New Project

Aditya Galaxy,

Shivaji Nagar

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
4 BHK 1 141.31 1521.06 3.8 Cr*
4 BHK 1 144.92 1559.91 3.92 Cr*
4.5 BHK 1 173.56 1868.19 4.6 Cr*
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4 & 4.5 BHK

Rs. 3.8 Cr*-Rs. 4.6 Cr*
Possession Date - Apr, 2025
Aditya Galaxy
Shivaji Nagar
4 & 4.5 BHK
Rs. 3.8 Cr*-Rs. 4.6 Cr*
Possession - Apr, 2025

Aditya Properties


Explore Excellence: A Deep Dive into Aditya Properties' Real Estate Legacy


Aditya Properties remains as a guide of greatness in the domain of land improvement, exemplifying a rich tradition of development, uprightness, and client-centricity. Established with a dream to rethink metropolitan living, the builder has advanced into a confided-in name inseparable from quality development, design splendor, and manageable improvement rehearses.

With a hearty portfolio including both private and business projects, the builder has made a permanent imprint on the scene of current urban communities. From extravagant private edifices to best-in-class business spaces, each undertaking reflects careful scrupulousness and a promise to surpass client assumptions.

What separates the builder isn't simply its amazing exhibit of properties, but additionally its steady commitment to fundamental beliefs, for example, straightforwardness, moral strategic approaches, and local area commitment. By focusing on consumer loyalty and embracing state-of-the-art advances, Aditya Properties Pune has procured the trust and profound respect of mortgage holders and organizations the same.

As we dive further into the excursion of the builder, we reveal a story of versatility, vision, and resolute obligation to greatness. Go along with us on this investigation as we disentangle the story behind one of the main names in the land business.



Origins and Evolution

Aditya Properties follows its foundations back to its visionary organizer, Mr. Atul Bhosle (MD), whose moderate and imaginative vision established the groundwork for the organization's amazing excursion in the land business. With an enduring obligation to convey greatness and focus on consumer loyalty, the builder left determined to rethink the guidelines of metropolitan living.

From its commencement, the builder set off to outperform global benchmarks and offer uncommon benefits to its clients. Under the initiative of Mr. Atul Bhosle (MD), the organization embraced various development and redevelopment projects, each pervaded with a devotion to quality, advancement, and trustworthiness.

The center vision of the builder spins around reliably surpassing worldwide norms and guaranteeing unmatched consumer loyalty. This vision fills in as the core value behind each venture attempted by the organization, driving its quest for greatness and advancement in development arrangements.

Aditya Properties Pune' main goal is to arise as the first development firm and the favored selection of clients by conveying ventures of uncommon quality sooner rather than later. The organization is focused on accomplishing greatness in each part of its tasks, from project arranging and execution to post-finish administrations.

The builder is profoundly dedicated to ecological manageability, intending to distinguish and alleviate any antagonistic natural effects emerging from its exercises. Under this responsibility, the organization sticks to pertinent natural standards and endeavors to limit its environmental impression.



Core Values and Philosophy

At the core of Aditya Properties lies a bunch of fundamental beliefs and a way of thinking that guides all its undertakings. Established on standards of trustworthiness, straightforwardness, and client-centricity, the builder has set up a good foundation for itself as a confided in name in the land business.

Key to the builder' ethos is its steady obligation to quality and consumer loyalty. The organization has faith in conveying projects that meet as well as surpass the assumptions for its clients, guaranteeing their most extreme bliss and satisfaction. This obligation to greatness penetrates each part of the builder' activities, from project origination to the end.

Moral strategic policies structure the foundation of the builder' way of thinking. The organization works with the best expectations of genuineness, decency, and responsibility, building getting through connections in light of trust and shared regard. The builder focuses on straightforwardness in its dealings, guaranteeing that clients are completely educated and engaged all through their excursion with the organization.

Local area commitment and social obligation are indispensable to Aditya Properties Pune' qualities. The organization perceives its job as a capable corporate resident and effectively adds to the government assistance and improvement of the networks in which it works. Through different effort projects and drives, the builder tries to have a constructive outcome on society and make enduring worth past the domain of land.

Development and versatility are additionally key mainstays of the builder' way of thinking. The organization embraces new advancements and development strategies to remain at the bleeding edge of the business, continually endeavoring to push the limits of development and rethink the principles of greatness in land improvement.


Portfolio Overview

Aditya Properties flaunts a different portfolio containing both private and business projects, each carefully created to address the issues and goals of cutting-edge property holders and organizations. In the domain of private undertakings, the builder succeeds in making extravagant living spaces that consolidate tasteful allure with utilitarian plans. From broad estates to contemporary lofts, each private improvement mirrors a sharp meticulousness and a pledge to quality craftsmanship. The builder' private ventures are described by imaginative engineering plans, premium conveniences, and an emphasis on making lively networks that encourage a feeling of having a place among inhabitants.

Aditya Properties Pune has taken critical steps in the business land area. The organization's business projects incorporate office spaces, retail outlets, and blended-use improvements that take special care of the different necessities of organizations and business visionaries. The builder' business buildings are intended to amplify effectiveness and efficiency, with present-day conveniences and key areas that offer comfort and availability to the two inhabitants and clients.

What sets the builder' portfolio separated is its faithful obligation to quality and consumer loyalty. Each venture is carefully arranged and executed, with an emphasis on conveying esteem to past assumptions. Whether it's a private territory or a business center point, the builder' portfolio mirrors the organization's devotion to greatness and development in land improvement.


Innovation and Sustainability

Aditya Properties is at the cutting edge of development and manageability in the land business, spearheading new ways to deal with development and planning while focusing on natural protection and asset productivity. One of the signs of the builder' obligation to development is its reception of state-of-the-art advances in development. From cutting-edge building materials to cutting-edge development methods, the organization uses the furthest down-the-line advancements to improve the quality, effectiveness, and supportability of its undertakings. By embracing advancement, the builder can convey structures that are stylishly satisfying as well as solid, energy-effective, and harmless to the ecosystem.

Maintainability lies at the core of the builder' ethos, driving its endeavors to limit its natural impression and advance eco-accommodating practices. The organization incorporates manageability standards into each part of its tasks, from project arranging and planning to development and upkeep. Aditya Properties Pune focuses on energy productivity, water preservation, and waste administration in its tasks, carrying out green structure rehearses that lessen fossil fuel byproducts and advance ecological stewardship.

Notwithstanding its emphasis on maintainable structure rehearses the builder is focused on making green spaces that upgrade the prosperity of inhabitants and networks. The organization integrates plant life, finishing, and open spaces into its turns of events, establishing sound and bearable conditions that cultivate a feeling of association with nature.


Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Aditya Properties values its client-driven way of dealing with administration conveyance, focusing on the necessities, inclinations, and desires of its clients regardless of anything else. From the underlying meeting to the last handover, the organization puts areas of strength for clear correspondence, straightforwardness, and responsiveness, guaranteeing that clients are completely educated and involved all through the whole cycle.

One of the vital mainstays of the builders' client-driven way of thinking is a commitment to conveying activities of uncommon quality surpass client assumptions. The organization's group of gifted experts works resolutely to guarantee that everything about fastidiously arranged and executed to the best expectations, bringing about homes and business spaces that are tastefully satisfying as well as practical, strong, and solid.

Aditya Properties Pune puts serious areas of strength on post-deal backing and upkeep administrations, perceiving that the relationship with the client stretches out a long way past the fulfillment of the undertaking. The organization stays focused on giving continuous help and backing to clients, addressing any worries or issues speedily and productively to guarantee they proceed with fulfillment and an inward feeling of harmony.


Industry Recognition and Awards

Aditya Properties' faithful obligation to greatness and development has not slipped through the cracks in the land business, procuring the organization various honors and grants for its remarkable accomplishments. Throughout the long term, the builder has been regarded with renowned honors and acknowledgments from driving industry bodies, peer associations, and regarded foundations. These honors act as a demonstration of the organization's commitment to conveying undertakings of extraordinary quality, surpassing industry norms, and setting new benchmarks for greatness in land improvement.

Aditya Properties Pune has been perceived for its imaginative way of dealing with development, integrating state-of-the-art advances and feasible practices to make structures that are tastefully satisfying as well as harmless to the ecosystem and energy-proficient. The organization's obligation to manageability has been praised by natural associations and green structure gatherings, procuring it accreditations and awards for its endeavors to limit its ecological impression and advance eco-accommodating turn of events.

The builder' history of conveying projects on time and inside spending plans has been perceived by industry specialists and partners, procuring the organization standing for dependability, incredible skill, and honesty. Whether it's private edifices, business spaces, or blended-use advancements, the builder has reliably exhibited its capacity to convey projects that meet and surpass client assumptions, procuring the trust and deference of clients and companions the same.



Future Outlook and Expansion Plans

Aditya Properties' future viewpoint is described by a strong vision for development and extension, driven by a determined quest for greatness and a guarantee to meet the advancing necessities of its clients and partners. As a spearheading force in the land business, the builder is ready to gain by opening open doors and exploring difficulties with flexibility and dexterity. The organization's essential spotlight on development, supportability, and client-centricity positions it for supported progress in an undeniably serious market.

Aditya Properties Pune means to additionally differentiate and extend its portfolio, with plans to embrace a different scope of private, business, and blended-use projects in both existing and new business sectors. The organization's extension system is directed by a profound comprehension of market patterns, segment moves, and arising customer inclinations, guaranteeing that its ventures are important as well as exceptionally alluring to imminent purchasers and inhabitants.

Notwithstanding geological development, the builder is focused on investigating new plans of action and organizations that will empower it to drive development and make an incentive for its partners. The organization is effectively investigating amazing open doors in arising areas like co-living, cooperating, and feasible turn of events, utilizing its ability and experience to profit from recent fads and market open doors.

The builder stays unfaltering in its obligation to maintainability, expecting to integrate green structure rehearses and harmless to the ecosystem advancements into all its future ventures. By focusing on supportability, the organization looks to limit its ecological impression as well as improve the drawn-out worth and allure of its properties.



Aditya Properties - Residential Projects in Pune

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2.    Aditya Residency - Aundh, Pune
3.    Link view Residency Phase-I - Pashan, Pune
4.    Aditya Prestine-Baner, Pune
5.    Deepa Society - Pashan, Pune
6.    Aditya Galaxy - Shivaji Nagar, Pune





 In conclusion, Aditya Properties remains as a signal of greatness in the land business, driven by a guarantee to development, manageability, and consumer loyalty. With a rich tradition of progress and a visionary way to deal with improvement, the organization keeps on forming the fate of metropolitan living, each outstanding venture in turn.

As it looks towards the future with hopefulness and assurance, Aditya Properties Pune stays undaunted in its devotion to greatness, honesty, and social obligation, setting new benchmarks for quality and advancement in land improvement.




Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


1. What sets Aditya Properties apart from other real estate developers?

Aditya Properties distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The company's dedication to quality craftsmanship, transparent dealings, and sustainable practices sets it apart in the industry.


2. How does Aditya Properties ensure the quality of its construction projects?

Aditya Properties maintains stringent quality control measures at every stage of the construction process. From sourcing high-quality materials to employing skilled labor and adhering to strict safety protocols, the company prioritizes quality assurance to deliver projects of exceptional standards.


3. Does Aditya Properties offer personalized customization options for its residential properties?

Yes, Aditya Properties understands that every homeowner has unique preferences and requirements. The company offers personalized customization options, allowing customers to tailor their living spaces according to their tastes and lifestyle needs.