suppliers adds to the town's overall connectivity and accessibility, fostering economic activity and enhancing the allure of Narayangaon as a real estate investment destination. With such productive transportation infrastructure set up, Narayangaon remains very much associated with neighboring areas, making it an ideal area for residential and commercial properties alike. Whether you're seeking apartments, commercial properties, or properties available to be purchased in Narayangaon, its magnificent transportation network guarantees comfort and accessibility for residents and businesses.



Sustainability and green spaces in Narayangaon

Narayangaon embraces sustainability and green living through its wealth of green spaces and agricultural initiatives. Places like Vimal Ganga Grapes Nursery Ranch, Bhoragro Homesteads, and Uday Nursery exemplify the town's commitment to eco-accommodating practices and nurturing vegetation. Additionally, areas, for example, Imperial Park offer residents tranquil conditions for unwinding and amusement in the midst of nature's magnificence. The presence of regular tourist spots like Wadaj Dam and Vikas Dhole Amrai further upgrades Narayangaon's green accreditations, providing pleasant landscape as well as opportunities for outdoor activities and protection endeavors. Additionally, agricultural endeavors like Govind Daji Adhari Ranch and Babalu Gunjal Homestead House exhibit the town's devotion to sustainable farming practices and preserving its agricultural heritage. Incorporating green spaces and sustainable initiatives into its metropolitan texture, Narayangaon prioritizes the prosperity of its residents and the climate. Whether you're seeking apartments, commercial properties, or properties available to be purchased in Narayangaon, the town's commitment to sustainability guarantees an agreeable harmony between modern living and normal conservation.



Cultural and educational nexus in Narayangaon

Narayangaon fills in as a vibrant cultural and educational center point, offering a different exhibit of institutions that improve the community. Educational foundations like Iib Career Institute Pvt Ltd and M.S.A. DOLPHIN NURSING AND Drug store School give opportunities to scholarly growth and professional development, catering to understudies' different interests and desires. Additionally, institutes like ST Honest Secondary School Co-ed add to Narayangaon's educational landscape by fostering all encompassing learning conditions for understudies of any age. This cultural and educational nexus in Narayangaon develops information and abilities as well as promotes a feeling of community and intellectual trade. Residents seeking apartments or properties in Narayangaon benefit from the town's educational infrastructure, which improves the overall quality of life and adds to its allure as a desirable residential destination.



Trending Residential Projects in Narayangaon

In Narayangaon, a few residential projects are currently trending, catering to the different housing needs of likely purchasers. These projects offer a large number of choices, from lavish villas to modern apartments, ensuring that there's something for everybody. Whether you're looking for a comfortable 1 BHK apartment or a spacious 4 BHK villa, Narayangaon's real estate market has you covered. Additionally, the availability of 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats, duplexes, and penthouses in Narayangaon gives adequate decisions to purchasers looking for upscale living spaces. With new villa projects additionally emerging, Narayangaon continues to stand out from homebuyers seeking modern amenities and comfortable living conditions.


Residential Project:-

  1. Vaishnavi Vastu



Trending Commercial Projects in Narayangaon

Narayangaon is witnessing a surge in trending commercial projects, reflecting the town's growing height as a business center point. From commercial properties to looks available to be purchased, Narayangaon offers different choices to business people and investors seeking prime business areas. Additionally, the availability of offices in Narayangaon Pune further improves the town's allure as an essential commercial place, attracting businesses from different sectors. Whether you're interested in acquiring commercial property in Narayangaon or exploring opportunities for shops and offices, the town's dynamic real estate market presents promising possibilities for investors. With properties available to be purchased in Narayangaon gaining foothold among businesses, the commercial landscape of the town is evolving quickly, catering to the assorted requirements of the business community.



Opportunities have large amounts of both the residential and commercial real estate markets of Narayangaon. Narayangaon has a different scope of homes to fit each need and inclination, whether you're looking for villas, apartments, or flats. The village offers specific facilities for individuals and groups of different sizes, ranging from comfortable 1 BHK apartments to spacious 5 BHK villas. Additionally, with different commercial properties, including shops, offices, and commercial complexes, Narayangaon gives adequate choices to businesses looking to lay out or extend their presence. Besides, the town's real estate landscape is additionally advanced by ongoing and upcoming projects, signaling sustained growth and development. With new villa projects and commercial endeavors on the horizon, Narayangaon continues to draw in investors and homebuyers seeking modern amenities and worthwhile opportunities. Besides, Narayangaon's focal locale, encompassed by broad stops and reinforced by a strong infrastructure, upgrades the area's allure as a sought-after area for residential and commercial developments. Whether you're thinking about buying a permanent place to stay for yourself or as an investment, Narayangaon has a great climate for real estate development and achievement.




1. What kind of residential real estate is accessible in Narayangaon?

There are a few plans accessible, ranging from a comfortable 1 BHK to a sweeping 5 BHK, which include duplexes, apartments, flats, villas, and penthouses.


2. Are there any new projects arranged in Narayangaon?

Indeed, Narayangaon has ongoing villa projects and commercial developments contributing to its growth.


3.    What makes Narayangaon an alluring real estate investment?

Its essential area, various property choices, and promising infrastructure development make it appealing for investors.


4.    What commercial opportunities are accessible in Narayangaon?

Narayangaon offers commercial properties, shops, and offices catering to businesses of all sizes and sectors.