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Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK A 65.68 707 56.32 Lakhs*
2 BHK B 6.50 70 58 Lakhs*
2.5 BHK E 78.60 846 68.58 Lakhs*
3 BHK F 84.08 905 72.96 Lakhs*
2 BHK C 69.68 750 61.51 Lakhs*
2 BHK D 69.68 750 61.51 Lakhs*
3 BHK F 89.00 958 82.12 Lakhs*
3 BHK E 78.97 850 73.54 Lakhs*
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2 & 3 BHK Homes

Rs. 49.57 Lakhs*-Rs. 82.12 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Dec, 2025
Austin County
2 & 3 BHK Homes
Rs. 49.57 Lakhs*-Rs. 82.12 Lakhs*
Possession - Dec, 2025

talawade - Snapshot


Why Choose Talawade? 

Talawade, situated in the northern piece of Pune, offers a promising district for both residential and commercial real estate speculations. Its essential area and growing foundation pursue it an alluring decision for homebuyers and investors the same.

For those looking for residential properties, Talawade presents different choices going from current apartments and flats to extensive row-houses and bungalows. Whether you're on the lookout for a comfortable 1 BHK unit or a bigger 3 BHK space, Talawade has assorted decisions to take special care of various inclinations and spending plans. With more than 10 properties accessible for buy and 2 for lease, there's something for everybody in this area.

Network is a critical benefit of Talawade. Arranged close to Rupeenagar, Kadolkar State, and Morevasti, the region appreciates simple admittance to local offices and conveniences. Moreover, Nigdi, an unmistakable neighborhood, gives close by drive offices, upgrading network to different pieces of Pune.

As far as foundation, Talawade flaunts a few emergency clinics, including SAMARTH Clinic, Desai Medical clinic Bhosari, and Ashwini Clinic and Endoscopy Center. These medical care offices guarantee inhabitants approach quality clinical consideration inside nearness, adding to a feeling that everything is good and prosperity.

For those inspired by investment properties, Talawade offers experiences into well known social orders like Devi Indrayani. This demonstrates a flourishing rental market, making it a possibly rewarding choice for property investors. Security and network are key contemplations for occupants, and Talawade scores well in the two regions. With a network rating of 3.9/5 and a security rating of 3.9/5, as evaluated by inhabitants themselves, Talawade offers a favorable climate for families and people the same.

Investment Potential in Talawade

1.    Demand & supply of Residential properties in Talawade

Tathawade offers a large number of residential properties taking care of various inclinations and spending plans. From current apartments and flats to open row-houses and bungalows, there's something for everybody. The region benefits from its essential area on the Mumbai-Pune freeway, giving advantageous travel to Mumbai and other key regions. BRTS has presented improvement programs, further developing availability and making Tathawade all around connected with major landmarks in Pune. Also, it appreciates bother free availability to upscale neighborhoods like Aundh, Chinchwad, and Akurdi, which house modern arrangements and proposition different conveniences. The proposed Pune Ring Street and metro station at Hinjewadi intersection further upgrade network, making Tathawade a helpful area for real estate venture.

2.    Demand and supply of Commercial properties in Talawade

Tathawade isn't just an alluring objective for residential properties yet additionally for commercial ventures. Its nearness to major work centers like Hinjewadi Tech Park and Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park makes it engaging for organizations. The region has different business and IT parks, drawing in experts and understudies the same. With a growing number of experts looking for homes close to their workplaces, Tathawade stands out because of its helpful openness. Commercial spaces like offices, shops, and showrooms are in demand, mirroring the region's true capacity for business growth. Moreover, Tathawade's generally cutthroat property rates and sound rental rates pursue it an appealing decision for commercial real estate ventures. The serene climate and arranged improvement further add to its allure, making Tathawade a promising area for both residential and commercial endeavors.    

Current Infrastructure in Talawade

As far as commercial foundation, Talawade is seeing the foundation of different offices, shops, and showrooms. The region's nearness to major modern zones like Chakan and Bhosari has prompted the improvement of commercial spaces to serve the requirements of organizations and occupants the same.

Transportation foundation is likewise a vital concentration in Talawade. The territory benefits from its nearness to the Mumbai-Pune freeway and the BRTS framework, guaranteeing smooth availability to different pieces of Pune and Mumbai. Moreover, the proposed Pune Ring Street and the forthcoming metro station at Hinjewadi intersection will additionally improve transportation nearby.

Social foundation in Talawade incorporates medical care offices like clinics and facilities, instructive establishments going from schools to universities, and shopping edifices to take special care of day to day needs. This advanced social foundation adds to the allure of Talawade as a beneficial spot to live and work. With continuous foundation projects and a favorable climate for growth, Talawade keeps on developing into a dynamic and flourishing region in Pune.

Upcoming Infrastructure in Talawade

Talawade, situated in the northern piece of Pune, is set to observe huge framework improvements that will additionally upgrade its allure as a helpful residential and commercial objective. The region, currently home to various residential choices like flats, apartments, 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK units, alongside row-houses and bungalows, is ready for additional growth with impending activities.

One major forthcoming framework project is the proposed Pune Ring Street, which will encompass Pune and PCMC, passing helpfully near Talawade. This street will further develop availability and lessen travel times, making Talawade considerably more open to occupants and organizations.

Also, the forthcoming metro station at Hinjewadi intersection will give Talawade consistent availability to different pieces of Pune. This won't just help suburbanites yet additionally improve the worth of residential and commercial properties nearby.

The emphasis on framework additionally reaches out to social conveniences. New shopping edifices, amusement focuses, and sporting offices are intended to address the issues of the growing populace. These improvements will furnish occupants of Talawade with helpful admittance to everyday necessities and recreation exercises, further upgrading the personal satisfaction nearby.

Past 5 years appreciation in Talawade Real Estate Market

In the residential sector, there has been a recognizable flood in demand for flats, apartments, from 1 to 4 BHK units. Talawade's essential area and further developed foundation have drawn in homebuyers searching for current and advantageous residing spaces. The rising number of IT experts and youthful families moving to the area has driven up demand, prompting appreciation in property estimations.

Row-houses and bungalows in Talawade have likewise seen appreciation in esteem. These extensive and free residences have become especially well known among center pay families looking for a mix of protection and local area living. The restricted stockpile of such properties, combined with their growing demand, has added to their valuing costs.

In the commercial real estate sector, the demand for offices, shops, and commercial spaces has been on the ascent. Talawade's nearness to major modern zones and business parks has drawn in organizations, bringing about expanded demand for commercial properties. This demand-supply elements have prompted appreciation in commercial property estimations.

Transportation & Connectivity at Talawade

Talawade appreciates brilliant transportation and network, making it a sought-after area for both residential and commercial real estate speculations. The region is very much associated with major landmarks and metropolitan focuses through different methods of transportation.

For inhabitants of flats, apartments, in number of BHK, as well as row-houses and bungalows, Talawade offers simple admittance to key regions by means of street networks. The Mumbai-Pune freeway and NH-4 give consistent availability to Mumbai, Pune, and other major urban communities. Also, the presence of the BRTS framework upgrades intra-city travel inside Pune.

The region's closeness to regions like Aundh, Chinchwad, and Akurdi further develops network, offering inhabitants admittance to retail outlets, schools, and diversion center points. Commercial real estate properties like offices and shops additionally benefit from this availability, drawing in organizations and clients the same.

Sustainability and green spaces in Talawade

Talawade puts areas of strength for an on maintainability and green spaces, settling on it an ideal decision for inhabitants looking for a sound and eco-accommodating climate. Residential properties like flats, apartments, 1 to 5 BHK units, as well as row-houses and bungalows, frequently incorporate green structure practices, for example, water collecting, sunlight powered chargers, and energy-productive apparatuses. This decreases the carbon impression of these homes and advances practical residing among inhabitants.

Moreover, Talawade flaunts various green spaces, including parks, plants, and landscaped regions, giving inhabitants opportunities for diversion and unwinding. These green spaces not just upgrade the tasteful allure of the region yet additionally add to the prosperity of its occupants, offering a reprieve from the metropolitan hurrying around.

Commercial and residential real estate properties in Talawade likewise prioritize green drives. Offices, shops, and commercial edifices frequently carry out eco-accommodating practices like waste reusing and energy preservation, advancing maintainability in business activities. In general, Talawade's obligation to manageability and green living makes it a positive objective for naturally cognizant occupants and organizations the same.

Cultural and educational nexus in Talawade

Talawade isn't just a residential area of interest yet in addition an energetic social and instructive focus. The region offers a scope of instructive organizations, taking care of understudies dwelling in flats, apartments, 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK units, as well as row-houses and bungalows. From schools giving essential instruction to universities offering particular courses, Talawade guarantees simple admittance to quality training.

Moreover, Talawade flaunts a rich social scene with different occasions and exercises. Inhabitants can appreciate workmanship presentations, theater performances, and social celebrations, adding to a feeling of local area and fellowship. The presence of strict and social focuses further improves the region's social texture, giving opportunities to profound growth and social communication.

This mix of instructive and social conveniences makes Talawade an alluring objective for families, understudies, and experts the same, encouraging a dynamic and improving climate for every one of its inhabitants.

Trending Residential Projects in Talawade

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Trending Commercial Projects in Talawade

Talawade is seeing a flood in commercial improvement with a few moving undertakings. These activities incorporate present day office spaces, commercial buildings, and shopping centers. With its essential area and growing business opportunities, Talawade is turning into a favored objective for commercial real estate ventures.


All in all, Talawade stands out as a promising objective for both residential and commercial real estate ventures. Its essential area, growing framework, and phenomenal network settle on it an appealing decision for homebuyers and investors the same. With assorted lodging choices going from apartments to row-houses and bungalows, Talawade takes care of different inclinations and spending plans. The region's vicinity to fundamental conveniences and its favorable evaluations for availability and wellbeing add to its allure.

Furthermore, Talawade offers a favorable climate for commercial endeavors, with expanding demand for office spaces, shops, and showrooms. Its vicinity to major modern zones and business parks improves its true capacity for commercial growth. The locale's framework is seeing fast turn of events, including transportation networks and social conveniences, further supporting its attractiveness for the two occupants and organizations.


What are the network choices in Talawade? 
Talawade appreciates superb availability with major landmarks in Pune through street networks like the Mumbai-Pune turnpike and NH-4. It is additionally very much associated by the BRTS framework.

Are there any forthcoming framework projects in Talawade? 
Yes, there are a few forthcoming framework projects including the proposed Pune Ring Street and metro station at Hinjewadi intersection, pointed toward improving network and openness.

What are the famous commercial undertakings in Talawade? 
Moving commercial tasks in Talawade incorporate current office spaces, commercial structures, and retail plazas taking special care of the growing industry demand nearby.