Salisbury Park

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4 BHK 1 278.71 3000 7.5 Cr*
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4 BHK Apartment

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Possession Date - Dec, 2023
Salisbury Park
4 BHK Apartment
Rs. 7.5 Cr*-Rs. 7.5 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2023

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Salisbury Park

Why Choose Salisbury Park? 

Salisbury Park, situated in the lively area of Gultekdi, Pune, offers a captivating recommendation for those looking for a beneficial living climate and worthwhile speculation valuable open doors. Prestigious for its essential area and flourishing local area, Salisbury Park gives an optimal setting to the two property holders and investors.

One of the critical motivations to pick Salisbury Park is its ideal place. Arranged near significant working environments and very much associated with the city, Salisbury Park guarantees comfort and availability for inhabitants. Whether you're searching for a comfortable 1 BHK loft or a spacious 3 BHK level, Salisbury Park offers a different scope of residential choices to suit each need and financial plan.

Besides, Salisbury Park flaunts more than adequate green spaces, grand perspectives, and a quiet feeling, making it an alluring decision for those looking for a serene way of life in the midst of the clamoring city. Furthermore, the presence of gated social orders guarantees security and protection for occupants.

Generally, Salisbury Park stands out as a favored objective for real estate speculation because of its essential area, different lodging choices, and tranquil environmental factors. Whether you're hoping to purchase a home or make a productive speculation, Salisbury Park offers the ideal mix of solace, comfort, and potential for development.

Investment Potential in Salisbury Park

1.    Demand & supply of Residential properties in Salisbury Park

Salisbury Park is seeing a developing demand for residential properties because of its promising social and actual framework. The Collaboration lodging society, with its single tower involving 14 stories and 29 units, offers spacious living spaces intended to meet assorted prerequisites and inclinations. With fundamental conveniences accessible and units squeezing into different financial plan ranges, Salisbury Park takes special care of an extensive variety of homebuyers, from those looking for comfortable 1 BHK apartments to those searching for spacious 3 BHK flats.

The neighborhood of Salisbury Park appreciates its great network to significant areas like Kumar Pacific Shopping Center, the Mailing station, and Market Yard, upgrading its enticement for possible homebuyers. Also, the presence of instructive foundations like St Mary's School and Kendriya Vidyalaya, alongside medical services offices like the New Command Emergency clinic, adds to the attractiveness of the area.

2.    Demand and supply of Commercial properties in Salisbury Park

While Salisbury Park is principally known for its residential offerings, the demand for commercial properties is likewise on the ascent. With the developing populace and advancement in the area, the requirement for commercial spaces, for example, offices and shops is expanding. As the local keeps on creating, there will be open doors for commercial real estate ventures to take care of the necessities of organizations and inhabitants the same.

The fate of Salisbury Park's property market looks encouraging, with a scope of lodging social orders offering alluring choices for both homebuyers and investors. The prospering position market and business open doors in Pune add to the consistent demand for residential properties in regions like Salisbury Park. This, combined with the impending commercial turns of events, makes Salisbury Park a reasonable objective for those hoping to put resources into Pune's real estate market.

Current Infrastructure in Salisbury Park

Salisbury Park flaunts a vigorous infrastructure that takes special care of the requirements of its inhabitants, making it an appealing objective for both residential and commercial real estate.

Driving emergency clinics like Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Medical Clinic, Pune Adventist Emergency Clinic, and Meera Medical Clinic are strategically placed in and around the area, guaranteeing occupants approach quality medical care administrations. This openness to medical care offices adds to the allure of Salisbury Park as a residential territory.

As far as shopping and sporting conveniences, Salisbury Park offers lively choices. Occupants can appreciate dynamic shopping encounters at places like Dependence Store Fatima Nagar and Renault Fatimanagar. Furthermore, diversion choices are ample, with attractions, for example, Bizzbay, City Pride Multiplex, and Victory Film close by. These conveniences add to a satisfying way of life for the inhabitants of Salisbury Park.

Upcoming Infrastructure in Salisbury Park

The future infrastructure advancements in Salisbury Park are ready to upgrade the allure of the area for the two occupants and investors.

Plans for extra medical care offices, instructive foundations, and sporting spaces are in progress, promising a complete living encounter for occupants. New medical clinics and centers will support the medical care infrastructure, guaranteeing that occupants approach quality clinical benefits inside closeness.

In addition, impending commercial improvements will give amazing open doors to organizations to lay out their presence in Salisbury Park. This won't just set out work open doors but additionally add to the comfort of occupants, who will approach various labor and products squarely in their area.

All in all, the current and impending infrastructure advancements in Salisbury Park make it an appealing area for real estate speculation. With an emphasis on improving medical care, schooling, and commercial offices, Salisbury Park is ready to proceed with development and thriving in the real estate market.

Past 5 years of appreciation in Salisbury Park Real Estate Market

The appreciation in property estimations can be ascribed to a few factors. One of the essential drivers is the rising demand for residential properties in Salisbury Park. The area's essential area, combined with its closeness to key areas of Pune, has made it a sought-after residential territory. This rising demand has prompted an expansion in property costs across different portions, including flats, apartments, and line houses.

Besides, the accessibility of assorted lodging choices has added to the appreciation in Salisbury Park's real estate market. Whether it's a smaller 1 BHK condo, a spacious 2 BHK unit, or an extravagant 3 BHK level, Salisbury Park offers a scope of decisions to take special care of various inclinations and spending plans. This assortment in lodging choices has drawn in homebuyers with changing prerequisites, subsequently driving up property estimations.

Commercial real estate has likewise assumed a critical part in the enthusiasm for Salisbury Park's property market. The advancement of commercial properties, including offices, shops, and commercial buildings, has prompted expanded financial action in the area. This has set out business open doors as well as helped the general demand for residential properties, thus prompting appreciation in real estate values.

Transportation & Connectivity at Salisbury Park

Salisbury Park flaunts phenomenal transportation and availability choices, making it an alluring area for residential properties like flats and apartments. With simple admittance to railroad stations, for example, Pune Intersection Rail route Station and Ghorpuri Rail line Station, inhabitants can advantageously head out to different pieces of Pune and then some. Also, the presence of transport terminals and metro stations close by, for example, Pune Rail route Station Transport Warehouse and Shivajinagar Metro Station, further improves network, guaranteeing bother free driving for those living in 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments in the area.

Aside from transportation, Salisbury Park offers closeness to fundamental conveniences, including schools, emergency clinics, and retail plazas. Eminent instructive establishments like Hutchings Secondary School and Kendriya Vidyalaya are situated inside a couple of kilometers, making it helpful for families with youngsters. For medical services needs, emergency clinics like Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Clinic and Pune Adventist Emergency clinic are effectively open. Occupants likewise approach shopping choices like Dependence Store Fatima Nagar and commercial offices like ICC Exchange Tower and Digital City, giving a mix of comfort and way of life conveniences.

Salisbury Park's network to commercial centers and instructive establishments has prompted a flood in demand for residential properties lately. The area offers a blend of lodging choices, including apartments, line houses, and cabins, taking care of various inclinations and financial plans. The beyond five years have seen critical appreciation in property estimations, making it an alluring venture an open door for both homebuyers and investors the same. With forthcoming infrastructure projects ready to go, including street developments and metro line augmentations, the fate of Salisbury Park's real estate market looks encouraging.

Sustainability and green spaces in Salisbury Park

The Landscape Plan underlines the significance of integrating green infrastructure into residential and commercial turns of events. Salisbury Park's obligation to sustainability stretches out to its real estate projects, with developers coordinating green rooftops, downpour gardens, and porous asphalts into their plans.
The city's green spaces add to natural sustainability as well as improve the personal satisfaction for inhabitants. Admittance to parks, jungle gyms, and strolling trails advances physical and mental prosperity, making Salisbury Park an appealing area for families and people looking for a sound and adjusted way of life.

As Salisbury Park keeps on advancing, the Landscape Plan fills in as a powerful structure for the continuous improvement of green spaces. By embracing imaginative metropolitan plan and supportable practices, Salisbury Park is ready to stay a dynamic and naturally cognizant local area into the indefinite future.

Cultural and educational nexus in Salisbury Park

Salisbury Park flaunts a rich social and instructive climate with eminent organizations close by. Occupants approach quality tutoring, including Hutchings Secondary School, Holy person Mary's Secondary School, and Kendriya Vidyalaya, all inside a couple of kilometers. For advanced education, choices like BJ Clinical School and Bharati Vidyapeeth Considered College are effectively available. Moreover, social focuses like Shriyog and Always Music Pvt. Ltd Perpetually Expressions Institute offer assorted programs for imaginative investigation. This instructive and social nexus improves the personal satisfaction for occupants in Salisbury Park, giving a balanced climate to families and people. Commercial foundations close by, including shops and offices, further add to the area's energy, offering comfort and work open doors. Generally speaking, Salisbury Park's mix of schooling, culture, and commercial movement makes it a positive area for those looking for a reasonable way of life.

Trending Residential Projects in Salisbury Park

•    Synergy – 4 BHK Apartment

Trending Commercial Projects in Salisbury Park

Salisbury Park is seeing a flood in commercial ventures, mirroring its developing unmistakable quality as a business center. The area is standing out from developers and investors because of its essential area and expanding demand for commercial spaces. Conspicuous ventures incorporate ICC Exchange Tower, Digital City, and Frontal cortex IT Park, offering present day office spaces furnished with best in class offices. These undertakings take care of the different requirements of organizations, from new companies to laid out ventures. With simple admittance to transportation and a flourishing business environment, Salisbury Park is turning into a favored objective for commercial endeavors, promising rewarding open doors for venture and development.


Salisbury Park arises as an ideal spot for real estate venture, offering a mix of accommodation, solace, and development potential. Its essential area, with simple admittance to significant working environments and transportation center points, settles on it an optimal decision for the two mortgage holders and investors. Whether one is searching for a comfortable 1 BHK loft or a spacious 3 BHK level, Salisbury Park gives a different scope of residential choices to suit each need and financial plan. The area's overflow of green spaces, tranquil environmental factors, and gated networks guarantee a quiet way of life with added security.

Throughout the course of recent years, Salisbury Park has seen a flood in demand for residential properties, driven by its hearty social and actual infrastructure. With noticeable schools, medical clinics, and malls nearby, the area takes care of the assorted requirements of its inhabitants.


1.    Are there any commercial properties accessible for interest in Salisbury Park? 
Yes, Salisbury Park offers open doors for commercial real estate speculation also. There are office spaces, shops, and commercial structures accessible, taking care of the requirements of organizations and investors. 

2.    What conveniences are accessible in residential edifices in Salisbury Park? 
Residential edifices in Salisbury Park offer conveniences like parking spaces, pools, rec centers, landscaped nurseries, and security highlights. These conveniences add to an agreeable and helpful way of life for occupants. 

3.    How is the availability to different pieces of Pune from Salisbury Park? 
Salisbury Park appreciates great availability to different pieces of Pune. It is near significant transportation center points including rail route stations, transport stops, and metro stations, making it simple to drive inside the city. 

4.    What are the close by schools and instructive foundations in Salisbury Park?
Salisbury Park is encircled by rumored schools and universities like Hutchings Secondary School, St. Mary's Secondary School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, and BJ Clinical School, giving quality instruction choices to families.