Godrej Hillside
Mahalunge, Pune

2 & 3 BHK
Rs. 73.5 Lakhs * - 1.03 Cr*
Size : 664.994 - 902 Sq.ft.
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Type Project/Phase Name Tower Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
Agreement Value Price
2 BHK Godrej Hillside By Godrej Tower 1, Tower 2 Tower 2 61.78 On Request 664.994 0.000 79 Lakhs*Onwards
2 BHK Godrej Hillside By Godrej Tower 1, Tower 2 Tower 2 63.17 On Request 679.956 0.000 79 Lakhs*Onwards
3 BHK Godrej Hillside By Godrej Tower 1, Tower 2 Tower 2 81.48 On Request 877.043 0.000 98 Lakhs*Onwards
3 BHK Godrej Hillside By Godrej Tower 1, Tower 2 Tower 2 83.80 On Request 902 0.000 1.03 Cr*Onwards


Godrej Hillside, Mahalunge : Exploring the Serene Haven

Located in Pune's popular Mahalunge area, Godrej Properties' efficiently made 2 and 3 BHK Godrej Hillside is an ideal example of modern living. This home is between 665 and 902 square feet in size, with a stylish and realistic mix of comfort and elegance. Because the development is registered with RERA under registration number P52100050939, it is transparent and conforms with the requirements of the law.

Godrej Hillside Mahalunge, an integrated village, is expected to be finished in February 2028. With 2.71 acres of rich flora, it occupies a massive 10,964 square meters. The project's goal is to mix luxurious living with a sense of community. It will consist of 493 apartments spread across four beautifully designed buildings.

This initiative promises to offer residents with more than just a place to live. The project is an excellent option for anyone searching for an innovative and fulfilling place to live . By providing a unique combination of luxury, accessibility, and communal living, it hopes to completely transform Mahalunge's skyline as construction proceeds. 

Godrej Hillside Mahalunge: Location and Surroundings

Mahalunge, Pune's Godrej Hillside is located in an attractive region that combines the benefits of the big city with the privacy of the countryside. Pune International Airport is only 54 minutes away, so residents may travel both domestically and beyond with convenience. Because of its improved accessibility and proximity to the airport, the project is a great option for individuals who love to travel.

This site is surrounded by popular retail malls, medical facilities, and educational institutions, ensuring that nearby residents have convenient access to recreational, educational, and healthcare resources. These benefits are situated away from the airport. Because of its perfect location, this private area offers a peaceful retreat from everyday life without being too far from the city center. Godrej Hillside Mahalunge near Pune, which offers its wealthy residents a well-balanced combination of comfort and peace, is an example of smart urban development.

Godrej Hillside - Amenities and Facilities

 Redefining modern living with an abundance of outstanding amenities, Godrej Properties presents Godrej Hillside. Mahalunge Pune has thoughtfully constructed 2 and 3 BHK homes that are between 665 and 902 square feet in size, making their residents feel like they are in a comfortable haven. A modern gym, playgrounds, and swimming pools are some of the recreational features that are properly constructed  to meet every desire of the people who live there.

Godrej Hillside Mahalunge creates a strong sense of community, and a well-functioning club acts as the hub for events and social interactions. Safety and security are top priorities in order to provide residents and their families with peace of mind.This project is an example of innovation in the Indian real estate sector, dedicated to modern design and technology. For individuals who appreciate excellence and well-being, this residential gem guarantees an integrated living experience in addition to a luxurious lifestyle.

Lifestyle at Godrej Hillside, Pune

This project offers a way of life that goes above and beyond what is expected, which promotes a feeling of connection and wellbeing. This residential community in Mahalunge, Pune, provides a distinctive atmosphere where modernism and tradition coexist and has its roots in the 127-year history of the Godrej Group. People have the opportunity to form intimate connections with one another since the community's culture encourages social interaction.

Because Godrej Hillside Mahalunge has facilities like parks and recreation spaces that encourage an active lifestyle, its residents enjoy a healthy and balanced way of life. The well-planned construction ensures a harmony through providing an effective escape from the congestion of the metropolis. This project offers a way of life that appeals to people searching for a modern, satisfying living experience in the heart of Pune, whether they want to relax  and enjoy the views or join in on clubhouse activities.

Godrej Hillside - Sustainability and Green Initiatives

This project is an exist demonstration of environmental responsibility and its development principles, with sustainability and ecologic efforts as its core. With gratitude to the Godrej Group's dedication to ecologically friendly practices, this residential project in Mahalunge, Pune, uses innovative techniques to reduce  environmental impact.

By using energy-efficient design principles and waste management technologies, this project encourages environmentally friendly living. This project offers greenery and gardening enhances the general well-being of the residence. Engaging in rainwater collection and water conservation initiatives is a component of the commitment to sustainable development.

Following international environmental guidelines makes Godrej Hillside by Godrej Properties stand out as a model of responsible urban living, attracting people who making environmentally friendly decisions. Purchasing a property in this well planned community means holding a sustainable way of life in which each element of day-to-day existence is in tune with the delicate balance of the natural world.


Godrej Hillside - Investment and Real Estate Opportunities

This residential project in Mahalunge is a wise investment for the future because of its excellent location and  proven track record of Godrej Properties . The development is expected to be completed in February 2028, which highlights its long-term goals and offers investors substantial profits. Furthermore, Godrej Hillside Mahalunge Pune guarantees opulence tht provides to  wide range of individuals. Given the dynamic nature of the Pune real estate market, Godrej Properties' Godrej Hillside presents a compelling investment opportunity.

The expanding real estate market in Pune offers investors in Godrej Properties' Godrej Hillside a desirable opportunity. With Godrej Properties' established track record and its prime Mahalunge location, this residential property offers much more than just a place to live. It is also a best  long-term investment

The development's estimated completion date is  February 2028, that  highlights its long-term goals and offers investors to  significant profit potential. Furthermore, Godrej Hillside Mahalunge Pune provides a diverse range of individuals and and also provides 10,964 sq. m. of total space with 493 flats distributed across four towers which ensures luxury.


Godrej Properties: A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

Godrej Properties is developed by Godrej Group, was founded in 1897 and has a connection to both the Indian independence struggle and the Swadeshi movement. The Godrej family tree began when Ardeshir Godrej, the founder, failed several business ventures before becoming rich with a lock company.

Godrej Properties has a 127-year history of excellence. It also follows the group's fundamental values, which include innovation, sustainability, and dedication to quality . Since 1990, Godrej Properties Limited (GPL) has established the Indian real estate industry as a creator and standard-setter. 

Since embracing modern design and technology, Godrej Properties Mahalunge Pune has received acclaim and more than 400 awards. The company is an outstanding instance of excellence, expertly combining modern and tradition in every move.

Godrej Properties, operates in 12 sites across India with 2,391 dedicated employees, is headquartered in Mumbai. Developers who are seeking an organization with a rich history that will find Godrej Properties to be an important partner in shaping the future of the real estate sector. 


Finishing Up: Godrej Hillside Modern Living in Mahalunge, Pune

In conclusion, the Godrej Hillside project by Godrej Properties in Mahalunge, Pune, is the best example of modern living. Based on the Godrej Group's 127 years of success, this residential project shows innovation, sustainability, and quality.

From its ideal location and well designed amenities to a way of life that mixes history and innovation, Godrej Hillside is a tribute to careful execution and unwavering commitment. Whether purchasing as an investment or a place of home, investing in this project ensures a future in which elegance, convenience, and community come together to provide individuals an unrivaled living experience in the heart of Pune. 




ABOUT - Godrej Properties

The narrative of the Godrej Properties is an embroidery woven with strings of strength, development, and social obligation, tracing all the way back to its commencement in 1897. Against the scenery of India's battle for Freedom and the intense Swadeshi development, Ardeshir Godrej Properties left on an excursion laden with difficulties, progressing from a legal counselor to a sequential business person. Regardless of beginning misfortunes, his relentless assurance proved to be fruitful with the foundation of a locks business that would act as the foundation of our distinguished heritage. Throughout the long term, the Godrej Properties has become stronger to strength, extending its impression across mainlands and contacting the existences of 1.1 billion shoppers internationally. Our assorted portfolio, traversing buyer products, land, machines, farming, and the sky is the limit from there, highlights our obligation to tending to multi-layered cultural requirements. Besides, our commitments stretch out past the bounds of Earth, with our motors assuming a urgent part in driving India's space missions, representing our persistent journey for mechanical headway and investigation. With an income outperforming USD 6 billion, our direction is directed by aggressive yearnings and an immovable commitment to encouraging positive change, both monetarily and socially, on a worldwide scale.






  • Pune International Airport - 54 Mins


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