Bramha Isle Of Life
Marunji, Hinjewadi, Pune

Studio Apartment
Rs. 24 Lakhs * - 25 Lakhs*
Size : 164.688 - 178.896 Sq.ft.
Updated On : May, 2024
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Type Project/Phase Name Tower Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
All Inclusive Price
Studio Building B & C 2 15.30 On Request 164.688 0.000 24 Lakhs*Onwards
Studio Building B & C 2 16.62 On Request 178.896 0.000 25 Lakhs*Onwards


Unlock Luxury Apartments at Bramha Isle of Life, Hinjawadi

Are you on the quest for the perfect blend of modern architectural brilliance and cosmopolitan living in Pune? Look no further than Bramha Isle of Life, an upcoming project in Hinjawadi that promises to redefine urban luxury living. Offering meticulously designed pre-leased studio apartments, Bramha Isle of Life presents a fusion of sophistication and contemporary flair, ideal for discerning urban dwellers.

At Bramha Isle of Life, every aspect is meticulously crafted to offer a luxurious yet practical living experience. These studio units epitomize elegance and functionality, promoting organization and a clutter-free lifestyle. Embracing a minimalist approach, these apartments foster mental clarity, outdoor activities, and meaningful social connections.

Introduction to Bramha Isle of Life

Bramha Isle of Life is not just another residential project; it is a promise of a luxurious lifestyle nestled in the heart of Pune’s thriving Hinjawadi area. Designed to cater to the modern urbanite, Bramha Isle of Life brings together the best of contemporary architecture, superior craftsmanship, and strategic location to offer an unparalleled living experience. This project, with its meticulously planned studio apartments, aims to redefine the standards of urban living.

The significance of Hinjawadi as a location cannot be overstated. Known primarily as Pune’s IT hub, Hinjawadi is home to several multinational corporations, making it a prime choice for professionals. However, its appeal goes beyond just the professional aspect. Hinjawadi is rapidly developing into a well-rounded residential area with top-notch amenities, excellent connectivity, and a vibrant community atmosphere.

Architectural Brilliance and Design

Modern Architectural Features

Bramha Isle of Life stands as a testament to modern architectural excellence. The design philosophy behind this project is to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. The architecture integrates sleek, clean lines with innovative design elements that maximize space and light, creating an environment that is both welcoming and luxurious.

Interior Design and Furnishings

Each studio apartment at Bramha Isle of Life is a masterpiece of interior design. The interiors are thoughtfully crafted to exude elegance and comfort. High-quality materials and finishes are used throughout, from the flooring to the cabinetry, ensuring that every inch of the space reflects luxury. The furnishings are carefully selected to complement the minimalist aesthetic, providing a clutter-free and organized living space that promotes mental clarity and relaxation.

Sustainability and Eco-friendly Aspects

In today’s world, sustainability is more important than ever, and Bramha Isle of Life is committed to eco-friendly living. The project incorporates several green building practices and technologies to minimize its environmental footprint. From energy-efficient lighting and appliances to rainwater harvesting systems and waste management practices, every aspect of the development is designed with sustainability in mind. This commitment to eco-friendly living not only benefits the environment but also enhances the quality of life for the residents.


Strategic Location and Connectivity


Proximity to Major Roads and Highways

Bramha Isle of Life is strategically located in Hinjawadi, ensuring seamless connectivity to various parts of Pune. It is situated near major roads like Hinjewadi Road and the Mumbai-Bangalore Highway, making it easy for residents to commute to different parts of the city and beyond. This prime location significantly reduces travel time, allowing residents to enjoy more of their day.

Nearby Public Transport Options

The availability of public transport is a crucial factor for urban dwellers, and Bramha Isle of Life excels in this regard. The project is conveniently located near the upcoming Hinjawadi-Shivajinagar Metro Line, which promises to further enhance connectivity to key areas of Pune. Additionally, a well-developed network of buses and other public transport options ensures that residents have multiple choices for their daily commute.

Accessibility to Key Areas of Pune

Living at Bramha Isle of Life means being at the heart of it all. Key areas of Pune, such as the central business district, educational institutions, healthcare centers, and recreational hubs, are all easily accessible. This makes it an ideal choice for professionals, families, and anyone looking to enjoy a well-rounded urban lifestyle.

Studio Apartments: A Modern Living Space

Features of the Studio Apartments

The studio apartments at Bramha Isle of Life are designed to offer a perfect blend of luxury and functionality. Each unit is fully furnished and equipped with modern amenities, ensuring that residents have everything they need for a comfortable living experience. The apartments feature open-plan layouts that maximize space and natural light, creating a bright and airy ambiance.

Benefits of Compact Living

Compact living is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. It encourages a minimalist lifestyle that is both efficient and sustainable. The studio apartments at Bramha Isle of Life are designed to make the most of every square foot, providing ample storage solutions and multi-functional spaces. This not only helps in maintaining an organized and clutter-free home but also fosters a sense of mental clarity and well-being.

Furnishings and Fixtures

The furnishings and fixtures in the studio apartments are of the highest quality. From designer kitchen fittings to elegant bathroom fixtures, every detail is carefully considered to enhance the overall living experience. The use of high-end materials and finishes ensures durability and adds a touch of luxury to the space.


Community and Lifestyle


Vibrant Community Atmosphere

Bramha Isle of Life is more than just a place to live; it is a vibrant community where residents can connect and thrive. The development is designed to foster a sense of community, with various social spaces and common areas where residents can gather, interact, and build relationships. Whether it’s a casual chat by the pool or a community event in the multipurpose lawn, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with neighbors and form lasting friendships.

Social Spaces and Common Areas

The common areas at Bramha Isle of Life are designed to enhance the living experience. These include beautifully landscaped gardens, a multipurpose lawn, a yoga room, and recreational spaces. These areas provide residents with the perfect setting to relax, unwind, and enjoy leisure activities without having to leave the premises.

Community Events and Activities

Community events and activities are an integral part of life at Bramha Isle of Life. Regularly organized events such as fitness classes, yoga sessions, and social gatherings help residents stay active and engaged. These activities not only promote physical well-being but also strengthen the sense of community and belonging.

Amenities at Bramha Isle of Life

Fitness and Wellness Facilities

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy at Bramha Isle of Life, thanks to the wide range of fitness and wellness facilities available. The development boasts two fully equipped gyms – one indoor and one outdoor – catering to different workout preferences and weather conditions. Residents can also take a refreshing dip in the sparkling pool or find their zen in the dedicated yoga room.

Recreational and Leisure Amenities

Leisure and recreation are well-catered for at Bramha Isle of Life. The multipurpose lawn serves as a versatile space for various activities, from hosting picnics to playing outdoor games. The lush, landscaped gardens provide a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, offering residents a peaceful retreat where they can relax and rejuvenate.

Security and Convenience Services

Security and convenience are paramount at Bramha Isle of Life. The development features round-the-clock security services, including CCTV surveillance and access control, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of all residents. Additionally, various convenience services such as housekeeping, maintenance, and concierge services are available to make everyday living as hassle-free as possible.

Investment Potential

Real Estate Market Trends in Hinjawadi

Hinjawadi is one of Pune’s most sought-after residential areas, primarily due to its status as an IT hub. The real estate market in Hinjawadi has shown consistent growth over the years, driven by the demand from professionals working in the area. Investing in a property like Bramha Isle of Life offers the potential for significant appreciation in value, making it an attractive option for both end-users and investors.

Return on Investment Prospects

The studio apartments at Bramha Isle of Life present excellent return on investment prospects. The strategic location, combined with the luxurious amenities and high-quality construction, makes these apartments highly desirable. Whether you are looking to rent out the property or

Future Developments in the Area

Hinjawadi is not just a static location; it's a dynamic area with continuous development projects in the pipeline. With ongoing infrastructural enhancements, such as road widening projects, metro expansions, and commercial developments, the value of properties in Hinjawadi, including Bramha Isle of Life, is expected to appreciate further. Investing in a property here means being part of a thriving and evolving community with promising prospects for the future.

Overview of Hinjawadi as a Residential Area

Hinjawadi has evolved from being solely an IT hub to a well-rounded residential area with all the essential amenities for comfortable living. It offers a harmonious blend of urban convenience and natural tranquility, with lush green spaces, recreational facilities, and residential complexes like Bramha Isle of Life. The presence of top-notch educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment options makes Hinjawadi an ideal choice for families, professionals, and retirees alike.

Educational Institutions and Schools

Families residing in Hinjawadi have access to a variety of educational institutions catering to children of all ages. From reputed schools offering CBSE, ICSE, and international curricula to esteemed colleges and universities specializing in engineering, management, and other disciplines, Hinjawadi ensures quality education for every child within reach of home.

Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals

Healthcare is a top priority for any residential area, and Hinjawadi doesn't disappoint in this aspect. The locality boasts state-of-the-art hospitals, clinics, and medical centers equipped with advanced facilities and experienced healthcare professionals. Residents of Bramha Isle of Life can rest assured knowing that quality medical care is readily available in case of any emergency or healthcare needs.

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

Popular Dining Spots in Hinjawadi

Hinjawadi offers a diverse culinary landscape, with an array of dining options to suit every palate and preference. From cozy cafes serving artisanal coffee to fine dining restaurants offering gourmet cuisine, there's something for everyone here. Residents of Bramha Isle of Life can explore the vibrant food scene in Hinjawadi, indulging in local delicacies, international flavors, and everything in between.

Shopping Malls and Markets

Retail therapy is just a stone's throw away for residents of Bramha Isle of Life, thanks to the numerous shopping malls and markets in Hinjawadi. Whether it's fashion, electronics, home decor, or groceries, Hinjawadi has it all covered. Residents can shop to their heart's content at popular malls like Xion Mall, or browse through local markets for unique finds and bargains.

Entertainment and Recreational Options

When it comes to entertainment and recreation, Hinjawadi offers endless possibilities. From multiplex cinemas screening the latest blockbusters to adventure parks offering thrilling rides and activities, there's no shortage of fun-filled experiences here. Residents of Bramha Isle of Life can unwind and rejuvenate at nearby parks, spas, and entertainment centers, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle




1. What type of apartments does Bramha Isle of Life offer?

A: Bramha Isle of Life offers pre-leased studio apartments, designed for a modern, compact living style.

2. Where is Bramha Isle of Life located?

A: Bramha Isle of Life is situated in Hinjewadi, Pune.

3. How well-connected is Bramha Isle of Life?

A: The project boasts excellent connectivity due to its strategic location. Here's what makes it so convenient:

Major roads: Easy access to various parts of the city is provided by major roads like Hinjewadi Road and the Mumbai-Bangalore Highway.

Metro Line: The nearby Hinjewadi-Shivajinagar Metro Line offers convenient commuting to other important areas of Pune.

4. Is this a good location for professionals and families?

A: Yes, the connectivity and proximity to major roads and the Metro Line make Bramha Isle of Life a suitable location for both professionals and families.

5. Are the apartments furnished?

A: Yes, all 300 units are fully furnished studio apartments.

6. Who is this complex ideal for?

A: Bramha Isle of Life targets young professionals, working individuals, or those seeking a pied-à-terre in Pune.

7. What are the benefits of the location (Hinjawadi)?

A: Excellent connectivity via major roads and the metro line.

Close proximity to IT parks, schools, healthcare, and recreational areas.

Bustling high streets with dining, shopping, and entertainment nearby.

8. What amenities does Bramha Isle of Life offer?

A: Sparkling pool for relaxation and exercise.

Dual gyms (indoor and outdoor) with state-of-the-art equipment.

Multipurpose lawn for leisure activities, yoga, or socializing.

Dedicated yoga room for focused practice and tranquility.

Flourishing gardens for escaping the city noise and enjoying fresh air.

9. What is the living philosophy promoted by Bramha Isle of Life?

A: The complex promotes a minimalist approach to living, fostering mental clarity, outdoor activities, and social connections.

In conclusion,

Bramha Isle of Life at Hinjawadi presents an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your lifestyle in Pune's vibrant landscape. With its meticulously designed studio apartments, strategic location, and world-class amenities, it offers the perfect fusion of luxury, convenience, and community living. Don't miss out on your chance to unlock luxury at Bramha Isle of Life.

ABOUT - Bramhacorp

With a rich tapestry of 40 years steeped in heritage and trust, Bramha Corp Ltd stands tall as a cornerstone in the realms of realty, hospitality, retail, and leisure. Anchored in Pune, our journey from modest beginnings to an expansive presence mirrors the vision and sagacity of our founder, propelling Bramha Corp to the forefront of innovation and excellence.
Our legacy is adorned with landmark achievements, including introducing esteemed hospitality brands like Le Meridien, now Sheraton Grand, to Pune, and establishing the pioneering lifestyle destination, "The Residency Club." These milestones distinguish us in the competitive hospitality landscape and weave us into the fabric of India's growth narrative. In 2003, we raised the bar with our avant-garde residential enclave, "Sun City," heralding a new era in gated community living. Our accolades, such as the renowned F Residences in Kalyani Nagar, the world's first Fashion Condos in collaboration with FashionTV, and recognition as one of the top 15 Real Estate Developers in Western India by CRISIL, attest to our unwavering commitment to excellence.






  • Infosys 1.2 km
  • Tech Mahindra 2.3 km
  • Ryan International School 260 mtr
  • Embassy Quadron 1 km
  • Swami Samarth Hospital 1.8 km
  • TCS 2.3 km
  • Vibgyor School 3.4 km
  • Ayushree Hospital 3.4 km
  • Grand Highstreet 3 km
  • Mercedes-Benz International School 4.3 km
  • Blue Ridge School 4.8 km
  • Reliance Smart 4.7 km
  • Wipro 5 km
  • Akshara International 5.6 km
  • CityCare Hospital 6.3 km
  • Phoenix MarketCity 6.4 km
  • Surya Mother and Child Hospital 6.4 km
  • DMart Hinjawadi 5 km
  • Sus Hospital 6.5 km
  • Vision One Mall 6.2 km
  • EuroSchool Wakad 5.3 km


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