VTP Earth 1
Mahalunge, Pune

2, 3 & 4 BHK
Rs. 77 Lakhs * - 2.21 Lakhs*
Size : 670 - 1766 Sq.ft.
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Type Project/Phase Name Tower Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
All Inclusive Price
2 BHK PHASE 1 Tower 1 ,2,3,6 Tower 2 62.25 On Request 670 0.000 77 Lakhs*Onwards
2 BHK PHASE 1 Tower 1 ,2,3,6 Tower 2 67.54 On Request 727 0.000 82 Lakhs*Onwards
2 BHK PHASE 1 Tower 1 ,2,3,6 Tower 2 75.25 On Request 810 0.000 91 Lakhs*Onwards
3 BHK PHASE 1 Tower 1 ,2,3,6 Tower 2 85.66 On Request 922 0.000 1.1 Cr*Onwards
4 BHK PHASE 1 Tower 1 ,2,3,6 Tower 4 134.34 On Request 1446 0.000 1.7 Cr*Onwards
4 BHK PHASE 1 Tower 1 ,2,3,6 Tower 4 164.07 On Request 1766 0.000 2.05 Cr*Onwards


Unveiling VTP Earth 1 by VTP Realty: Revolutionizing Sustainable Living in Hinjewadi

VTP Earth 1 by VTP Realty is arranged in Mahalunge, Pune. This project changes metropolitan improvement by giving an ideal mix of present-day conveniences and green engineering. VTP Earth 1 offers an assortment of 2, 3, and 4 BHK in Mahalunge range size from 670 to 1766 square feet.

VTP Earth 1 is enrolled under RERA No. P52100048489 gives confirmation of the greatness and straightforwardness of land improvement. VTP Earth 1 covers 1.15 sections of land and an all-out area of 4653.63 square meters and is supposed to be finished by December 2027. This Project comprises four transcending structures containing 980 units that guarantee an associated local area.

The drawn-out practicality of this task makes it exceptional. The structure's highlights and design are completely expected to advance a greener way of life and affect the climate. Squander the executive's methods, energy-saving components, and green spaces join to make a house that is great for the occupants. VTP Earth 1 in Mahalunge offers economical metropolitan advancement in Pune, and assumptions for the task are ascending as the assessed finish date draws near.

Understanding VTP Earth 1 Mahalunge

VTP Earth 1 Mahalunge Pune characterizes present-day metropolitan living. Situated in Mahalunge, Pune, this cutting-edge private complex shows VTP Realty's devotion to harmless ecosystem development. With a general methodology that puts the prosperity of its inhabitants and the climate first, this task goes past customary lodging.

VTP Earth 1 Mahalunge is basically an eco-accommodating structure and plan. With an emphasis on squandering decrease and energy proficiency, the venture skillfully incorporates green innovations to bring down its carbon influence. The result is a thoroughly examined living region that advances sound associations with nature as well as offers current conveniences.

VTP Earth 1 Mahalunge is reliant upon brilliant advances since it utilizes imaginative methodologies. Savvy innovations work on living while at the same time having less natural effects, from robotization for additional productive cycles to Web of Things gadgets for shrewd energy across the board.

Moreover, VTP Earth 1 by VTP Realty advances social obligation and a feeling of the local area. Being a functioning member in friendly ventures and having a beneficial outcome on the bigger local area past being a lodging complex. The undertaking's emphasis on building a close local area is demonstrative of a commitment to comprehensive residing, in which individuals share an actual spot as well as a common obligation to add to an additional feasible and greener future. Fundamentally, this private venture; Is an imaginative thought that offers a blueprint for a practical and associated local area in the focal point of Pune, increasing current standards for environmentally careful metropolitan life.

Sustainable Design and Architecture

VTP Earth 1 Hinjewadi is engineering and planning, which mirrors a commitment to living economically. The undertaking is arranged in Mahalunge, Pune, and follows customary strategies for development by including harmless to the ecosystem thoughts. In this undertaking, a supportable plan in the structure's entire life cycle, from plan to destruction.

Energy proficiency is a vital part of this way of thinking. Current innovation is utilized by VTP Earth 1 Mahalunge Pune to amplify energy use; highlights including sunlight-based chargers, energy-productive machines, and savvy house frameworks are incorporated. These parts assist with peopling setting aside cash over the long haul and diminish the advancement's natural effect.

One more critical part of a supportable plan is squandered decrease. To decrease its effect on squandered dumps, this drive utilizes current waste administration procedures that support reusing and suitable rubbish removal techniques. The task's joining of green spaces further raises its eco-accommodating person by further developing biodiversity and air quality as well as adding visual allure. VTP Earth 1 by VTP Realty turns into a model of capable metropolitan improvement that diminishes its natural effect while giving a lovely and outwardly gorgeous living region.

Smart Technologies in VTP Earth 1 Hinjewadi

VTP Earth 1 Mahalunge, Pune, embraces the Web of Things (IoT) with a savvy home framework, placing occupants in charge of lighting, temperature, and machines. This will engage occupants to partake in diminishing their natural impression effectively. Savvy advancements become the overwhelming focus in this undertaking, a decent living encounter.

Robotization in smoothing out processes and improving supportability. VTP Earth 1 Mahalunge Pune utilizes robotized frameworks for errands like waste administration, guaranteeing productive reusing, and lessening by and large waste age. Shrewd innovations stretch out to security and asset use, establishing a living climate that consistently mixes innovation with biological care.

The joining of these brilliant innovations is a commitment to eco-cognizant living, likewise offering home comfort. By using robotization and the Web of Things, the task works on mechanically progressed metropolitan turn of events. VTP Earth 1 by VTP Realty offers current, naturally cognizant advances and present-day conveniences.

Community and social impact

VTP Earth 1 Hinjewadi, Pune advances local area and social impacts in Mahalunge, Pune. The objective of the task is to fabricate an affectionate local area where individuals share a typical obligation to supportability notwithstanding their residing spaces.

VTP Earth 1 Hinjewadi, Pune drives support collaboration and aggregate exercises that benefit the local area in general, going past the person. Local area occasions, shared spaces, and social drives make an environment that empowers communication, shared liability, and a feeling of having a place.

This approach lines up with VTP Earth 1 by VTP Realty's vision of giving lodging as well as effectively partaking in building a socially mindful and interconnected area. In doing so, the task epitomizes how economical metropolitan living can reach out past natural cognizance to encourage a lively and social connection with the local area.

Connect with VTP Earth 1 Hinjewadi, Pune

Decisively situated along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway (NH-48) and in closeness to important milestones, associating with this task guarantees both accommodation and openness. Arranged close to the forthcoming Pune Metro Station and only 3.5 km from Pimpri Rail route Station, inhabitants appreciate a consistent network to significant transportation center points.

Moreover, VTP Earth 1 Hinjewadi, Pune is decisively situated inside a 5.5-kilometer span of Balewadi High Road, offering plenty of shopping and diversion choices. With striking IT firms like ThinkSmart IT Arrangements Pvt. Ltd., Relentless Framework, Birlasoft Ltd., and Globant India Pvt. Ltd. inside a 4 km span, VTP Earth 1 by VTP Realty gives an ideal private answer for experts looking for an amicable balance between fun and serious activities. Its essential situating guarantees occupants are very much associated with both business habitats and sporting centers, improving the general way of life experience.

The Forward-Thinking Creators of VTP Earth 1 Hinjewadi

VTP Realty Mahalunge Pune, the headland division of the notable Pune-based aggregate VTP Group, has a noteworthy 38-year record. VTP Realty is at the same time developing 2.20 crore square feet in a single city, a significant accomplishment that features the organization's obligation to quality and development as well as its point of making new ground in the land area.

Zeroing in on private, business, and city improvements, VTP Realty has gained notoriety for greatness. The association's obligation to exceptional craftsmanship, planning, and manageable improvement practices should be visible in each venture it deals with. The developers use their broad experience to make a living region that typifies design virtuoso and a guarantee to further developing lives at VTP Earth 1 Pune.


All in all, VTP Earth 1 Pune arises as a private undertaking as well as an extraordinary power in practical metropolitan living. Settled in Mahalunge, Pune, its obligation to eco-accommodating plan, shrewd advances, and local area commitment starts a trend for dependable turn of events.

VTP Earth 1 Pune finished by December 2027. The undertaking fosters a layout for a greener, more associated, and more economical future via cautiously joining current innovation with an emphasis on friendly impacts.

  • FAQ's

  • What types of units are available at VTP Earth One Mahalunge, and what are their sizes?

  • Answer: VTP Earth One offers 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments ranging from 670 to 1766 square feet, providing diverse living options in Mahalunge, Pune.

  • How does VTP Earth One prioritize sustainability in its design and architecture?

  • Answer: The project integrates environmentally friendly features like solar panels, waste management systems, and green spaces to minimize its ecological footprint and promote sustainable living.

  • What role do smart technologies play in VTP Earth One's approach to urban development?

  • Answer: VTP Earth One incorporates smart home systems and automation for energy management and waste reduction, aligning modern comforts with environmental responsibility.

  • How does VTP Earth One foster community and social impact among its residents?

  • Answer: The project encourages community engagement through shared spaces, social initiatives, and collaborative efforts, creating a sense of belonging and social responsibility.

  • What are the key amenities and connectivity features of VTP Earth One Mahalunge?

  • Answer: Residents enjoy amenities like shopping and entertainment options within a 5.5-kilometer radius, strategic proximity to major transportation hubs, and connectivity to IT firms, enhancing lifestyle convenience and accessibility.

ABOUT - VTP Realty

VTP Realty

VTP Realty, with the support of 38 years of the VTP Group, gladly holds the title of Pune's chief Land Engineer, securing the outstanding #5 spot broadly. Our organization brags a huge number of regarded public and global honors, underscoring our obligation to make homes that focus on the Greatest Bearable Region. Decisively settled in Pune, VTP Realty at present leads the synchronous improvement of 2.20 crore sq. ft. in a solitary city - a striking undertaking unequaled by contenders. Directed by the rule of 'Mindfulness,' our 3-layered approach zeroing in on a Better Plan, Better Form, and Better Consideration highlights our commitment to offering unrivaled benefit and quality, hardening our status as the favored decision for knowing purchasers.






  • Mumbai Pune Highway NH-48 Upcoming Pune Metro Station
  • Pimpri Railway Station  3.5 km
  • Balewadi High-street 5.5 km
  • ThinkSmart IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  4 km
  • Persistent System   4 km
  • Birlasoft Ltd.      4 km
  • Globant India Pvt. Ltd.        4 km


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