Bramhacorp Business Park

Wadgaon Sheri, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Office & Shop
Rs. 84.6 Lakhs * - 7.06 Cr*
Size : 397 - 2068 Sq.ft.
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Type Project/Phase Name Tower Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
Agreement Value Price
Office Bramhacorp Business Park T9-A1 1 36.88 On Request 397 0.000 83.2 Lakhs*Onwards
Office Bramhacorp Business Park T9-A1 1 43.76 On Request 471 0.000 96.8 Lakhs*Onwards
Office Bramhacorp Business Park T9-A1 1 62.99 On Request 678 0.000 1.31 Cr*Onwards
Shops Bramhacorp Business Park T9-A1 1 78.78 On Request 848 0.000 2.34 Cr*Onwards
Shops Bramhacorp Business Park T9-A1 1 86.31 On Request 929 0.000 3.22 Cr*Onwards
Shops Bramhacorp Business Park T9-A1 1 192.12 On Request 2068 0.000 7.06 Cr*Onwards
Shops Bramhacorp Business Park T9-A1 1 109.35 On Request 1177 0.000 6.65 Cr*Onwards


Bramhacorp Business Park: Your Gateway to Success in Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Welcome to Bramhacorp Business Park, strategically located in the thriving areas of Wadgaon Sheri and Kalyani Nagar, Pune. Our commercial spaces redefine the concept of prime office spaces, offering a perfect blend of functionality and contemporary architecture tailored for entrepreneurs and professionals.

Discover Your Prime Office Space Boutique: Bramhacorp Business Park, Kalyani Nagar

Bramhacorp Business Park by BramhaCorp is not just a commercial space; it's your gateway to success. Our meticulously designed office spaces cater to the aspirations of business tycoons, providing an environment that ensures not just success but profitability. With a strategic location and well-thought-out amenities, this Bramhacorp Business Park,  Wadgaon Sheri, Kalyani Nagar, is poised to become the epicenter of thriving enterprises.

Craft Your Winning Strategy: Astute Beginnings for a Prosperous Future

A prosperous future demands astute beginnings, and Bramhacorp Business Park, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, is the canvas for your success story. Inspire yourself with our highly functional design, contemporary architecture, and a business center tailored for booming success. It's time to pull a masterstroke and immerse your enterprise in the ideal environment crafted for success.

Blueprint for Success: Tailored Spaces for Your Dreams at Bramhacorp Business Park, Kalyani Nagar

Bramhacorp Business Park by BramhaCorp office spaces are specifically designed to align with your dreams and ambitions. From a grand double-height entrance lobby creating an impressive first impression to well-equipped conference areas, food courts, and amenities tailored to your business needs, focus on your goals while we take care of the rest. Bramhacorp Business Park, Wadgaon Sheri, Kalyani Nagar, is the blueprint for your success.

Business Center Services: Elevating Your Business Experience with Bramhacorp Business Park, Wadgaon Sheri

  • Concierge Desk
  • Conference Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Seminar Rooms
  • Travel Desk

Bramhacorp Business Park Interiors: Aesthetics Meet Functionality

  • Grand double-height entrance lobby
  • Elegantly designed common areas

Retail: Visibility and Independence at Bramhacorp Business Park, Wadgaon Sheri

  • Large storefronts with great visibility
  • Independent retail spaces
  • Strategic drop-off zones

Back-Up and Security: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

  • Load Management Generators
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Manned security with RFID boom barriers
  • Fire-resistant wiring

Electrical & Utility: Modern Infrastructure for Your Convenience

  • LED lights in common areas
  • Motion sensor-based lighting
  • High-speed elevators
  • Parking space with a mechanical system
  • Traffic management systems

Resale & Rental Services: Exclusive Offerings for BramhaCorp, Kalyani Nagar

Exclusive services are provided for BramhaCorp, Kalyani Nagar, ensuring a hassle-free experience for resale or rental transactions.

Always Stay One Step Ahead: Profitable Investment in Kalyani Nagar

Bramhacorp Business Park, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, offers convenience at every step, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their trade. Situated in the emerging real estate destination of Kalyani Nagar, with easy access to Pune International Airport and key locations, it's a profitable investment and an advantageous address.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Professional Life with Bramhacorp Business Park, Pune

Bramhacorp Business Park, Pune, elevates your professional life to new heights. Embrace the conveniences and strategic location that set the stage for success in the heart of Pune's thriving business landscape with Bramhacorp Business Park by BramhaCorp.

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  • Airport - 4.6 Km
  • Pune Station - 7.5 Km
  • Magarpatta: 6.5 Km
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