Sanskruti Panchtatva
Bibwewadi, Pune

2 & 3 BHK
Rs. 90 Lakhs * - 1.3 Cr*
Size : 1022 - 7864.96 Sq.ft.
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Type Project/Phase Name Tower Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
All Inclusive Price
2 BHK Wing A,B,C 2 730.68 On Request 7864.96 0.000 90 Lakhs*Onwards
3 BHK Wing A,B,C 2 94.95 On Request 1022 0.000 1.3 Cr*Onwards


Unveiling Sanskruti Panchtatva by Sanskruti and Tirtha: Where Elemental Harmony Meets Luxurious Living in Bibvewadi

Welcome to Sanskruti Panchtatva by Sanskruti and Tirtha, the epitome of elemental, balanced living nestled in the thriving neighborhood of Bibvewadi. With a commitment to unparalleled excellence, Sanskruti Panchtatva Bibwewadi, Pune, stands tall above the skyline, offering a testament to a life of unwavering quality and holistic well-being.

1. The Pinnacle of Excellence:

  • Redefining Skyline: Sanskruti Panchtatva Pune emerges as the highest point in Bibvewadi, outshining other premium projects and ensuring exclusivity.
  • Eastern Wisdom Meets Innovation: Built on the tenets of eastern wisdom, Sanskruti Panchtatva Bibwewadi, Pune, incorporates cutting-edge innovation to create a foundation that promises a life in harmony.

2. The Essence of Panchtatva:

  • The Five Cardinal Elements: Aakash (sky), Vaayu (air), Jal (water), Agni (fire), and Prithvi (earth) form the essence of Panchtatva, promising a holistic living experience.
  • Masterpiece Living: Drawing inspiration from the balance of the five elements, Sanskruti Panchtatva Bibwewadi believes that every soul is a masterpiece in the making.

3. The Pentagon of Excellence:

  • Spacious Living: Sanskruti Panchtatva Bibwewadi offers 2 BHK and 3 BHK homes across two towers, ensuring a spacious and unobstructed living experience.
  • Solace Amidst Chaos: Positioned to provide a retreat from the chaotic city life, Sanskruti Panchtatva Pune invites residents to come home to excellence and stay for good.

4. The Good Life Quotient:

  • Spatial Living Benchmark: Every apartment boasts as many balconies as rooms, setting a new benchmark in spatial living.
  • Rooftop Delights: A lavish entrance lobby, rooftop amenities, and unmatched connectivity contribute to a life that breathes wellness at every step.

5. Agni: The Illuminating Energy:

  • Breathable Space: Sanskruti Panchtatva Bibwewadi's standalone towers ensure unobstructed views, offering a rare privilege in city living.
  • Ventilation and Natural Light: Open, breathable architecture facilitates ample ventilation and natural light, providing physical comfort and mental peace.

6. Prithvi: The Earthy Essence:

  • Scenic Setting: The high contours of Sanskruti Panchtatva Bibwewadi, Pune, offer a spellbinding view of the surrounding hills, promoting a life draped in the solitude of nature.
  • Reduced Traffic Impact: Located in the quieter part of Bibvewadi, residents enjoy a peaceful, active, and fresh lifestyle away from vehicular pollution.

7. Jal: The Purifying Touch:

  • Smart Conservation: Rainwater harvesting facilities in every home ensure the harnessing of nature's providence for a secure and sustainable future.
  • Balance with Nature: Sanskruti Panchtatva Bibwewadi preserves the goodness of nature, offering a newfound balance in a futuristic abode.

8. Aakash: The Healing Prowess:

  • Rooftop Conveniences: State-of-the-art amenities on the rooftop, including an infinity swimming pool, meditation deck, gym, and stargazing sessions, elevate the living experience.
  • Sky-High Living: Experience a whole new level of well-being by making the sky your only limit.

9. Vaayu: The Fresh Air Inflow:

  • Balcony in Every Room: A rarity in itself, Sanskruti Panchtatva by Sanskruti and Tirtha provides a balcony in every room, ensuring clutter-free, spacious living.
  • Unobstructed Views: With no other towers to obscure the view, residents experience unbridled happiness through unplugged living.

10. Location Advantage:

  • Central Connectivity: Located in Bibvewadi with proximity to adjoining suburbs,Sanskruti Panchtatva Bibwewadi keeps you connected to major commercial establishments, IT hubs, and transport junctions.

11. Ground-Level Amenities:

  • Holistic Living: From swimming and kids' pools to a stargazing deck and yoga deck,Sanskruti Panchtatva Pune's ground-level amenities ensure a cosmopolitan experience rooted in well-being.

In conclusion, Sanskruti Panchtatva by Sanskruti and Tirtha offers a lifestyle beyond the ordinary, blending elemental wisdom with modern luxury. Come and experience the highest standards of living in Bibvewadi, where each day is a harmonious melody of the five elements.

ABOUT - Sanskruti and Tirtha
Sanskruti hangs out in the land domain for its mechanical ability and obligation to utilizing top-quality materials, guaranteeing unmatched greatness in each venture. With a vigorous foundation in contracting, Sanskruti keeps up with command over each part of development, empowering severe adherence to quality guidelines and guaranteed courses of events without depending on subcontractors. Teerth Established by Vijay Raundal in 2008, Teerth has gained notoriety for its occupier-driven properties. With a portfolio enveloping 2 million square feet of improvement in western Pune and broad land possessions for future tasks, Teerth is devoted to creating carefully arranged spaces that focus on the requirements of its tenants.







  • Swargate Metro Station                                  12 min
  • Bharti Vidyapeeth Hospital                            08 min
  • Sahyadri Hospital                                            05 min
  • Market Yard                                                     11 min 
  • Vidya Niketan school                                      02 min
  • K. K. Market                                                      05 min
  • Katraj Zoo and Park                                        08 min
  • Pune Satara Highway (Katraj Chowk)           05 min


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