New Project

Chandrarang Floret,

Pimple Gurav

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK 1 41.25 444 51.95 Lakhs*
2 BHK 1 59.83 644 75.34 Lakhs*
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1 & 2 BHK

Rs. 51.95 Lakhs*-Rs. 75.34 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Oct, 2024
Chandrarang Floret
Pimple Gurav
1 & 2 BHK
Rs. 51.95 Lakhs*-Rs. 75.34 Lakhs*
Possession - Oct, 2024
Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
1 BHK 6 42.74 460 58 Lakhs*
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1 BHK Apartment

Rs. 58 Lakhs*-Rs. 58 Lakhs*
Possession Date - Dec, 2028
Chandrarang Serenity
1 BHK Apartment
Rs. 58 Lakhs*-Rs. 58 Lakhs*
Possession - Dec, 2028
Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
4.5 BHK 2 198.81 2140 2.65 Cr*
4.5 BHK 2 203.92 2195 2.72 Cr*
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4.5 BHK

Rs. 2.65 Cr*-Rs. 2.72 Cr*
Possession Date - May, 2024
Chandrarang Wisdom Park
4.5 BHK
Rs. 2.65 Cr*-Rs. 2.72 Cr*
Possession - May, 2024

Chandrarang Group


Chandrarang Group: Redefining Excellence in Pune's Real Estate Landscape


A prominent branch of the well-known Chandrarang Group, is a benchmark for imaginative and prevalent engineering. Since its founding in 1992, Chandrarang Group Pune has reliably increased current standards in the real estate area, winning the trust and devotion of Pune investors and buyers. The association, which has been around for quite some time, has changed how modern living and business spaces are seen.
Chandrarang Group has a demonstrated history of delivering prevalent residential and commercial projects. Investing in Chandrarang Group ensures admittance to fastidiously arranged and executed properties, intended to surpass client assumptions. The organization works as a full-administration association, boasting an in-house group of modelers, engineers, interior originators, and a development team. This integrated methodology guarantees consistent venture execution, from conceptualization to the end.
Residential projects by Chandrarang Group Pune offer a different scope of choices, including lavish lodges and very much arranged residential plots. These properties are arranged in a portion of Pune's most sought-after regions, providing occupants with an unequaled living encounter. On the commercial front, Chandrarang Group has fostered various edifices that have become landmarks, catering to the unique requirements of businesses and contributing to the city's commercial development.
With over 4.5 million square feet of created land, Chandrarang Group Pune continues to be a favored decision for those looking to invest in excellent real estate. The team's dedication, experience, and inventiveness ensure that each task meets as well as exceeds the needs of the locals. Chandrarang Group is a decision that ensures consistent quality, excellence, and long-haul value for Pune investors and homeowners.



Legacy of Chandrarang Group

The legacy of Chandrarang Group is set apart by an undaunted commitment to excellence and innovation in real estate. Chandrarang Group Pune has set ambitious goals with a dream to foster north of 20 million sq. ft. of premium real estate by 2030. This vision is driven by their central goal of offering unmatched support in residential real estate, emphasizing long-lasting client connections.
For homebuyers and investors in Pune, investing in Chandrarang Group implies engaging with an organization that puts the highest value on client interests. Their commitment to integrity, genuineness, and reasonableness is obvious in each exchange, fostering trust and dependability. Chandrarang Manufacturers and Developers are committed to adopting groundbreaking thoughts and advancements, ensuring they stay ahead of market patterns and continuously work on their offerings.
The basic beliefs of Chandrarang Group are exemplified in the abbreviation FLIGHT: decency in dealings, building clients forever, integrity and trustworthiness, fostering development, maintaining the most noteworthy potential standards, and promoting cooperation. These values guide their interactions with clients, specialist organizations, and partners, creating a culture of excellence and common respect.
Chandrarang Group Pune's commitment to these principles guarantees that each task they embrace fulfills the most noteworthy guidelines of value and consumer loyalty, making them a trusted name for those looking to invest in top-level real estate.



Architectural Brilliance

Chandrarang Group, a regarded piece of Chandrarang Group, embodies architectural splendor under the master direction of its distinguished chiefs. Chandrarang Group Pune has gained notoriety for excellence, driven by visionary authority that has been instrumental in its prosperity. Mr. Shankar Pandurang Jagtap, Mr. Vijay Pandurang Jagtap, Mrs. Shubhangi Shankar Jagtap, Mrs. Jayashree Vijay Jagtap, and Mrs. Ashwini Laxman Jagtap, as chiefs, bring an abundance of involvement and a profound commitment to the organization's central goal and values.
Under their authority, Chandrarang Group has become a trusted name for homebuyers and investors in Pune. The chiefs' essential vision has prompted the advancement of innovative residential and commercial projects that stand out for their quality and plan. Investing in Chandrarang Group implies investing in a future molded by integrity, devotion, and a steady quest for excellence.
The chiefs' aggregate mastery guarantees that each venture embraced by Chandrarang Group Pune is a demonstration of architectural ingenuity and careful planning. Their emphasis on consumer loyalty and adherence to the best expectations of value has procured them a dependable client base. With a different portfolio that includes a portion of Pune's most famous residential and commercial turns of events, Chandrarang Group continues to set benchmarks in the real estate industry.
For homebuyers and investors in Pune, the authority of Chandrarang Group ensures unrivaled development as well as a commitment to creating spaces that upgrade personal satisfaction. The chiefs' unwavering devotion to their guiding principle guarantees that each undertaking mirrors the group's commitment to decency, integrity, and development, making investing in Chandrarang Group a savvy and rewarding choice.



Infrastructure Details

Chandrarang Group, an integral piece of Chandrarang Group Pune, is famous for its better infrastructure subtleties that cater to the evolving needs of modern living. Chandrarang Group's commitment to excellence is apparent in the fastidious planning and execution of each task. Homebuyers and investors in Pune can expect top-level conveniences and strong infrastructure that guarantee both solace and comfort.
Investing in Chandrarang Group implies benefiting from all-around planned formats, cutting-edge offices, and sustainable building rehearsals. The group's projects highlight progress in security frameworks, adequate parking spaces, landscaped gardens, and sporting facilities, creating a comprehensive living climate. With an emphasis on quality and innovation, Chandrarang Group Pune reliably conveys infrastructure that meets as well as surpasses industry standards, making it a favored decision for discerning purchasers.



Ongoing Projects by Chandrarang Group:

•    Serenity Wakad, Pune
•    Chandrarang Floret, Pimple Gurav, Pune
•    Engracia, Pimple Gurav, Pune
•    La Melosa, Wakad, Pune
•    Wisdom Park, Balewadi, Pune


Completed projects by Chandrarang Group:

•    Armada, Wakad, Pune
•    Atlanta II, Wakad, Pune

•    Atlanta, Wakad, Pune
•    Opus 77, Wakad, Pune
•    10 Elite, Pimple Gurav, Pune
•    Harmony, Pimple Gurav, Pune
•    Laurel Park, New Sangavi, Pune
•    Nano Space, Ravet, Pune



What Benefits Will You Get After Investing in Chandrarang Group?

Investing in Chandrarang Group offers various advantages for homebuyers and investors in Pune. As a feature of the Chandrarang Group Pune, Chandrarang Group offers unrivaled benefit through its commitment to quality, innovation, and consumer loyalty. Homebuyers can expect fastidiously planned residential properties that gloat modern conveniences, sustainable development practices, and ideal spots. Each task is created with an emphasis on enhancing the living experience, featuring roomy designs, first-class security frameworks, and lavish green spaces that advance a solid way of life.
For investors, Chandrarang Group Pune offers a powerful investment opportunity with exceptional yields. The group's standing for excellence guarantees that properties have value, making them savvy financial choices. Investing in Chandrarang Group likewise implies aligning with a brand known for its integrity and unwavering quality. The group's far-reaching approach, which includes in-house planners, engineers, and creators, ensures that each venture is executed to the best expectations.
Furthermore, Chandrarang Group's assorted portfolio, which traverses residential and commercial turns of events, offers adaptability for investors looking to differentiate their investments. The group's projects are decisively situated in Pune's most beneficial regions, ensuring solid demand and high occupancy rates. Homebuyers and investors can likewise profit from the group's client-driven approach, which guarantees straightforward exchanges and brilliant after-deal support.
In general, investing in Chandrarang Group gives you a home or a commercial space, yet also a commitment to value, unwavering quality, and long-haul value. The group is an extraordinary choice for anyone looking to invest in Pune's burgeoning real estate market because of its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and client loyalty.





As a satisfied client of Chandrarang Group, I can say with certainty that choosing to invest with them was perhaps I've ever best decision. The involvement in Chandrarang Group Pune has been uncommon from beginning to end. As homebuyers and investors in Pune, we were looking for a designer who could follow through on quality, innovation, and dependability, and Chandrarang Group surpassed our assumptions from each viewpoint.
The residential property we bought is delightfully planned with modern conveniences and sustainable elements that make ordinary living a joy. The careful scrupulousness and exclusive requirements of development are obvious all through the turn of events. What really separates Chandrarang Group is their commitment to customer fulfillment. Their group was incredibly responsive and strong all through the buying system, ensuring a consistent and tranquil experience.
Investing in Chandrarang Group has likewise demonstrated itself to be a sound financial choice. The property value has appreciated altogether, reflecting the group's standing for excellence and their popularity for their turns of events. The essential area of our home, combined with the extensive infrastructure and conveniences, guarantees long-term value and an excellent quality of life.
For anybody considering homeownership or investment opportunities in Pune, I energetically suggest Chandrarang Group Pune. Their devotion to creating extraordinary living spaces and their unwavering commitment to their customers make them the best decision for discerning homebuyers and investors. 




In the real estate industry, is a critical division of Chandrarang Group Pune and a characteristic of value. With a long history of completing projects that are unequaled in both residential and commercial spaces, Chandrarang Group Pune has gained the appreciation and certainty of Pune residents and investors. Each new development demonstrates their dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.
Residential projects by Chandrarang Group Pune offer a different scope of choices, from rich cabins to nicely arranged residential plots, providing homebuyers with unequalled living encounters. On the commercial front, Chandrarang Group Pune has made various landmarks that take care of the powerful requirements of businesses, contributing to Pune's commercial development.
Investing in Chandrarang Group implies investing in a future defined by integrity, unwavering quality, and enduring value. Their essential areas, combined with careful planning and execution, guarantee that properties have value, making them a rewarding investment opportunity for discerning investors. Whether you're seeking a fantasy home or a sound investment, Chandrarang Group Pune offers unmatched choices that surpass assumptions.
For homebuyers and investors in Pune, Chandrarang Group presents a potential chance to be a piece of Chandrarang Group's excursion towards excellence. People who value quality and imagination choose Chandrarang Group Pune because of their unwavering dedication to building amazing living and working places. They have set new standards in the real estate sector and are still the go-to decision.




Q: What distinguishes Pune-based Chandrarang Group from other real estate developers?
A: Because of its consistent dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Chandrarang Group Pune stands out. Our initiatives are mindfully arranged and completed to surpass our clients' expectations and establish new benchmarks in the field.

Q: What sorts of properties do Chandrarang Group have practical experience in?
A: Chandrarang Group Pune works in both residential and commercial properties. From rich homes and residential plots to cutting-edge commercial edifices, we offer a different scope of choices custom-made to address the issues of our clients.

Q: How does Chandrarang Group guarantee straightforwardness and confidence in its exchanges?
A: Straightforwardness and trust are the guiding principles at Chandrarang Group. We focus on open correspondence and stick to moral business rehearsals in the entirety of our dealings. Our point is to construct durable associations with our clients in view of integrity and dependability.

Q: What conveniences might I at any point expect in Chandrarang Group' residential projects?
A: Our residential projects are intended to upgrade your way of life with modern conveniences and insightful elements. From lavish green spaces and sporting offices to cutting-edge security frameworks and sustainable infrastructure, we focus on your solace and prosperity.

Q: How might I get more information about Chandrarang Group' upcoming projects?
A: For reports on our upcoming projects, including subtleties on areas, floor plans, and pricing, if it's not too much trouble, visit our site or contact our outreach group. We are focused on keeping you informed constantly as we continue to make uncommon living and working spaces in Pune.