SVB Casa Angelina,

Koregaon Mul - Uruli Kanchan

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
Plot 0 185.81 2000 40 Lakhs*
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Rs. 40 Lakhs*-Rs. 40 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Nov, 2025
SVB Casa Angelina
Uruli Kanchan
Rs. 40 Lakhs*-Rs. 40 Lakhs*
Possession - Nov, 2025

Kanchan City,

Uruli Kanchan

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
Plot 0 125.42 1350 43.2 Lakhs*
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Rs. 43.2 Lakhs*-Rs. 43.2 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Dec, 2028
Updated On : Apr, 2024
Kanchan City
Uruli Kanchan
Rs. 43.2 Lakhs*-Rs. 43.2 Lakhs*
Possession - Dec, 2028 Updated On : Apr, 2024

Green Fantasy,

Uruli Kanchan

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
1 BHK 2 28.06 302 23.12 Lakhs*
1 BHK 2 31.03 334 25.2 Lakhs*
2 BHK 2 45.62 491 35.52 Lakhs*
2 BHK 2 48.96 527 37.89 Lakhs*
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1 & 2 BHK Apartment

Rs. 23.12 Lakhs*-Rs. 37.89 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Mar, 2024
Green Fantasy
Uruli Kanchan
1 & 2 BHK Apartment
Rs. 23.12 Lakhs*-Rs. 37.89 Lakhs*
Possession - Mar, 2024

uruli kanchan - Snapshot

Why choose Uruli Kanchan?

Uruli Kanchan, settled in the eastern edges of Pune, Maharashtra, presents a convincing decision for different endeavors and foundations. This town, found roughly 33km from Pune city, flaunts a rich history and vital network, making it an alluring area for different purposes.

One of the essential purposes behind considering Uruli Kanchan is its historical importance attached to Mahatma Gandhi and his follower Manibhai Desai. Close to sixty years prior, they laid out a prestigious naturopathy community here, loaning a quality of eminence and acknowledgment to the town.

Moreover, Uruli Kanchan benefits from phenomenal availability to various pieces of India. The presence of major parkways, for example, the Mumbai interstate and the Pune-Pandharpur street works with smooth transportation and openness. Furthermore, the town is served by the Daddawati transport quit, interfacing it to Pune and Hadapsar, upgrading its allure as a helpful area.

The town's foundation incorporates fundamental conveniences like schools and clinics in closeness, like New Insight Worldwide School, Padma Shri Manibhai Desai Mahavidyalaya, Chintamani Clinic, and Sayyed Emergency clinic. This guarantees that occupants and visitors the same approach quality training and medical care administrations reachable.

Furthermore, Uruli Kanchan flaunts a few attractions and tourist spots, including the respected Shree Chintamani Sanctuary, Malhargad Fort, Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati Sanctuary, and Kiddington, offering sporting and social improvement opportunities.

As far as neighboring regions, Uruli Kanchan is encircled by districts like Naigaon, Sortapwadi, Shindawne, and Walati, further upgrading its availability and potential for collaboration and local area commitment.

With its rich legacy, vital area, consistent network, and fundamental conveniences, Uruli Kanchan arises as an optimal decision for different endeavors, be it residential, commercial, or institutional.

Investment Potential in Uruli Kanchan Pune

Uruli Kanchan is arising as a sought-after venture objective in Pune, offering a convincing mix of a very much associated area, a no problem at all climate, and a comfortable living encounter. Here is a more critical glance at the factors adding to its venture potential:

Network and Framework:

Smooth Driving: Uruli Kanchan flaunts fantastic availability with the presence of Dattawadi transport stop and Belsar Uruli Kanchan street, guaranteeing simple admittance to neighborhoods limiting gridlock because of the close by Public Thruway 65.

Overhauled Framework: Continuous street fortifying undertakings further improve availability inside the territory.

Wellbeing and Security:

Quiet Living: Standard police watching guarantees a protected climate for inhabitants, even around evening time.

Satisfactory Lighting: Sufficiently bright roads advance a feeling of safety and give better perceivability during evening time hours.

Vicinity to Police headquarters: The presence of Uruli Kanchan police headquarters offers extra genuine serenity.

Personal satisfaction:

Nature's Hug: this location offers a quiet break from the hurrying around of city life, permitting inhabitants to interface with nature.

Solid Water Supply: Steady water supply all through the year kills worries about water shortage.

Continuous Power Supply: Reliable power guarantees a comfortable and bother free living experience.

Vicinity to Conveniences:

Fundamental Administrations: The presence of Bluedart conveyance office, Vimal complex, Shree Chintamani milestone private ltd., and Kanchan exchanging organization guarantees simple admittance to fundamental administrations.

Generally Allure:

Uruli Kanchan's balanced foundation, center around wellbeing, and wealth of conveniences make it an appealing suggestion for both residential living and venture. With its essential area and continuous turn of events, Uruli Kanchan presents a promising opportunity for capital appreciation and rental pay age.

Putting resources into this location offers the potential for:

Long haul capital increases: As the area keeps on creating, property in Uruli Kanchan Pune estimations are supposed to rise.

Consistent rental pay: The developing interest for quality lodging makes Uruli Kanchan an alluring choice for investment properties.

(a). Demand & supply of Residential properties in Uruli Kanchan Pune

Uruli Kanchan, found roughly 33 km east of Pune, is encountering quick land development driven by affordable to mid-range lodging choices and astounding network. Anchored by the Mumbai Expressway and Pune-Pandharpur Street, this region fills in as a center point of openness.

Encircled by neighboring regions like Sortapwadi and Koregaon Mul, this location offers a different scope of residential decisions, transcendently 1 BHK Apartments in Uruli Kanchan Pune lofts. Multistorey condos address the majority of lodging choices, containing around 45% of the residential inventory in this region.

The interest for residential properties in Uruli Kanchan Pune is floated by factors like affordability, hearty network, and nearness to metropolitan conveniences. Engineers are answering this interest by putting resources into residential ventures to meet different inclinations and monetary necessities.

(b). Demand and supply of Commercial properties in Uruli Kanchan Pune

Uruli Kanchan, a prospering region arranged in the edges of Pune, India, has seen critical development in its commercial land sector lately. This article digs into the elements of interest and supply inside this region, revealing insight into the factors affecting the market.

Modern Turn of events: Uruli Kanchan's closeness to Pune's modern zones has drawn in organizations looking for affordable commercial spaces. The foundation of assembling units and distribution centers has powered interest for commercial properties.

Urbanization and Populace Development: As Pune grows, Uruli Kanchan has arisen as a favored objective for residential settlements. This deluge of occupants has provoked an interest for nearby conveniences, including retail outlets, cafés, and office spaces, consequently driving the requirement for commercial properties.

Current Infrastructure in Uruli Kanchan Pune

Uruli Kanchan flaunts a complete transportation network taking care of different necessities, guaranteeing quick admittance to different pieces of the city. Notwithstanding private vehicles, inhabitants can depend on different public transportation choices, for example, transports worked by PMPML, associating

the region to Hadapsar and Pune. The Uruli Railroad Station, served by the Focal Rail route, further upgrades availability inside the area.

Arranged along a 32-kilometer stretch of Mumbai-Pandharpur Street, Pune Global Airport gives helpful air head out choices to occupants and visitors the same. Moreover, the openness to the parkway works with smooth driving for office suburbanites, adding to the area's prospering land advancement. With vigorous framework and vital transportation offices, Uruli Kanchan keeps on developing quickly, drawing in the two occupants and investors.

Upcoming Infrastructure in Uruli Kanchan Pune

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has as of late endorsed the development of three new underpasses in essential areas at Uruli Kanchan, Loni, and Theur Phata. This huge framework improvement is ready to transform the network and openness of Uruli Kanchan and its encompassing regions. This article explores the ramifications of these impending ventures and their possible effect on the district.

Outline of the Ventures:

Uruli Kanchan Underpass:

The underpass at Uruli Kanchan intends to ease gridlock and upgrade the progression of vehicles along the National Highway.

It will give a consistent section to workers going to and from Uruli Kanchan, further developing network with neighboring districts.

Loni Underpass:

The underpass at Loni is decisively situated to further develop network among Loni and other key regions, working with smoother development of traffic.

It is normal to lessen travel time and blockage, accordingly improving the general transportation experience for workers.

Theur Phata Underpass:

The underpass at Theur Phata is intended to smooth out traffic stream at this vital intersection, which fills in as an entryway to different objections.

It will add to further developed security and effectiveness out and about, helping the two suburbanites and organizations nearby.

Past 5 years appreciation in Uruli Kanchan Pune Real Estate Market

Throughout the course of recent years, the housing market in Uruli Kanchan Pune has encountered huge appreciation, mirroring the region's developing prominence and advancement. With framework upgrades and improved connectivity, Uruli Kanchan has turned into an inexorably helpful area for homebuyers and investors the same. This flood sought after has prompted consistent appreciation in property estimations, setting out worthwhile open doors for those associated with the housing market.

This region's essential area, combined with its nearness to key commercial center points like Hadapsar and Pune, has additionally energized this vertical pattern in property costs. Thus, Uruli Kanchan has seen an eminent expansion in both residential and commercial land values throughout the last half-decade, making it an appealing possibility for those hoping to exploit the locale's development and potential.

Transportation & Connectivity at Uruli Kanchan

this location offers occupants a helpful blend of public and confidential transportation choices. Public transports give productive travel inside the territory, while highways like National Highway 65 make driving to Pune a breeze for vehicle proprietors. Taxicabs and vehicle rentals take special care of those looking for on-request transportation. This assorted scope of choices guarantees simple accessibility for everybody.

Road Network:

The Mumbai-Pandharpur Road and Solapur-Pune Highway act as fundamental corridors, connecting Uruli Kanchan to key urban areas like Mumbai and Ahmednagar. This powerful road network works with smooth travel, upgrading accessibility for inhabitants and visitors the same.

Rail Access:

For those inclining toward rail travel, Uruli Railway Station, arranged a simple 2 km away from the district and accessible through MG Road, gives a helpful transportation choice. This accessibility adds to the area's allure, offering workers adaptability and simplicity of movement.

Air Connectivity:

Furthermore, the closeness of Pune International Airport, around 32 km away through Mumbai-Pandharpur Road, guarantees quick air connectivity for both homegrown and international travel. Inhabitants can appreciate bother free excursions, whether for business or recreation.

Employment Hubs:

Uruli Kanchan's worthwhile area likewise helps professionals, with the Ramtekdi Modern Region, a noticeable employment center point, found a little more than 24 km away through Mumbai-Pandharpur Road. This nearness opens up more than adequate open positions, settling on it an appealing decision for those looking for employment.

Public Conveniences:

Moreover, the district brags a reach fundamental conveniences inside nearness, including rumored medical clinics like Shree Bitthal Emergency clinic and Zedplus and Kasturi Medical clinic, as well as famous instructive organizations like Master Vivekanand Vidya Mandir and Points English Medium School. This guarantees occupants have simple access to medical services and schooling offices.

Shopping and Diversion:

Furthermore, this location offers adequate sporting opportunities with prestigious shopping centers like Seasons Shopping center, Amanora Shopping center, and Phoenix Marketcity close by. Occupants can enjoy shopping, feasting, and diversion encounters without going far.

Low Gridlock:

Regardless of its connectivity to major highways and roads, Uruli Kanchan appreciates low gridlock. This benefit guarantees smooth driving encounters, permitting occupants to cross the region easily and comfort.

Uruli Kanchan remains as a perfect representation of a region that prioritizes connectivity, making it an appealing objective for those looking for affordable living combined with great transportation choices.

Sustainability and green spaces in Uruli Kanchan Pune

Manageability and the incorporation of green spaces are necessary parts of the improvement ethos in Uruli Kanchan Pune Pune. With a pledge to saving the regular habitat while encouraging a top notch of life for inhabitants, the region flaunts various drives pointed toward advancing supportability. From parks and sporting facilities to eco-accommodating framework and waste administration frameworks, Uruli Kanchan prioritizes green spaces as fundamental parts of its metropolitan arranging procedure. These efforts not just upgrade the tasteful allure of the area yet in addition add to a better and more reasonable living climate for current and people in the future.

Cultural and educational nexus in Uruli Kanchan Pune

Uruli Kanchan, a peaceful town settled in the core of Maharashtra, brags a rich embroidery social legacy and instructive ability. For north of sixty years, it has been inseparable from the Naturopathy Place (Nisarg Upchar Ashram), an inheritance started by Mahatma Gandhi and his supporter Manibhai Desai. This middle stands as a reference point of comprehensive health, drawing searchers from all over.

Adding to its instructive scene is the BAIF Advancement Exploration Establishment, established by Manibhai Desai during the 1960s. Famous across India, BAIF leads maintainable provincial turn of events and high-yielding animals reproducing, exemplifying the soul of progress profoundly imbued in the town's ethos.

Established ever, Uruli Kanchan's instructive excursion follows back to 1881 with its most seasoned organization, a Grade School under the Pune Region Board. As of late, it changed to another structure, representing its obligation to sustaining people in the future.

At the forefront of optional instruction stands Mahatma Gandhi Vidyalaya, celebrated as a country focus of greatness. With Marathi as the mode of guidance, the school grants information as well as offers professional courses in Innovation and Agribusiness, taking care of different desires.

Moreover, the town has schools where English fills in as the mode of guidance, broadening horizons for students. Organizations like Amar Instruction Establishment, Heavenly messenger Secondary School, and Dr. Cyrus Poonawala English Medium School advance the instructive mosaic of Uruli Kanchan Pune.

The instructive center point reaches out to higher domains with Padmashri Manibhai Desai Mahavidyalaya, offering its grounds to the secondary school. Partnered to Pune College, the school offers Bachelor-level courses in Expressions, Business, and Sciences, molding the scholarly scene of the locale.

Generally, Uruli Kanchan arises as a support of social legacy as well as a flourishing core of schooling, cultivating illumination and strengthening for a long time into the future.


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Trending Commercial Projects in Uruli Kanchan Pune

Find the most recent commercial undertakings getting some momentum in Uruli Kanchan Pune, mirroring the region's expanding business scene and speculation potential. From current office edifices to lively retail spaces, Uruli Kanchan's commercial improvements are molding the eventual fate of the nearby economy.


All in all, Uruli Kanchan remains as a demonstration of the force of vital turn of events and foundation interest in driving monetary development and land appreciation. With its very much associated transportation network, developing commercial presence, and expanding interest for residential properties, Uruli Kanchan keeps on developing into a dynamic and lively local area, offering sufficient chances for occupants, investors, and organizations the same.


Q: What makes Uruli Kanchan an alluring investment objective?

A: Uruli Kanchan's rich history, key connectivity, and fundamental conveniences make it ideal for different investments, including residential, commercial, and institutional endeavors.

Q: How has the real estate market in Uruli Kanchan Pune performed as of late?

A: The real estate market in Uruli Kanchan Pune has seen huge value increase throughout recent years, driven by framework upgrades and developing interest.

Q: What transportation choices are accessible in Uruli Kanchan Pune?

A: this location offers a blend of public and confidential transportation choices, including transports, railways, and simple access to Pune International Airport.

Q: How does Uruli Kanchan prioritize supportability and green spaces?

A: Uruli Kanchan underlines maintainability by incorporating green spaces into its turn of events, advancing a better and more feasible living climate.

Q: What instructive and social opportunities are accessible in Uruli Kanchan Pune?

A: Uruli Kanchan flaunts social legacy destinations and instructive organizations like the Naturopathy Community, offering a different scope of opportunities for improvement and strengthening.

Q: What are some moving residential and commercial undertakings in Uruli Kanchan Pune?

A: Moving undertakings incorporate SVB Casa Angelina, Green Dream, and current office buildings, mirroring the region's developing investment potential.