Belvalkar Niwant,

Prabhat Road

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
4 BHK 1 178.93 1926 4.91 Cr*
4 BHK 1 143.63 1546 3.97 Cr*
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4 BHK Apartments

Rs. 3.97 Cr*-Rs. 4.91 Cr*
Possession Date - Jun, 2026
Belvalkar Niwant
Prabhat Road
4 BHK Apartments
Rs. 3.97 Cr*-Rs. 4.91 Cr*
Possession - Jun, 2026

prabhat road - Snapshot

Prabhat Road

Why Choose Prabhat Road? 

Prabhat Road presents an alluring combination of Pune's rich legacy and current living. With its unbelievable bungalows and contemporary apartments, this region offers a quiet way of life in the midst of the clamoring city. It's a red hot area, updated with enchanting bistros, polished shops, and excited craftsmanship exhibitions. Prabhat Road ensures easy access to Pune's numerous amenities, with significant roads and public transport very close to home.

One of the critical reasons to consider Prabhat Road for land investment is its mix of historical appeal and modern engineering. The region's pleasant Road highlight a blend of great old bungalows and smooth, modern apartments, giving residents a novel and enhancing living experience. This underlying variety adds to the area's allure, drawing in homebuyers searching 2 BHK & 3 BHK for something particular.

Prabhat Road is additionally an ideal choice for families due to its area to Pune's driving schools and universities. Whether it's prestigious instructive institutions or quality medical services facilities, Prabhat Road offers easy access to all essentials. This makes it a desirable location for families looking for comfort and quality living.

Moreover, Prabhat Road's magnificent connectivity makes it an attractive investment choice. All around linked by significant roads and public transport, residents can easily drive to different parts of Pune. This connectivity enhances the region's accessibility as well as contributes to its general worth as a land investment.

By and large, Prabhat Road offers an ideal mix of heritage, comfort, and an energetic lifestyle, making it a phenomenal decision for land investment in Pune.

Investment Potential in Prabhat Road

1.    Demand & supply of Residential properties in Prabhat Road

Prabhat Road, when a much-cherished territory known for its old-world appeal, is currently witnessing a significant transformation in its land landscape. Today, a large part of the stand out property in the space is undergoing redevelopment to satisfy the growing need for up-market housing. This redevelopment aims to upgrade infrastructure and take special care of the needs of new homebuyers, as well as the original residents of buildings undergoing redesign converting their 1 BHK into 2 BHK flats. Despite these changes, the region's verdant appeal is being preserved, maintaining its special allure.

The purchaser segment investing in land on Prabhat Road essentially consists of Pune's upwardly-portable residents, as well as the ancestrally wealthy. Moreover, there's a spill-over of investors from Mumbai, attracted to Prabhat Road's extravagance land offerings in Pune. When known as a laid-back area, predominantly inhabited by resigned individuals, Prabhat Road has now arisen as one of Pune's first class residential areas, attracting discerning buyers seeking upscale living.

2.    Demand and supply of Commercial properties in Prabhat Road

Prabhat Road's commercial land sector is also witnessing significant interest and development. With its advantaged location and growing residential populace of well-to-do residents, the demand for commercial spaces is on the rise. Developers are responding by introducing new commercial projects to take care of this demand, ranging from office spaces to retail outlets. In Prabhat road because of importance of location demanding row houses and Bangalow.

The commercial properties on Prabhat Road benefit from the area's well-to-do demographics and brilliant connectivity, making them attractive for businesses. Besides, the redevelopment projects in the space are also contributing to the development of commercial land, as they frequently include blended use developments in with both residential and commercial components.

Generally, Prabhat Road presents promising investment opportunities in both residential and commercial land sectors, driven by its upscale allure, redevelopment initiatives, and growing demand from well-to-do residents and investors the same.

Current Infrastructure in Prabhat Road

Prabhat Road in Pune boasts impressive physical infrastructure and offers a significantly improved bearableness index for its residents. The region enjoys astounding connectivity through key roads, linking it to significant parts of the city and transport hubs. This robust connectivity makes commuting convenient for residents and facilitates easy access to essential amenities and services.

In terms of social infrastructure, Prabhat Road is home of 2 BHK and 3 BHK to various amenities catering to the needs of its residents. It hosts several financial institutions, ensuring easy access to banking services. Moreover, the region features numerous leisure spaces, including parks and sporting facilities, providing residents with opportunities for unwinding and entertainment.

Besides, Prabhat Road is known for its energetic culinary scene, with a plenty of famous restaurants dotting its landscape. Some of the notable dining establishments in the space include Bistro GoodLuck, Vaishali Restaurant, Roopali Restaurant, Wadeshwar, and Chaitanya Paranthas, among others. These restaurants offer a diverse scope of cuisines, satisfying the gastronomic preferences of residents and visitors the same.

Upcoming Infrastructure in Prabhat Road

The fate of Prabhat Road looks promising with several upcoming infrastructure projects set to upgrade the region's connectivity and in general development. One significant venture not too far off is the Pune Metro, as most would consider to be normal to change transportation in the city. The metro will give an extra method of transportation for residents, easing gridlock and reducing travel time.

The introduction of the Pune Metro will additionally solidify Prabhat Road's position as quite possibly of Pune's most sought-subsequent to living destination. Residents will profit from further developed connectivity to different parts of the city, making it easier to access business hubs, instructive institutions, and sporting centers.

Moreover, ongoing developments in commercial and residential land are supposed to upgrade the region's infrastructure further. With modern amenities and facilities being incorporated into new projects, residents can anticipate a better quality of living.

Past 5 years appreciation in Prabhat Road Real Estate Market

Over the past five years, Prabhat Road has encountered prominent appreciation in its real estate market, driven by a few variables. The area's rich social legacy, combined with its essential area and further developed infrastructure, has added to its growing ubiquity among homebuyers and investors.

One critical component behind the appreciation is the redevelopment of prime real estate in the area. The change of old properties into current residential complexes has drawn in new homebuyers while retaining the local's old-world appeal. This redevelopment has improved the esthetics of Prabhat Road as well as increased the worth of properties in the area.

Prabhat Road's development from a laid-back neighborhood to a world class residential area has likewise assumed a significant part in its real estate appreciation. The influx of upwardly-portable purchasers, as well as investors from Mumbai, has driven demand for luxury real estate in Pune. This demand, combined with the area's restricted stock of prime properties, has prompted huge appreciation in property estimations. Over last few year in Prabhat road they have most demanding regarding the real estate is row house and bungalows.

Transportation & Connectivity at Prabhat Road

Prabhat Road flaunts great transportation and network choices, making it a beneficial area for occupants and workers the equivalent. The district is generally around served by different banks and ATMs, including HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and Hub Bank, guaranteeing simple admittance to banking administrations. While there is by and by no metro station on Prabhat Road, it is advantageously arranged near key railroad stations. The Shivaji Nagar Rail line Station, just 4 kilometers away, offers connectivity to various parts of the city, while the Pune Intersection Rail route Station, situated 6 kilometers away, serves as a significant rail route center point.

In terms of bus connectivity, Prabhat Road is all around served by several bus stops, such as the Deccan Gymkhana Bus Stop, Nal Stop, and FC Road (Fergusson School Road) Bus Stop, facilitating convenient travel within Pune. Albeit the Pune International Airport is found 16 kilometers away, it is easily accessible by road, providing smooth travel for air passengers. Residents also approach various recreational areas close by, including Kamala Nehru Park, Sambhaji Park, and Pataleshwar Cavern Park, offering green spaces for unwinding and entertainment. Because of Transportation & Connectivity at Prabhat Road most families prefer to purchase 2 BHK and 3 BHK property for future point of view.

Prabhat Road is associated with several well known roads in Pune, enhancing its accessibility within the city. Karve Road serves as a fundamental course, connecting Prabhat Road to different areas of Pune, while Regulation School Road, Bhandarkar Road, FC Road (Fergusson School Road), and BMCC Road are also close by, each offering its extraordinary amenities and attractions. Moreover, the region is surrounded by neighboring localities like Erandwane, Shivaji Nagar, Kothrud, Deccan Gymkhana, and Model State, providing further transportation options and connectivity to various parts of Pune.

Sustainability and green spaces in Prabhat Road

In Prabhat Road, sustainability and green spaces assume an essential part in enhancing the land esteem. The presence of very much maintained parks and green areas adds to the esthetic allure of the region, attracting homebuyers. Properties with access to green spaces frequently command greater costs because of the better personal satisfaction they offer. Likewise, supportability drives, for example, water reaping and sunlight based chargers add to natural preservation, further expanding the attractiveness of properties. As a rule, the accentuation on supportability and vegetation pursues Prabhat Road an alluring choice for land speculation.

Cultural and educational nexus in Prabhat Road

Prabhat Road is surrounded by numerous cultural and educational attractions, making it an enriching climate for residents and visitors. One such fascination is the Joshis Museum of Miniature Railways, where point-by-point miniature railways and moving trains fascinate enthusiasts, everything being equal. Close by stands the historic Shaniwar Wada, when the seat of the Peshwas of the Maratha Domain, is known for its majestic gates and grand palaces. The Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, housing in excess of 2,500 artifacts from the Mughal and Maratha periods, offers insights into India's rich cultural heritage.

Pataleshwar Caves, cut in the eighth hundred years and committed to Ruler Shiva, give a serene setting to spiritual reflection with their intricate stone cut design. Lal Mahal, known as the youth home of Shivaji Maharaj, holds historical significance in Pune's Maratha history. Laxmi Road, a bustling shopping street, attracts visitors seeking a great many items. The Peshwe Energy Park educates visitors about sustainable power sources, promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. One of the complexes in the area of Prabhat Road provides the 4 BHK flats also.

At long last, Vetal Slant, one of the greatest places in Pune, offers complete perspectives on the city and its environmental factors. It likewise includes strolling trails and potentially open doors for birdwatching, giving a serene departure from the metropolitan rushing about. Together, these cultural and educational attractions structure an energetic nexus around Prabhat Road, enriching the region's cultural texture and offering diverse experiences for residents and tourists.

Trending Residential Projects in Prabhat Road

•    Belvalkar Niwant – 4 BHK apartment 

Trending Commercial Projects in Prabhat Road

Prabhat Road is witnessing a flood in business real estate improvement with a few trending projects. These undertakings plan to take care of the growing demand for current office spaces and retail outlets in the area. From cutting-edge office complexes to stylish retail spaces, these undertakings are redefining business real estate on Prabhat Road. With key areas and contemporary plans, these business projects vow to hoist the business landscape of Prabhat Road.


Prabhat Road in Pune is a prime area for real estate investment because of its special mix of verifiable appeal and current comforts. With its exquisite cottages and contemporary condos, Prabhat Road offers inhabitants a serene living climate in the midst of the hurrying around of the city. The area's essential area guarantees simple admittance to Pune's conveniences, with significant roads and public vehicle links close by. Over the past couple of years, Prabhat Road has seen critical redevelopment, attracting homebuyers and investors the same. The demand for upscale housing and business spaces is on the ascent, making Prabhat Road a rewarding investment opportunity. Moreover, the upcoming Pune Metro project is set to improve network further, solidifying Prabhat Road's situation as of Pune's most advantageous living destination.


1.    What are the sorts of properties accessible on Prabhat Road?
Prabhat Road offers a blend of noteworthy cottages and contemporary lofts. These properties take care of different inclinations, from those seeking old-world appeal to current accommodations.

2.    How is the network to significant pieces of Pune from Prabhat Road?
Prabhat Road appreciates the incredible network of significant roads and public vehicles, making it simple to arrive at various pieces of Pune.

3.    What are the typical property costs on Prabhat Road?
Property costs on Prabhat Road fluctuate depending on the kind and area of the property, yet they by and large mirror the area's superior status in the real estate market.

4.    Are there any schools or instructive institutions close to Prabhat Road?
Indeed, Prabhat Road is near a few rumored schools and universities, making it an optimal area for families.

5.    What sporting exercises and green spaces are accessible in the area?
Prabhat Road offers admittance to parks and sporting facilities, providing occupants with spaces for unwinding and recreation exercises.

6.    How is the security and well-being circumstances in Prabhat Road?
Prabhat Road is viewed as a completely safe neighborhood with measures set up to guarantee the prosperity of its occupants.