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Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
2 BHK Villa No 2 to 28, 38 to 43 On Request On Request 2.09 Cr*
2 BHK Villa No 2 to 28, 38 to 43 On Request On Request 2.96 Cr*
3 BHK Villa No 1 On Request On Request 3.85 Cr*
4 BHK Villa No 50 On Request On Request 5.46 Cr*
4 BHK Villa No 50 On Request On Request 5.77 Cr*
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2, 3, 4 BHK Villas

Rs. 2.09 Cr*-Rs. 5.77 Cr*
Possession Date - Jan, 2023
Lakhani Panache
2, 3, 4 BHK Villas
Rs. 2.09 Cr*-Rs. 5.77 Cr*
Possession - Jan, 2023

Lakhani Builders

Why Choose Lakhani's?

Picking the right land manufacturer is a vital choice, one that can essentially influence your way of life and speculation. Lakhani stands out as a head decision for various reasons, offering unrivaled skill, remarkable quality, and a customer-centered approach.

Tradition of Lakhani's


Lakhani has seen and added to the lively development of Navi Mumbai and its encompassing locales. Over the last quarter century, we've led improvement projects that have changed the metropolitan landscape. With in excess of 60 fruitful projects across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Ulwe, Khopoli, Lonavala, and Pune, Lakhani has laid down a good foundation for itself as a confided-in name in the land business. Our portfolio incorporates a mix of residential and commercial projects, each intended to set new benchmarks concerning quality and customer fulfillment.


Our obligation to excellence has been perceived with a few lofty awards in the land area. These awards honor our previous achievements as well as motivate us to keep pushing the limits of development and quality.

Architectural Brilliance

About Our Team

At Lakhani's, we accept that our kin are our most noteworthy resource. Our team includes old pros who offer an abundance of involvement and skills that would be useful. Under the visionary administration of Mr. Vijay Lakhani, our Executive, and Dr. Vishan Lakhani, our Overseeing Chief, we have become stronger to stronger. Mr. Vijay Lakhani's enterprising soul and sharp understanding of customer needs have been instrumental in our journey. Dr. Vishan Lakhani's top-to-bottom information and creative approach to development have empowered us to accomplish new levels in the business. Upheld by chiefs Mr. Bright Lakhani, Mr. Sundar V. Lakhani, and Mr. Narendra Lakhani, our team keeps on driving the organization forward with a common vision of excellence and development.

Residential Projects by Lakhani's

Lakhani has a noteworthy arrangement of residential projects that take special care of different necessities and inclinations. Each venture is a demonstration of our obligation to quality, plan excellence, and customer fulfillment.

Ongoing Residential Projects

Realm Tradition, Panch Pakhadi, Thane West: This venture offers rich living spaces outfitted with modern amenities, giving an ideal mix of solace and tastefulness.
Domain Pinnacle, Panch Pakhadi, Thane West: Planned with contemporary style, this pinnacle stands as an image of refinement and modern living.
Domain Legacy, Youngster Hath Naka, LBS Marg, Thane West: A task that reflects legacy and custom, offering a novel living involvement in best-in-class offices.
Realm Administration, Panch Pakhadi, Thane: This venture joins extravagance and accommodation, making it an optimal decision for metropolitan inhabitants.
The Passage, Plot No. 3, Area - 6, Vashi: Situated in a prime region, this undertaking guarantees an unrivaled living involvement in first-rate amenities.
Regal Residency, Prabhat State, Santacruz East, Mumbai: Offering premium homes, this undertaking is intended to take care of the first class, giving a sumptuous way of life.
Imperial House: A task that embodies grandeur and extravagance, offering impeccable homes with elite amenities.
Courtyard, Close to Panvel Yard Market, Panvel: A task that mixes modern living with nature, giving a quiet and tranquil climate.
Grandeur, Raigarh, Panvel: Intended to offer an extravagant way of life, this task highlights extensive homes with premium amenities.
Orchid Woods: An undertaking that stands out for its architectural brilliance and modern amenities, offering an ideal living space for families.

Completed Residential Projects

La Riveria, Panvel: A venture that has re-imagined extravagance living in Panvel, offering occupants a mix of solace and class.
Sky Ways, Ulwe: Known for its creative plan and premium amenities, this undertaking has set another benchmark in Ulwe.
Eminence, Ulwe: An undertaking that oozes refinement and style, offering a rich living encounter.
Imperial, Ulwe: Intended to offer the best in extravagance and solace, this undertaking has turned into a favored decision for some.
Palm Ocean side, Galleria: An undertaking that consolidates modern living with nature, giving an interesting living encounter.
Blue Waves, Ulwe: Known for its contemporary plan and premium offices, this undertaking has set another standard in Ulwe.
White Palace, Ulwe: A task that stands out for its architectural excellence and extravagant amenities.
Exotica, Ulwe: Offering a mix of extravagance and solace, this venture has turned into a landmark in Ulwe.
Signature, Pali Slopes: A venture that reflects style and refinement, giving an extravagant living encounter.
Desert Spring, Ulwe: Known for its quiet climate and modern amenities, this venture offers an ideal living space.

Commercial Projects by Lakhani's

Lakhani likewise brags a different portfolio commercial projects that take care of the necessities of organizations across different areas. Our commercial projects are intended to give the ideal climate to organizations to flourish.

Ongoing Commercial Projects

The Door, Vashi: Decisively found, this venture offers cutting-edge office spaces furnished with modern amenities, making it an optimal decision for organizations.
Domain Pinnacle, Thane West: This commercial pinnacle is intended to give a helpful climate to organizations, with contemporary plans and premium offices.
Domain Tradition, Thane West: Offering a mix of extravagance and usefulness, this task is ideal for organizations searching for a lofty location.

Completed Commercial Projects

The Corporate Park, Vashi: A landmark project that offers premium office spaces with modern amenities, making it a favored decision for organizations.

Advantages of Putting Resources into Lakhani's Properties

Putting resources into Lakhani's properties accompanies various advantages that go with it an insightful and beneficial choice.

Quality and Excellence

Our obligation to quality and excellence guarantees that each task we attempt is worked to the best expectations. From the materials we use to the plan and development, each viewpoint is fastidiously arranged and executed to guarantee solidness and tasteful allure.

Prime Locations

Our projects are decisively situated in prime regions, giving simple admittance to fundamental amenities like schools, medical clinics, retail plazas, and transportation centers. This not only improves the quality of life for inhabitants but also guarantees an exceptional yield on speculation.

Modern Amenities

Our projects are furnished with modern amenities that take special care of the assorted necessities of our customers. From best-in-class wellness focuses and pools to landscaped gardens and sporting facilities, we guarantee that our occupants partake in an agreeable and sumptuous way of life.

Client Driven Approach

At Lakhani's, client fulfillment is at the point of convergence of all that we do. We attempt to grasp and meet the remarkable necessities and inclinations of our clients, guaranteeing a consistent and fulfilling experience all through the whole cycle.

Strong Resale Value

Our properties are intended to stand everyday hardship, guaranteeing a strong resale value for our financial backers. The essential locations, prevalent quality, and modern amenities make our properties profoundly pursued in the housing market.


Our customers' fulfillment is a demonstration of our obligation to quality and excellence. This is the thing a portion of our customers need to say regarding their involvement in Lakhani's.
Mr. Rajesh Sharma: Putting resources into Lakhani's has been quite possibly the best choice I've made. The quality of development and the modern amenities given are first class. The customer administration has been remarkable in the interim.
Ms. Priya Mehta: I'm incredibly content with my new home at Lakhani's. The scrupulousness and the prevalent quality of materials utilized are apparent on each edge of the house. The area is great, with simple admittance to every fundamental convenience.
Mr. Anil Kumar: The commercial space I bought from Lakhani has surpassed my assumptions. The modern plan and premium offices have established the ideal climate for my business to flourish. I strongly prescribe Lakhani's to anybody searching for quality land.


Lakhani's has laid down a good foundation for itself as a confided-in name in the land business, known for its obligation to quality, development, and customer fulfillment. With a tradition of excellence crossing north of a quarter century, we keep on setting new benchmarks in the business. Whether you are searching for a residential or commercial property, putting resources into Lakhani's ensures a fulfilling and fulfilling experience. Our undertakings are conclusively found, arranged with engineering splendor, and equipped with current conveniences, ensuring a sumptuous lifestyle for our clients.


1. Why would it be a good idea for me to choose Lakhani's for my real estate investment?
Lakhani's offers a mix of quality, development, and customer fulfillment. With a demonstrated history of north of 60 successful projects, we guarantee that each undertaking is worked to the best expectations, giving a fulfilling and fulfilling experience for our customers.

2. What sorts of properties does Lakhani offer?
We offer a different arrangement of residential and commercial properties. Our residential projects range from extravagant condos to open estates, while our commercial projects incorporate best-in-class office spaces and corporate parks.

3. Where are Lakhani's projects found?
Our tasks are decisively coordinated in prime locales across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Ulwe, Khopoli, Lonavala, and Pune. These areas offer a major selection of key conveniences like schools, medical clinics, retail outlets, and transportation focuses.

4. What amenities could I at any point anticipate in Lakhani's projects?
Our projects are outfitted with modern amenities, for instance, health centers, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, brandishing offices, and the entire day, consistent security, ensuring a pleasing and rich lifestyle for our tenants.

5. How might I put resources into Lakhani's properties?
You can put resources into our properties by reaching our sales team or visiting our site. Our team will direct you through the whole interaction, guaranteeing a consistent and fulfilling experience.

6. What makes Lakhani's properties a good investment?
Lakhani's properties are known for their unrivaled quality, strategic locations, and modern amenities, guaranteeing an exceptional yield on investment. Our obligation to excellence and customer fulfillment makes our properties exceptionally pursued in the real estate market.

7. Does Lakhani's proposal include after-sales services?
Indeed, we offer far-reaching after-sales services to guarantee that our customers have a consistent and fulfilling experience even after the buy. Our committed customer administration team is generally accessible to help with any inquiries or concerns.

8. What amount of time does it require for Lakhani's projects to be completed?
The completion time for our projects shifts depending on the size and degree of the endeavor. In any case, we are centered around conveying our projects inside the predefined plans without agreeing to less on quality.

9. What is Lakhani's approach from a reasonable improvement perspective?
At Lakhani's, we are focused on maintainable turn of events and consolidate eco-accommodating practices in our projects. From utilizing feasible materials to carrying out energy-proficient frameworks, we guarantee that our projects are ecologically mindful.

10. How might I remain refreshed on Lakhani's new projects and advancements?
You can remain refreshed on our new projects and improvements by visiting our site or following us via virtual entertainment. We consistently update our foundation with the most recent data and declarations.