New Project

Solitaire Edge,

Kandivali East

Type Tower Total Carpet Area
Total Carpet Area
1 BHK 1 37.35 402 1.26 Cr*
2 BHK 1 58.81 633 1.99 Cr*
1 BHK 1 37.81 407 1.34 Cr*
2.5 BHK 1 92.44 995 3.85 Cr*
3.5 BHK 1 110.55 1190 4.58 Cr*
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1,2,1+1,1+2,2.5,3.5 BHK

Rs. 1.26 Cr*-Rs. 4.58 Cr*
Possession Date - Dec, 2026
Solitaire Edge
Kandivali East
1,2,1+1,1+2,2.5,3.5 BHK
Rs. 1.26 Cr*-Rs. 4.58 Cr*
Possession - Dec, 2026

Mahaveer Construction

Mahaveer Construction: Redefining Real Estate Excellence in Pune

Why Choose Mahaveer Construction?

Mahaveer Construction remains as a reference point of excellence in the realm of real estate improvement, especially eminent for its commitment to quality and innovation. Settled in Mumbai, Mahaveer Construction has cut a specialty for itself through an arrangement of famous landmarks across ideal spots in the city. Each project by Mahaveer Construction, Pune, reflects meticulous craftsmanship and a dedication to surpassing industry principles.
Specializing in both residential and commercial projects, Mahaveer Construction caters to the discerning preferences of homebuyers and investors in Pune the same. Their residential projects in Pune are celebrated for their top-class plan and enduring quality, making them pursued tends to in the city's burgeoning real estate landscape. From extravagant apartments to mindfully arranged housing provinces, each improvement by Mahaveer Construction Pune represents a mix of solace, style, and usefulness.
For investors eyeing properties in Pune, investing in Mahaveer Construction guarantees real estate resources, yet in addition a stake in the city's development story. The organization's commercial projects in Pune are perfect representations of spaces intended to cultivate business development and innovation, reflecting the dynamism of India's evolving metropolitan focuses.
Mahaveer Construction's vision reaches out past construction; it incorporates a commitment to enhancing ways of life and reshaping the skyline of Pune. With an emphasis on rehabilitative initiatives and creating esteem in real estate, Mahaveer Construction continues to set benchmarks for excellence, making their projects immortal commitments to Pune's improvement narrative.

Legacy of Mahaveer Construction

Mahaveer Construction has established a lasting legacy in the real estate area, especially in Pune, by prioritizing reasonableness, convenient project finish, and delivering remarkable worth to its clients. Since its inception in 1993 under the initiative of Mr. Pinakin D Shah, the organization has been a trailblazer in ghetto rehabilitation projects across Mumbai, setting exclusive expectations in quality and commitment.
With almost 28 years of fruitful turn of events, Mahaveer Construction Pune has become inseparable from excellence in residential projects. Their offerings cater to the assorted requirements of homebuyers and investors in Pune, showcasing immaculate construction and top notch quality benchmarks. From extravagant residential buildings to strategically located commercial spaces, each project mirrors their unwavering dedication to enhancing ways of life and reshaping Pune's skyline.
Investing in Mahaveer Construction guarantees a real estate resource, yet a stake in a legacy based on trust and innovation. Their arrangement of properties in Pune meets as well as surpasses the expectations of clients, providing unmatched worth and satisfaction. Supported by a serious team, cutting edge innovation, and capable execution, Mahaveer Construction continues to lead the way in transforming urban communities and uplifting networks through sustainable metropolitan improvement initiatives.

Architectural Brilliance

With regards to architectural brilliance in Pune, Mahaveer Construction stands apart as a forerunner in the real estate industry. Their projects across Pune epitomize innovation and meticulous plan, setting new principles in residential and commercial turns of events. Mahaveer Construction's commitment to excellence is apparent in everything about their properties, catering to the discerning preferences of homebuyers and investors the same.
In Pune, Mahaveer Construction's residential projects are celebrated for their smart designs and premium conveniences, offering a mix of solace and style. Whether it's sprawling municipalities or elevated structure apartments, every improvement is created to upgrade the personal satisfaction for its occupants. These projects focus on present day living as well as incorporate sustainable works on, reflecting Mahaveer Construction's vision for a greener future.
On the commercial front, Mahaveer Construction has created landmarks that redefine work area elements in Pune. Their commercial projects are strategically located and intended to cultivate efficiency and innovation. From state-of-the-workmanship office spaces to dynamic retail center points, Mahaveer Construction's improvements contribute essentially to Pune's commercial landscape.
Investing in Mahaveer Construction guarantees something beyond acquiring property; it means an organization with a developer known for unwavering quality and integrity. Their properties in Pune are lucrative investments as well as commitment enduring worth and development potential. With a demonstrated history of delivering on guarantees and exceeding expectations, Mahaveer Construction continues to shape Pune's skyline with architectural brilliance that inspires and changes.

Infrastructure Details

Mahaveer Construction is synonymous with robust infrastructure and meticulous attention to detail, making it a favored decision for homebuyers and investors in Pune. Specializing in both residential and commercial projects, Mahaveer Construction Pune integrates present day conveniences with sustainable practices to improve metropolitan living.
In Pune, Mahaveer Construction's residential projects are created to cater to assorted ways of life and inclinations. Every advancement embodies predominant infrastructure, ensuring solace, security, and accommodation for inhabitants. From open formats to state-of-the-craftsmanship offices, these properties meet as well as surpass the expectations of discerning homebuyers seeking quality living spaces.
For investors, Mahaveer Construction Pune offers lucrative open doors in commercial real estate. Their projects are strategically located and intended to cultivate business development, providing high perceivability and availability within Pune's dynamic commercial landscape.
Investing in Mahaveer Construction implies securing a stake in properties in Pune that are solid as well as to appreciate in esteem over time. With a demonstrated history of delivering outstanding infrastructure across various fruitful projects, Mahaveer Construction continues to maintain its commitment to excellence, setting benchmarks in construction quality and consumer loyalty.
Whether you're looking for a fantasy home or a productive investment, Mahaveer Construction Pune stands prepared to convey unmatched infrastructure that improves your way of life or business possibilities in Pune's thriving real estate market.

Ongoing Projects by Mahaveer Construction:

Mahaveer Construction Pune is presently responsible for various dynamic projects that satisfy the exacting necessities of Pune investors and property holders. These projects are an illustration of the organization's dedication to providing first rate benefits in both the residential and commercial areas. With an emphasis on quality, innovation, and convenient conveyance, Mahaveer Construction continues to set benchmarks in Pune's real estate landscape, offering attractive open doors for those looking to invest in properties in Pune that guarantee long haul worth and prevalent living or business conditions.
•    Solitaire Aawas, Chembur, Pune
•    Solitaire Edge, Kandivali East, Pune

Completed projects by Mahaveer Construction:

•    Solitaire Height, western suburbs, Mumbai
•    Solitaire Paradise, Kandivali, Mumbai
•    Solitaire Homes, Kandivali, Mumbai
•    Pushkaraj Mahaveer, Goregaon, Mumbai
•    Kandivali Shiv Krupa CHSL, western suburbs, Mumbai
•    Jeevan Deep, Kandivali, Mumbai

What Benefits Will You Get After Investing in Mahaveer Construction?

Investing in Mahaveer Construction offers a large group of compelling advantages for both homebuyers and investors in Pune. Known for their perfect reputation and history in real estate advancement, Mahaveer Construction guarantees that each investment translates into worth and satisfaction.
For homebuyers looking at residential projects by Mahaveer Construction in Pune, the advantages are complex. These projects are synonymous with unrivaled craftsmanship, current conveniences, and insightful plans that cater to different ways of life and inclinations. Whether it's extravagance apartments, gated networks, or affordable housing arrangements, Mahaveer Construction guarantees an elevated requirement of living combined with a feeling of local area and security.
Then again, investors can benefit from Mahaveer Construction's commercial projects in Pune, strategically located to boost returns and occupant attraction. These projects are planned with meticulous attention to detail, offering state-of-the-workmanship office spaces, retail outlets, and blended use improvements that cater to the unique requirements of businesses and shoppers the same. Investing in Mahaveer Construction's commercial properties turns out rental revenue potential as well as capital appreciation over time because of the ideal spots and quality infrastructure.
Moreover, investing in Mahaveer Construction implies aligning with a developer focused on sustainability and innovation. Their projects in Pune incorporate eco-accommodating practices and advancements, ensuring a greener footprint and long haul cost savings for investors and mortgage holders.
Overall, choosing Mahaveer Construction for investment in Pune ensures property possession, yet additionally true serenity, valuable learning experiences, and a stake in a developer famous for excellence and unwavering quality in the real estate industry.


Choosing Mahaveer Construction for our new home in Pune has been a choice we're tremendously grateful for. The residential project we invested in met as well as surpassed our expectations concerning plan, quality, and conveniences. As homebuyers in Pune, we were dazzled by Mahaveer Construction's commitment to delivering on their commitments, from the opportune fruition of the project to the consistent belonging process.
The residential project by Mahaveer Construction Pune isn't simply a house for us; it's a spot we gladly call home. The attention to detail in the construction and the smart design have genuinely improved our way of life. We have a solid sense of reassurance in our investment knowing that Mahaveer Construction's reputation for excellence guarantees our property will hold its worth well into what's in store.
For investors in Pune, Mahaveer Construction offers compelling open doors in both residential and commercial areas. Their projects are strategically located and furnished with current conveniences, making them attractive for rental income and capital appreciation. Mahaveer Construction's portfolio says a lot about their mastery in real estate improvement, and we are sure about recommending them to anybody considering investing in properties in Pune.
Overall, our involvement in Mahaveer Construction has been nothing shy of outstanding. They have given us a delightful home as well as genuine serenity knowing we settled on the ideal decision investing in their properties in Pune.


Mahaveer Construction Pune remains as a reference point of trust and excellence in the real estate area, catering to the different requirements of both homebuyers and investors in Pune. With a rich legacy spanning over 28 years and a robust arrangement of residential and commercial projects, Mahaveer Construction has consistently conveyed unrivaled quality and unmatched worth.
For homebuyers in Pune, Mahaveer Construction offers a scope of meticulously planned residential projects that redefine metropolitan living. Every improvement mirrors the organization's commitment to architectural finesse, current conveniences, and an emphasis on enhancing ways of life. Whether you're looking for a comfortable condo or an extensive manor, Mahaveer Construction Pune guarantees that each home fulfills the most elevated guidelines of solace and usefulness.
Investors in Pune can profit from Mahaveer Construction's strategic way to deal with commercial real estate. Their projects are strategically located in key business regions, offering prime open doors for high rental yields and long haul appreciation. With a demonstrated history of completing projects on time and delivering worth to partners, Mahaveer Construction remains a favored decision among investors seeking solid and lucrative real estate resources in Pune.
Mahaveer Construction's dedication to exceeding client expectations is clear in their unwavering commitment to quality, helpful transport, and direct business practices. By investing in Mahaveer Construction, whether for residential or commercial purposes, accomplices can have certainty that they are making a sound investment in Pune's dynamic real estate market. As the city continues to create and progress, Mahaveer Construction stands ready to innovate and lead, shaping the skyline and setting new benchmarks for excellence in real estate improvement.    


Q. What types of properties does Mahaveer Construction propose in Pune? 

Mahaveer Construction offers a different scope of properties including residential apartments, estates, and commercial spaces in ideal places across Pune.

Q. How does Mahaveer Construction guarantee quality in their projects?

Mahaveer Construction maintains exclusive expectations of value through thorough management, present day construction procedures, and using premium materials obtained from confided in providers.

Q. What are the advantages of investing in Mahaveer Construction properties in Pune? 

Investing in Mahaveer Construction properties in Pune offers potential for high rental yields, capital appreciation, and a solid resource supported by their strong reputation and history.

Q. Are there any ongoing projects by Mahaveer Construction in Pune? 

Indeed, Mahaveer Construction has a few ongoing projects in Pune catering to both residential and commercial areas, each intended to meet the evolving needs of metropolitan ways of life and businesses.

Q. How does Mahaveer Construction support homebuyers all through the purchasing system? 

Mahaveer Construction offers exhaustive help to homebuyers with straightforward pricing, clear documentation, and productive client support to guarantee a smooth and bother free buying experience.