Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
Plot 1 302.49 3255.97 74.63 Lakhs*
Plot 1 118.30 1273.33 28.46 Lakhs*
Plot 1 145.30 1563.98 37.2 Lakhs*
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Rs. 28.46 Lakhs*-Rs. 74.63 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Dec, 2023
Hyper One
Rs. 28.46 Lakhs*-Rs. 74.63 Lakhs*
Possession - Dec, 2023

Vaarivana Villa,

Ambewadi Maval - Urse

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
3 BHK Villa 1 153.01 1647 1.58 Cr*
3 BHK Villa 1 153.01 1647 1.58 Cr*
4 BHK Villa 1 209.03 2250 2.38 Cr*
4 BHK Villa 1 209.03 2250 2.38 Cr*
Plot 1 153.01 1647 68 Lakhs*
Plot 1 159.14 1713 1.54 Cr*
Plot 1 209.03 2250 1.03 Cr*
Plot 1 216.46 2330 2.15 Cr*
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Vaarivana 3, 4 BHK Villa & plots

Rs. 1.58 Cr*-Rs. 2.38 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2025
Vaarivana Villa
Vaarivana 3, 4 BHK Villa & plots
Rs. 1.58 Cr*-Rs. 2.38 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2025

urse - Snapshot

Why choose Urse ?

Settled in the beautiful environmental factors of Mawal tehsil, Pune district, Maharashtra, Urse village arises as a promising private safe house. Here's the reason putting resources into Urse could be the ideal choice for your next property adventure:

Prime Location: Arranged advantageously close to Pune, this location offers an unspoiled mix of provincial peacefulness and metropolitan availability. Its essential position guarantees simple network to significant urban communities like Pune and Mumbai, going with it an optimal decision for those looking for a serene yet very much associated living experience.

Fast Turn of events: With the expanding IT area driving monetary development in Pune, Urse arises as a leader in the city's extension story. Its nearness to work centers, combined with a vigorous transportation organization, makes ready for quick turn of events and promising venture potential open doors.

Government Initiatives: The Maharashtra government's aggressive plans, including the proposed Focal Business District along the Mumbai-Pune Interstate, further hoist in this location allure. Being reserved as a vital location inside this structure highlights in this location true capacity for significant development and worth appreciation.

Speculation Potential: in this location expanding housing market is drawing in engineers and financial backers the same, subsequently improving the area's offer. As request floods and foundation improves, early interest in Urse guarantees worthwhile returns, making it a focal point for property devotees.

Personal satisfaction: Getting away from the buzzing about of city life, this location offers a peaceful climate encompassed in lavish vegetation. With inhabitants running to embrace nature's magnificence and avoid metropolitan contamination, Urse arises as a desert spring of quietness and wellbeing.

Fundamentally, Urse exemplifies the ideal blend of vital location, development possibilities, and quality expectations for everyday comforts. Whether you look for a tranquil home or a rewarding speculation opportunity, Urse entices with its commitment of a satisfying way of life and bountiful possibilities for development and thriving.


Investment Potential in Urse

Settled in the midst of Pune's dynamic modern scene, Urse remains as a reference point of promising speculation open doors. Its essential location, settled close to the clamoring modern center points of PCMC, Maval, and Chakan, close by its availability to Hinjewadi's flourishing IT/BT park, makes way for rewarding endeavors.

Urse flaunts a hearty foundation, filling in as a combination point for significant undertakings, for example, the PMRDA Ring Street, Freeway, Pune Metro, and the Virgin HyperLoop test station. This organization improves openness as well as moves monetary development and business extension.

Moreover, Urse has a different scope of ventures, including IT, vehicle, drugs, designing, and horticulture. The presence of laid out industry goliaths highlights in this location rise as a prime market ready for speculation.

With a labor force surpassing three lakh experts in Urse and its encompassing districts, the region offers a significant buyer base and talented work pool. This, combined with great government arrangements and impetuses, elevates its allure for financial backers looking for maintainable development possibilities.

in this location speculation potential sparkles brilliantly, giving a favorable climate to organizations to prosper and financial backers to exploit arising valuable open doors inside Pune's dynamic monetary scene.


(a). Demand & supply of Residential properties in Urse

Urse observes a unique exchange among request and supply in its private property for sale in Urse Pune area. With developing foundation ventures and urbanization, the interest for private properties is on the ascent. At the same time, engineers are effectively providing lodging choices to fulfill this rising need, cultivating an energetic housing market in Urse also new villa projects in Urse, Pune.

(b). Demand and supply of Commercial properties in Urse

The interest and supply of business properties in Urse mirror the region's developing monetary scene. As organizations look for vital locations in the midst of prospering foundation projects, the interest for business spaces is consistently expanding. Accordingly, engineers are effectively providing a scope of business properties, taking care of different business needs and adding to in this location business development and imperativeness.


Current Infrastructure in Urse

Arranged decisively among Pune and Lonavala, Urse Village in Maval Taluka District Pune gloats of a thriving framework that positions it as a prime private objective. Its vicinity to key locations and impending advancements makes it an alluring possibility for the two occupants and financial backers the same.

With simply a 20-minute drive to Lonavala and roughly 30 minutes to Pune city, this location offers unrivaled openness. Besides, its closeness to the proposed Navi Mumbai Worldwide Air terminal in Panvel, a simple 83 kilometers away, upgrades its network potential.

Urse is very much associated with arising urban communities like Talegaon Dabhade, Vadgaon Maval, and Gahunje, settling on it an optimal decision for those looking for accommodation in driving. The village sits a simple 500 meters from the Express Parkway, 1 kilometer from the Old Pune Mumbai Roadway, and 1.5 kilometers from Talegaon Dabhade and Vadgaon Railroad Stations.

The essential location of Urse has drawn in critical infrastructural improvement projects, including the PMRD ring street, freeway, Pune metro, and the Virgin Hyperloop test station. These tasks upgrade network as well as sign in this location rise as a critical private center point in Pune.

Encircled by modern centers like Maval, Chakan, PCMC, and IT parks in Tathawade and Hinjewadi, this location offers sufficient chances for experts working there. Different areas including IT, horticulture, fabricating, cars, drugs, and designing flourish in Urse, Pune Pune introducing an assorted scope of business open doors.

The presence of prestigious organizations like Mahindra, General Engines, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Siemens, Bajaj, and Finolex in neighboring Talegaon Dabhade and Chakan further reinforces in this location allure as a lodging objective for their workers, adding to its development and improvement.


Upcoming Infrastructure in Urse

Urse arises as the crucial nexus for impending framework improvements, as it meets significant tasks, for example, the PMRDA Ring Street, the Interstate, Pune Metro, and the Virgin HyperLoop test station.


Past 5 years appreciation in Urse Real Estate Market

Over the course of the last half-decade, the housing market in Urse has gone through huge appreciation, reflecting the more extensive patterns saw in Pune's land scene. A few elements have added to this vertical direction, making Urse an alluring objective for the two financial backers and homebuyers the same.

Reasonable Lodging Blast: Urse has profited from the overflow impact of Pune's reasonable lodging blast. As youthful IT experts looked for reasonable lodging choices inside driving distance of Pune's IT centers, Urse arose as a suitable decision. This expanded interest energized appreciation in property costs.

Development of Pune's Financial Hall: Pune's development as a shrewd city and the resulting inundation of businesses into the district affect adjoining regions like Urse, Pune. The foundation of innovation, car, assembling, training, and administration areas in Pune has prompted work creation and financial development, driving up property costs in Urse, Pune.

Foundation Advancement: Throughout the course of recent years, Urse has seen significant upgrades in framework, including better streets, availability, and conveniences. This has upgraded the reasonableness remainder of the area, drawing in more homebuyers and financial backers, consequently adding to property appreciation.

Miniature Market Change: Regions like Urse, Pune which needed sufficient foundation a couple of years prior, have gone through an exceptional change. The accessibility of private choices, office spaces, and diversion roads has moved Urse into a helpful land objective, prompting appreciation in property estimations.

Governmental Guidelines: Administrative changes like demonetization and the execution of the Land (Guideline and Advancement) Act (RERA) have additionally affected in this location housing market. While their belongings might not have been prompt, these actions have imparted straightforwardness and responsibility in the area, cultivating financial backer certainty and strength, accordingly emphatically affecting property appreciation.


Transportation & Connectivity at Urse

Arranged definitively at the midpoint between Pimpri-Chinchwad and Lonavala, Urse arises as a crucial center for network. With its essential location, Urse is primed for fast private extension and expects critical formative steps soon. The region partakes in a great environment over time, supplemented by verdant slopes and pleasant normal environs.

For those looking for villas in Urse available to be purchased in Pune or its area to Mumbai, Urse presents an unmissable open door. Settled inside Pune's biggest "first-home" golf estate local area, this region offers extravagant 4BHK villas in Urse advantageously situated along the Mumbai-Pune Freeway. Simply a short 15-minute drive from Hinjewadi, a little ways from Baner, and a short ways from Lonavala, openness to key regions is easily worked with.

Nearby  Urse Locality


SMiLEKiDZ Pre School: 2.6 km

New English School Vadgaon Maval: 2.6 km

Indira Global School of Business: 2.8 km

Little Flower Nursery & Pre-School: 2.9 km

Rameshkumar Sawhney English Medium School Vadgaon: 2.9 km



Smile Vyasan mukti kendra(smile foundation: 1.7 km

Harneshwar Multispeciality Hospital: 3.6 km

Sevadham Hospital: 4.1 km



Maruti Mandir Talegaondabhade Road: 4.8 km

Jijamata Chow: 5 km



Domino's Pizza: 1.6 km

Kailash Parbat: 1.6 km

McDonald's: 1.6 km

Hotel Venkatesh Garden: 2.5 km

Hotel Pahunchar: 2.5 km



Giri Poultry Farm: 2.5 km

Rajmudra Mart: 2.6 km

Reliance SMART Superstore: 4.6 km

Matoshree beauty center: 4.7 km


Sustainability and green spaces in Urse

Supportability has turned into a developing worry among people hoping to limit their natural effect, prompting a flood in interest towards eco-accommodating development techniques. This pattern is clear in Urse, Pune where more individuals are picking supportable homes to decrease their carbon impression and add to a better climate.

In Urse, Pune the idea of supportability reaches out past eco-accommodating development materials. It likewise includes the protection and formation of green spaces inside the local area. Green spaces assume an essential part in upgrading the general maintainability of an area by advancing biodiversity, further developing air quality, and relieving metropolitan intensity island impacts.

Occupants of Urse are progressively perceiving the advantages of integrating green spaces into their environmental elements.


Cultural and educational nexus in Urse

Past its strict locales, this location offers an energetic social involvement in a variety of feasting choices and restaurants to enjoy. With more than 28 cafés and diner spots to browse, guests can leave on a culinary excursion through different flavors and foods.

Furthermore, Urse flaunts a rich Hindu legacy, with in excess of 15 Hindu sanctuaries dabbing its scene. These sanctuaries act as spots of love as well as give understanding into the social and profound texture of the district.

In the event that you investigate the encompassing areas of Urse, Pune you'll find various great English schools and universities offering undergrad and postgraduate projects across different fields. These instructive establishments center around scholastic development as well as accentuate sports and proactive tasks for comprehensive kid advancement. A few outstanding schools incorporate DY Patil School, Poddar Worldwide, and St. Legacy Secondary School.

For those chasing after designing, MBA, or MBBS, there are adequate choices like D Y Patil Specialized Grounds, MIMER School, Sinhgad Establishment, and Indira Foundation, taking care of understudies subsequent to finishing their 10+2 training.


Trending Residential Projects in Urse

Urse, Pune a blossoming region, is seeing a flood in private turn of events, offering a mix of present day living in the midst of nature's peacefulness. Among the conspicuous undertakings forming the horizon of Urse, Pune three stick out.

Vaarivana Estate: Offering lavish 3 and 4 BHK villas in Urse alongside extensive plots, Vaarivana Manor exemplifies upscale living. Settled in the midst of pleasant environmental factors, these homes gloat contemporary engineering combined with lavish vegetation, giving occupants a tranquil way of life experience.

Hyper One: Taking special care of those looking for the ideal material to construct their fantasy homes, Hyper One presents premium plots in Urse, Pune. These plots are carefully wanted to oblige different structural inclinations, engaging mortgage holders to make customized sanctuaries that mirror their extraordinary preferences and way of life.

Pharande Vaarivana: A sanctuary for those wanting an amicable mix of nature and extravagance, Pharande Vaarivana offers private plots as well as lavish 3 and 4 BHK villas in Urse


Trending Commercial Projects in Urse

this location offers a scope of great choices for interest in business land. Here are a few well known territories in Urse that you ought to look at for worthwhile open doors:

Urse MIDC: The MIDC region in Urse is a center point of modern and business movement. With great foundation and network, putting resources into business property here can yield significant yields.

Urse Gaon: Urse Gaon is a clamoring region with a blend of private and business spaces. It offers great footfall and openness, making it an alluring choice for financial backers.



All in all, Urse presents a convincing an open door for homebuyers and financial backers the same. Its essential location, encompassed by vegetation and very much associated with work center points, pursues it an appealing decision for those looking for another home or venture property. With the government's arrangements for advancement along the Mumbai-Pune Freeway and expanding interests in the area, Urse is ready for fast development and commitments significant returns for financial backers. As additional individuals try to get away from city contamination and embrace nature, in this location allure as a private objective keeps on developing, setting its situation as a promising location in Pune's housing market.



Q: What drives in this location land development?

A: Variables like foundation improvement, different enterprises, talented work, government strategies, and interest for properties add to in this location land development.

Q: How is in this location foundation advancing?

A: Urse is seeing upgrades in streets, network, and conveniences with projects like the PMRDA Ring Street, Turnpike, Pune Metro, and Virgin Hyperloop.

Q: What is in this location land appreciation pattern?

A: Urse has encountered critical appreciation in land values because of elements like reasonable lodging, Pune's financial development, framework improvement, and governmental guidelines.

Q: How is transportation and availability in Urse?

A: Urse appreciates key network through the Mumbai-Pune Freeway, impending ventures like the PMRDA Ring Street, and Pune Metro, improving openness for inhabitants.

Q: What conveniences are accessible in Urse?

A: this location offers a scope of conveniences including schools, emergency clinics, streets, inns, and retail plazas, guaranteeing comfort and personal satisfaction for its inhabitants.

Q: How does Urse advance manageability?

A: Urse centers around eco-accommodating development rehearses and safeguarding green spaces to upgrade maintainability and advance a better climate

Q: What social and instructive open doors exist in Urse?

A: Urse flaunts Hindu sanctuaries, different eating choices, and quality instructive foundations, furnishing inhabitants with open doors for social enhancement and comprehensive turn of events.