VTP Earth County,


Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
Plot 0 146.16 1573.252 23.32 Lakhs*
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Villa Plots

Rs. 23.32 Lakhs*-Rs. 23.32 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Dec, 2024
Updated On : Apr, 2024
VTP Earth County
Villa Plots
Rs. 23.32 Lakhs*-Rs. 23.32 Lakhs*
Possession - Dec, 2024 Updated On : Apr, 2024
Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
1 BHK 3 53.42 575 24 Lakhs*
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1 BHK Apartment

Rs. 24 Lakhs*-Rs. 24 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Mar, 2025
Ashtavinayak Nagar
1 BHK Apartment
Rs. 24 Lakhs*-Rs. 24 Lakhs*
Possession - Mar, 2025

ranjangaon - Snapshot


Why Choose Ranjangaon? 

One of the fundamental attractions of Ranjangaon is its reasonable land rates, making it an optimal district for both residential and commercial investments. The region's vicinity to Mumbai and Pune, alongside its phenomenal foundation, further improves its enticement for financial backers.

Businesses in Ranjangaon are laid out on leasehold land designated by the Maharashtra Industrial Improvement Enterprise (MIDC) for a time of 95 years. This has prompted the improvement of a different industrial biological system, drawing in both Indian organizations and worldwide enterprises (MNCs).

The accessibility of residential choices like 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments and flats takes special care of the lodging needs of the labor force utilized in these businesses. Also, Ranjangaon offers different commercial properties appropriate for organizations, including offices, shops, and stockrooms.

With its essential area and flourishing industrial area, Ranjangaon keeps on being a sought-after objective for residential and commercial investments, offering valuable open doors for development and improvement in the district.

Investment Potential in Ranjangaon

1.    Demand & supply of Residential properties in Ranjangaon

The demand for residential properties in Ranjangaon is consistently expanding because of its essential area, reasonable land rates, and great framework. With Ranjangaon being a Five Star Industrial Zone and arranged on the Pune-Ahmednagar Parkway, it draws in a huge labor force looking for convenience close by. The region offers a blend of lodging choices, including 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and much bigger apartments and flats, taking special care of different portions of homebuyers. The demand for residential properties in Ranjangaon is additionally filled by its nearness to Mumbai and Pune, pursuing it an alluring decision for both nearby and transient laborers.

In addition, Ranjangaon's residential market benefits from the presence of global organizations (MNCs) and Indian organizations working nearby, producing business valuable open doors and driving lodging demand. The stock of residential properties is additionally expanding to satisfy this need, with a few real estate engineers sending off new tasks offering current conveniences and very much-planned living spaces.

2.    Demand and supply of Commercial properties in Ranjangaon

Ranjangaon isn't just a center point for the residential turn of events but additionally a flourishing commercial community. The region has north of 200 businesses, including huge, medium, and limited-scope ventures, driving a hearty interest in commercial properties. The demand for commercial spaces in Ranjangaon comes from different areas, including assembling, coordinated factors, and administrations.

Commercial properties in Ranjangaon range from office spaces to shops and stockrooms, taking special care of the assorted necessities of organizations. The region's vicinity to significant urban areas like Pune and Mumbai, alongside its deep-rooted framework, makes it an optimal area for setting up commercial foundations.

Also, the presence of the Ranjangaon MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Advancement Enterprise) further upgrades the demand for commercial properties, with organizations hoping to lay out their activities in the industrial zone. Accordingly, designers are zeroing in on making more commercial buildings and office spaces to fulfill the developing need in Ranjangaon's commercial real estate market.

Current Infrastructure in Ranjangaon

Ranjangaon flaunts a powerful foundation, making it an alluring decision for organizations. One of its key assets is the accessibility of a gifted, semi-talented, and untalented labor force, guaranteeing that organizations approach the ability they need. The industrial region is exceptional with present-day offices and conveniences, giving an optimal climate for assembling and other industrial exercises. Furthermore, Ranjangaon offers a scope of residential choices, from 1 BHK to 3 BHK flats and apartments, guaranteeing that representatives are happy with living spaces near their work environments. The region additionally includes great instructive establishments, emergency clinics, and inns, offering fundamental types of assistance for residents and laborers.

 Moreover, Ranjangaon is home to numerous enormous ventures, including a few unfamiliar organizations, adding to its industrial development and giving open doors to business extension and coordinated effort.

Upcoming Infrastructure in Ranjangaon

Looking forward, Ranjangaon is set to see further enhancements in its foundation. There are plans to expand industrial offices to satisfy the developing needs of organizations. New industrial buildings and stockrooms are ready to go to give extra space to assembling and stockpiling exercises. Besides, there will be an emphasis on creating commercial edifices and office spaces to take special care of the rising demand for such offices. These impending developments are supposed to improve Ranjangaon's allure as a business objective and add to its proceeded development and thriving.

Past 5 years of appreciation in the Ranjangaon Real Estate Market

All through recent years, Ranjangaon's real estate market has experienced gigantic appreciation across various segments. The demand for residential properties, including 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK flats and apartments, has been on the rise in light of the area's creating industrial region. As additional organizations lay out their presence in Ranjangaon, there has been a relating need for lodging for their workers, prompting expanded demand for residential edifices.

Furthermore, the demand for commercial properties, like offices and shops, has additionally seen a consistent increment. With Ranjangaon arising as an unmistakable industrial center point, there has been a flood in demand for office spaces and retail outlets to help the developing business movement. This has brought about an appreciation of the worth of commercial properties nearby.

The appreciation of real estate values in Ranjangaon can be credited to a few variables. Right off the bat, the region's essential area, with its vicinity to significant urban communities like Pune and Mumbai, has made it an appealing objective for the two organizations and residents. Also, the presence of good framework, including streets, utilities, and industrial offices, has additionally upgraded Ranjangaon's allure. At long last, the general monetary development and industrial advancement in the district have added to the positive direction of the real estate market, driving up property estimations across residential and commercial sections.

Transportation & Connectivity at Ranjangaon

Ranjangaon, situated on the Pune-Ahmednagar Interstate, is quickly turning into a center point for industrial development and real estate improvement. The region's transportation framework and network assume a crucial part in its engaging quality for the two residents and organizations. Arranged around 56 kilometers from Pune, Ranjangaon offers simple admittance to significant urban communities and industrial zones, making it a positive objective for different purposes.

One of the critical elements of Ranjangaon's availability is its admittance to the Pune-Ahmednagar Expressway, guaranteeing smooth travel by street. This expressway works with the development of products and suburbanites, supporting the flourishing industrial exercises nearby. Furthermore, all around, with interior streets inside Ranjangaon improved the nearby network, connecting residential edifices, commercial focuses, and industrial units consistently.

Public transportation benefits further upgrade Ranjangaon's network. Nearby transports and confidential taxicabs are handled on the Pune-Ahmednagar Interstate, giving advantageous travel choices to residents and laborers driving to and from the area. Intercity transport benefits likewise work, working with movement to local towns and urban areas, accordingly helping residents and laborers the same.

Besides, Ranjangaon's essential area guarantees vicinity to fundamental offices. Residents have simple admittance to emergency clinics like Medipoint Clinic, Help Clinic, and Columbia Asia Medical Clinic for medical care administrations. The presence of inns like Inn Morya Nursery and Kailash Housing takes care of convenience needs, while essential well-being communities and instructive foundations guarantee admittance to fundamental administrations and quality training.

Generally, Ranjangaon's hearty transportation organization and network of key offices make it an appealing area for real estate investment. Whether it's residential buildings, commercial spaces, or retail outlets, Ranjangaon offers different open doors for those hoping to put resources into a developing and very much associated region.

Sustainability and green spaces in Ranjangaon

Ranjangaon is steadily embracing economic practices and integrating green spaces into its metropolitan landscape, making it harmless to the ecosystem and an alluring objective for real estate investment. The improvement of practical foundations and the production of green spaces have become necessary parts of Ranjangaon's development, taking special care of the requirements of residents and organizations the same.

One of the key concentrations in Ranjangaon's practical advancement is the development of eco-accommodating residential edifices and commercial buildings. Designers are progressively integrating green structure rehearses into their tasks, offering 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments with eco-accommodating elements. These apartments use energy-productive apparatuses, sunlight-powered chargers, and water-reaping frameworks to lessen energy utilization and advance natural manageability.

Cultural and Educational Nexus in Ranjangaon

Ranjangaon flaunts a lively social and instructive climate, making it an appealing objective for residents and financial backers the same. The region is home to different instructive organizations and social landmarks, upgrading its allure as a helpful real estate area.

As far as training, Ranjangaon offers admittance to quality schools, universities, and instructive offices. Families dwelling in 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK flats and apartments in Ranjangaon have advantageous admittance to trustworthy instructive foundations for their kids. These incorporate essential and optional schools taking special care of different educational programs, as well as universities offering advanced education potential open doors. The presence of instructive organizations guarantees that families can track down appropriate tutoring choices for their youngsters inside the area.

Besides, Ranjangaon's social landscape adds to its charm as a real estate area of interest. The region has comprehensive developments, celebrations, and workmanship presentations, cultivating a rich and lively local area soul. Residents of residential edifices and commercial spaces in Ranjangaon can partake in social exercises and occasions, adding to an exuberant and drawing-in environment. Moreover, the accessibility of shopping buildings, offices, and shops further improves the region's social liveliness, offering residents a different scope of encounters and conveniences. Generally, Ranjangaon's social and instructive nexus makes it a positive area for both living and financial planning.

Trending Residential Projects in Ranjangaon

•    VTP Earth County
•    Ashtavinayak Nagar

Trending Commercial Projects in Ranjangaon

In the center of Ranjangaon, a clamoring industrial and residential district, lies a vigorous neighborhood a blend of headway and custom. Known for its fundamental region on the Pune-Ahmednagar Road, Ranjangaon offers a lot of opportunities for the two residents and associations the equivalent. With its sensible real estate decisions, including 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments, as well as commercial spaces, Ranjangaon attracts monetary benefactors searching for advancement and achievement.


In the center of Ranjangaon, a clamoring industrial and residential district, lies a powerful neighborhood a blend of development and custom. Known for its fundamental region on the Pune-Ahmednagar Road, Ranjangaon offers a lot of opportunities for the two residents and associations the equivalent. With its sensible real estate decisions, including 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments, as well as commercial spaces, Ranjangaon attracts monetary patrons searching for improvement and prosperity.


1.    How long is the leasehold time frame for organizations in Ranjangaon?
Organizations in Ranjangaon work on leasehold land designated by MIDC for a time of 95 years, guaranteeing long-haul dependability and investment valuable open doors.

2.    What is the demand-supply situation for residential properties in Ranjangaon?
The demand for residential properties in Ranjangaon is consistently expanding because of its developing industrial region, with supply keeping speed to satisfy this need.

3.    Are there open doors for commercial investments in Ranjangaon?
Yes, Ranjangaon offers sufficient chances for commercial investments with a large number of commercial properties accessible, including office spaces, shops, and stockrooms.